Time To Celebrate

Kurt —  May 29, 2009

I thought George Karl said something very telling in his post game press conference.

He said that at the start of the series and through the first few games he saw the cracks in the Lakers, the places to attack and exploit, but by the end they had sealed those up and become a better team. That is what we didn’t see from the Lakers last year, when they ran into a team that could really exploit those cracks, they could not seal them up in the finals.

This year was different. There are a lot of people, myself included, that said after the last game “These are the Lakers I remember.” But no they are not, they are better. It was one thing to play like the Lakers did tonight against a lesser team that had no time to scout them in January. It’s another thing entirely to do it against a very athletic, confident team in a playoff series where that team has time and games to scout you and know what you do.

Lakers fans, enjoy this. There are far too few opportunities to soak in moments like this. There are some big games down the road, and tomorrow night we can be scouting. Another night we can break down the Xs and Os. But for now have your favorite adult malted beverage, relax and enjoy this.

Because what we saw tonight as Lakers fans was special