The Contest: What’s your favorite memory of the Lakers/Celtics Rivalry?

Kurt —  September 8, 2009

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles
One of my favorite Lakers/Celtics memories comes from around 1985. As I’ve said here before I worked at the LA Sports Arena as an usher for Clippers games. As it is now, the place was full when the league’s biggest stars came to the Arena — and in the mid 1980s the star teams were the Lakers and Celtics.

Where I was stationed for one Clippers/Celtics game (more like Christians to the lions) was right where the teams walked off the court to go the locker rooms. The Celtics were coming off the floor after the game and McHale and Bird were walking together when they were just past me I decided to yell out. “Easy win, but you can’t do that to the Lakers.”

McHale turned and just glared at me, before just walking on to the locker room. I loved that moment.


We’ve all had moments we loved in the Lakers/Celtics series — maybe it was the baby skyhook; or an encounter you had with a Celtics fan. Whatever it is, I want to hear it.

Forum Blue & Gold along with Celtics Hub is running a contest in cooperation with Converse — the shoes that Magic and Bird wore back in the day. We want to hear about your memories, your personal stories of the rivalry (put them in the comments); I will have a post up with some of the best in the next couple of days. From that, Converse will select their five favorites and those people will win a pair of the new Weapon Evo (so be sure to put your email in the box marked as such when you comment, so we can reach you).

You can learn more about the new Converse Weapon Evo here, and order yourself a pair here.

This should be fun. We want to keep this semi-civil — go ahead and throw a couple elbows, but don’t do anything that would get you kicked out of the game.

Tell us what you love about the rivalry — you could get a new pair of shoes out of the deal, and piss off some Celtics fans in the process. Does it get any better than that?