Kareem Answers More Questions for FB&G

Kurt —  July 24, 2009

California v UCLA

As part of an ongoing series, we have asked a few more questions of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the greatest center to ever play the game. Be sure to check out his Web site, which always has fascinating stuff.

Q: You played on two legendary championship teams: The Bucks with Oscar Robertson and the Showtime era Lakers. How would those two teams have stacked up against each other and how similar or different were they in terms of style and personnel?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Both teams were very efficient in their own style. The Bucks at the time set the record for efficiency by only played 3 playoff series and losing only 3 games. The Lakers were just extremely talented and consistent in 10 seasons by making it the finals 8 times and winning it 5.

Q: You also had to face off against some of the game’s legendary centers, including former Laker Wilt Chamberlain. What did Wilt force you to differently and how did you go about attacking him from the post?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Wilt could score at will but was also a great shot blocker so I had to always be careful to not let him sucker me into taking a poor shot but I would attack him as much as possible.