Lakers/Magic Finals Game 2 Chat

Kurt —  June 7, 2009

We’ve talked about how Game 2 really sets the tone for the series. This one will be closer than game one, let’s see if the Lakers can play up another level.



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  1. I’ve had far too many moments during these playoffs where I thought, “yes, the Lakers are here and ready to dominate at championship-level intensity”, only to see them disappoint in the following game. Let’s hope the Lakers create a new pattern tonight.

  2. mohan, dudde you gotta say “this one’s for Warren” when you’re first poster.,
    but hey, that’s behind us now.
    go lakers!
    focus, match the intensity! cause they’re gonna bring it tonight, they can’t afford to go down 2 – 0

  3. Randy Smith actually pulled off the afro-goatee combination… that in and of itself is admirable. Rest well, Randy.

    Now, bring on the game! I want to see Bynum dunk over Howard again.

  4. Look for the Magic to come out doubling Kobe on the screen roll.

  5. I’m here at the Staples right now (good karma for LA tonight, since whenever I go into their games, they are undefeated).

    And as usual, the opening moments suck.

    No love for your team there, Mr. Introducer!

  6. Okay. I have to say this. I can’t keep it to myself anymore.

    We. Must. Stop. With. The. Crotch-Cam.

    Please, stop zooming in on that area! I don’t care how he’s sitting. Please.

  7. 2 – Who’s Warren? I definitely missed that.

  8. We lost the tap last game too. Good sign.

  9. Kobe with the early Pujit, then a bad rotation next time down on D.

  10. Two terrible shots.

  11. I think we would rather let Courtney Lee finish on any given possession than Howard of Turkoglu.

  12. Then Fish with the PUJIT as the Magic play some ball denial.

  13. 2 possessions. 2 contested jumpshots. No post up, no triangle. Needs to change

  14. Wow, they’re calling this tight. I missed that part of the pre-game thing, who are the refs tonight?

  15. Goaltend baby.

  16. How do they miss that goaltend on Pau’s dunk? Insane.

  17. That was one of the sicker goal tends I’ve ever seen… What are the odds of not getting your fingers stuck in the net? Risky, Dwight, risky…

  18. The refs are whistle happy tonight.

  19. Depth and bench play may be huge in this if the game is called this tight.

  20. >.<

    If Howard can block shots from INSIDE the hoop, then yeah, that will be pretty easy for him.

  21. If they let Howard put his hand through the basket he will block shots all night

  22. That was a great play by Fish and MP just suckered right into it.

  23. I like our help on Howard but we’ve gotta rotate better. They aren’t going to miss shots all series.

  24. Mohan, Warren is from the Philippines and every time he got the first post the Lakers won the game that day. I do not like these long jumpers by the Lakers so far.

  25. Wow. This is going to be a 4 hour game.

  26. I can’t believe we still have fouls left. Did they extend the limit?

  27. This is hard to watch. No rhythm or anything to this game.

  28. Everything is tight now… but to be fair to the refs, both teams are getting similar calls.

    I hope they call a 3 second violation on howard as well… he seems to camp in the shaded lane a lot

    Another thing I hope for is that they be consistent not only with regards to calling fouls for both teams but also consistent in the way they call fouls throughout the game

  29. Neither team is shooting all too well right now. Interesting that Kobe is starting in cruise-control again, setting up teammates. I wonder if the Lakers continue to struggle shooting how long it will be before he tries to impose himself on the game a little.

  30. Phil needs to figure out how to put Fishers brain into shannons body

  31. The Lakers are the better shooting team right now at 35% eFG%. Ugh,

  32. #30,
    If he does figure that out, we can never let Shannon Brown lead a fast break again.

  33. Too many jumpers from Kobe.

  34. Gortat was begging for that foul to be on him. Kobe should torch JJ here.

  35. I like that last possession better, the Lakers kept attacking the rim despite the big lineup in from Orlando. The Lakers need to do that. No more PUJITs for a while.

  36. Here comes the 3-second on Howard…

  37. too many jumpers

  38. I don’t like the fact that Ariza gives up his dribble when trying to pass into the post. This allows teams to just shade off him and dare him to shoot an off rhythm three. He needs to keep his dribble, take a couple steps to one side, then pass the ball into Gasol and let him punish the Magic.

  39. Way too many jumpers.

  40. it looks like 3 seconds will be called tonight. The players need to adjust and move through the lane quickly

  41. I thought Howard was in there for 3 days actually.

  42. Not enough jumpers! (Just to be contrary)

  43. Nice excerpt from over at SlamOnline’s live blog:

    While wandering around and watching the players warm up, I bumped into a former NBA player who (while insisting on speaking off the record) insisted the Magic will not be winning this series.

    “There’s no way Orlando can win playing this style of basketball,” he said. “This drive and kick stuff might work in the East, but it won’t work against a Western Conference team that’s used to playing against big men. Also, Dwight Howard only has one post move. How can you spend the entire summer playing with the Dream Team and still come back with just one post move?”

  44. I looked at it again, and I don’t understand the first foul called on Bynum. You HAVE to be allowed your own space on the floor.

    At worst, that should have been called on Howard, but realistically, there was no call there.

    If the referees are blowing the whistle at that level of contact, they will be out of breath before the second half, with blistered lips…

  45. The Lakers are the more efficient offense so far, at a pathetic 68.8 points per 100 possessions. This is not pretty.

  46. #41 – Well, definitely not enough MADE jumpers!

  47. LA peeps are looking into their mobiles more often than into the game.
    Definition of BORING.

  48. In the defense of every player on the floor, it’s very hard to get in a shooting rhythm when the whistles go off every 15 seconds. Which is why we need to attack the paint instead.

  49. Looks like the Refs didn’t get enough air time last game

  50. wow, we’re going to have a really high scoring game at this rate 😉

    maybe Magic wants to prove that they can win scoring 75.

    If both teams keep this up, the team that scores 75 may win by double digits.

  51. ugliest, 1st quarter, ever.

  52. Gasol needs to stop with the weanie shots. Thats not a hook shot.

  53. That quarter was the very definition of gross.

  54. Terrible first quarter.

  55. We’re on pace for a real barn burner, folks…60-60 final at this rate.

  56. Pau is awful today in the offensive end but he is doing an AWESOME work on Howard.

  57. @lakergirl
    Took the words right out of my mo… er, keyboard. Shoot a jumper or dunk it! Snarl!

  58. Who said Orlando won’t shoot 30% again?

    Let’s see if we can keep this up while getting some boards.

  59. Gasol is “out the zone” .

    He is now taking too many quick shots because Dwight had his shot blocked once.
    And he’s doing a 7-foot teardrop.

  60. not a pretty quarter. The Lakers actualy had a higher fg% at 30% to the Magic’s 28.6%

  61. Orlando is on pace for 16 FGs tonight, 7 less than Game 1.

  62. I agree Lakergirl. When Walton gets that pass to you in the paint, after drawing the defensive rotation, you have to attack the rim. Go hard, and you will get the contact, the foul, and maybe the dunk/lay-up.

    Per the referees… I am having trouble believing that they are actually calling 3 Seconds and Moving Screens. Of course the game is disjointed! The players are stunned!

  63. I thought our defense was beautiful. If we keep that up we have nothing to fear.

  64. Bad quarter by both teams but you have to give credit to the defense. Both teams played really hard defense, the offense will pick up in the second quarter.

  65. LOL at Howard’s Vitamin water commercial. LeBron must be steaming!

  66. Awful is a strong word;) He did have that one nice dunk (the goaltend one), the nice post move with the left, and the interior no look pass to LO. But sure – he’s had better offensive quarters.

    If the Lakers can keep up this kind of D, I’m not too worried however. Kobe and Pau will get going; they usually do.

  67. I’m just excited to be watching this Spurs/Pistons Finals game…. wait, who is playing again?

  68. Let’s outbench these guys…

  69. As a ‘rational’ fan though, I am very pleased that we can and are playing defense.

    Offense will come, in the name of Kobe if all else fails.

  70. On the plus side, if this keeps up Birdman will get free tacos 🙂

  71. The Lakers need to do a better job on the boards. They are giving up too many 2nd attemps

  72. Anyone wanna bet JJ will get a tech for taunting Sasha?

  73. Poor Luke.

  74. the bench guys are playing hungry

  75. The refs just got a memo on moving screens and the 3sec call….must be.

  76. refs not helping the flow of the game

  77. I don’t mind the players having to adjust to how the refs are calling the game, but it seems the refs are throwing a lot at them that they had been letting go before.

  78. Getting three-plus minutes of rest for Kobe and Pau while adding a couple points to the lead is a steal in my book. It’s still been all jumpers on offense to start the quarter though…

  79. yo the refs are slowing this game down a ton. everythings a foul. way different from game 1.

  80. Yeah…. explain that second foul on Luke to me…

    Was that a “Lack of Chivalry” call? Is he supposed to hold a door open for Lewis there?

    All that said, the defense has been scrappy, and awesome.

    Lamar’s block on the break was sweet, but so was the fact that ALL FIVE Lakers were at the basket after sprinting back.

    Very, very nice!

  81. Laker fans, pardon me for asking this, but I can’t stop wondering about this for about a long time now, when the away teams scores below 100, do the opponents get free tacos as well?

  82. Isnt if funny how Van Gundy comes out saying he doesnt want to use post game interviews to bitch about calls, yet all of a sudden since that interview in cavs series Dwight Howard gets just about every call his way. I find it humorous how easily Bynum gets whistled when you pretty much could nail Howard every time down the court for an elbow, moving screen or body contact… whatever van gundy..Its all good though, the Lakers dont need the calls to win.

  83. Free tacos to the person who can find Sasha’s shot.

    Then again, life would have been too easy had Sasha shot like he did last year.

  84. This game looks like a preseason scrimmage.

  85. Yoo Yoo look at the fouls and tell me which team is in foul trouble. You comment was at the wrong time

  86. And on a more serious taco note, I thought that if you have a ticket you get tacos? Someone else who has actually been to Staples probably knows better than me though.

  87. some back shot selection going on, farmar just awful

  88. What kind of a foul was that – save your fouls for Howard…

  89. Drew can’t get into a rhythm with all those fouls and 3 seconds.


  90. “…and that might be on Bynum.” I dunno, ya think?

  91. Feed the 7 footers more please.

  92. Lewis is earning that paycheck…

  93. Farmar kinda nervous on that try for a put back after his miss.

  94. total bs, the one guy that gets screwed more then anyone in this entire playoffs has been poor bynum, I dont think I have seen him hack a player once this playoffs, the refs just pick on him. Time for Phil to come out and call out the double standard, then Dwight could get back to the bench, although the way he shoots I kind of like him out there.

  95. Bynum can be a black hole on offense now and then. Pau is much better at passing it back out and finding the open or slashing teammate.

  96. I actually dont mind that foul on Bynum, He was racing down the court and just got caught off guard as the ball handler cut right in front of him. Im just glad he didnt show any signs of pain from the fall.

  97. Why all the Sasha hate? He missed the shot because he got a horrible pass from Farmar. He’s also brought back the old Bob Cousy trick of running underneath a player going up to shoot instead of contesting late.

    I’d complain more about Farmar, who’s taken 2 average shots and 3 really bad ones, also with a couple turnovers and stupid fouls. I’d like to see more Shannon Brown at this point.

  98. Farmar looks great though, shot clock didnt reset.

  99. Is Lamar Odom planning to play some defense on Rashard lewis..

  100. Rashard Lewis has been the best player on the floor the last three minutes.

  101. there it is. offense outside of kobe

  102. Sorry if comment moderation is a bit slow at times, the connection here at Staples is horrible.

  103. Beating the magic at their own game LOVE IT!!!

  104. Was gonna say we got to rebound better, but if we can get a steal, I guess I won’t mind.

  105. my favorite part of this game is the laker D. its here again tonight. really good sign.

  106. wow, the lakers cant buy a foul against howard, he flies in and practically lands on gasol and the call goes against pietrus

  107. I want to see Ariza take another seven threes.

  108. Any time when Pau and Kobe are a combined 1/10 and the Lakers are still winning, there are reasons to feel good about the outcome.

  109. No Lakers in double figures, Kobe’s only taken four shots, the team is shooting less than 40%, and we’re leading by 3 (soon to be 5?). I’ll take it.

  110. seriously though – can we buy a defensive rebound? Way too many 2nd shot chances for the Magic, at least they’re bricking most of them

  111. I think we kind of want him out there if hes gonna keep shooting at a 20 percent clip.

  112. Since we’ve missed most of our free thros does that mean that our focus is a little off?

  113. Hedo’s keeping us in the game 😉

  114. with this kind of game a 2 possession lead is a luxury

  115. is odom planning on covering lewis tonight

  116. i think the overall idea of this game has turned to

    well shots are missing anyway, might as well fire three pointers 😛

  117. We should probably stop doubling off of Lewis if he keeps shooting like this…

  118. Terrible camera work by ABC.

  119. Mimsy, the Lakers are doubling in the post and have to rotate off Lewis, and the Magic are moving the ball so much better this game. Lewis is benefiting.

  120. please, please, refs dont put bynum into foul trouble.. i do not want to see so much odom

  121. Lewis is on a roll to match Kobe’s game high last game.

  122. thanks ABC for showing Lewis on the bench and not Gasol’s basket

  123. Nice balance in Laker’s offense

  124. In NBA JAM terms…. Lewis is ON FIRE! darn

  125. I guess we went to the middle this game, since Lamar and Pau are our leading scorers…. with 7 pts each.

    Kobe and Ariza with 6 pts each.
    Fisher and Bynum with 5 pts each.
    Farmar with 4pts.

    Talk about balanced scoring.

  126. Wow that was the best 1st quarter I have ever seen. High scoring, lots of defensive plays, good adjustments by the coaches with the substitutions! Fun to watch!

    Wait… what?

    That was the 1st HALF?

    Oh… well… *sigh*

  127. That last bucket by Gasol better be on a replay or highlight. Seriously… you show a player sitting down on the bench during the home team’s last possession of the half? Oh wait, you’re ABC. Never mind. Your camera works is always horrible.

  128. I dont want to see rashard lewis sitting down when pau is making a bucket inside. crack work ABC

  129. j. d. hastings June 7, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Maybe I’m old fashioned but I’m usually of the mid that when only one player has mad more than 1 field goal in a game, you probably shouldn’t leave him completely wide open to hit 2 3 pointers in a row.

  130. cant complain too much about being up by five with the way Lewis is shooting, it speaks volumes of how well the majority of our defense has been able to hold up to Orlando’s adjustments and higher energy level than last game

  131. someone PLEASE stop these puppet commercials.

  132. #131, John,
    I don’t know, I kind of like this one… 😉

  133. I love six points on five shots, i guess some of these heads forget the lakers do better when kobe isnt launching it.

  134. ABC’s halftime show lacks hair… and insight.

  135. I like how Kobe put it. they made adjustments so now we go make ours. that tells you that even though the lakers aren’t up by much, they are confident that they are able to do much of what made them successful in game 1. I like our chances.

  136. I get depressed when Shannon Brown doesn’t see the court though, that guy gets me fired up. I really think Brown and Ariza are the greatest steals in Laker history, when you consider we gave up guys that I wouldnt want on my rec league squad.

  137. Hey Kurt how bout a where are they now post about Pig Miller.

  138. I would rather see Shannon Brown than Sasha in the 2nd half,

  139. I would rather see Mbenga running the point than Sasha.

  140. yoo yoo: How about giving up Kwame for Pau?;)

    I agree with you though – I really like both Trevor and ShanWOW.

  141. The halftime show totally describes both teams tonight: They perform but they don’t know why the hell are they performing.

  142. Who would win in a fight Mbenga or Kimbo Slice?

  143. #136,
    I’ll call that bet and raise you with the “Kwame Brown and scrubs for Pau Gasol”-trade. 🙂

  144. We may be slowing Dwight with some good D, but he’s already got 11 rebounds. That guys is just a beast on the boards, there’s nothing else to it.

  145. #144, Nick,
    He also has 4 points on 1-4 shooting. Let him rebound?

  146. Who knows what SVGs wing span is?

  147. if balls dont ever go in the basket your seven footers are gonna get rebounds.

  148. Sasha has been +3, took only one good shot, had 1 rebound, and held Redick to a 0-of-5 shooting, considering he has a team-leading +0 this series.

  149. A bigger concern is Lamar’s disinterest in defending the three.

  150. yoo yoo: Um… Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the combination plate of center Elmore Smith, guard Brian Winters, and rookies Dave Meyers and Junior Bridgeman.

    So, yeah… not even close, just saying.

    I like our chances to make adjustments, and use Walton and Brown in the second half to wear their wings down.

    Then, with a bit of treatment for the doink he suffered in the first half, Kobe time.

    As has been said, when Gasol and Bryant give you not a whole lot, and you are still leading, you have to like your chances in the second half.

    Still, Orlando is scary, so let’s hammer them down.


  151. Note to Dwight: Keep pointing at Pau!

  152. this game is making me nervous. If the Magic have someone else making shots and stop turning the ball over, Lakers are in real trouble.

  153. Our crowd sucks right now.

  154. Okay, not the best way to start the second half.

    That’s two quick turnovers by Fisher…

  155. Cayucos Surfer June 7, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Speaking of tennis, are we at a match right now? I can’t hear the crowd at all. I hate Staples. Cheer for your damn team!

  156. In the crowd’s defense, this is a boring game to watch… I have a hard time staying interested over here, and I have affordable beer close by!

  157. Time for us to use our secret weapon:

    Kobe Bryant.

  158. 13 minutes 4 fouls for AB, we will see alot of Odom tonight.

  159. If Orlando is happy to be in this game, they should recognize Houston or Denver would be up by double digits right now.

  160. Bynum gets no respect huh.

  161. DREW WTF??? What the heck was that 4th foul? Why are you jumping into Turk there? WHY? And how are you even pretending to be surprised?

    My remote control needs to stay at that spot I just threw it to, if it knows what’s good for it.

  162. When did Howard become the Michael Jordan dude gets more love then Kobe or Lebron, ridiculous.

  163. Kobe late over to cover Lewis again… he needs to hurry that switch up.

  164. j. d. hastings June 7, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    Come on, Staples, get into it

  165. 164. yeah if odoms gonna be awake the least the fans could do is the same.

  166. Gotta start attacking the middle and get some fouls… this looks like a game that may be decided on the FT line.

  167. we are gonna see tiger woods 500 times when this series goes back to orlando

  168. anyone else see howard just push pau in the back no call again.

  169. Every single player on the floor for us has a steal each.

  170. there goes the crowd…thanks Kobe…phew.

  171. Say what you want about JVG – that comment about Ewing was hilarious:D

  172. i have to say these two teams hardly look like finals level teams tonight

  173. Ariza forced to rotate onto Howard and the Magic can’t score, Ariza with the steal and the big dunk going the other way.

    By the way, loved Fisher’s Steve Nash impersonation on the possession before that.

  174. The crowd woke up! About time too.

  175. Neither offense has any rhythm.

  176. nba all-star 2011 los angeles. i wonder if any celebs will show up?

  177. 7-0 edge to Orlando on the offensive glass – with any kind of offensive rebounding, we’re doing a lot better than our current and fragile 3 pt lead.

  178. NBA’s awards are such a joke so retarded Ariza not on all defensive team, but Howard other then a through the rim block once again worthless on D. Ariza is the best defender in this series.

  179. I have literally been wringing my hands in this second half. The Magic have come out with considerably more energy in this second half, also Hedo is starting to get some jumpers to fall. Thankfully, Skip still can’t hit the broadside of a barn and our offense has also been a little more inspired than in the first half. This one feels like it is going to go down to the wire.

  180. er, 7-1, but still.

  181. just have to stop orlando cuts and drives. that seems to be their last stand strategy inside-out with kick-outs. once those start dropping, this will be closer. lakers look sharper in this series. i feel good about our game 2 chances than in hou or den unless we breakdown. not likely with kobe on go go mode. go lakers

  182. I don’t know if I agree with that, yoo yoo. I think Howard is a great defender and his and his team’s stats through the season show it.

  183. Howard is better as a help defender than one-on-one though.

  184. their offense looks smoother than ours in 1d mode

  185. We’re approaching the penalty really quick while the Magic foulded just once this quarter.


  186. yeah blocks are a joke of a stat Camby isnt even a half way decent defender but just like howard could get beat on the post, but come help for a noisy block. Pau when he gets the ball gets whatever shot he wants/

  187. Rebounding is a part of playing defense and Howard is the best rebounder in the game. On top of that how many shots around the basket does Howard change per game. Howard deserved the DPOY award he got.

  188. Cayucos Surfer June 7, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    The refs are just destroying this game.. for both teams.. and fans as well.

  189. man, orlando must be this good to make it this far on this system. something tells me we need a kobe explosion to end the 3rd

  190. I don’t get the lakers. Lewis makes shots and they leave him open. But they double team Howard b/c he had one dunk?

  191. LOL that should of been Howards fifth.

  192. j. d. hastings June 7, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    Kurt- could you let the fans that the game started?

    There is no flow to this game. First team to find it wins. Right now, one team gets 2-3 good possessions, then let the other team do the same.

  193. I have totally tuned out the announcers.

  194. this is the orlando we know. not good. this will be about execution.

  195. hedo heating up

  196. man if lamar shoots his j’s this well, we could do much better. how is this a foul on lamar?

  197. j. d. hastings June 7, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    Odom could have been called for 2 fouls on that

  198. Need to stop Doubling Howard every time. Change up the defense. double sometimes and not others, bring the double from different places. And bring the Double as Howard makes his move not before he does.

  199. Too much Fisher, not enough Bynum…

    Let’s get to the 4th with a lead of 5 or so, and then focus hard on defense.

  200. When the refs are calling the game loose, you see the results: Game 1.
    When tight: Game 2.

  201. JD. It’s been a hard game for the fans to get into. So many fouls, a slow pace, long timeouts. Just no rhythm. But Kareem just got a nice hand.

  202. I have a feeling that Kobe would dominate ball possession in the fourth

  203. In my opinion, they are doubling Howard too much. Let’s see if he can make a couple of shots first. It’s not like he’s been lighting Pau up?

  204. could someone smarter then me inform me why our offense is so bad right now

  205. That could very well be a good thing Mico…

  206. Anyone else realize our best point guard doesnt even play, its so funny phil is to stubborn to play Shannon even though the dude comes in cold every game and is the best small man on the floor. Very strange for a zen man to not go with the present, I know we can without him but not only is he the best defender and shooter of our points hes a crowd pleaser.

  207. fisher needs to make a couple more of those to jusify his moon bootb defense while brown and farmar sit there watching.

  208. I’m wringing my hands a little bit here…

  209. Phil needs to put Drew ASAP back In the game let him foul out his presence defensively is being missed right now

  210. j. d. hastings June 7, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    The energy in this game is like its the middle of february. Dial it up, Lakers. Kobe’s last 2 shots were just ill-conceived, based on thinking about what happens IF they go in, rather than executing a high percentage play (like his assist to fisher, which was an excellent play).

  211. I do not know if the Lakers can give Kobe a rest at the start of the 4thQ. He needs to be in the game

  212. We need to get some stops… offense will come off our stops. We should not give Magic any reason to feel confident in this series

  213. Is it true LA has been undefeated this whole season while playing Sunday white uniforms?

    So, too many “undefeateds” here, huh? 😀

  214. Lakers are playing sloppy and shooting cold and are still only down by 2. If they can focus in the 4th they should take this.

  215. We’ve been totally driven out of the paint tonight.

    Gotta attack more and get the game to closing mode with FTs. Limit Howard by getting FTs so he can’t participate in transition offense.

    Seriously, we made no baskets in the paint this quarter and that’s really not gonna cut it.

  216. This looks really bad for the Lakers. They have had no offensive rhythm the whole game, a bench mob that cant score well will be on the floor for them, unless Bryant is left in. This is gonna be a really important first 4-5 minutes of the quarter. We gota contain the Magic hot shooters better

  217. Kobe has to wait the game arrives to him.Don t force such ugly shots.You are not going to get a Jordan-like performance every day.Keep sharing the ball and play hard D one-one on Howard.Start with Drew and when he get fouled out switch to Pau.That would do it.

  218. Brown and Bynum in to start the fourth.

  219. This is the Finals, and you have 42 hours of rest before Game 3 in Orlando.

    Kobe needs to play in the 4th.

  220. And note to ABC: Howard does not have 3 blocked shots.


  222. Can we just put orlando jerseys on the refs?

  223. Odom and Bynum with 4 each.

    Our team already racked up 3.

    This is a recipe for disaster.

  224. ODOM!

  225. The worst part with the refereeing is that you know the conspiracy theories and paranoia is going to continue anyway… no matter how they call it.

    On that note, Lamar is doing great despite being hacked on every possession. I like what we’ve gotten from him so far.

  226. phil’s smiling?

  227. That turnover was on Brown, you stay in that pressure relief spot in the corner until the shot is up.

  228. these fouls on bynum are ridiculous and weak. refs are killin the lakers

  229. Lamar channeling his inner Kobe

  230. That was a HORRIBLE call!!

  231. That’s a clean block.

  232. Odom playing like our 2nd option circa 2005-2006

  233. That looked like a clean block.

  234. Unless we start drawing some fouls, this game is going to be really, really, painful.

    On the bright side, if we do pull this one off, it has to be demoralizing.

  235. man our crowd is like watching a november opener

  236. Why is Hedo allowed to clothesline Ariza?

  237. harold, it not a matter of drawing fouls. It’s a matter of the refs calling them.

  238. lewis and turkoglu showing us what to expect come game 3

  239. im so sick of this officiating

  240. I have a suggestion: Guard Lewis.

  241. Orlando has rebounded 27% of its missed shots, the Lakers 6.7%.

  242. Refs should have counted that 3 on Kobe. WOW. just Wow. I almost dropped my laptop.

  243. Mimsy, in that case, I see another 25k fine coming up for PJ and the Lakers.

    We’ve attempted less FTs than they’ve made, and still only behind two. I guess there’s something to that, but we really have to get something going.

  244. The Lakers are not in position to rebound as they were last game. Is that a result of the Magic being more energetic on the boards or the Lakers less so?

  245. yeahp birdman, jvg feels the same way about that shot. if only.

  246. Cayucos Surfer June 7, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    OK.. I officially hate Steve Javie. This is ridiculous. Good, clean defense is a foul, and fighting through a screen is illegal. soo.. how are we supposed to stop them again?

    im sure it will even out as we get to the end of the game.. i hope.

  247. I am not worried, unless the refs take it away the better team should win tonite.

  248. Seriously, sometimes I wonder how you guys live with all these commercial breaks. There’d be riots in Europe if they did this to soccer games.

  249. We cant buy a foul in this game. EVen if we had 50K

  250. Aren’t there riots in soccer games no matter what?

  251. This game, our guys probably get called for a foul by looking at the Laker Girls funny.

  252. emh101: Touché;)

  253. great now attack howard

  254. whatta?! a foul?!

  255. I am now at the point where I am genuinely thinking: If they are calling just about anything anyway, why not just do a Rondo? Knock some teeth out, injure someone. You’re going out anyway, go out causing damage.

    I’d be ashamed of that thought if I wasn’t so frustrated by the way this has been officiated. This is either deliberate bias or glaring incompetence, and I’m not sure which is worse.

  256. With us being in the penalty, the refs are now in a position to save any botched offensive possession by the Magic.

    This is going to get uglier unless we witness something great again.

  257. Whats the defination of clutch free throws? 2 free throws with 4mins left?

  258. im sick of the NBA,if the lakers lose by two on top of all the bad calls we gotta look at a dude blocking a shot through the rim, i mean that has to be the worst missed call in the history of pro sports. you got three dudes watching the basket.

  259. j. d. hastings June 7, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    Okay, so the key to kobe getting a foul call is to not get fouled

  260. Go Lakers!

  261. make up call

  262. That great performance is coming from Ariza.

  263. eh? dwight goes 2 for 2 and kobe misses? hehe not really our night

  264. Turkoglu does that alot, use his off hand to push the defender out of the way

  265. FINALLY! Magic in the penalty too.

    Good god, now we are in for some clutch FT shooting.

    Dwight vs. Kobe

    Let’s see how this ends.

  266. Has anyone else noticed that the refs don’t dare to call any more bad fouls after getting yelled at by Jack?;) Respect.

  267. Okay… trying to be constructive here. There’s 3 minutes left and we have Kobe, Pau, Lamar and Ariza. Let’s FOCUS!

  268. hey a dude thats slower then fisher on the floor.

  269. I know it has been ugly, but I must say, that this game has been both excruciating yet a ton of fun to watch, win or lose.

  270. #266, Andreas,
    They’re afraid he’s going to attack them! 🙂

  271. And Jack can’t get fined by the NBA. You tell ’em, Jack!

  272. this game tape needs to be locked away and burned for the good of all mankind

  273. 2:42 left but both in the penalty…

    so another 30 minutes of gaming left?

  274. I agree a close game is better for the memories but im sick of bad officiating, not just for the laker just the whole playoffs. Like all the bs flagrants, then brad miller gets decked and nothing. The fact that these dudes know they are getting criticized but between the whole crew they cant see a dude put his hand through the hoop. I mean its just attrocious. We would be better off letting dudes call their own fouls, and shoot for it.

  275. 45 minutes for a few TV timeouts as well.

  276. ITs happening, its happening i am starting to hate the MAGIC

  277. Ooooo…. crap! That bruise is going to slow down Kobe.

  278. Games like this, there’s a T lurking to be called…

  279. They are hitting some nice shots.

  280. Wow. Bigtime shot by Hedo. That quieted the crowd here, who had been rockin.

  281. One stop. One stop. Just one stop.

  282. its gonna fng happen we are gonna lose by the goal tend.

  283. Cayucos Surfer June 7, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    This is pretty much about what i expected for this game. Close down to the wire. We haven’t been able to get any flow going at all, and part of that is poor officiating, but a big part of it is that were just being indecisive with the ball. Too many turn overs and bad decisions.

  284. Don’t the Lakers realize that Turkoglu isn’t going to drive late in the game. He always does the drive-fake, step-back jump shot.

  285. I can not take this anymore, I will have a heart attack before the game is over.

  286. you cant get stops with fisher on the floor if you watch the defensive breakdowns he has just been burned over and over all nite.

  287. This is EXACTLY what Lakers fans have been dreading.

    Up and Down calls. No rhythm. Orlando hanging around and then making shots late.

    Go Lakers!

  288. What I don’t understand is why they don’t force Hedo right! Everyone should know he’s gonna step back to the left for that shot.

  289. Hope this game ends before lunchtime.

    It’s 11:36 am right now…

  290. GO LAKERS!! Stop and score. Stop and score. Give it to Pau!

  291. Thats the stop we needed

  292. Just dont even shoot lets go OT.

  293. Its Kobe time

  294. Wow, we just dodged a big bullet there.

  295. Pau in both ends¡¡¡

  296. Defend the 3.

  297. Kobe needs to go to the basket

  298. I want to see Kobe catch the ball on the wing, screen from Gasol, cross-screen by Ariza for Odom, Odom cuts to the lane and gets a lay-up due to all the attention paid to Bryant.

  299. Stop! Kobe time!

  300. Now can we get those two points back from the refs… they can change a two to a three two quarters later but they cant review a goaltend, amazing happens.