Kurt —  June 14, 2009

Bask in the moment, soak it up. There are so few moments of pure joy in life, so few moments where we as a collection of people with a common bond can truly revel in something.

Love it for (as Dex said) Kobe’s Dostoevsky like life of sin, suffering and redemption.

Love it for Phil Jackson for stepping back and seeing the forest in the trees, and teaching a team to grow as men in an era where that is considered dead.

Love it for Gasol for showing the world what we knew — just how good he was. How he is more than 7,473 post moves, that he is toughness and defense and heart.

Love it for Fisher for reminding us all what character and heart are all about.

Love it for Trevor Ariza for showing how much a player can grow in a year.

Love it for Andrew Bynum winning and learning and growing into a man.

Love it for Lamar Odom showing off just how much his diverse game fits and matters for the Lakers.

Love it for Luke Walton, Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown, Josh Powell, Sasha Vujacic for getting to taste a rare level of victory.

Love if for a great man in DJ Mbenga getting a crown that fits with him.

Love it for a great city. A great fan base.

Soak it up Lakers fans. This one is ours.


From Zephid:

Ah, so this is the sweet taste of victory. Winning the NBA championship, cheering our team to the pinnacle of this sport. But, it is not the victory that brings us sweetness. It is the long 82 game regular season, all 23 games played in this postseason, all the rigors of this season. It is the tough December losses, the mental break-downs in January, the beautiful road streak in February, the frustrating losses in March. It is the Christmas game, the back to back @Boston, @Cleveland games. It is the leads given up against Utah, the blowout against the Yao-less Rockets, the home loss against Denver. It is the Game 7 victory against Houston, the Game 6 closeout in Denver, and this closeout here in Orlando. It is Fisher’s struggles and redemption, Lamar’s excellent form, break-down, injury, and now return to form. It is Andrew’s coming out, injury, and coming back as a role player. It is Gasol and Kobe’s consistency and fire. It is Sasha’s shooting woes, Jordan’s struggles, Luke’s benching, Ariza’s development, and Powell’s bad hands. It is the pain of last year’s Finals loss, Boston’s Game 4 comeback, the 39 point blowout in Game 6.

It is the entire journey, with all its pain, suffering, joy, jubilation, frustration, relief, and exuberance, that makes this victory sweet.

To all of us who stuck around this entire season and last: we’ve earned this as fans. We’ve been here through the good times and the bad. We’ve born all the trials and tribulations that the team has gone through. We as fans have earned this sweet, sweet victory.



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  1. We Rule. DJ is icing on the cake!

  2. woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. LAKERS 2009 NBA CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am proud of this team. Thank You 2008-9 LA LAKERS NBA CHAMPS

  5. GO LAKERS!!! I predicted Lakers in 6. I usually hate being wrong, not this time.

    For the, record the t-shirts are hideous. And now, PARTY!!! Celebrate!! We got 15! Kobe got 4, Phil has 10. This made my whole summer!

  6. Pls do not forget about thanking Andrew Bynum. This kid has been contributing like hell in the last few games

  7. This is a repost from the Game chat thread, but I think it’s more fitting here.

    Ah, so this is the sweet taste of victory. Winning the NBA championship, cheering our team to the pinnacle of this sport. But, it is not the victory that brings us sweetness. It is the long 82 game regular season, all 23 games played in this postseason, all the rigors of this season. It is the tough December losses, the mental break-downs in January, the beautiful road streak in February, the frustrating losses in March. It is the Christmas game, the back to back @Boston, @Cleveland games. It is the leads given up against Utah, the blowout against the Yao-less Rockets, the home loss against Denver. It is the Game 7 victory against Houston, the Game 6 closeout in Denver, and this closeout here in Orlando. It is Fisher’s struggles and redemption, Lamar’s excellent form, break-down, injury, and now return to form. It is Andrew’s coming out, injury, and coming back as a role player. It is Gasol and Kobe’s consistency and fire. It is Sasha’s shooting woes, Jordan’s struggles, Luke’s benching, Ariza’s development, and Powell’s bad hands. It is the pain of last year’s Finals loss, Boston’s Game 4 comeback, the 39 point blowout in Game 6.

    It is the entire journey, with all its pain, suffering, joy, jubilation, frustration, relief, and exuberance, that makes this victory sweet.

    To all of us who stuck around this entire season and last: we’ve earned this as fans. We’ve been here through the good times and the bad. We’ve born all the trials and tribulations that the team has gone through. We as fans have earned this sweet, sweet victory.

  8. #6, MWL20,

    Great point. Andrew earned this as well as anyone else. Coming off an injury, up against “the most dominant center in the East”, with constant foul trouble, he still managed to play hard and contribute, and he really did a good job on Howard on defense.

  9. Thank you Lakers and thank you Kurt for FB&G. Amazing! 🙂

  10. We did it! We did it! I love you guys! I love L.A.!

  11. Thank You Lakers.
    I just want to say just how great Gasol is. He has been great all series long. Tonight he was brilliant. I think you can make a legitimate argument that he is the best center in the league.

    2009 champions!!!!

  12. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Where’s Jerry Buss????

  13. Hey, we need the old man, where’s Jerry? Man I miss Chick right now!

  14. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    I was just hoping that I’d get to hear an interview with Joey Buss

  15. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    I’m sure PJ’s hat sounded like a good idea in the meeting…

  16. Wow. Phil’s hat is awesome, but boy does he look bad in it! 😀

  17. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    HAHAHAHA, Kobe just took the trophy away from his kids just as he was showing them how to rub it!

  18. I got chills right now. I am so happy that this team didnt let a loss in the finals drail them but make them better.

  19. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    I was thinking PJ didn’t have more rings than anyone because Russell has 11 as playerand coach, but PJ also has 2 as a player, huh?

  20. Amazing year here at FB&G. I found this website when I was searching for somewhere to vent my frustration after Game 6 last year, and I found this site. When I first started posting, I thought it would be a one-time deal, just a little insight shared. Little did I know that this would be a daily affair, and I would become a regular visitor here. Thanks, Kurt, for teaching me how to be level-headed. I used to be just as panicky and fickle as a lot of people here, but I became much more level-headed as the season progressed. Thanks to all the regular posters here, there’s far too many to name, for giving us a great season. We’ve had our disagreements, but they’ve always been civil and well-reasoned.

    Who wants a repeat?!

  21. Kurt – I just want to say thank you for creating this community here where everyone can contribute and share in such a caring, supportive, and knowledgeable format. Thanks for keeping our spirits up through thick and thin…this championship means the most out of the others i’ve seen and I suspect that it’s because of this place.

    To all of the regular contributors – thank you for your insight. I look forward to sharing many more with you!

  22. Sun Yue and Adam Morrison are this year’s winners of the Brian Scalabrine Memorial non-contributor rings.

    Great season Lakers, let’s get #16 next June!

  23. Kobe is the first official winner of the Bill Russell award, right?

  24. Time to get ready for #16. LOL We’re back where we belong. I say we give Kwame Brown a half share. Without him, there’s no Pau Gasol.

  25. ESPN headline: Tough Enough
    “After being criticized for being weak in last year’s Finals, the Lakers finished the task at hand in 2009, destroying the Magic in Sunday’s Game 5 to pick up the franchise’s 15th title.”

    Take THAT, haters! 😀

  26. You guys know what they are going to say now, right?

    Kobe can’t win without Shaq or gasol.

    I say, suck it Kobe-haters. 🙂

  27. Thank you everyone! Thank you Lakers!!!

  28. Yeah baby!!!! Woohoo….I took the day off today to watch at home, couldn’t be assed having the laptop on my lap to comment throughout the game.

    Great win by the Lakers. Great season by you Kurt, well done man. Thanks for everything you’ve done this season.

    Awesome all round guys….I can’t say anything, I’m too excited!!!

  29. The only thing bad is we didnt do it on our homecourt, but you know what, who cares…WE ARE THE CHAMPS!!!!! Thank you Lakers, and sorry for ever doubting you!

  30. I want to thank all of you too — this means something special because of all of you. Because of how much this is a community, how much all of you have taught me about basketball. Thank you.

    (PS, we’ll get into this more later, but we don’t go anywhere, there will be draft talk and I will be at Summer Pro League as we head into the offseason. But that is for another time.)

  31. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Thanks Kurt for making this amazing blog and FB&G community possible this year! It’s been especially special while I’ve been abroad the last couple months to still be able to experience Laker fandom overseas! GOOOOOOOO LAKERS!

  32. Does phil get this one fitted for his thumb?

    and kobe deserves mention as the best ever at his position as only a winner can take blame for the one loss in the finals and win the next two. He is right there, he made this team better, I love it love it love it.

  33. Scary thing is this Laker teams only weakness is when they slack off this team could be even better next year. Bynum, Brown, Ariza can all get better oy yeah and Farmar.


  34. It seems dramatic, but 2 years ago I seriously wondered if I’d ever see this team win another title. And this forum has made it even sweeter.

  35. @27, Atomsk,

    Of course he can’t– it’s a fricking team sport! No one can win a championship in either Basketball, hockey, football, or any team sport, without help. People just don’t get that!

    But so what?

    Let them gripe. Let them whine. Let them steam. Let them desperately look for excuses, try to explain things away. Let them hurt. They can say whatever they want, and it doesn’t matter

    Because we won the championship and this is our moment in glory and greatness! This is where we celebrate, gloat, dance, jump up and down and shout “We did it! we did it!” until our throats are raw.

    We won! Kobe got the Bill Russell award and we got to watch history.

    What else matters right now? 🙂

  36. I don’t live in LA anymore, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the camaraderie and all because of this site. Thanks Kurt and thanks to everyone for making #15 a little more special.

  37. Thanks Kurt for the calming influence that prompted me to ask if you were human :). After every loss i would come here to read your assuring words. After every win i would come here to gloat in our wins. Thank you, you made this season great for us as a community. Go Lakers!

  38. Champions! Thanks to Kurt and all you amazing contributors here. Made staying up through the nights over here in Germany so worthwhile.

    I think in DJ Mbenga (or maybe even Morrison) we might have found a worthy successor to Mark Madsen dancing at the parade. My money is on DJ, I hope he brings it.

  39. One more thing that does matter: This blog and the community of people here has been great since I first found it. I’ve learned a ton of things about basketball, and I’d like to think that I appreciate this win all the more.

    Thank you Kurt for the blog, and thank you everyone else here for making the journey and its destination all the more fun, educational, and worthwhile. 🙂

    Now, everyone, next round’s on me!

  40. Dunk Specialist June 14, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    I want PJ’s hat. The X one. It isn’t in there store. Anyone know a place it could be available at in the future?

  41. Whats up with Vanessa Bryant wearing Magic Blue? LOL

  42. LA LAKERS cement team of the decade with this title.

    Thank you Kurt for providing a great blog where Lakers fans can come to talk about the team and the games

  43. dave in hillsboro June 14, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    This probably won’t make it past moderation, but wth:



  44. dave in hillsboro June 14, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    OK, so I was wrong (about the moderation).

  45. Stan Van Gundy is really playing up the Lakers in his post-game interview. Say what you want about him, but at least he can lose with style and class.

  46. Vanessa Bryant was wearing Lakers Purple. depends how you see it 😉
    M just soooooo Happy.. It’s been a great year, thanks to Kurt and the whole community here!!!

  47. I loved living through the three-peat, but this title is particularly special because of this forum and how it enhanced my Lakers experience the entire season. Thank you so much Kurt and all the regular contributors.

    Let’s go for another three-peat!

  48. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    Why aren’t the Lakers getting the expanded front-page treatment on ESPN.com the same way MLB and NFL championships usually get, the same way Yahoo Sports and SI.com are doing right now??

  49. Kurt and all the posters. Thanks — this has been a really great run.

  50. Redemption Redemption Redemption REDEMPTION!!!


    Congratulations, Phil, on your 10th –the most NBA championships in coaching history! Congratulations, Lakers, on your 15th NBA championship trophy! Now let’s go home and celebrate! What a great run you had! You showed us all that you are the greatest team in the world! I hope you can all come back again next year and do it all over again! Thanks!

    Mark Overt Skilbred

  52. pumpkin pie oatmeal June 14, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    That was a respectable effort Kobe. The doubt, however, has not yet been vanquished. Inquiring minds such as mine must ask: can you win one without…FISHER!?

  53. Finally we’re back!!!

    Time to celebrate, even here in Argentina.

    I wasn’t able to comment regularly but I’m always reading this amazing blog, where I can find great posts and where I learn a lot about the way you feel the bball (thank you Kurt, and thanks to “your fellas” like Darius, Reed, Kwame a, etc).

    Tomorrow is holiday here, so no need to get up a 6.40 AM. Time to celebrate!!!

    ¿Ariza and Odom are going to stay? (just kidding)

  54. Kurt,
    Thanks for a great blog. Since moving to NY, lurking here has been a great way for me to keep up with the Lakers among other fans. Thans to all the great commenters as well. Most of all thanks for the Lakers, every guy from PJ to Kobe all the way to Powell. You guys had a great season and earned your rings.

    Oh and for the haters that say that we lucked into Ariza, read the headline below and notice who gets top billing.


  55. best place for the pressers? i don’t like abc, they cut them off.

  56. It doesn’t feel real.

    Thanks FB&G for showing you can be passionate without idiocy, analytical without disrespect, and great fans while acting like adults.

    It has been my pleasure to watch these last few years with you all, my virtual sports bar.

    Wooooo hooooooo!!

  57. #21

    I’m w/ you…this time, I want it at the Greenies’ expense!

  58. anybody who doubts Phil as the best ever needs to watch that clip of Fish lobbying for him. great argument

  59. @chris h

    I’m watching it on ESPNEWS. Phil just left the podium, Kobe is on his way in.

  60. Kurt,

    It was a great ride. Soon we will be joining most of the other NBA team blogs who have already been speculating about wild trades and uncertain draft picks–but I’d like to say that it sure is better to win an NBA final than to be humiliated and lose.

    One you’ve become a champion, you don’t want to give it up.

    I’m expecting that the Lakers will find a way to keep this team together. It won’t be easy.

  61. This championship feels so special to me because I only started being a fan in 99-00, so yeah, it definitely felt like everything came too easy back then (but I’m sure it was a long wait for long time fans). But with this team, it’s been such a joy watching the guys grow up together, watching all the pieces come together. The journey has been wonderful, and honestly I would’ve appreciated this season championship or no championship.

  62. I want to thank Kurt and all of the super great posters here that made this a great journey on the way to the 2009 NBA Championship. This blog made the journey the best it could be with all of the analysis and talk throughout the year. Next the parade on Fig and basking in the joy and happiness of the moment.

    So Kurt, what about a Special Edition of the FB&G T-shirt?

  63. also, that Shaq trade talk on the bottom line has me daydreaming of Kobe taking down Lebron AND Shaq in the finals next year. that would cement his legacy as a top 5 player ever.

  64. @Emma,
    Oh, be honest… you know you appreciate it more this way! 😉

  65. Thank you Kurt and everyone for making this the ONLY place for the real Laker community.

    I love it here!

  66. Mimsy – not denying that at all 🙂

  67. Parade is on. Lakers and City of Los Angeles will split the cost

  68. For all the pain we’ve endured this year, all travails this year has brought, and the endless stream of heartache, this is our moment of vindication. And we all have the right to damn well enjoy it. Congratulations everyone. Thank you to Kurt for hosting this wonderful blog and thank you to the host of informed and conscientious posters who have made watching this team an incredible experience.

    This is only the beginning of another journey though: #16. Stick around, let’s trade our chops concerning the draft and free agency, and enjoy another wild ride.

  69. @glove,
    That is a truly gracious winner… paying for the victory party. Have a drink for those of us who can’t make it to the parade! 😀

  70. Congrats guys! You earned this one. I am really happy for the classy Laker fans on this site. See you next year.

    Great Wall

  71. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! lakers 2009 champs…….get ready for another 5 years of dominance yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! kobe kobe kobe!!!!

  72. Woooooooo!! It’s been a helluva year. I was just thinking about Game 3 in Houston while the minutes were ticking down. I’ve never been so satisfied with an LA championship as this one (even while currently living in Magicland-Orlando). I love this group, and I hope Kupchak keeps them together.

  73. And I think its safe to say, Phil Jackson, certainly one of the best coaches ever.

  74. Kobe Bryant, you are a beautiful, beautiful man.

    This win is so sweet that I’m speechless right now. Everyone’s already said it. We were with this team through Smush and Kwame, through thick and thin, through giving up a 3-1 year and getting slammed in Game 6.

    The most amazing thing about this was watching our team evolve as these playoffs went on. This didn’t seem like a championship team early on because of the inconsistency, and then the lack of support in certain games. But like nearly all championship teams, they grew as the postseason went on.

    Tonight, we saw that killer instinct, that professionalism, that cold execution we’ve been starving for all season long. It was just beautiful to watch. In 2000, we grew through playoff collapses, nearly giving up a 3-1 lead, being blown out of Game 5 of the Finals. It sharpened us for our next 2 runs. I don’t think we just saw a good game tonight, I think we saw definitive growth, a clear cut step forward, a team that can keep going from here for seasons to come.

    Pau just gave the trophy the girliest hug I’ve ever seen. It’s your moment, Pau, do what you want.

  75. i don’t post often, but obviously i read daily for the past couple of years… this is… this, just, WOW. this feels good.

    thank you kurt
    thank you l.a.
    thank you dr. buss
    thank you LAKERS!

    party time =)

  76. Listening to Lamar in the interview, he is the consumate team player. This is a man who would start on every team in the league and yet took coming off the bench like a pro. I really hope the Lakers make re-signing him a priority.

  77. Warren Wee Lim June 14, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    O Ye of Little Faith 😉

  78. A ton of credit to Brian Shaw, whose gameplan worked to perfection.

    And of course, a salute to the guru of all things basketball: Tex Winter.

  79. on a side note, considering we won in 5, does that mean that orlando would have lost to denver and houston?

  80. LMAO Shaq’s Twitter feed:

    Congratualtions kobe, u deserve it. You played great . Enjoy it my man enjoy it. And I know what yur sayin rt now “Shaq how my ass taste ”

  81. I think credit is due to ORL. They gave us a gut-wrenching series (or at least 3 games of the series) too. I love watching SVG. I like Lewis & Hedo as players. I think they have an organization with class. Like it’s been posted already, you can’t hate ORL as much as you do w/ the Greenies or CLE.

    Cheers & Congratulations to everyone!

  82. Wat amazes me, is how we did this despite an inconsistent bench and an unhealthy Bynum. As long as we address the point guard position, we are only gonna get better!

  83. Your World Champion Lakers Basketball Forum

    To everybody feeling as jubilant as I, YESSSSSS!!!!

    To Kurt, thank you.

    To Kobe, how’s the pinnacle taste?

    To Fish, you are the man.

    To PJ, that hat should go in a case.

    To LO, I can’t say how happy I am for you.

    To Ariza and Farmar, U***C***L***A, UCLA Fight, Fight, Fight!

    To Bynum, we saw it first when you spun and dunked on the real Superman. Get and stay healthy.

    To Gasol, I wish I knew Catalan for Tough.

    To Sasha, enjoy it anyway.

    To ShanWow, Wow!!!

    To Luke, throw it down big man.

    To the rest of the bench, I love (Jeff) Lamp.

    To everyone on this site, quickly, go check out the NBA store. They have the parade shirt up for sale already (which is what was taking me so long to get on here) and it’s worth it if only for the graphic representation of Farmar’s ears.

    Enjoy this night. Stay safe. I’m going out trolling in Portland with my gear on.

  84. Wow.

    Not only did we win, we stepped on the throat of our opponent and never let up. This team took on the qualities of its leader – cold blooded, intense, and relentless.

    Afterward, as those scowls and hard faces turned into smiles, I looked upon those emotions directly as my own. Moments of triumph, relief, joy and pain all coalescing.

    I also want to thank Kurt and the community here for this wonderful blog. It has truly been an amazing journey. I can’t wait until next season. Thank you all so much.

  85. Indisputable star of the post-game podium: Lamar’s championship Wheaties!

  86. My comment’s stuck in moderation but you guys need to check out Shaq’s Twitter feed. Let’s see if it works this time:

    Congratualtions kobe, u deserve it. You played great . Enjoy it my man enjoy it. And I know what yur sayin rt now “Shaq how my ass taste ”

  87. This one is sweeet. Drama, soul searching, digging deep to find the fortitude of a champion. The PJax Kobe relationship has come so far. The Kobe Fish embrace brought a tear, we’ve through so much with those guys, 13 years of ups and downs…

    “Pau Gasol is soft.”
    “Kobe doesn’t make his teammates better.”

  88. From nytimes:

    During a timeout, Bryant, who has been bothered by a dislocated pinky for two seasons, kicked his feet in obvious pain as he sat on the bench. At halftime, one of the team’s trainers yanked on his hand and Bryant turned down an offer of ice.

    ”I want to feel the pain,” he said.

  89. so sweet, so tasty…but I know in short while I am gonna want another round.

    but for now…CHAMP-Z-ONS!!!!!!

  90. Also R.I.P. (finally!)
    “The Lakers aren’t tough enough.”

  91. If you get the chance, listen to Lamar’s answer to the last question when he was on the press podium with Pau. That’s why I love the guy.

  92. There was something in Howard’s press conference, that made me think he doesn’t like Pau too much….

  93. Chick would’ve loved this.

  94. as an NBA fan, you have to be stoked about next season. the east playoffs will be stellar, with Boston getting KG back, and you know Lebron and Dwight will come back even beter. Lebron needs help, but it looks like he’ll get Shaq, which should really level the playing feel out east. in the west, you have to look forward to watching the Lakers and the Nuggets duke it out again. Plus, the Rockets are going to make it tough for anybody.

    in the end, I think the Lakers will prioritize re-signing Odom, and that will be enough for them to be back in the finals for the next couple of years. Odom has really come into his own as the 3rd banana. I loved the way his game evolved this year. it was a pleasure to watch. and for all those who doubt Bynum: look out. the kid outplayed the best center in the league at times during this series, and that’s on one knee. I don’t see him as an all star next year, but he’s going to earn his paycheck.

  95. Where can I watch these press conferences? I am watching ABC and they only showed Phil and Kobe.

  96. 92

    They’re showing one on NBATV right now.

  97. this website has made the entire experience more enjoyable. cheers to fb&g!

    congrats to the lakers!

  98. Sorry, that should be 94 not 92.

  99. Caleb Johnson June 14, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Magic fan here. Congrats LA fans. You’re team is by far the best in basketball and deserves this. It’s usually pretty easy to grow to hate players throughout a series, but I can’t say that about any of the Lakers. They’re a class team and I respect them all, especially Phil Jackson. 10 titles in 19 years, that’s amazing. Happy for Ariza, too. Always one of my favorites during his short stint in Orlando. Enjoy #15 Lakers. Hopefully in the next few years the Magic can bring home #1.

  100. congratulations lakers! thank you kurt. thank you fellas. i smell the 16th but man let’s soak it in. let’s take it in and let’s keep making the right moves. nice to get clicking at the same time.

    hats off to orlando. the team will grow should they keep the same set of players. go go go!

  101. Travis,

    Both will be resigned. I’ll go into the details later, but I think Kurt wants this to be our party thread, so let’s keep comments focused on our drunken escapades 😉

  102. Does every player get an NBA ring? Sun Yue included? Bateer and Sun would laugh at Yao. What a failure.

  103. @Emma,
    They’s on ESPNEWS too, I’m watching Fisher there right now.

  104. Warren, good to see you, I got the 1st post in for you and look what happened tonight!

  105. Lake show tell em……7 years in the making

  106. And speaking of Fisher, that little speech about how to celebrate… don’t turn this negative, don’t riot and tip cars, and so on, represent the city of LA and the Lakers in a positive way, that was beautiful. Very, very classy, and so completely him. That’s just a man to respect.

  107. tremble, thanks man, that was great! no commercials, just interviews!

  108. Congrats to Phil Jackson on title #10 and surpassing Red Auerbach.

  109. Wooooooooo! Thanks Lakers! This is all I hoped it would be.

  110. AGAIN!!!

  111. Thanks FB&G, thanks Kurt, for giving us a venue to express our Laker FANaticism!!!

    #23) Sun Yue and Adam Morrison contribute in practice, they practice when Kobe, Fish, LO, Farmar, Walton et.al., are on the sidelines with injuries.

    Kobe Bean Bryant, WOW!!! Love this guy!! Hope we keep this group together to win many more championships.

    I now have a weapon to beat those Kobe haters over the head with, a Championship and the MVP trophy! ; )

  112. What can I say, the Lakers werent “tough” enough to sweep the magic haha, but winning it in 5 was sweet 🙂

  113. 103) Mr. Johnson, kudos to you and the Magic! I have always loved Superman, and he has done nothing to dis spell that sentiment. He was classy at the press conference giving credit to Kobe for inspiring him to be a champion. Howard will continue to improve and the Magic will be formidable for years to come. Thank you for a heart felt compliment!

  114. Margaret Gray June 14, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    Margaret in Orlando says “Batman” (Kobe) beat “Superman” in his own house!!!!! HaHaHa

  115. Thanks Kurt and regulars. Congrats to all!

  116. Gratitude for Kobe, Phil, Pau, Lamar, Ariza, Fish, Luke, Joey Buss, Howard’s free throws, Courtney’s layup, Kurt, and, of course, all the fellow nerds that congregate here to argue, vent, share, second guess, dissect, puff, and generally love all things Lakers.

    Let’s soak this in and return in a few days to restart the debate about a million things we won’t affect but nevertheless care too much about.

  117. Kinda eerie if you think how sports, by players getting paid more a year than i’ll make in a lifetime, can move so many people.

    And, I think, Kobe appreciates this moment best and has placed this moment right in the context of the game when he said it’s hard to climb the mountain twice.

    It’s one thing to repeat or threepeat, it’s quite, quite another to watch your championship team get stripped, start from rock bottom and climb all the way back up to the top.

    And let nobody tell you otherwise – this was Kobe’s, and us fans’ journey. I’m not discounting the additions or the production from everyone else, it’s just that the journey from the top to the bottom and to the top again was fully Kobe’s, and that is truly, truly impressive.

  118. I’ve been working in Indianapolis the last 2 weeks and have watched every game from my hotel room. I bought a bottle of champagne yesterday so I could celebrate with the Lakers tonight!

    I’ve read FB&G every day this season and commented now & then and just wanted to share a few things:

    – I am so proud of this team.
    – I am proud of how we never said anything about last season other than: we got beat by a better team, we need to get tougher, nothing less than a championship will do.
    – In 1989 we won back to back championships, the first time anyone had done that in 20 years. This season also marked a 20-year milestone in the NBA: the first time in 2 decades a team has won a title after losing in the finals the year before (Pistons ’89, yuck). Pretty impressive.
    – I am proud that we never lost 3 in a row all season, or 2 in a row in the playoffs.
    – I am amazed at Kobe’s focus and dedication. He never missed a game after playing Olympic basketball all summer, and played hard (and spectacularly) every game.
    – Pau only missed one game all year, and he too was sensational. I remember seeing him looking over at Kobe after winning the silver medal in Beijing and thinking, this guy really doesn’t like to lose, and I felt good about the coming season.
    – I love that D-Fish has cemented his place in the all-time Laker pantheon of championship moments.
    – I’m gratified that Lamar Odom is finally a champion.
    – I am amazed at the cools of Phil Jackson and our coaching staff, it seemed like the team’s demeanor never changed all season. And I am amazed at how Phil & co. make adjustments- they basically solved every playoff opponent within 4 games (with the exception of Houston, who for all intents and purposes became a different team after game 3).
    – I am happy & a little tipsy. I’ll sleep well tonight. Let’s all savor this incredible journey and the reward for the long last seven years of faith.

  119. Congratulations to our beloved Lakers. The trophy is definitely back where it belongs. Kudos to all those who contribute to this wonderful blog and all my fellow Lakers fans!

    See you at the parade!!

  120. Thanks to everyone on this site, and to the players & coaching staff for making this title one of the sweetest. I’ve been following the Lakers since 1982 (which hasn’t always been easy in Australia!), and this one feels just as good as any of the others, perhaps better given the adversity gone through to get here.

    Let’s hope there’s some more on the wayin 2010, 2011, 2012…

  121. Congratulations Lakers

  122. I really don’t know the way the rings are distributed. I think I would be nice if all of the contributors to the title get one, because Radmanovic was more important than Morrison…

    But I think that the NBA gives the ring to the last roster (and that’s way it’s said that Elgin Baylor never won a ring, besides he played the first 9 games of the 1971/72 season)…

  123. I really liked what Jon Barry said (yes, I was surprised too) when they were discussing whether Kobe is as good as MJ:

    “He’s the closest thing to Jordan we will ever see.”

    I think that’s exactly right.

  124. First things first. Thank you Kurt for FB&G. I found the site last season and have read it religiously ever since. It has changed how I watch basketball and shown me that an online forum can be both passionate and civil. Talk radio should be so lucky.

    Second, congratulations Lakers!!! I really needed this one so I would never again have to be told by people (in LA where I live, if you can believe it) that Kobe is too selfish to ever win one without Shaq. Can’t imagine the relief Kobe must be feeling. The playoffs this year were so full of amazing moments for Laker fans but I will never forget Pau in overtime of Game 4 sprinting like a track star after a loose ball, scooping it up without breaking stride and scoring with the fastest one-man fast break by a seven footer in NBA history.

  125. CHAMPS!!! Got to love it. Great series. Great win. I’m so proud to be counted among the Laker Loyal!! No more questions for Kobe, Fisher, Lamar or Gasol. They had it when it counts the most. Trevor was amazing tonight. Feels-so-good!

  126. Champagne down: Thank you Lakers, thank you everyone here at FB&G, Thank you Phil, and thank you Mitch for being either a hell of a lot smarter (or luckier) than I am.

    Almost certainly smarter.

    Champagne back up! CHAMPS!!!!

  127. Hey.
    Record: LA still undefeated when I attend their games.

    It has been an amazing season for the Lakers but especially for Bryant.

    The season of 08-09 Resume:
    Olympic medal. Check
    All-Star MVP. Check
    MVP . Not check.
    First-team NBA. Check.
    All-defensive NBA. Check.
    Championship. Check.
    Finals MVP. Check.

    It’s been a great season for Kobe and I’m proud to say this: Congratulations Laker fans.

  128. How sweet it is! Thanks to Kurt and this great community, all the loyal fans and, of course, the Lakers players and organization who makes this wonderful feeling possible.

  129. Almost midnight central here in south Texas and I can still smell the champagne that my young son poured on my hair as we celebrated. To all – enjoy these truly rare and special days when life allows us to see all the beauty there really is out there. And to Kurt and the many faithful Laker fans everywhere – soak it up. Strut proudly. We are champions again. And FB&G is the best.

  130. To the guy who called in to 710 AM and said he was “disappointed” in this Laker team, just enjoy the Championship and lighten up. I’m not sure what your expectations were, but we won in 5 games with 1 blowout and another that wasn’t close. All the experts thought this series was going to 6 or 7 games.

  131. Congratulations to the Lakers, the players, staff, organization, and team! It has been a fantastic year, a harrowing playoff, and a thrilling finals.

    Thank you to everyone here as well. I post infrequently but FB&G has been my first destination for insight about the Lakers and a stellar community.

    It’s a great time to be a fan, I’m glad to have shared it with everyone here and I’m looking forward to many more enjoyable seasons.

  132. Oh dear:


    Always someone trying to ruin the moment! *shakes fist*

  133. Kurt & so many others: Thank you for making this Laker year very special. And winning a championship helps, too. =)
    I am very sorry that I found this forum so late in my Laker obsession. I stumbled upon FB&G for the first time several months ago & have not looked away since! I have loved reading all your thoughts, comments, rants, irrationalities, deep insights, emotions, and passion! Thanks for making this journey so enjoyable and keeping me from writing things I might regret to people who wouldn’t get it or care anyway.

    I am so proud of this team and look forward to contimnued success in the future. So many NBA teams will never even get near the NBA finals once. What the Lakers have accomplished as a franchise is inconceivable. Let’s enjoy!!!

  134. Wow. Words cannot describe it. Thank you Kurt, and everyone here at FB&G. This site has been my comfort, my constant. This is just amazing. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Thank u everyone

  135. I raise my cup for Bean – the guy they love to tear down but can never hold down. For Pau – the guy who continued to prove all his doubters wrong by battling all season. For Fish – the guy that showed one last time that character and heart can mean more than quickness and athleticism. For (my guy) LO – after all these years of heartbreak and tragedy you are a champion. For Phil – 10 rings doesn’t encapsulate how much of an impact you have on a team; the trust, the motivation, the philosophy, and all that success. For Andrew, for Luke, for Trevor, for Farmar, for WOW, for DJ, for Sasha – you guys worked so damn hard and played support roles and helped build this team.

    And I raise a glass for all of you, the FB&G community. Kurt and Reed and Kwame A. and Gatinho and Bill Bridges and nomuskles and Dex and snoopy and zephid and Warren and wondahbap and mimsy and clutch and so many others that make following the Lakers a never ending conversation that inspires me to think more and more about the team and game I love. Without this community I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun following our team.

    Congrats to all – The 2009 Los Angeles Lakers: NBA Champions!!!

  136. Darius – very eloquently put. To our Lakers and Laker fans everywhere – WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!! No team is better than ours!!

  137. I’d just like to point out that Kobe Bryant now has more titles than Larry Bird did.

    I cannot tell you how much satisfaction this gives me.

  138. This one’s for CHICK! We know you’re watching up there, smiling, calling the game (as only you can) to an audience that truly deserves it. We hadn’t won one since you left us. But I’m sure everyone here can agree, this one is for you.

  139. My favorite quote of post game was Lamar joking sitting next to Pau, “He got traded for Kwame, I got traded for shaq”

  140. btw someone PLEASE answer this:

    Didn’t the Lakers do exit interviews last year after they lost in the Finals?

    Why aren’t the magic players doing the same as long as each of the laker players?

  141. This definitely was the best Laker Championship that I have witnessed.
    1. Because of all the road.
    05, rock bottom, not even in the playoffs.
    06 and 07, first round exits.
    08, starting to believe it was possible but being humiliated by our rivals.
    2. Because of Pau (my second favorite player even before he came to the Lakers).
    3. Because of The Little Pro, the definition of Warrior.
    4. Because of LO, the glue that keep US together.
    5. Because of this Wonderfull Blog, Kurt and: Darius, Kwame a., Reed for teaching me more about the game; Mimsy for feelling almost like a friend, with the way you talk about your experiences rooting for our team; all the other regulars for sharing your frustrations, joys, concerns, hope, et al. I feel a lot more like a Laker fan here in Brazil since I found this place.
    5. Because its PJax 10th!
    6. Because of Kobe. The first real superstar since I’ve been old enough to follow the game, for being the best player I’ve ever seen play, for having the heart, the passion, the will.

    Thank You Forum Blue and Gold for making me feel like I’m part of the this Championship.

    Thank You LA Lakers. 2009 NBA Champions.

  142. Local deli across the street
    closed at 7 pm, so instead
    of some Most Valuable Ice Cream
    I had to celebrate with Cheetos
    and applesauce.

    I’m looking across the room
    at the issue of HOOP I bought
    two years ago with the headline
    “Kobe Bryant – The EVOLUTION”
    and a Chick Hearn button
    and a mini bobble of D Fish
    with the LO’B trophy
    and just beaming.

    You have all said all
    that I would have done.
    I could not improve upon any of it,
    but must echo the gratitude
    of many who appreciate
    and contribute to this blogsite.
    I too have long sought it out
    throughout the highs and lows
    and I am proud to have
    seen it grow over the seasons.

    Thanks be to Special K.

    Now time to get back to all
    the chores left off
    and the interrupted exercise
    to work off the Cheetos.

    Think I might buy me
    a box of Wheaties
    ( as part of a balanced breakfast )

    Good night, Laker fans.
    Let’s do it again next year.

    – 5 –

  143. It was beautiful to see Kobe finally smile and celebrate what he’s worked so hard to achieve. I think I speak for a lot of Laker fans when I say we wanted it for HIM just as badly as we wanted it for the Lakers.

  144. “ESPN Stats and Information charted Gasol single-covering Howard on 38 possessions — and Howard did not score from the field on any of them.”


    ahhhhhhh We really need to resign him and Trevor…those 2 are integral and they have a great chemistry with the team.

  146. Darius, thank you so much for all you’ve brought to this site and all the insight you’ve shared with us.

    Coop, I knew it was going to be a weird night when the people at nbcla.com said they had staff on “riot watch.”

  147. absolutely second zephid’s comment. i’ve watched every minute of (sometimes frustrating, often amazing) laker ball this season, and all i can say is… awesome trip.

  148. I think the LAPD did a fine job of quelling this “riot”, especially in light of the news media wanting to hype it up for their ratings. it was a little crazy, but as I said, the LAPD did a great job of breaking it up and not provoking it, or ignoring it, either of which would have developed into a bigger problem.

    ahhh, what a night… and it’s great, and the only way I would have wanted it to end, but now, (sigh) no more basketball, no more Lakers, (sigh)…

    I guess the Dodgers are tearing it up, so after a while, if they do keep it up, (and without Manny so far), then maybe around August I can start getting into sports again.
    this is always the hardest – the end of the Lakers season, but at least we went our with A CHAMPIONSHIP!

  149. Congratulations LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

    It truly has been an incredible ride and what what better way to express our joy than with the people who we’ve shared the ride with: to all the members of FB&G. Thank you for being a part of my daily routine.

    To the Lakers. Cheers to them, cheers to all of us!!

    Now all that’s missing is some elegant poetry from Dex. 🙂

  150. there’s only one way to celebrate…

    Kurt, Darius, J.D., Reed, Mimsters, thankyou….

    Ya Boy feat. Dr. hollywood —- We run L.A., downlad it….learn it, love it, live it….

    This has just been one of those years where everything falls in place….

  151. considering how effecitve kobe’s finals 24/7 “game face” was, i’ve decided not to smile until we get as many championship banners as boston.

  152. barry,

    i made that pact 3 weeks ago. Its never enough…..

  153. @140 on point seven,

    Wow. Never knew that about Powell and Ewing. Congrats to him to making it this far and becoming a champion with the LA LAKERS!

  154. so much pride, so proud of this basketball team. They have the tone of a team ready to repeat. Kobe wants more rings, as we do too!!! So brilliant

  155. Yay us!

    Thank you everyone for your Lakers passion through the seasons, thank you Kurt for channeling that into this beautiful blog, thank you Lakers for THIS!

    So excited for offseason and summer league talk here, but let’s get some parade route info first! LIVE PARADE CHAT, maybe?


  156. hey, how long until summer pro league?


    LAKERS!!!!! Thank you for an incredible year, my favorite ever as a fan…

  157. Some thoughts about Kobe, from an unabashed Kobe fan, on this happy night:


  158. Does anyone know where there’s archives of the press conferences? I missed all of them and I really want to watch everything. I hope some place has the full recording!

  159. For the Celtic trolls out there, I have an interesting statistical comparison for you:

    Since 1980 (i.e. for the past 30 years), the Celtics have gone to 6 finals and won 4 titles. However, we should note that in the last 10 years, the Celtics have had only 1 trip to the finals (albeit they won it).

    Since 2000, Kobe has gone to 6 finals and won 4 titles.

    Kobe did in 10 years what it takes the Celtics 30 to do. Now I know why guys like Bill Simmons can’t stand the guy.

  160. PeanutButterSpread June 15, 2009 at 12:50 am


    Savoring this win.

    So proud of this Lakers team.

    Congrats to the Orlando Magic as well, for a great year.

  161. Did you notice that Howard and Co, all the Magic, were sticking around to congrat the Lakers after the win? That is class, and basic sportsmanship…

    I hope LeBron is watching…

  162. Great season, FB&G!

  163. We are the champions!!! Thank you Lakers, thank you everyone on this forum and Kurt for making this return to glory for the Lakers so enjoyable as a fan.

    World Champion Lakers!!! Just amazing!

  164. So much has been said so beautifully already. I’ll just say this- my first real experiences with the Lakers were when Magic Johnson returned from his retirement. In those days the Lakers suited up Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel and Vlade Divac. They weren’t contenders really, but I loved them- I loved seeing the highlights of Showtime that could be seen sporadically throughout the games. I loved Chick, I loved Jerry West, loved Magic.

    I remember being elated out of my mind when Shaq left the Magic for the Lakers. Little did I know the best was yet to come. Over those next years I witnessed some real bummers (tough losses to the Utah Jazz in particular) and took a lot of heat from my schoolmates (most of whom were Chicago Bulls fans) and then the Lakers signed this skinny little 17 year old- only 5 years older than me. And I witnessed greatness in him almost immediately and I felt like I was getting a chance to make up for having rooted against Jordan and not really, truly appreciated and enjoyed him until it was too late. When Kobe and Shaq and Phil became the trio that won a trio, that was like things coming full-circle.

    Things were great and things seemed even greater when the Lakers signed Malone and The Glove- I felt SURE that title #4 was coming. Watching Fisher put up “the shot” against the Spurs after my heart had just been broken by Duncan’s fadeaway…what a moment. I had that “Team of Destiny” sense again. We all know what happened after, as the Lakers fell apart and Kobe unfairly took the brunt of the blame for Shaq and Phil’s departures…but it was all worth it to see Kobe go on his tear and just destroy defender after defender, putting up ridiculous stats, leading a team that started Kwame Brown and Smush Parker and actually making them seem almost respectable. Through it all, I would argue with anybody about Kobe’s greatness.

    But I always tied the fortunes of the Lakers to my own fortunes and despite the joy of getting to see one of the most brilliant players of all my time (and my personal favorite player of all time) as the Lakers’ seasons kept going down the tubes, my life went down the tubes in various ways along with it.

    All that and then last year…after a failed engagement, a serious bout with alcoholism and depression and subsequently losing my job and the complete upheaval of my life, I lost myself in the 07-08 Lakers, getting my hopes up and being totally deflated by the Boston beatdown…a sad capstone to what had been a two year stretch of nearly total personal failure. But I believed the Lakers would come back, just as I knew that I would come back. I never believed that nonsense about Kobe not being a champion, not having what it took to deliver a title “without Shaq”. And I knew that if Kobe could turn his life around after his own public humiliations (and if Lamar Odom could find the strength to get past his painful personal losses), I could do the same.

    And here we are, full-circle again, only this time, I’m an adult now. One who has gone through his share of personal setbacks and disappointments on the real life stage only to finally be living my life-long dream of being a professional musician and that makes this victory and seeing the expression of total joy on Kobe and Fisher’s faces that much sweeter.

    I didn’t cry when the Lakers lost to the Celtics, but I cried tonight when Fisher and Kobe hugged after the buzzer sounded.

    How sweet it is…

  165. kudos to you, Josh!

  166. I just want to say:

    Thanks Pau for bringing another title to L.A. and for making history in spanish sports.

    You are AWESOME!!!!!


    LAKERS CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Kurt – haven’t been able to post frequently this year but thanks for making this blog the site that I visit if I really want to think about the outlook and results of the Lakers in depth. I’ve appreciated reading the comments of many of the regulars (and some, like me, who don’t comment, or perhaps can’t, post, as often as we’d like) here, over the year. It never gets old winning a championship….not like I won….but I do feel good……..and what’s the over/under on whether Sasha will have cut his hair within two weeks?

  168. We must recognize the quality and graciousness of a still underappreciated and underrated Orlando team. It would have been hard to hate them–even if they had won. They couldn’t be more different from the Leprechauns from Beantown–who hate us both!

    The Celtics are back in their hole, already starting a possible death spiral that will be hard to reverse, green with envy at both the Eastern and Western Conference champs–in danile about the NBA champion Lakers–and danile is not an African River that flows through Egypt!

    They remain unwilling to give Phil Jackson any credit, malign Kobe, ridicule Laker toughness, and throw out a lot of wudda, cudda, and shudda. Their misery this year almost makes up for all of the extra pain and nastiness they dished out after their NBA championship last year.

  169. IT’s the next day and I’m still on cloud 9, LAKERS BABY! oh how sweet it is, now I’m off to my coworkers desk to drench it newspaper clippings (he’s a celtics fan). Thank for the site Kurt, this page kept me sane for the season!

  170. Thank heavens this playoff series is over. ESPN was beating it to death with its coverage. Every other bottom line on their channel had some stat etc. about the series. This series had more hype than the Super Bowl or World Series. Kobe Bryant is good but he is NOT Kobe Beef.

  171. Thanks FB&G for a FANTASTIC year of making sure that we’re the most educated fans in the NBA.

    Is anyone hoping that Adam Morrison tries to dance at the parade? We need to crown a new Mark Madsen!

  172. Excited and proud I am.

    Lost all respect for Simers today after worst article ever. Unbelievable.

  173. How about Sun Yue dancing?

  174. hey Drrayeye, good to hear from you man, I still remember when you were going on about how Pau Gasol could be had with Kwame’s expiring contract, and we all just kind of said…”hmm yeah…” (like none of us actually believed) but, you believed! and what a difference it’s been since that trade eh?
    I will always remember what Phil said to Mitch when Mitch told him he could get Pau for Kwame, and wanted his blessing, Phil said, “No… you can’t” (make that trade) cause PJ also felt it WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE…hahaha! we’ve been smiling ever since, never lost more than 2 games in a row since then, been to the finals 2 times, and are already the favs for next year.
    let’s hope this CHAMPIONSHIP has the effect of making Dr Buss want to keep this team together, and the players who can, will also work with the management to also find a way to KEEP THIS TEAM TOGETHER!
    I bet we reach the finals at least 3 to 5 times and win at least 3 of them, and Kobe will surpass MJ as the best all time…
    a guy can dream, right? but, is it really a dream? not that far fetched I suspect.
    cheers Laker fans, enjoy this day!

  175. Don’t have my thoughts together yet as I’m still really just enjoying XV. Great game last night, with the full power of the Lakers on display. Enjoy it, fellow Laker fans!

  176. Lakers are the only team I root for that ever wins anything. Yippee! I get to bask in this, and also know I am not a jinx.

    Congratulations Lakers and Lakers fans everywhere. Thanks Kurt for the great site. Thanks guys for the great comments here.

    Anyone else think Magic (Earvin) was strange at halftime? He needed to bust out the smile and talk about the Lakers and their terrific 2nd quarter, but they had him commenting about Orlando.

  177. oh yeah, this one’s for you KURT!
    I can’t remember the year, but it was the summer we couldn’t get Marquis Daniels cause he wanted 5 years, so we wound up getting Arron McKie, (who didn’t help much, except for helping in the Pau/kwame trade!)
    anyway, that was my first time visiting FB&G, I was starved for any Lakers news, LA Times maybe a tiny article, but this place was a treasure in my mind.
    I also recall when we get into our first “triple digits” thread, how exciting!
    now, it’s not unusual to see 500, to 700! wow, you’ve come a long way Kurt! goodonya!
    I usually always come here first for my Laker family and news, and only recently wound up on the espn for some reason and when I saw the link to FB&G, I felt a twinge of family pride.
    what a long great ride it’s been.
    and it ain’t over yet.

  178. Morning after, and I’m still glowing and giddy and bouncing with joy. 🙂

    My husband and I have this week off of work, so will go out for a nice big breakfast and celebrate the trophy. (Thank you Lakers for getting the vacation off to a great start!) I plan to lift my coffee mug in a toast for Kobe, and one for Pau, and one the rest of the team of heroes and champions. I will enjoy this for a very long time… 🙂

  179. Man, I wish posters would be classy like FB&G. People on this site debate and support each other without the usual bashing you catch on ESPN or other blogs.

    Without the pressure weighing down on Kobe’s back, I think he’ll start playing for the love of the sport. There won’t be crushing expectations of him trying to dispel past demons. With a lighter outlook, he might be even more awesome next season. If the team stays in tact…the possibility for this current Lakers team is awesome.

    It was fantastic seeing Kobe, DFish, PJ, LO, Pau, Ariza, etc. swarming in as a collective group. I really hope this team stays together. Throughout this grueling playoff run, they’ve really grown as a team to come and rely on one another to become a cohesive unit. It really would be a shame to break them up when the chemistry is flowing.

    Thank you Kurt for the awesome site where Lakers fans and opposition fans can come together and discuss the game with joy!

  180. They should dedicate this title to Sasha. Surely commissioned by Kobe to play as poorly as possible to generate absurd +/- stats for the Mamba, the Machine came through in resounding fashion, going 0 for the finals. Either that or Machine realized he was expendable and decided to make himself as untradeable as possible. Either way, be sure that Machine’s struggles were intentional.

  181. question for ya’ll-
    is there another “Summer League” for the Olympics, etc?
    I was reading on the Boston Globe, (just to see how they covered this story) and saw this-
    ORLANDO, Fla. – Magic forward Rashard Lewis doesn’t care that the event will make his short offseason even shorter or that he might be the oldest guy there. If USA Basketball is interested, he will be in Las Vegas this summer trying to prove he’s worthy of being on the national team. (Globe Staff, 6/14/09)

    so my question is… is this something Kobe plans to attend? I hope NOT, I’d like to see him take a summer off, save it now for the repeat.

  182. 189 Chris H, I don’t think there is a major Team USA commitment this summer. There is in 2010, but not this summer. There are always smaller events, usually a team filled out with college kids, but nothing that will require Kobe. The way that article is phrased, it sounds like he could be talking about playing summer league ball. Not sure how that impresses Team USA, but that is the only Vegas thing I can think of.

  183. I’m really glad the ESPN crew came out and said what Lakers fans have been saying ever since the finals started. Kobe is the best player in the world, and these finals exibited that. Lebron, Dwight, Carmelo, none of these guys were able to raise their teammates to the next level like Kobe did, and Kobe has a ring to prove it.

  184. Anyone know when the Lakers victory parade will be? My wife and I will be flying out of Jersey to LA Thursday…

    I’d be willing to personally chip in a few bucks to the Lakers in order to keep Ariza and Odom…wouldn’t we all???

  185. Congratulations to Kurt for winning the Blogger Smackdown. (I haven’t seen the final talley posted but I’m assuming you brought home the victory)

  186. “Ah, so this is the sweet taste of victory.”

    Every fan of any team not called the Celtics wants you to shut up right now. Unless you’re 7 years old, you’ve tasted this victory three times more in the past ten years.

    Congrats and well done by the Lakers. Tons of respects to Kobe and Phil et al. But PLEASE don’t act like you’re long-suffering.

  187. Kudos to the lakers, to the 2009 NBA champs…I am a fan since the three-peat days, i see how kobe mature from being called the second fiddle by media during the 3 peat…. to become a grown mature leader of this purple and gold franchise…
    Kobe deserved this one more than others, and thanks for the magnificent supporting casts, Pau, lamar, fish, trevor, andrew, among others…

    to all laker fanatics worldwide…this is for us 2 celebrate…

    lets go for the repeat!!!!

  188. jinkwell

    I second that sentiment. keep in mind that this team really hasn’t discovered what it can do with Bynum contributing as well. there’s so much more potential to be tapped in this team. JA Adande joked that this banner should be kept seperate from the showtime and 3-peat banners, but the truth is this team has the talent potential to be right there.

    I’d still love to see some of that
    1. SB/Fish 2.Kobe 3.LO 4.Pau 5.Bynum action that has been talked about. If SB becomes a 40-45% spot up shooter, that would help spread the floor and mitigate Phils concerns with that group.

  189. “Championships don’t do this. Championship teams don’t do that. This is not a championship team.”

    Well, they did do those things, and they did lose once in a while, but make no mistake, this IS a championship team.

  190. Let us thanks:

    Kobe…for his 4th title… IMHO, one of the top five or ten players of all time.
    Phi…for his 10th rings…IMHO, the best coach in basketball( with due respect to the late Red Aurbach)
    Fish …for his 4th..thanks to that big shot
    LAmar… for his first in 10 years…thanks to the trade from miami (Big Cactus)
    PAu… wins his 1st ring….thanks to KWAME BROWN
    Trevor wins his 1st…. at the expense of his FORMER team 😉
    Andrew wins his 1st…
    Bench Mobs..( Luke,JOrdan,ShanWOW,Josh,DJ)
    Lakers wins its 15th championship trophy…after that humbling defeat from the Celtics of last year…

    to the refs….for the officiating, even though fans see it the different way…

    the media..for always saying that Kobe cant win without Shaq…now that KObe prove them wrong…

    Thanks to the laker fans who ALWAYS BELIEVE…lets go for the repeat….

  191. And also thanks the orlando magic for giving the lakers on good series….kudos to the magic and their fans…

  192. The Dude Abides June 15, 2009 at 9:42 am

    196. Travis, I’d like to see the Lakers experiment with this lineup (which has been mentioned more than once on this site) to close a few games next season:


    Put Drew on whichever C/PF that hangs around the hoop, and switch on all screens. To me, that’s a devastating defensive lineup, and with the way Lamar and Trevor have been shooting threes, there’s enough spacing on offense. And how about that lineup on both the offensive and defensive boards?

  193. The Dude Abides June 15, 2009 at 9:43 am

    PS…that game last night really tied the season together

  194. Guys – Check this out – Some kid wrote a Lakers championship book!!!!


    oh my God – That was fast.

  195. Still taking this win in. Somehow this one seems better than the last 3. Maybe its because I have watched this team go through so much. I started watching basketball in 1999 so in 2000 when the Lakers won they were already a built team and just made it over the top that year.

    But this team I watched get built from scratch. After the 2004 loss, the championship team was dismantled and only Kobe remained. In 2005 the Lakers didn’t even make the playoffs. Then they drafted a 17 year old Center with almost no basketball experience and traded Butler for Kwame Brown. I watched as the Lakers were stuck in mediocrity for two years, losing in the first round to the suns.

    Then there was all the drama and fear that Kobe was going to leave and the team would go from a mediocre team to a bad team. How would the Lakers ever get back to the top if they traded one of the greatest players to ever pick up a basketball? It was a summer of not knowing what to expect, but expecting the bad news any day. A summer of hoping somehow that Mitch would pull off the impossible and get Garnett. But then Garnett was traded to Boston, and I didn’t know what to expect for the upcoming year.
    Then I watched the Lakers Fisher back and Kobe came to camp determined to play even if he didn’t really want to be there. I watched as the team grew and Bynum started to blossom and come into his own. Then Bynum got injured and all those hopes went out the window.

    Then I remember looking at ESPN and seeing the impossible accomplished by Mitch. Kwame Brown was traded for Pau Gasol. I was speechless it was the heist of the century (on later reflection it was not that bad of a trade for Memphis they got what they wanted). The Lakers went from a middle of the pack play off team with a healthy Bynum to a contender with or without Bynum. I Watched as the Lakers dominated the Western conference play offs and was expecting and hoping for the best as the greatest rivalry in basketball was renewed when they met the Celtics in the final, only to be disappointed as the Lakers blew a 24 pt lead in game 4 then loss in an embarrassing game 6.

    This year the expectations were so high. The Lakers had learned their lessons from the finals. They were going to come into the season with a focus on defense and rebounding. Bynum was healthy and they were going to have a full year to integrate Gasol into the team. And for the most part they delivered. They won all the big games they needed to win, Ariza was healthy and really contributing, Odom was good off the bench, and Bynum was getting his rhythm back and blossoming again.

    Then Bynum got injured again, but the Lakers stepped up and Odom and Gasol played great in his absence. But there were still lingering doubts. The bench was struggling, Farmar seeming could not guard anyone and was taking bad shots and Vujacic couldn’t hit water throwing a rock into a pond. Fisher was getting old seemed warn out.

    The Lakers had the same struggles through the playoffs, plus Bynum was still struggling to find his rhythm and could not stay out of foul trouble long enough to stay on the court. Vujacic still struggled and Fisher still looked warn out, but Farmar played well in stretches and ShanWow was a pleasant surprise at times. But the Lakers were maddeningly inconsistent against the Rockets, brilliant one game then lackadaisical the next. Though Fisher still struggled and seemingly could not hit any shots, they played brilliantly in the last two games against a really good Denver team.

    Then in the finals they put everything together. There were two overtime victories where they just executed better and found ways to win. Fisher found his shot and hit two huge 3’s in OT. Then they finished the series off with maybe there best overall game of the playoffs, where everyone contributed. Gasol was brilliant, Bynum played well, Odom was great, Kobe was Kobe, Fisher, Farmar, Walton, and Ariza all contributed and played well.

    What a journey. Seeing the exuberant joy of all the players as they celebrated the spoils of all their dedication and hard work as they finished at the top, was just special.

  196. rye – manila June 15, 2009 at 9:53 am

    201…your right…

    what a fitting end to the orlanda-lakers series
    reg season LA-ORL(1-3)
    finals LA-ORL(3-1)
    grand total : LA-ORL (4-4)*

    * the difference, lakers took home the hardware this time..

  197. rye – manila June 15, 2009 at 9:59 am

    i Hope that Lamar and Trevor will be back next season and will go for the repeat..
    Lamar is the insurance at the 4 spot…lamar with his superior dribbling, length,speed,defense and rebounding is very hard to find and or substitute…

    i can see lamar within the 6.5-8 million range…

  198. Waking up and reading all the coverage of the win with my morning coffee, very satisfying.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that we’ve barely heard a peep from Mitch Kupchak. That’s just Mitch’s style, to stay quietly in the background, but I wanted to make sure I gave him his props today. No one has earned this title more than him – here’s a guy who was being roasted alive two years ago, had season ticket holders telling him to his face that he needed to resign at a town hall meeting, and even when he was shepherding championship teams earlier this decade, was seen as nothing but Jerry West’s puppet.

    For all the great moves Mitch has made (getting Lamar for Shaq, stealing Pau, nabbing Ariza for Cook and Evans, etc.), none was more important or gutsy than the one that seems the most obvious today: He did not trade Kobe Bryant. Many a lesser GM would have panicked and blown the team up, but Mitch recognized that you can’t win a title without a superstar, and he had the best in the league on his roster. Seems simple now, but it sure wasn’t then.

    The only other Laker title that compares to this one for me is 1985. Those were the Showtime Lakers, with 4 Hall of Famers on the roster (should be 5, Jamaal), but they also had a gritty, hobbled Mitch Kupchak on the squad, playing backup center and power forward against Parish & McHale on a reconstructed knee and scrapping his ass off. Let’s not ever forget what this guy has meant to our franchise.

  199. congrats lakers!!!!!!

  200. Good for you Josh #171;
    Those Lake teams w/ Vlade, Eldon, Eddie, et al were some of my favorites for their over achieving. They remind me a lot of this years CHAMPIONS. The Showtime teams had a super star at almost every position, as did our Threepeat teams. Even the Chamberlain/West teams match up better on paper than this years. Maybe history will show our ’09 team is chockablock w/ future superstars, too…time will tell.

    But this year we did it w/ the Mamba “mind melding” our young players and/or unfocused players into a disciplined, take no prisoners machine. (Well, OK, except for Sasha…) Pau came in pugnacious w/ crazy skills, but Mamba morphed his backbone into titanium…

    If the future shows this is a team of superstars, it will be because of Kobe’s showing them what the soul of a champion is made of.

    The Laker tradition continues.

  201. new post up, with video highlights of the win. Just set it on a loop.

  202. Ryan & Josh, I liked your comments, good stuff.

  203. from the season when i started watching basketball (kobes rookie season) to this point, i have never been so proud about him and our lakers. cant say how happy it makes me to share this feeling with you guys. thank you kurt for this amazing website!

    just one more word…


  204. #196 (Travis) + #203 (Ryan)

    Have to agree with your sentiments. There are great expectations placed on Bynum. People are waiting for him to break out, despite the fact that he is still recovering from injuries. He’s getting mentored by Kareem! Give him time and space and he’ll slowly flourish. With the Lakers organization behind him, his growth can only have an upward trajectory.

    Moreover, most Lakers fans understand that this championship was more than just an end to a “seven-year drought.” It was a pleasure for us to see the maturation of Kobe truly stepping into the leadership role. Sure, he could be frustrating at times and there were moments when we feared that this would be the end of Kobe’s run with LA. But he came back like a prodigal son and delivered! With this combination of young players and seasoned veterans, LA has much to look forward to.

    It’s a wonderful time to be a Lakers fan.

  205. 200- that’s the dream lineup I use in NBA 2k6 (adjusted for current NBA rosters on all teams)…I just finished sweeping the Celtics- on Hall of Fame difficulty. A week ago I swept the Cavs. Week before that I swept the Heat. Week before that I swept the Magic.

    I’d love to see that as the Lakers’ starting line-up.

  206. This may seem absurd, but I would like to take this time to defend Sasha and say that he has contributed to this championship. Well, let’s start with this year: he did hit some (though not very many) timely shots, such as against Denver. But his true contribution comes from last year: he was part of a Bench Mob that gave Kobe Bryant faith in the Lakers. Without his shooting, the Lakers would have lost Game 3 against the Celtics (even though we lost the series). What I’m trying to say is to try not to hate on the guy so much; he has a work ethic that Kobe admires, and even though he had an off year, I believe he has the skills necessary to be a great shooter in the NBA for years to come.