Lakers/Jazz Game 1 Chat

Kurt —  April 19, 2009

Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers
And so it begins….

Everyone it seems thinks the Lakers should cruise in this series. They should win, but the Jazz are too good and too proud a team to just roll over, the Lakers are going to have to earn it. Don’t play focused, don’t communicate on the defensive end, turn the ball over and this game and series could get ugly.

The home losses by Boston, San Antonio and Portland yesterday have to have made an impression on the Lakers. More than that, however, should be the feeling the team has had all year that it needs to take the next step from where last season ended.

I’m not going to break down the game again, I think we’ve done plenty of that here in the last few days.

But I will add this reminder to fans: HAVE FUN. This is a game, one we may be passionate about but this should be an experience we enjoy, one that is about the journey, not an end result. Do things like read the Andrew Kamenetzky’s prop bets on the Lakers — the under/over on the number of headbands Sasha dons during the playoffs is 17 — and have a laugh.

Hopefully there will be a lot more laughs during the game.

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  1. Peanut Butter Spread April 19, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    That Hornets/Nuggets game was UGLY (for the Hornets at least).

    I was rooting for the Hornets, but it got too painful by the 3rd quarter to watch.

    There’s been a lot of blowouts in the first game for the first round. Houston/Portland, Cleveland/Pistons, Miami/Hawks, and now Hornets/Nuggets.

    Meanwhile, there’s also been two close upset games: Bulls/Celtics, and now Orlando/76ers.

    And two solid wins from Lakers/Jazz and Mavs/Spurs.

    Very interesting first round so far.


  2. Wow, fantastic game. I said at the beginning that Chauncey’s probably the only PG (besides Deron) who can give Paul fits, and against the Nuggets is definitely the only time when Paul might not be the best decision-maker, tempo-controller on the floor. Battle of the big, veteran, championship PG vs the small, young, limitless PG. I expect Paul to come out with a vengeance in Game 2, but great PG matchup.


  3. 8 assists and 0 turnovers!


  4. I guess the fans can’t take the entire blame for the taco chants, right? Because IIRC from my Staples experiences, they actually put “WE WANT TACOS” on the video screen so people will chant it.


  5. i’m going to have to disagree with many of you in here. abc’s announcers SUCK. mj is fine but van gundy belongs opposite vic the brick in the wee hours in the morning when nobody is listening. they could have a conversation with art bell about aliens and black helicopters. as for basketball, this trio has nothing on the good old days, where have you gone nbc and marv albert. can abc rent tnt’s announcers for the finals? this threesome was the thorn in last year’s rose of a finals, except for that game four meltdown and game six embarassment. the nba deserves better. i don’t want to have to listen to them for kobe-lebron. and we all know that is coming.


  6. Lamar after Game 1: “I’d like to see Adam Morrison get in the game. We could’ve won this by 25” Hahahahahaha.


  7. The Jazz get a lot of offensive boards because they run so many screens down low that it’s hard to keep a body on everybody at once. That, plus in this game they just missed a lot of shots.

    I agree that JVG uses too much schtick these days, but he does add the occasional insight that comes from being a coach recently. He knows individual players’ strengths and weaknesses really well. I remember Bill Simmons complimenting him for predicting a Kobe offensive board on a FT attempt. JVG was like, “Kobe’s one of the best in the league at getting an offensive board off a FT when he needs it. That inexperience player shouldn’t be the one in that position.” And then Kobe of course got the crucial rebound. If you think about it, Kobe’s had several of those plays in big situations in his career.


  8. #207 Thats JVG claim to broadcasting fame. He predicted that one play and everyone assumes he is great now and always refer to that when defending him. He has way to much of a schtick now boarder line making me want to mute the T.V.


  9. I really need to get my laptop back in working order so I can start following this blog during games again… 🙁

    I find the Tacos chant a bit, um, less than classy, I guess is a good way of putting it. No one likes a poor winner, and it wouldn’t be that difficult to be a bit more gracious about the whole thing.

    We watched the game with my Utah-fan inlaws, which was an interesting experience, and we were all in agreement that if Boozer had been at 100% and Okur had been on the floor the game would have played out very differently. If Okur returns before this series is over, the Jazz will make a fight of this yet. They are not a team that easily rolls over and surrenders.


  10. I just remembered something. The NBA League Pass is for regular season games only, and does not cover the play-offs.

    During the regular season it will not show any of the games that are aired on the major networks, like on TNA or ABC, and since the PlayOffs are on ABC (and are on a separate contract) they are not going to be on the League Pass channels at all.


  11. David Thorpe temporarily lost his mind:

    I don’t care if you want a player to go hard, you do not foul a high-% jumpshooter at the end of a game situation. A jumper has at best a 50% chance of going in. Hedo’s defense was far superior.


  12. Er, make that “TNT or ABC”… 😮


  13. Joe,
    I remember that game. As soon as JVG said it, Kobe sealed that kid off and grabbed the board. That was nice. JVG has some good insights. He’s one of the few national guys that didn’t jump on the Blazer bandwagon over the last couple months. Gotta respect that as I feel the same.

    But ESPN/ABC does suck badly. I’ll take TNT all the way. Hopefully the games on NBATV will use TNT announcers now that Turner owns it.


  14. Snoopy2006,
    Really good defensive teams and players do not play it safe. That was Thorpe’s main point.

    Good shooters are so good that playing them straight up is sure death. Give Kobe a straight, tho contested, shot is a receipt for getting beat. Bagger him all night until, like Allen, he makes a mistake when he sees a look.


  15. Kobe’s nickname definitely fits him WELL
    The Black Mamba…Kobe is deadly, dangerous, and can strike at anytime. He is the best player in the NBA!


  16. Andrew Andrekopoulos April 20, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    Kobe’s nickname and motto in the playoffs this year, In which will bring home a championship!


    The end!