Lakers/Magic Finals Game 2 Chat

Kurt —  June 7, 2009

We’ve talked about how Game 2 really sets the tone for the series. This one will be closer than game one, let’s see if the Lakers can play up another level.

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  1. j. d. hastings June 7, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    EXTREMELY ANNOYING: I get NBAtv with the league pass instead of the sports package. They let nbatv continue all the way through Friday. Now, suddenly they cut it off. Why string me along until right now??

  2. glove32,
    I don’t get FSW… 🙁

    Heh. My husband just found it on ESPNEWS. Sweet. Channel 207 for anyone with DirecTV.

  3. is giving a live full post-press conference too.

  4. ESPN News is showing more on PJ’s interview than Fox Sport West

  5. I swear, this Lakers team is going to give me a heart attack at a young age. Did you see those last 2 shot by Courtney Lee at the end of regulation OMFG! OK now that I have caught my breath lets move forward to game 3. Imho the Lakers can wrap this up quickly If Farmar and Sasha show up on the road. The Magic are collapsing hard on Kobe and leaving shooters open. So far Sasha and Farmar have been a disaster when they have been on the court offensively and defensively. Another thing please stop doubling Howard, he is no Olajuwon in the post by any means. I would rather see Howard trying to score in the post one on one than letting Lewis and Hedo get clean looks at the basket.

  6. I know that this could never happen as if the Lakers win its auto kobe MVP, but I really feel like the MVP through two games is Lamar. And damn, Pau and Lamar making clutch freethrows, I am ready to redo last years finals. The Refs played really good tonite for the Magic, just one win in the next three and were good, I think the Lakers will be back to playing good basketball for game three, that team is pretty awful unless they make threes however I fear they will next game.

  7. Peanut Butter Spread June 7, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    Lakers got really lucky on this one.

    Too lucky for my comfort.

    If Courtney Lee had made that layup at the end of regulation, the Lakers would be going into Orlando 1-1.

    If the Magic had Nelson at 100%, the last two games would have possibly the Lakers down 0-2.

    I think the defense is paying too much attention on Dwight. Stop doubling the guy, pay attention to Hedo and Lewis for heaven’s sake!

    The Lakers looked lethargic tonight. Slow on defense, slow on offense. It was a really weird game to watch, the crowd wasn’t into it until like the 2 minute mark of the 4th quarter.

    Game 3 is pivotal. For Orlando it’s a must win and I think for the Lakers, it’s also a must win just because I’m seeing 2006 Miami-Dallas flashing through my eyes right now.

    I hope the Lakers bring it, but I think everyone should probably expect a win from Orlando, I wouldn’t be surprised if they won with a blowout.

  8. Odom is certainly a key to our team, but Kobe opens up the floor for the rest of the team. He takes the double teams and drives and draws the defense in. Lamar gets what he gets mainly because of what Kobe does.

  9. Lamar’s shirt is as horrible as his game tonight was great. Wow!

  10. with all due respect to Al Pacino in “Any Given Sunday”, BASKETBALL is a game of inches. One inch to the left and an inch less pressure on Lee’s oop and we’re tied 1-1. An inch to the right and Hedo and Lewis can those 3s instead of having them swirl in and out. An inch lower and Pau’s dagger layup and-1 just becomes 2 FTs. If Howard sticks his arm out an inch longer then Fish’s pass to Gasol gets deflected for a turnover instead of game-tying dunk.

    Today the inches went our way instead of theirs – by destiny, experience, skill, or luck – and we pull out a gutty win.

  11. 102. You mean the same Lamar who consistently left Rashard Lewis open on at least 15 possessions. Some of those possessions, I have no clue what exactly he was doing in the paint. And that too when Lewis was making every jumper from anywhere on the court.

  12. Peanut Butter Spread June 7, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    Lamar’s shirt isn’t too bad. It’s a nice blue color? He looks relaxed in the shirt. I admit, I actually like LO’s fashion. Most of it anyways.

  13. I think this is one of those exceptions where the winning team will need to make adjustments for Game 3.

    On defense, we need to show Lamar a picture of Rashard Lewis so he knows who to pick up on defense. Lewis had a great game but some of his points came from Lamar hanging out in the key then closing out late. And I have no idea what happened on that play where Kobe was clapping his hands where Derek, Kobe, and Lamar all basically had their back to Lewis as he drained a three. But I think this is not a difficult fix.

    On offense, I wish we would keep the flow going and take open shots when the offense creates them. I felt Derek and Pau had open looks that they then complicated by faking, and creating a worse shot.

    I also hate Ariza’s body language on offense, especially when he camps at the three-point line with his arms up, even after the play is over (and why is he camped at the three when we only needed a two to win the game on the last play?).

    But Trevor did great on defense and I’m glad the officials did not buy in to all of Hedo’s gesticulations.

    I don’t think we’re in danger of a 2006 delayed sweep, but we should take care of business and finish it off in Orlando.

  14. Let me clarify regarding the shirt: In and of itself it’s pretty horrible, however, Lamar not only pulls it off, but looks very comfortable and happy in it, which means that although still a pretty bad shirt, it looks good on Lamar.

    I’m not sure if that made sense… and it should also be pointed out that compared to Craig Sager, Lamar has impeccable taste.

  15. Peanut Butter Spread June 7, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    LOL Mimsy.

    I think that’s why I like LO’s taste in fashion. It’s so unusual, yet he makes it work. The jackets, the shirts, the suits, the vests, he somehow just works it. He can pull it off.

    I’m still not happy with the win. Too many open 3s. But I guess a win is a win.

  16. It’s a bit late to change our defensive philosophy, which basically was ‘give up 3s but stop 2s.’

    Not something i’d condone against this Magic, but oh well, I’m thinking we can’t lose 3 in a row and that means we take one in Orlando 😉

    The silver lining here, for us, is that we survived a pretty bad kobe tonight.

  17. Reporter: What did you think on the last play with Courtney Lee?
    Kobe: “Shit”

  18. 14 free throws in a row to end the game, nails.

    I love how ESPN chose not to show the press conferences after the game and instead gave us a breathless report on Brett Favre. Jeez, let this guy just retire and go away.

  19. When the Magic failed to convert with .8 seconds remaining a forked vein appeared under the skin of my forehead, pulsed once and exploded, whipping around like an out-of-control fire-hose and dappling my small living room in blood as bright and red as largish paintball splatters. I’ve Googled it but no beans. Does anyone know if I should be worried or not; there’s no pain, just a flap of skin and a slight swath of naked skull and I’m paler than usual. But really happy about the win.

  20. Anonymus, it’s on ESPNEWS. Kobe interview right now.

  21. A win is a win, but yeah, it could have gone either way tonight. I will take the 2-0 going to Orlando though, anyday. Can’t wait to see what FB&G puts up to talk about this game before Tuesday.

  22. Speaking of fashion, who is the guy with the huge Laker fur hat? I like him! He asks smart questions. 🙂

  23. 409 Mimsy, i actually liked Lamars shirt. The Military style shirt is definately back in vogue this season

  24. 422. That’s Vic the Brick, local radio personality. Some people hate his shtick, but radio is about shtick. And the guy has a job despite the radio upheaval in this city, so in that sense it works for him. But he is out there.

  25. Thanks Kurt! I tried Google, but I couldn’t find much. 🙂

  26. Mimsy,
    that is Vic the Brick, he does updates on the local FOX station in Los Angeles AM 570

  27. Quick question I was out drinking, did anyone ask anyone about the Dwight Howard block, cuz i seet this dude whining about the missed shot at end of regulation, but bottom line the Lakers had already won by two.

  28. Thanks glove32 too. The hat makes more sense now. 🙂

  29. Seems to me that Turkuglo uses his off hand to fend off the defender every time he dribbles. Why isn’t this called a foul on him?

  30. Ariza, Pau, Kobe, Lamar, Brown, Fish, Bynum, Farmar


    Worthy, Magic, Kareem, Woolridge, Scott, Cooper

    damn yeah that team was sweet I hope we look back on this squad as being up ther, but damn I forgot how sweet that Shotime squad was.

    I think as Laker fans we can live with Howard not fouling out but lets hope next game they stop treating Bynum like Danny Fortson, and let him actually play. The dude is ready to blow up but cant dust off his shorts without a whistle.

    By the way this has been a lot of fun chatting with you all.


  31. Even though others are complaining about how the Lakers played defense I think it was fairly good, especially in the backcourt. Orlando shot 41.8 percent overall but their backcourt,(including Pietrus), was a combined 6 for 26(23 percent) overall and only 1 for 12(8 percent) from three point range. After watching the game and then looking at the boxscore it seems that the only facet of the game the Lakers got beat on was rebounding. The Lakers made more field goals, shot a higher percentage and made more free throws. I think anytime a team does that they are pretty much assured of a win. Up 2 to 0 feels pretty good, grin, let’s see if Orlando can beat the Blue and Gold four out of five.

  32. Sorry I am bored last post I swear….

    Whats more soul crushing losing by 25 or losing a nail bighter?

  33. Steve W. It is amazing how little that gets called.

  34. -Lamar came up big, keeping us in the game when other Lakers wanted to give it away. Scrappy play, hitting all the bunnies he sometimes misses. Clutch FTs too. Yes, he left Lewis, but the defensive gameplan was to help on Dwight and Odom had to rotate. I wouldn’t blame LO too much for that.

    -Fish played beautifully tonight. Of course, he still made some decisions that, had they gone wrong, would have looked stupid (e.g. forcing the break on Turk). But the game is about results, so Fish will get his props. Hit his shots, made some key passes.

    -Turk’s defense on Kobe was extremely impressive. Good timing with the hands, bodied him up well, and generally didn’t let his lack of foot speed become a factor.

    -Ariza just played some great, gritty D. Admittedly, I can understand Magic fans’ beef because Ariza is allowed to get away with more contact on Turk than Magic defenders can get away with on Kobe, but that’s the nature of the NBA. Ariza made the most of it.

    -Seems like anytime Luke Walton was in the game, Courtney Lee was not.

    -Both Kobe and Dwight had a high # of TOs. Both teams had solid defensive strategies against the superstars. I feel a bit bad, but Dwight’s lack of a post game is really being exposed here.

    -If you took the best centers in the league today and put them in the late 80s/early 90s, they’d be fairly unremarkable. Even the least of the great big men (Ewing, Mourning) played both ends of the floor in ways that Yao and Dwight don’t. If you could combine Yao’s O-game with Dwight’s D, however…wow…

  35. Check this… for all his scoring Lewis plus minus was minus six tonite… worst on the team, goes to show no defense and long ball isn’t the way to win a championship. Laker’s high man was Lamar Odom plus ten, coming off the bench that is pretty impressive in a close game.

  36. Steve W – Because almost every great wing player in the league does it, including Kobe and Melo.

  37. $432, yoo yoo,

    What’s most soul crushing is when you do both.

  38. 432 – Most soul crushing is losing by 25 THEN losing a nail biter.

  39. 437: +1

  40. Blowout? check.
    OT nailbiter? check.


    away win?
    away clincher?

    can we get them both?

  41. 438-BINGO

  42. Off topic, but anyone else see a lot of Blue and Gold as opposed to Purple and Gold?

    Ever since HD, some of the digital feeds can’t seem to capture purple and make it look blue… just like average digital cameras.

    Noticed that some feeds were better, but still there are lotsa feeds where the jerseys are blue when they should be purple.

  43. Speaking of Hedo illegally using his off hand, I think it was he who had the ball knocked free and then pushed a Laker away so he could retrieve the ball (No whistle).

    Still, the first quarter “no call” on Howard’s absolutely obvious goaltend was even more amazing. Uh, how inept can these refs be? Are they having some sort of stupidity contest?

    And, btw, I rarely worry about calls, figuring they typically more or less even out over the course of a game. But jeez.

  44. If Van Gundy decides to go to a no guard lineup at any point in Orlando we should full court pressure whom ever has to bring the ball up. Keep a fresh guard rotation and full court pressure them into making mistakes they are not a good passing team anyway, so this will add to their turnover woes, and hopefully a Laker victory.

  45. I’m late to this party because I had to watch this game on the DVR. So, I apologize if these observations have already been made…

    Tonight, the Magic showed why they are in the Finals. They made several key adjustments that worked out in their favor. First, they were much more effective in the P&R. Howard was able to get a piece of Ariza much more consistently than in game one, and it affected our defense in a major way. Wondering why Lewis found himself more open on the perimeter? Wonder why Hedo was able to get to his step back jumper more often? Look no further than Howard holding that screen just a tick longer and allowing Hedo to get a bit more space and Howard to get a cleaner roll to the basket. And when our PF has to show on Howard’s roll AND chase Lewis around the arc and you’ve got problems. The Magic also did a much better job bottling Kobe up on the P&R. Howard is one of the most gifted help defenders in the league for a reason. He was able to show on Kobe (limiting Kobe’s space to shoot his jumper) and still recover to the paint to put a body on our bigs + rebound – no small feat. He *is* an amazing athlete. Like I said, the Magic did several things well and showed their worth in this game. I’m not sure if fans thought a 25 point win meant that we were clearly a higher class team, but that wouldn’t be the proper conclusion – something that the players and coaches were stressing over the past two off days.

    As for the Lakers, I’m not sure why so many have said we won this game despite Kobe or that Kobe didn’t play that well. Yes, he had seven turnovers. Yes he took some long jumpers that didn’t drop. But when the game was on the line he made some very difficult shots, drew fouls, and made the key play in the closing minutes when he set up Pau on his and-one. Remember, the guy did give us 49 minutes and worked his tail off for most of it. Orlando made his job much more difficult tonight and he still came through when it mattered.

    A couple of other points about the game, bullet style:

    *I thought we were undisciplined in the way that we took too many long jumpers. Sure, those shots were open, but in game 1 those were shots that we passed on to look inside instead. And while these shots didn’t lead to fast break plays outright, Orlando did push the ball back at us and on several plays this led to cross matches where our guards ended up on Lewis and he was able to get open shots on smaller players. Farmar and Sasha were the biggest culprits here (even though Sasha only took that one three) and it’s no coincidence that they only played 6 and 5 minutes respectively – and in an overtime game to boot. Ariza was also uneven on offense taking 6 threes and also forcing some inside shots in a contested lane.

    *Van Gundy changed his substitution patterns and it took away some of the advantages that we exploited in game one. Walton never saw a single minute of action where either Lewis or Hedo weren’t playing SF, essentially negating his post game. We saw a big line up with Hedo, Lewis, Gortat, and Howard all in the game at the same time essentially removing any rebounding advantage and making their P&R defense even that much stronger. Lee also didn’t play as many minutes – making Kobe play against size more often as he found himself matched up with Pietrus or Hedo for long stretches. So, when you combine these bigger defenders and better P&R defense, you’ve got Kobe working harder to get his points.

    *Orlando still doesn’t have an answer for our skill bigs. Gasol and Odom feasted on the inside and on the mid post, getting into the creases of the defense and making mid range jumpers. We all know that Kobe is the engine of this team, but Orlando better find a way to control these guys or they’ll find themselves in a similar situation to tonight – playing well themselves but still not coming up with enough at the end to win. Odom especially was big as he flashed his all court game on the biggest stage. Odom turned several of his six defensive rebounds into opportunities to push the ball, he made a couple of jumpers against Gortat early which gave him crucial space to operate later in the contest, and was constantly putting pressure on the Orlando D with his movement. I do understand that he left Lewis several times, but I as I explained earlier our PF has multiple responsibilities on the P&R and Orlando only runs that play 50-60 times a game. And as I said in my comments before this series started, Orlando is going to get open looks this series. It’s inevitable. On a certain level, we’re just going to have to accept that and hope they miss some and that the rest of our defense is up to the task against the other facets of Orlando’s arsenal.

    *I feel comfortable in saying that Fisher has stabilized some from his earlier struggles in the playoffs. I’m not ready to say he’s back to being Mr. Reliable or that he’s the guy he was even 3 years ago, but he played a much more controlled game. He made several good plays and hit a couple of big jumpers (including that three that tied it in the middle of the fourth quarter). It’s nice to see that he’s playing okay again after all his sub standard play against Houston (and somewhat against Denver too).

  46. Props should be given to Bill Bridges, who (if I remember correctly) before the series began predicted that SVG would be the first to blink and play Gortat and Howard at the same time.

  47. la_resistance28 June 8, 2009 at 12:08 am

    Is anybody else worried that Kobe led all players with 7 turnovers? 7!

  48. dave in hillsboro June 8, 2009 at 5:14 am

    401, j.d. hastings,

    I get NBATV as a result of League Pass as well, and they didn’t cut me off. But, take heart, you didn’t miss anything. NBATV has no post-game press conference coverage in the Finals. It’s all on ESPN News and Sportscenter. I can’t say that I’m thrilled with this. NBATV is the best when it comes to not cutting off speakers, always airing the complete press conference live.