Kentucky Derby Picks

Kurt —  May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby workouts
As is an annual tradition around here, my wife and I are throwing a big Kentucky Derby party and I have some picks for the race. I am boxing these three as an exacta.

If you are just a basketball fan, root for Join the Dance, owned by Rashard Lewis of the Orlando Magic.

And no, Pioneer of the Nile is not in the mix for me. I don’t think he will make the synthetic to dirt transition well, although the slop could help him some. I really liked I Want Revenge, that scratch was sad to see.

1) Friesan Fire. He would be up there anyway and the conditions make him my favorite.

2) Dunkirk. I think he is going to struggle coming from way off the pace in this one, with a crowded field, but he is simply too talented to leave out of an exotic.

3) Desert Party. Like his stalking running style for this race, and he has ran bullets in training.



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  1. Coffee is for Closers May 2, 2009 at 11:06 am

    The track conditions definitely throw a wrinkle in an already difficult race to handicap. I’m guessing at least one longshot comes out of nowhere to place – look for a huge trifecta/superfecta payout today.

    I have no clue however – I’ll just make myself julep with makers and enjoy the spectacle. Wish I was on the infield today – did it once – absolutely nuts.

  2. I know a horse veterinarian, and in her expert opinion, it’s going to be #16, Pioneer of the Nile.

  3. any predictions on the bulls-celts game tonight?

    …my gut is telling me celts blow this one out, but im praying for another OT thriller. either way i see the celts winning tho (hopefully im wrong)

  4. “I like turtles” May 2, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Derrick Rose is going to put up 63 points in the Celtics but the Bulls will lose.

  5. I predict thatif this is a blow-out by the Celtics, Rajon Rondo would be wise to stay on the bench the last few minutes of the game…

  6. I predict Joakim Noah will win the Derby. Did you see how fast he dribbled down the court and dunked the ball? Sheesh!

  7. Ah…yes. I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this discussion at all.

    People still race horses in circles?

    On a side note (and I’m not saying I don’t agree with the point of this article)…but what percentage of Adrian Wojnarowski’s articles involving slamming/ripping NBA individuals? He’s the most sensationalistic writer I’ve ever seen. A lot of the times he’s right, but I’d bet 90% of his articles are negative criticism. As Kobe would say, perhaps he wasn’t hugged enough as a child.;_ylt=AkCvM1lJmX.ygjXziRmlNb.8vLYF?slug=aw-smithhawks050209&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

  8. That was absolutely amazing.

    Makes me sad that they tore Bay Meadows down last year, cause that’s where I would have been today…

  9. I’m nobody to question Kelly Dwyer, but am I remembering things incorrectly? 2001 was our 15-1 year, right? How does Dwyer have our 2001 series against Sac going 7 games? Isn’t he thinking of the 2002 series?;_ylt=AoW08EsHkhu._UEhSUD1fnC8vLYF?urn=nba,160612

  10. Kurt- I hope you enjoyed a mint julep or 4 for me.

  11. What a block by Derrick Rose. Incredible athleticism.

  12. Did the Bulls get cheated out of a point? They had 11, Gordon hit a 3 and the scoreboard only showed 13.

  13. 12

    It was a 2, they reviewed and confirmed it.

  14. No that was a later shot. The one I’m refering to was 2 feet beyond the line. I wastched the replay too on my DVR.

  15. The Bulls just got robbed of 1 point. If you go back to the 8:34 mark, you can see Gordon is a good foot behind the line. I don’t know how you can review it and not see he is well behind the 3 point line.

  16. Yes, exactly. What garbage.

  17. They didn’t review the shot at 8:34, it was a later shot they reviewed.

  18. 14

    The shot he made when the Bulls had 11 was counted as a 2.

  19. I actually thought that shot was well beyond the arc as well, but the refs reviewed it and ruled it a 2. Strange.

  20. They reviewed another shot. Oh well, it only matters if it is a close game. But real incompetence to miss that 3.

  21. They showed replays of Gordon hitting 3 clear 3’s but then showed his stats with only 2 3 pointers!

  22. bulls had better hope gordon stays hot, all they have is jump shots at the moment

  23. They don’t even have that right now. House is all over the place on defense, he is very energetic right now.

  24. I don’t think Kendrick Perkins has ever committed a foul in his life.

  25. bulls offence is terrible at the moment, this is starting to look like a blowout

  26. Hinrich is a choker.

  27. Perkins always looks like he is pissed off.

  28. 50 – 1 looonngshot, wow… who cares what the odds are, only that you end up winning in the end.

  29. Looks like they corrected the error with Gordon’s 3.

  30. And now they’ve changed it back. This is really weird.

  31. anyone know when the hatton fight starts?

  32. Friesan Fire finishing 18th

    that’s the really really fickle nature of horse racing i guess.

  33. refs letting them play now

  34. 26-He’s making amends, you may have to take that back

  35. Why is Rose always out of position on defense. Seems he’s always running around chasing someone but his man and making other people cover for him and leaving someone open.

  36. Wouldn’t be the first time …

  37. More Derrick Rose. More Kirk Heinrich. Less Ben Gordon. Right now.

  38. Wow, they finally changed that Gordon shot to a 3. Only took them about 2 hours.

  39. Brad Miller’s indecision on offense has absolutely killed the Bulls. His jumpshot wouldn’t fall early, and in the 2nd half he’s lost all confidence. Rose has gotten him the ball in some great spots, but he’s no longer looking to shoot.

    The Bulls have an ugly, ugly offense. I’m not sure if that can be said enough. When their jumpshots aren’t falling like tonight, they won’t win.

    My impression of Noah has drastically improved this series. Someone compared him to Tyson Chandler – I don’t think so. He’s not athletic enough. He’s an irritant, and although he has defensive lapses, he’s soon glimpses of lockdown potential. I see him somewhere closer to Varejao.

  40. How the hell do the refs screw that 3 pointer up? How does that not get corrected at the end of the 1st quarter? They wait until the 4th with 5+ minutes?

  41. 37

    He’s more athletic than Varejao though. Right now he’s basically giving them the kind of production they were expecting from Ben Wallace.

  42. thanks for posting about the derby on a lakers off day. POTNile was my horse, gotta represent the winners from Santa Anita. Glad to see you include, and viewers respond to posts about other things than basketball. It helps make a good site about X, a good site to visit period. Just as long as the politics and religion is left out. that starts too many arguments. lakers in 5.

  43. Both teams are playing nervous.

  44. John Salmons is killing the Bulls right now.

  45. celtics leaving the door open, bulls have had several chances to get it down to one possesion but havent been able to do it

  46. Do the Bulls have any type of an offensive system?

  47. 44 – They like to shoot.

  48. The refs have been letting paul pierce travel on every GOD DAMNED DRIVE

  49. I hate Paul Pierce.

  50. The next play would be

    Ben Gordon dribbles around then launches a fading to the side 3

  51. This was a great series don;t get me wrong, but it was not exactly smart basketball.

  52. the bulls live or die by how well ben gorden is shooting, simple as that

  53. Fine, the Celtics advance to the next round, I kinda wanted them to be one and done, but anyway.

  54. Magic in 5

  55. It was great in terms of entertainment, but I agree, the basketball itself was awful at times. The Bulls offense, when jumpers aren’t falling, is painful to watch.

    Derrick Rose doesn’t strike as a verbal leader, more of a leader by example. The guy is so level-headed, which is good in a PG. But he’s not fiery. The Bulls will need someone to be that vocal leader in the future. Noah could get there, if his on court play continues to grow – his passion is definitely there, he just needs more maturity.

  56. The Kentucky Derby showed an underdog winning.

    The Pacquiao – Hatton match showed that favorites are favored for a reason…

    Let’s hope the latter rings true for the Houston vs. LA series

  57. Seriously, I believe when Vinny Del Negro is drawing up plays, he has the inbounder, 3 dudes huddled around the free throw line, then a random squiggle, which determines Ben Gordon’s path as he runs around trying to get the ball.

    Then, when the Bulls are in the half-court, their one play consists of Rose at the point, two guys standing still in the pinch post area, then two random squiggles around them, which are Ben Gordon and John Salmons running around like mad.

    Oh, and they have the one play from Phoenix, where the inbounder gets the ball back running along the three point line after inbounding it to the post, which they managed to run three times in the 4th quarter last night.

  58. If the Bulls had a competent coach, they win that series.

  59. Coffee is for Closers May 3, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Wait, yup, I think Friesan Fire just crossed the finish line….

  60. This studio crew’s chemistry is so off. Magic looked afraid to make the joke about Chauncey’s old haircut, then looked nervously to the others to see if they had realized it was a joke. All 4 started laughing on cue as if someone had held up a cue card, and the laughter went on a bit too long to not be creepy. Jon Barry looked confused, he might not know what a hightop fade is.

    Wade looks so hobbled. He’s fighting through it, but when healthy he’s so much better than this.

    It was good to hear Wade call Beasley out. The guy has coasted by on his pre-NBA rep for too long. He’ll get there, but for someone that cocky (who multiple times has stated he feels like the best player on the floor everytime he steps onto an NBA court) he needs to back up his talk.

  61. Joey Crawford is a complete tool.

  62. I’m so glad this series is finally ending. How the hell can you have a playoff series with 7 straight blowouts?

    Terrible charging call on Wade.

  63. Not to be a nitpicker…but why is Michael Beasley laughing and goofing off on the bench while being blown out of a Game 7?

    Does this kid not get it at all? Does he get it, and not care? Does he honestly believe he’s the best basketball player even on his own team? What is wrong with this kid’s head?

    Yes, he’s incredibly young, but it’s so incredibly frustrating. Get it together, dude. I can’t stand players who coast by on pure talent and physical gifts.

  64. Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson are trading some odd middle-aged form of Yo Momma jokes. Why are these people still employed?

  65. Well there have been questions about how seriously Beasley takes his job for a good while now. Playing alongside a competitor like Wade, he won’t last long if he doesn’t have the requisite professionalism and work ethic.

  66. At least Udonis Haslem (Beasley’s “mentor”) is showing Beez an example of how to care.

  67. Finally some Western conference basketball again… Dirk is on fire

  68. Kenyon Martin is such a punk.

  69. What is the record for flops in a half? I think Dirk Nowitski has blasted it, whatever it is.