Relive It One More Time

Kurt —  June 15, 2009

I may just watch this on a loop all day long.

I can’t thank all of you that come to this site, read and comment, and make this a real community. I am just the fortunate caretaker, it is all of you that make this site special, and made watching the Lakers reach this pinnacle an experience unlike any other title I’ve lived through. Thank you all.

For those that have found this site in the last year, know that we do not take the summer off. This will be a busy and interesting off-season in Los Angeles. There will be draft talk, free agent discussions and some trade talk as it develops, and all done with the style we have tried to generate here. I will also be at Summer Pro League in Vegas giving updates. In addition to all of that there will be more stuff like great book reviews and just us having some fun.

Enjoy this.