Lakers/Magic Game 5 Chat

Kurt —  June 14, 2009

There is nothing harder in basketball than closing out a team in a playoff series — teams take their play to another level when it’s season is on the line. The Magic have been a scrappy team and that will play their best ball tonight.

If the Lakers play like a team that has two more games at home, they will be in trouble. But if they are close at the end, that has to be in the heads of the Magic players.

This should be a fun one. More than anything else, be sure to enjoy the ride.



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  1. ahh trev does miss a few dunks for some reason

  2. I really hope that Kobe still has that jacket from the 2002 celebration to wear again!

  3. It s over.We are the champions¡

  4. Just realized we had a strange lineup with no true PG right now.

  5. Mico, I think Dave Berri may have tied me. I forget.

  6. ooh missed dunk…

  7. We’re living history right now guys. Let’s bask in the glory.

  8. It’s not important, but I still want to see Kobe crack 30 pts and 8 assists for the game.

  9. @ 302
    I was thinking about that jacket the other day. I love it. I want one.

  10. Hedo, Rashard and Dwight really rolled over tonight.

    I watched the Media Access show, the Magic’s body language said they were done, although they said all the right things.

  11. Now iso Pau on Howard so he can foul out. Would be a fitting end.

  12. Harold, I was wondering in a previous thread whether a Kobe-Ariza-Odom-Gasol-Bynum line-up couldn’t work. Odom is hitting from 3, you have two (and a half) guys who can bring up the ball; low-post-scoring, mid-range game, the ability to switch picks on the perimeter…

  13. I smell victory. Smells like team spirit.

    why aren’t they showing this game at Staples? such a great treat for the faithfuls.

  14. hahahaha oh no its contagious! MJack getting into Gundy’s head.

  15. “Hand down, man down”

    Who’s got GUNDY?

  16. The move by Kobe where he flew in front of the hoop, Howard forced him to change his shot and he took it all the way from right to left, double clutched and put it in… was amazing.

    Hard to describe it but I think you guys know which move I’m referring to.

  17. Walton on board! Now we just need Sasha to score…

  18. wooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo

    by the way this would be a repeat with a healthy ariza and bynum last year but who cares cuz loser complain about injuries. Whos going to the parade??? I am!

  19. he tried to slit the throat with that three.

  20. By the way no one bother praying to god for world peace tonite he is too busy talking to Howard about his freethrows.

  21. odom, gasol, ariza going for the 2nd best scorer on our team 😉

    Odom leading the pack by 2.

  22. Pau is unquestionably the second best player on the floor this Finals, even counting all of the Magic.

  23. Soak up the moment tonight people. Enjoy. Don’t come with posts about the offseason or your pissed at Sasha or whatever. Love this. Love these guys. There is plenty of time for the rest.

  24. Three Minutes.

  25. Kobe going for game over three’s. Just win Kobe.

  26. They cut it down to 12…! Still fighting, still trying. You’ve got to admire and respect that.

  27. I just want to thank Kurt for another great year here at FB&G and all the great posters, you’ve truly made this season that much better, go Lakers!

  28. Can we call this yet?

  29. you right kurt. I love it. put mbenga.

  30. This Championship is in the refrigerator: the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O’s jigglin’!

  31. Odom with the double double now.

    Kobe, go for one more block 😉

  32. Almost there.

  33. @330


  34. thanks kurt i love this site and all the othe rlaker fans here. this has been a hell of a ride since last years finals. I salute every person who wanted to stick with odom last offseason, he has really impressed me this year.

  35. I love the MVPs from Nike

  36. Machavellian? (terrible spelling).

  37. Pau Gasol has been outstanding this series. Defensive effort on Dwight Howard, his rebounding, passing, all of it has just been fantastic. We could not have won this without him.

  38. June 14, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    The Lakers have been impressive in their close out games, particularly the last two on the road.

  39. Love seeing Nike having to fire off all of their stored up new puppet commercials since there’s not going to be a game 6 or 7!

  40. Congratulations Kurt on running a great blog site. I’m not a Laker fan but I come here because there is intelligent basketball talk and no fanboyism.

    Congratulations Laker fans on another championship. Party Hard

  41. anyone know if we are aloud to meet the flight at LAX i always wanted to do that.

  42. the lakers never panicked this whole offseason, lord knows i did a couple times a sign that Kobe is a great leader, I think as his jumping ability lessons he will become the all around player we have seen these finals, I am so proud of our squad.

  43. This one is done. They’re in the penalty, and Kobe has yet to miss any FTs tonight.

  44. Lakers have been impressive tonight, but this is plain and simply not the Magic’s best game. Not like Houston was playing in game 7 or the Nuggets were playing in game 6. Like we saw in game 1 of the finals, the Magic can play bad, and not have the mental toughness to every time figure out how to compete even when the game doesn’t start off going their way.

  45. Can Phil put Sasha in to make his only shot of the finals in garbage time? I still have faith! 😉

  46. phil remains undefeated in playoff series where he wins game one, whats that like 44-0 that is pretty sick.

  47. This is Beautiful. I just found this site not too long ago. I’m glad i found it. Everyone have a great summer and i look foward to chatting it up with you next year.

  48. I am planning my trip down to Fig for the parade already.

  49. Party time boys!

  50. This is sooooo rewarding. Congratulations, guys.

  51. kobe’s 4th! Kobe’s 4th! Kobe’s 4th!

    Oh man, I’m so looking forward to the attitude changes of the media after Kobe wins his 4th.

  52. Stop! Party Time!!!

  53. If Breen makes one more comment about the resiliency of the Magic I’m gonna lose it.

  54. Are they really going to play the foul-every-possession game for the next 36 seconds when down by 12?

  55. D Fish with the fourth Ring.

  56. Phil Jackson just won his 10th ring. Good job, coach.

    Good job players!

    PARTY TIME! I am so happy and proud of my team! GO LAKERS!

  57. Kobe’s 4th, but JACKSON’S TENTH! Best of all time, no question.


  59. All my comments get stuck in moderation 🙁 I just want to join the celebrations!

  60. Lakers #1

  61. 2008-9 NBA CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. One LOVe.


  63. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    Larry Bird: 3, Kobe Bryant: 4

  64. Somebody relay Kobe’s expressions in the post game. I can’t get that via gamecast 🙁

  65. Os lakers vao sair campeoaaaaaaa

  66. Oh wow…what a season. We are the Champions!!

  67. LOVE IT BRILLIANT, well deserved now lets 3peat lol

  68. Great season all!

    I want to thank Kurt, and Co, and the usual posters for a great site, and a great place to share and enjoy this season, this team, and this great championship!

    Sweet sweet sweet!

  69. Ah, so this is the sweet taste of victory. Winning the NBA championship, cheering our team to the pinnacle of this sport. But, it is not the victory that brings us sweetness. It is the long 82 game regular season, all 23 games played in this postseason, all the rigors of this season. It is the tough December losses, the mental break-downs in January, the beautiful road streak in February, the frustrating losses in March. It is the Christmas game, the back to back @Boston, @Cleveland games. It is the leads given up against Utah, the blowout against the Yao-less Rockets, the home loss against Denver. It is the Game 7 victory against Houston, the Game 6 closeout in Denver, and this closeout here in Orlando. It is Fisher’s struggles and redemption, Lamar’s excellent form, break-down, injury, and now return to form. It is Andrew’s coming out, injury, and coming back as a role player. It is Gasol and Kobe’s consistency and fire. It is Sasha’s shooting woes, Jordan’s struggles, Luke’s benching, Ariza’s development, and Powell’s bad hands. It is the pain of last year’s Finals loss, Boston’s Game 4 comeback, the 39 point blowout in Game 6.

    It is the entire journey, with all its pain, suffering, joy, jubilation, frustration, relief, and exuberance, that makes this victory sweet.

    To all of us who stuck around this entire season and last: we’ve earned this as fans. We’ve been here through the good times and the bad. We’ve born all the trials and tribulations that the team has gone through. We as fans have earned this sweet, sweet victory.

  70. This one is for Chick

  71. New post up for celebration!

  72. Kobe with the ear to ear smile, holding his daughters in Lakers unis, hugging all his teammates. It’s awesome!

  73. @harold,
    Biggest, most genuinely happy smile you’ve ever seen on him. Big, big tight hug with Fisher and now he’s over with his daughters and just grinning like an idiot. The man looks truly happy. And frankly, he’s earned it. 🙂

  74. SHAQ 4 Kobe 4

  75. Champions! ¡Campeónes! Mästare!

  76. All the ups and the downs the nightsweats, the tension worrying about this team, it was all worth it!!!!

  77. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 7:44 pm


  78. I think I’m gonna cry.

  79. doris burke is trying to ruin this for me

  80. Where is Vic the Brick? LOL

  81. frick the damn sports channel in canada cut off the celebrations!! great game, great season though, champs at last!! beautfiul win

  82. Pau you were awsome and honestly the best power forward in the NBA this year. Third team my asss, you out did garnett, duncan and Carmelo. I love this team.

  83. i must say kobe’s daughters are really cute in those matching lakers dresses

  84. Shaq will get a fifth… as will kobe when shaq signs for the veterans minimum in two years, I will always love Shaq and what he did here, but this is the best all around team championship since showtime.

  85. Congratulations to the Lakers! To each and every member of the organization.

    Congrats to you guys… This is what we were dreaming of from the beginning of the season and now it is finally here.

    Thank you Kurt for this amazing corner that you have created for us fans to come together and share our happiness and pains together throughout the season.


  86. wow a lot of laker fans there.

  87. Kobe Bryant is first official winner of Bill Russell award.

  88. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to being a basketball fan.. Started following the Lakers on 2005 only because Kobe is the only player that I know.. Got heart broken because of the two 1st round exits against Phoenix.. Was very happy for the team last year, and now.. This is IT! The feeling of winning it all! What a great feeling indeed.. By the way, I was not able to watch a SINGLE LAKERS’ GAME, only following them through this blog and yahoosports

  89. wow, it’s been a long 7 years. Enjoy guys!

    thank you Kurt for this great blog. You and the commenters have made this season that much more enjoyable and memorable for me.

  90. aaahhh…REDEMPTION!

  91. where’s the best place to see post game interviews?

  92. Champions!!!

  93. Weee are the champions my friends, and we’ll keep on fighting till the end!!!!!!

    This is who we are!!!!

    We are the Los Angeles Lakers!!!!!