Lakers/Jazz Game 1 Chat

Kurt —  April 19, 2009

Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers
And so it begins….

Everyone it seems thinks the Lakers should cruise in this series. They should win, but the Jazz are too good and too proud a team to just roll over, the Lakers are going to have to earn it. Don’t play focused, don’t communicate on the defensive end, turn the ball over and this game and series could get ugly.

The home losses by Boston, San Antonio and Portland yesterday have to have made an impression on the Lakers. More than that, however, should be the feeling the team has had all year that it needs to take the next step from where last season ended.

I’m not going to break down the game again, I think we’ve done plenty of that here in the last few days.

But I will add this reminder to fans: HAVE FUN. This is a game, one we may be passionate about but this should be an experience we enjoy, one that is about the journey, not an end result. Do things like read the Andrew Kamenetzky’s prop bets on the Lakers — the under/over on the number of headbands Sasha dons during the playoffs is 17 — and have a laugh.

Hopefully there will be a lot more laughs during the game.



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  1. First! Looking for an epic performance from Kobe today to set the tone. Lebron put up 38 8 and 7, and DRose had a huge coming out party against Boston. We know Kobe was watching, and there’s no way he’s not going to respond.

  2. Actually I would love it if Kobe had 15 assists in this game.

  3. Heading down to Staples in a bit, can’t believe the playoffs are already here.

    Lakers are sending a message to everyone today, I look for them to come out w/ one of the best games of the season.

  4. Let’s all hope that the “Jazzz” typo is an omen that Utah will be sleep-walking through this game.

  5. Last game against the Jazz, Brown played 3 more minutes than Farmar, and that I guess should serve as the spread tonight 😉

    Anyone betting against the spread?

  6. Have laid out my jerseys and am ready to roll to staples like a smushcalade without brakes…. but i’m not sure i’ll ‘have fun’ until they’re up by 10.

  7. I’m in vacation in Cancun. It’s Sunday and the weather is great, and I’m holed up in my room preparing for the game to start.

    My wife thinks I’m nuts. I said I’m dedicated.

  8. I’m ready to HAVE FUN with my FB&G gold Dribble drivin’ through the blogoshphere shirt on and ready for the game…

    “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” – Aristotle

  9. Anyone have an online feed? Stuck @ work =(

  10. I hope Kobe gets 25pts and 12assts. And a win of course.

    that’ll really show them.

  11. Stuck at work? Start of Lakers playoffs should be declared a national holiday.

  12. ESPN should stream the game live. I watched the Houston Portland game last night there. Unfortunately i’m stuck at my fiance’s family’s house and their 3 year old girl apparently has full control over the TV.. even during laker playoff games. If i have to watch that Barbie movie one more time I’m going to shoot myself.

  13. I’ll be able to get away from work around 1PM, so I hope the ABC festivities and extra TOs let me catch some of the 1st half.

    We are going where the D takes us. Lets get ready for the 2 month ride to a parade on Figaroa.

  14. I’d be happy to win by one in overtime.

  15. No Okur. Bynum should be able to help at will in the lane with Collins being a non-threat.

  16. Good to see Ariza start the playoffs with a couple of 3s.

  17. Link please!

  18. LMAO Van Gundy just called ShanWOW Chris Brown, I told you he looked exactly like him!

  19. did jeff van gundy just call shannon… chris brown??!!!! LMAO!

  20. Yeah, run the fast break, but I like the way we are getting the ball in the paint.

  21. JVG: “Nice simple play by Chris Brown.”

    Rihanna might disagree.

  22. Did van Jundy just call ShanWOW “Chris Brown”?

  23. Lots of Utah Turnovers. I’ll take it.

    OTOH, if PJ was coaching the jazz and you asked him how concerned he was about Ariza and ShanWOW hitting 3s he’d tell you he’s happy to give them those shots in the belief they’ll stop falling later. Let’s hope they open up the floor so we don’t try to win hitting those at a good clip.

    It looks like they really don’t want kobe to beat them. I think he’s been triple teamed a couple times.

  24. And for those looking for a link:

    It’s 5am here in Victoria, Australia, and I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

  25. ShanWOW already +8

  26. nba league pass doesnt work, i just signed up today… amazing, really. no other way to watch here in austria

  27. Both teams just need to settle down a little … a couple of uncharacteristic bad passes from Kobe, of all people … but I like the way our match-ups are looking.

  28. The lakers length is a real advantage, utah struggles with it.

  29. Is Shannon Brown a free agent this offseason?

    He’s earning himself a decent new contract if that’s the case.

  30. Joel,

    Yes, he’s on a minimum contract right now. I doubt he makes more than the biannual exception though.

  31. can boozer ever stay out of foul trouble against us??

  32. I’ve often wondered: does Boozer have a portrait of himself on his right arm? Half in and half out of shadow? If so … yikes.

  33. OK, that was a rare boneheaded play by Brown. No need to force that pass between 2 or 3 defenders.

  34. Oh, and going off Kurt’s thread the other day, something I want to see this series:

    An alley-oop play run for Shannon Brown.

  35. i’m officially on the bandwagon for shanWOW starting position next season.

    he is just sensational.
    he makes the right plays, except some passes at the end of 1st which is pretty sloppy.

  36. For once, we’re the ones burning our opponent with uncontested three-pointers.

    Not a bad start to the playoffs … shooting 70% from the field, Williams and Boozer in foul trouble and an 11 point lead despite 6 turnovers. I’ll take it!

  37. Lakers shooting 70% from the field, 66% from 3 and… 50% from the free throw line. Don’t see that too often.

  38. Don’t worry, Brevin, you still got that Stanford Educations.

  39. im not sure if were really good or jazz are just terrible defenisvly

  40. Some of the high shooting percentage is because we’re hitting open looks, but a lot of it is because we’re just getting easy baskets. If Utah continues to play like this, they should just enact the mercy rule.

  41. Hard to ask for much going better other than the eight turnovers, which will probably get fixed as we become accustomed to the playoff atmosphere.

  42. It’s a LA Dunk fest

  43. As Leonaidas said, “Give them nothing, and take away from them EVERYTHING!”

    Nice to see Farmar contributing in the playoffs.

    I’m so pumped for this.

  44. Our bench is shooting 100% from the field so far.

  45. Aaaaand Farmar puts an end to that.

  46. I like Jeff Van Gundy a lot more now. Anybody who takes shots at Matt Harpring is OK by me.

  47. Really Mark Jackson? You honestly believe Sloan should try and keep Williams on the court as much as possible? Talk about deep insight!

  48. I just don’t understand why Harpring is so incredulous at these calls. They’re absolutely blatant

  49. Why is Matt Harpring so confused? If you play defense by hitting and bumping and grabbing and doing everything possible to beat up your opponent, you’ll get called for a foul from time to time.

    I wondered who’d stand up to Harpring’s crap, and I like Lamar stepping up and taking the punishment. Lamar got in KG’s face too, he’s more hardcore than people give him credit for.

    I wonder what would happen if Joey Crawford and Jack started going at it.

  50. Yeah those would generally be holding or illegal contact calls even in football, so he can’t use that as an excuse

  51. Why only male celebrities? There are guys watching this too.

    I enjoy Van Gundy educating others about the hip hop world.

  52. Kobe only has 3 pts and we’re winning double digits.

  53. Van Gundy needs to chill with the stand-up (or is it sit-down?) comedy routines and just analyse the game.

  54. I feel like we’re not even close to clicking on all cylinders. When I looked down at the score and saw a double digit lead, I was shocked. It’s a good thing because it’s a testament to how talented this team is, but by the next round we have to shake the rust off and get back to crisper offense.

  55. Must be a bad feeling to be down 14 and THEN have Kobe show signs of waking up

  56. Good lord … how strong is Kobe, exactly?! There’s no way he should have completed that and-1.

  57. This little burst from Kobe would be nice if he can help us to pad that lead until halftime…

  58. Anybody catch Ariza directing Brown on his positioning during that Kobe iso set? Seems like he’s still learning the intricates of the triangle.

  59. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    At the emd pf the day, whatever happens, Deron Williams will be able to look himself in the mirror knowing he did everything HE could. 8 points, 9 assists, 1 TO, 2 steals.

  60. Could someone who remembers Mark Jackson as a player tell me why his calling card as an announcer is harping about another team’s defense? Was he some lock-down defender or something?

    Let’s just say I question his defensive credentials a little bit.

  61. Stop! Kobe time!

    It just goes from bad to worse for Utah.

  62. Fantastic effort play from Brown to get Ariza that dunk in transition.

  63. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Mark Jackson just called ShanWOW “Old Reliable”

  64. Mark Jackson just calls Shannon Brown ‘Ol Reliable? He’s not a frigging sailboat.

    I wish there was a way to mute just one announcer.

  65. Brown is all hustle, which is a good thing. Still, I will give this to Farmar, he’s a nice luxury to have as a backup to our backup.

  66. great half by the Lakers

  67. Wow, best 1st half of the whole season right there. Defense was solid, Offense was spectacular. Turnovers were the only real issue. Couldn’t ask for more.

  68. Watching Brown and Ariza together is really fun. Two hustle players with great physical tools.

  69. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    Okay, reason #5,675,423 to love kobe. A ball caroms to him with less than a second left on the game clock and he turns and launches as quick as he can from 3/4 court. Does he care about his FG% being compromised by the impossible shot? No, he just wants to try to get it in.

    On another note, are the offensive rebounds and second chance points just a symptom of the jazz shooting a low %? I wouldn’t call me worried about it, but if we haven’t been giving those up, we’d be up 30.

  70. yeah, turnovers and giving up some offensive boards. nitpicky things

  71. awesome, all i have to say

  72. Kobe is just feeling his way through the game.

  73. Luke looks so young in those “Where will amazing happen this year?” ads. Crazy.

  74. Kobe’s turn to baseline fadeaway is still amazing to watch….it’s just…pure poetry.

  75. ^He’s grown so much.

  76. 60

    From my experience, just about all the former players doing colour commentary these days were All-Defensive team regulars during their playing days. At least they seem to think so.

  77. Honestly I didn’t think our half-court offense was anywhere near what it could be. I just thought Utah’s defense sucked, to be quite honest. We split the game open with 1) open 3’s created by the attention Kobe draws and 2) a quick stretch of points in transition. I feel like our triangle could be run even better, but the Jazz’s sucky defense is making it much easier on us.

  78. Holding the Jazz to 40 at the half shouldn’t be ignored either though, kids. We must be doing SOMETHING right on defense.

  79. Does anybody have anymore internet links?

  80. On an unrelated note, are we supposed to consider Roy a 2-guard or a PG? There’s a big difference when debating players at each position. Do we compare him to Kobe and Wade, or to Deron Williams and CP3?

    Who is Petrovic?

  81. did anyone see Pau’s fave 5 international players segment? does he have braces???

  82. 80

    As far as I’m concerned Roy is a SG. Just because he handles the ball a lot doesn’t make him a PG, any more than it does Kobe, Wade, T-Mac, Joe Johnson, etc.

  83. Now I want us to go up by 30 early in the 3rd qtr. That would signal a killer instinct and point toward a short series.

  84. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    Pau’s braces explains why he checks his mouth for blood after every play

  85. Did anyone notice Kareem coaching Brown during a timeout.Also heard Farmar is still having physical problems,Amazes me Kupcheck can find a point guard that can immediately play well for the best team in the NBA.What a general manager.

  86. kukoc instead of parker or ginobili? well, I guess you don’t want to give props to any current opponent.

    dig the shout out to sarbonis. great player, even while hobbled by injury.

    okay, how long will it take for the Lakers to give most of the lead back? sorry to be a downer, but I’ve seen this movie too many times. It’s nervous time at the Forum!

  87. This is a hip hop league. Can we stop with the U2 and Rob Thomas videos? It’s a step up from the Pussycat Dolls, but still…Rob Thomas does not get me pumped up for basketball highlights.

  88. magiclover – I saw the exact same thing (being a kareemlover myself). I love that Kareem takes an active role, not just mentoring Bynum, but giving insight wherever it’s needed. Cap looks like he could still suit up and do some damage. Is there any former athlete who has stayed in better shape at such a late age?

  89. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    wow, good video choices by mark jackson

  90. Lakers certainly can cut back on turnovers. They are sloppy today.

  91. Snoopy – That Chuck Barkley character has managed to remain really fit.

  92. Note to defense, Kyle Korver is probably the one guy you don’t want taking open threes.

  93. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Very Bad offense to start this half.

  94. I would like to see Pau get some more touches.

  95. lol the Lakers and a killer instinct? I guess our boys answered that real quick. They look so sloppy I’d say some of them were napping in the locker room during halftime.

  96. I wish Kobe would wear a mike, I want to hear him direct the defense.

  97. Sure hope we get our defense going again cause it looks like we’re slowly letting them get back into this game.

  98. And the Lakers are giving up a lot of offensive rebounds.

  99. Yes. they have 12 offensive boards to our 1.

  100. Why would Kobe sprint in the Tour de France? Isn’t that on bicycles?

  101. I have zero interest in hearing about how Kobe likes to watch other sports…

  102. Ariza is finishing better and better on the break and drives. I like his development this season. Shooting better 3’s and finishing. Can’t wait to see him next season.

  103. This is amazing. They have 20 more shots than us but we’re up by 16.

  104. It’s official. ABC has the worst music selection ever. I’d bet anything their music crew is two 80-year old men sipping prune juice in the back of a van, sifting through their old record collections. Play something that’ll get me fired up, it’s really not that hard ABC. Incompetence all around. They should watch more of TNT’s segments, they actually do know drama.

  105. Playoff airball against Utah? Bad memories for Kobe there.

  106. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    um, so the refs seem to feel bad for utah.

  107. That was a bad call. There’s no foul there.

  108. Why is Korver in this game instead of AK47? Korver’s giving them absolutely nothing.

  109. This is probably not the place to ask but…

    Anyone else get league pass for the playoffs? I got a subscription yesterday, and it saying it expired already… Is it a problem on my end?


  111. Ariza! Nice dunk! That’s finishing for you!

  112. ariiiiza… killen ’em!

  113. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    Lakers have gotten ridiculously sloppy on offense while still giving up offensive rebounds and now giving up layups. This is the playoffs. Its never time to conserve energy here, no matter how far ahead.

  114. Trevor Ariza has been great today.

  115. I would like to see Shanwow in now.

  116. “There’s Areason why Boozer didn’t jump.”

    Wow Mark Jackson…I weep for your family

  117. Williams is so much fun to watch. Before 2005 I was thinking we might have a drought in PGs…now we’re entering a golden age.

  118. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    come on, lamar

  119. ShanWow!

  120. What do you guys think will happen to Boozer in the offseason? He can’t be paid that much, and he’s hurt his value with his last postseason performance + his injuries. I think honestly it’d be smarter for him not to opt out.

    Radman for Shanwow…

  121. Shannon Brown, plus/minus All-Star.

  122. Josh Powell not dunking! My favorite kind of Josh Powell.

    It should be a crime to have this much depth in the frontcourt. Those minutes Powell played in the regular season will help us at some point this postseason, and likely at many points if he gets off the bench.

  123. Phil giving Powell minutes. Didn’t think he would get any with the tighter rotation. Good to have a deep reliable bench.

  124. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    There is a fan near the Utah bench with the dumbest shirt I’ve ever seen. Rainbow sparkles all over it.

  125. Whoa. Is it just me or does that ball/towel boy look exactly like Joe Dumars?

  126. Powell contributing right off the bench. Good stuff.

  127. Sloppy quarter. Even with his timing off, the difference in having Bynum’s presence in the paint is pretty evident, and it forces Boozer to the perimeter, where Gasol’s length can bother him. We could do without all the turnovers also.

  128. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    After Utah’s 9-0 run to start the quarter the two teams played even. I’d like to see the Lakers win the 4th. Can’t give up any momentum going into game 2.

  129. 119

    He does need to show he can play like an All-Star again over the course of a full season. Unfortunately, that would mean his contract expires in 2010, when there will be a lot more quality players on the market (which would also hurt his value).

  130. Shannon Brown a team high +22. For once, I’d say +/- is reflecting the truth. Fisher is just getting abused by Williams and he’s hesitating on his shots.

  131. The Dude Abides April 19, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    I agree that Josh should be the second big man off the bench, but I’m flabbergasted that Morrison is suiting up today instead of DJ. Seriously, Morrison offers us nothing, and how are we going to know if Boozer/Milsap aren’t going to dominate down low against our backup bigs.

  132. Love, love, love Phil’s quip to Lisa Salters. Hilarious.

  133. Wow, Phil’s comment to Lisa Salters sounded so creepy

  134. As happy as I’ve been with the bench in general today, Sasha still is basically giving us nothing today. Guess I’m being a little picky though…

  135. @ 131, 132 – Lisa did not seem entertained.

  136. What did Phil say?

  137. They should just award Matt Harpring 6 fouls before tip-off and save him the trouble of getting off the bench.

  138. Joel – Lisa was standing on a box to reach Phil easily and he said something like “My, I’m surprised how much you’ve grown over the last week…”

  139. It still amazes me how calm Phil is during huddles. It seems like most young players need something drilled into their heads, but these guys have to hang on every one of Phil’s words, he just never seems urgent.

  140. Nah, Snoopy – let’s just say he gets 9 fouls before he fouls out so he can put us in the bonus quicker.

  141. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    what percentage of defensive possessions have resulted in an offensive rebound for the jazz or a foul?

  142. we dont seem able to get a stop and a score at the mo, just a score after a score and a miss after a miss

  143. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    offensive rebound AND a foul

  144. bynum getting into foul trouble in the 2nd half is obviously benefiting the jazz. they’re relentlessly getting to the hoop, and grabbing way too many boards. we’re not even challenging their drives that much. how ridiculous were those #3 and #4 foul calls on bynum… but good thing we have the mamba, just in case it gets too close for comfort.

  145. 5 fouls on both Pau and Drew, and DJ’s not in uniform (?).

  146. Hmmm…hope nothing happened there with Pau. He took a little skip hop after that play.

  147. Way, way, way too many offensive rebounds. And Gasol fouls out. Ridiculous.

  148. The score keeper initially gave those 2 Odom points to the Jazz and then corrected himself. got to keep an eye on that.

  149. That first half was fun to watch.

  150. Only reason Utah is even in this game is offensive rebounds and free throws. Hopefully this is addressed between now and Tuesday.

  151. everyone kind of went away from the game plan in the 2nd half

  152. This reminds me of Game 1 in the second round a year ago. Utah kept the game close by dominating the offensive glass, but rarely if ever got within more than 9 or 10 even with the Lakers playing somewhat sloppily.

  153. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    The Jazz had 7 fts at half. 33 right now.

  154. j. d. hastings April 19, 2009 at 2:32 pm


  155. Stop! Kobe Time!

  156. throw it dowwwwwn!

  157. Good lord Kobe!


  159. Taco chants. Let’s see if we can get some tacos!

  160. Is Van Gundy really complaining about the tacos? So dumb.

  161. 1 down 15 to go

  162. The second half got a little ugly, but the final result never seemed in doubt …

  163. Good game by the Lakers. Great first half. Bad second half, but glad they came to their senses and realize that this is the playoffs. There is no giving back leads. Nice win.

  164. aw no tacos

  165. Shannon Brown 2009 = Derek Fisher 1999.

    Props to Kupchak for adding time travel/genetic engineering to his resume.

  166. I wish we had Shannon Brown under contract for next year rather than Morrison. As his stock is rising, he becomes another player we may have a hard time re-signing given our luxury tax situation.

  167. Kind of similar to the Tyronn Lue situation of 2000.. or whatever year that was

  168. Drazen Petrovic was the first really good euro player.
    The man had skilz.
    He died too young in a car crash.
    The entire country of yugoslavia shut down for a day of mourning for his funeral.

  169. PeanutButterSpread April 19, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    LOVE LOVE Trevor and Shannon’s play today. Very energetic and athletic.

    the reffing sucked at the end of the game when Pau fouled out. Lots of ticky tack calls. Partially Laker faults (they got lethargic in the 2nd half).

    otherwise than that, AMAZING 1st half by the Lakers. Really wish they had continued the rout and stomped out any Jazz hopes.

    But I’ll take the win, even if the crowd didn’t get tacos.

  170. Just wondering if anyone else feels the announcers for ABC television have some of the worst chemistry, talk about themselves more than the action. They really should hire Stu and Joel from FSN to do all the playoff commentating. At least these two know more about the Lakers, crack jokes, and most of all do not argue! They also enjoy the TACO chants as opposed to the three numbskulls that call themselves announcers. Lets call for a change so we do not have to put up with bad commentating all through the playoffs!

  171. The announcers were talking about themselves because there was really nothing going on in the game. Nothing really exciting happened, except Trevor’s dunk, Kobe’s dunk, and the early run created by Trevor and Shannon’s three point shooting, and Mike Breen covered those extremely well. I know Mark Jackson is terrible, but Jeff Van Gundy isn’t the worst, and Mike Breen is probably the best play-by-play guy in the business. Personally I hate Joel’s play-by-play, he just says “mid-range game” after every two point shot, and “high percentage game” after every dunk or layup. Personally I don’t mind the arguing, because it shows that there’s two sides to a lot of plays in the NBA.

  172. I’ll settle for anyone who is not Doug Collins. that guy can barely conceal his deep hatred of the Lakers.

  173. Kevin Harlan and Gus Johnson are both better play-by-play guys than Mike Breen. IMHO. I don’t mind Van Gundy. Mark Jackson speaks with undeserved authority on just about every subject imaginable.

    My favorite commentating team this year has been Harlan and Doug Collins… passion for the game coupled with lots of insight and spot-on analysis.

  174. 173. So he’s not a Laker fan?

    Sound the alarm, a member of the national media doesn’t wear the purp&gold!

  175. I think my favorite national TV commentators in recent memory would have to be Doc Rivers or Bill Walton. I still can’t watch a 7 footer attempt a layup without Walton’s voice saying “throw it down” in my head.

  176. Good way to start the postseason.

    When you come away with a win and no injuries, everything else is just gravy.

  177. And, uhm, so much for the minute thing between Farmar and Brown. Wonder if the difference would’ve been smaller with a healthy toe.

  178. Ever since Chick we’ve had a lull of good basketball commentating… Harlan and Collins are only the best this year — Doc Rivers should have stayed behind the mic dammit!

  179. I <3 ShanWOW

    Mike Breen is great, and so is Harlan. I’d probably give Harlan a slight edge, but Breen is tremendous, both can carry a crew (and often do). Van Gundy can have his moments, although he’s so full of his schtick now that he gets very annoying. I don’t personally mind Collins or Walton but I can see why others do. Mark Jackson and Avery Johnson cause me internal bleeding. Other than that, most national commentators are alright (I know I must be forgetting someone).

  180. I can actually kind of see what JVG was saying, the ‘We Want Tacos’ chant kind of diminishes the importance of the playoffs. It’s fine in the regular season. But I’d take our chants over the childish “The refs suck” that the Rose Garden cleverly came up with yesterday.

  181. Orlando just lost to Philly. That’s 4 underdog wins so far to start of the playoffs. Glad we weren’t one of them.

    Though I was rooting for Philly to make the come back, I was hoping for Orlando to win the game. Hopefully Orlando will finish the series in 5 or 6 so they can kill the Leps in case they get out of the first round. Though I’m starting to doubt the Leps against the young and determined Bulls. How sweet would it be if the Bulls to sweep the Leps. That would be almost as sweet as having the Lakers get revenge in the finals.

  182. jon barry’s a pretty good commentator too

  183. PeanutButterSpread April 19, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    if anyone watched the Pittsburgh-Philadelphia NHL game today, the Philly fans had a lame “refs suck” chant too.

    I think it just comes with the territory of any sports game that has referees or umpires, etc. No one is ever happy with the calls and at the end of the day, the refs are only humans and will make mistakes.

    Although I do hate the Tacos chant. If anything else, it gears up the opposition to try to score 100 and play spoiler of tacos.

    and OMG Philly took out Orlando in game 1! Another upset game by the road team. What is going on?! First Bulls, then Dallas, then Houston and now Philly?! WOW.

  184. philly-orlando was a thrill. great game. didn’t philly take the first game from detroit last year? they wound up losing the series anyway. wonder if history will repeat itself.

  185. This year the playoffs are the opposite of last year, where the home team won most of the tim

  186. PeanutButter – Yeah, you could see the Jazz players got incredibly ticked off when the fans started that chant. They were just playing out the time until that started, and then you could see Deron Williams go into “no tacos for these b*******” mode.

    From the recap – Jackson is breaking with his playoff tradition of wearing the most recent championship ring from his collection of nine NBA titles. “I’m tired of wearing that ring,” he said about his 2002 bauble. “I’ve been wearing it for seven years now.”

    Yeah, it’s about time for a new one, Phil.

  187. Anyone here want to hazard a guess why Morrison is active instead of Mbenga? Makes no sense.

  188. After Chic Hearn, everybody else sucks.I want the commentators to talk about the game.Got spoiled,I guess

  189. “These refs suck”… Seriously Portland? If only JVG had been in the house. That’s Galen Center status.

    The Rose Garden is clearly not ready for prime time.

  190. First half was pretty good and entertaining(for us!). We geared down in the third a little bit, but Utah never became an actual threat and i’m content with the box score except the offensive rebounds column!

    Anyways, both Ariza and Kobe dunks were pretty impressive but i give Ariza a slight edge. Shannon Brown was balling, too. On Tuesday, i expect Sasha to step up and produce in double digits with high percentages. And yes, DJ should be the twelfth guy, not Morrison.

    Metin Milli

  191. PeanutButterSpread April 19, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    Snoopy –

    I was at the Lakers/Denver game on the 9th and I remember the Taco chants, but I didn’t bother with them because seriously most LA-Denver games have gone over 100 points, I didn’t think it’d be any different.

    I’m okay with losing Tacos, but I also understand the fans wanting tacos, there’s something about getting free food that’s always worth waiting for.

    Although I have to admit I was a little disappointed when JR Smith burst the Taco bubble. I was just glad for the win. It’d suck to pay for tickets and have the team you’re rooting for lose.

    WIN > Tacos, any day.

    But Laker fans have seriously got to stop chanting “we want tacos,” it only adds fuel to the fire.


    Phillie really has no chance in taking down Orlando same with Bulls and the Celtics. But the first round has definitely been interesting so far.


    Yeah, it’s time to get Phil a new ring to wear.

  192. It is true that the closer the game, the better the broadcasting team will be, regardless of who it is. Today was not a good example of that. I think at one point JVG and MJ were arguing about the art of how to catch a foul ball at a baseball game

  193. I had fun today watching my Lakers in action and not worrying about a loss at anytime. I will wear my FB&G t-shirt every game for good luck now in this Post Season. Boozer looked like he has come out of whatever funk he was in and had a good game. PJ was asked in an interview about the taco chant, he said to him it was a sign of good defense by the Lakers to keep the score under 100. We really want to keep the opponent to like 80 or so though, right? Yeah, Tyrone Lue?

  194. 193-yea, i remember that part, i think one of them brought up the fact that Lamar Odom takes his mitt to baseball games so he can catch a foul ball, and JVG is like catching a foul ball is a lot like rebounding, it always bounces off the first guy and whoever dives first to the ground to pick it up gets it (He thinks having mitts at baseball games are pointless)

  195. Billups is lighting up New Orleans. New Orleans can’t lean on Paul to win this series — Denver is too good for that to work.

    Anyhow, as for today’s game, our primary problems were Utah’s offensive rebounding and our dumb turnovers, both of which are fairly fixable problems, so I’m not that worried. We’ll see how Okur’s return changes the dynamic.

  196. This was such an awesome first round (mostly because we won)! NOH-DEN is going down as I type, and Chaunce Billups has been on fire!

    The upsets were definitely exciting (didn’t really count Mavs win as an upset, although I certainly was upset about it).

    Looking forward to more of FB&G’s brilliant analyses into the 2009 playoffs and (hopefully) the Finals. 🙂

  197. This is about as good an outcome for game 1 as I could have imagined. The Lakers win convincingly, but the Jazz show how easily they could turn things around by winning the third quarter. Deron Williams is controlled.

    Trevor, ShanWOW, and Odom step up–everyone chips in–even Jordan with a fine block and assist.

    Some have complained about the difference in offensive rebounds (20-7), but the Jazz had almost twice as many rebound opportunties.

    The Lakers need a win on Tuesday to hold down home court advantage.

    That would be the first step in securing a round one victory.

    The Utes have by no means thrown in the towel.

  198. 195- which doesn’t make sense because if you’ve got a mitt, you make the catch, and there is no rebound. Again, JVG =semi-retarded

  199. The Dude Abides April 19, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    A number of those offensive rebounds were on plays where a Laker big either blocked a shot or forced a miss, and the rebound went right back to the shooter. Can’t really blame our interior defense for those.

    Also, I first noticed Morrison was activated instead of DJ when everyone was walking to the locker room at halftime, and I was thinking “Man, I hope that doesn’t come back to bite us.” Sure enough, both Pau and Andrew got in foul trouble, and despite how well Josh Powell played, he doesn’t have the defensive presence down low that DJ has. If Okur plays in Game 2, I can’t imagine Phil not activating DJ.

  200. Peanut Butter Spread April 19, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    That Hornets/Nuggets game was UGLY (for the Hornets at least).

    I was rooting for the Hornets, but it got too painful by the 3rd quarter to watch.

    There’s been a lot of blowouts in the first game for the first round. Houston/Portland, Cleveland/Pistons, Miami/Hawks, and now Hornets/Nuggets.

    Meanwhile, there’s also been two close upset games: Bulls/Celtics, and now Orlando/76ers.

    And two solid wins from Lakers/Jazz and Mavs/Spurs.

    Very interesting first round so far.

  201. Wow, fantastic game. I said at the beginning that Chauncey’s probably the only PG (besides Deron) who can give Paul fits, and against the Nuggets is definitely the only time when Paul might not be the best decision-maker, tempo-controller on the floor. Battle of the big, veteran, championship PG vs the small, young, limitless PG. I expect Paul to come out with a vengeance in Game 2, but great PG matchup.

  202. 8 assists and 0 turnovers!

  203. I guess the fans can’t take the entire blame for the taco chants, right? Because IIRC from my Staples experiences, they actually put “WE WANT TACOS” on the video screen so people will chant it.

  204. i’m going to have to disagree with many of you in here. abc’s announcers SUCK. mj is fine but van gundy belongs opposite vic the brick in the wee hours in the morning when nobody is listening. they could have a conversation with art bell about aliens and black helicopters. as for basketball, this trio has nothing on the good old days, where have you gone nbc and marv albert. can abc rent tnt’s announcers for the finals? this threesome was the thorn in last year’s rose of a finals, except for that game four meltdown and game six embarassment. the nba deserves better. i don’t want to have to listen to them for kobe-lebron. and we all know that is coming.

  205. Lamar after Game 1: “I’d like to see Adam Morrison get in the game. We could’ve won this by 25” Hahahahahaha.

  206. The Jazz get a lot of offensive boards because they run so many screens down low that it’s hard to keep a body on everybody at once. That, plus in this game they just missed a lot of shots.

    I agree that JVG uses too much schtick these days, but he does add the occasional insight that comes from being a coach recently. He knows individual players’ strengths and weaknesses really well. I remember Bill Simmons complimenting him for predicting a Kobe offensive board on a FT attempt. JVG was like, “Kobe’s one of the best in the league at getting an offensive board off a FT when he needs it. That inexperience player shouldn’t be the one in that position.” And then Kobe of course got the crucial rebound. If you think about it, Kobe’s had several of those plays in big situations in his career.

  207. #207 Thats JVG claim to broadcasting fame. He predicted that one play and everyone assumes he is great now and always refer to that when defending him. He has way to much of a schtick now boarder line making me want to mute the T.V.

  208. I really need to get my laptop back in working order so I can start following this blog during games again… 🙁

    I find the Tacos chant a bit, um, less than classy, I guess is a good way of putting it. No one likes a poor winner, and it wouldn’t be that difficult to be a bit more gracious about the whole thing.

    We watched the game with my Utah-fan inlaws, which was an interesting experience, and we were all in agreement that if Boozer had been at 100% and Okur had been on the floor the game would have played out very differently. If Okur returns before this series is over, the Jazz will make a fight of this yet. They are not a team that easily rolls over and surrenders.

  209. I just remembered something. The NBA League Pass is for regular season games only, and does not cover the play-offs.

    During the regular season it will not show any of the games that are aired on the major networks, like on TNA or ABC, and since the PlayOffs are on ABC (and are on a separate contract) they are not going to be on the League Pass channels at all.

  210. David Thorpe temporarily lost his mind:

    I don’t care if you want a player to go hard, you do not foul a high-% jumpshooter at the end of a game situation. A jumper has at best a 50% chance of going in. Hedo’s defense was far superior.

  211. Er, make that “TNT or ABC”… 😮

  212. Joe,
    I remember that game. As soon as JVG said it, Kobe sealed that kid off and grabbed the board. That was nice. JVG has some good insights. He’s one of the few national guys that didn’t jump on the Blazer bandwagon over the last couple months. Gotta respect that as I feel the same.

    But ESPN/ABC does suck badly. I’ll take TNT all the way. Hopefully the games on NBATV will use TNT announcers now that Turner owns it.

  213. Snoopy2006,
    Really good defensive teams and players do not play it safe. That was Thorpe’s main point.

    Good shooters are so good that playing them straight up is sure death. Give Kobe a straight, tho contested, shot is a receipt for getting beat. Bagger him all night until, like Allen, he makes a mistake when he sees a look.

  214. Kobe’s nickname definitely fits him WELL
    The Black Mamba…Kobe is deadly, dangerous, and can strike at anytime. He is the best player in the NBA!

  215. Andrew Andrekopoulos April 20, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    Kobe’s nickname and motto in the playoffs this year, In which will bring home a championship!


    The end!