Lakers: 2009 NBA Champions

Kurt —  September 19, 2009

Really, I never get tired of saying that. Enjoy some playoff highlights from last year as we wait not so patiently for this year.

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  1. #4 is one of the sickest passes I’ve ever seen Kobe make. From start to finish, that was like poetry in motion. Seemingly out of control, he drives the lane, makes a beautiful spin move, and then somehow has the where with all to flip it over his shoulder (no look mind you) to the trailing Gasol from the slam. Very Magic-esque play by Kobe and it came in a critical, momentum changing moment.

    That off the backboard layup to himself against the Rockets was pretty spectacular, as well. Talk about making something out of nothing when you have absolutely no where to go. IMO, Kobe is the only player in the NBA today who is that incredibly innovative AND has the fundamental footwork it takes to pull off a ridiculous move like that.

  2. All those times that Chick could have let Stu or Riles or any of his other broadcast partner in to say something, and he just kept right on with his comments and observations. He counted down nine World Championships for the Lakers. Couldn’t he have passed off to Stu for at least one of them? No wonder we sometimes heard rumors of Chick’s selfishness. You never heard it of Bill Schonely.

  3. The best part of the 2009 playoff run was Derek’s smile after hitting the three in overtime in Game 4 of the Finals. Classic moment.

  4. 2) P.Ami:

    I don’t know what to make of that!? I guess I could see if you think that Chick at times wouldn’t let someone else beside him get a comment off. Is that for real, is there a real quote from Hot Rod, Keith Erickson, Pat Riley, or Stu that said that about him? Cause I’m not aware of that personally?

    But that’s just plain nuts if you want to hear anything else *BUT* Chick Hearn going….
    “The Lakers are World Champions!”

    There is just no other person I’d ideally want to say that when it happens.

    And I like Spero Dedes….but they should just play Chick doing that every time the Lakers win a championship.


  5. 5)Gabriel R

    Are you not in on the joke, or just being sarcastic, it’s not really clear?
    He’s parodying Henry Abbot’s column on Kobe Bryant’s supposed selfishness.

  6. Haha.

    Yeah, Gabriel R. Maes is right.

    It would’ve been nice to read Dex’s thoughts on Henry Abbott.

  7. Holy crap.

    Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West was arrested Thursday after officers pulled him over for speeding on a motorcycle while carrying two loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun in a guitar case.

    Is West really that concerned over losing his starting slot to Anthony Parker?

    Wow. That’s three of them. Three! I’m speechless. The boy rides hard, that’s for sure.

  8. Hahaha wondah, that article is pure gold, major props.

    Loved the basketball gods part. As well as the “If you ran that play 1,000, it’s better for the Lakers if Bryant passes. Only it wasn’t run 1,000 times.

  9. Sorry for the multiple posts, but here’s an interesting note on Gelabale, from Gelabale. Credit to PeanutButterSpread from SSnR:

    “I chose the Lakers because I think I can make the team. I can bring my defense to the Lakers. I remember there have been times when I played against Kobe that he would congratulate after the game for being such a good defender. I know it’s going to be hard to make the team, but you have to start somewhere.”

    Kobe doesn’t exactly congratulate scrubs, does he? (According to Bill Simmons, he actually roasts them over a fire. Which is why we’ve never again heard from Shammond Williams). But even though I doubt Gelabale will stick, it’s fun to fantasize about Mitch finding the next Ariza out of nowhere.

    Let’s hope Kobe gives him the 3-point shooting regimen he gave Trevor.

  10. I hate to say it, but Ariza was in a few of those highlights. I hope someone can step up and slash to the hoop like that.

  11. 10. Don’t get to attached to any of the guys just invited to camp. Speaking with Gafney’s people at Summer League, they were told flat out the Lakers were keeping 13 and nobody else was making the team. If you are that player you have to believe. But the Lakers are not going to keep anyone else this season.

  12. 12 – Sigh, figured as much. Oh well, maybe next year for the G-bale.

  13. I could not believe Kobe passed the ball to himself from the backboard at #2 when it happened. I had to see the replay multiple times to really get what happened, I have never ever seen that done before by any player.

  14. Check it out:

    Look closely around the 5:28 mark.

  15. @15

    That’s just more evidence that Kobe is an exceedingly selfish player. He’s the only player in the entire NBA so reluctant to pass to others, that he’d pass to himself instead.

  16. @15

    Kobe did the same thing in a playoff game against Utah the previous season, except that time he finished with a dunk.



  17. Kobe did the same thing in the Olympics too. I don’t think anyone else has the gall to do it in a real game; though I think VC did it once in the all-star game.

  18. @19

    T-Mac did it in the 2002 ASG, and Vince did it a few years later. I’ve also seen T-Mac and Jamaal Crawford pull it off in regular season games. The difference with Kobe’s is that he did it in a halfcourt situation with the defense set, while the others were on fast breaks.

  19. Spain just beated Serbia in Eurobasket final by 22, with Pau Gasol as the MVP and Rudy Fernández as the best SF.

    They remind me a lot the 2008 Boston Celtics. They started real slow, playing awfully and almost being sent home too early. Serbia killed them by 20+ and since them they have destroyed every single team (as it was suposed to be from the begining).

    As a Laker fan, I hope Pau doesn’t feel too tired next season because this one have been veeery long, NBA champions, Euro champion, and almost no summer to rest, next week will be flying to LA to start preseason. About his finger injury, nothing to worry about, he’s been incredible.

    By the way, the last time I wrote a post, someone joked about drafting another Gasol and trade him for Marc and I said the Gasols had a younger brother now playing HS in Laussane, Memphis. I’ve seen him in the TV broadcast and I’ve seen him pretty tall, about 6-9, and he’s 15!

  20. Xavier, I don’t know about destroyed every team after Serbia, I’d say they didn’t hit their stride till they faced Poland?

    Thing is though; when Spain play well, only the US stand a chance of beating them. Watching these last few games almost reminded me of the old 1992 dreamteam (please note the “almost”, I do know that Pau is not Jordan;)).

    The Swedish commentators even went as far as saying that Spain is the no 1 team in the world right now. I still think that the US would be tough to beat, but being half Spanish I’m thrilled about this team and its chances in Turkey next year.

  21. 22.

    They started clicking after the last second loss against Turkey.
    Lithuania (+14), Poland (+22), France (+20), Greece (+18) and Serbia (+22) where their victims. Everything that happened before was just the ugliest basketball they’ve played in six years.

    By all accounts, US is the team to beat aslong they come with the same olympics mentality

  22. Xavier: Agreed. Actually I can’t even remember the last time I saw them play as poorly as they did in the beginning.

    Turned out pretty good in the end though – un oro de leyenda;)

  23. Xavier,

    I’m sorry to say that I think the Olympic mentality is coming to Turkey. I’ve heard players talking about how important it was for them to represent the US and how excited they are about doing the same for the Worlds. Plus, Durant could well be in the argument for best player in the world by next Summer. As good as Spain looks to me, how does the following team get beat now that familiarity and a system are in place.


    Then throw in Rose and maybe Randolph or Love. I really like what I saw from Spain. Greece is very good and has some athletes, plus shipping Greeks to Asia Minor have made things interesting for 3 thousand years now. Obviously anything can happen but I would definitely put my money on TeamUSA.

  24. 25. P.Ami,
    Don’t be sorry for that, be thankful! I’ve been asking for for the US to bring that to the table for ages!

    Name me a basketball fan that didn’t enjoy the olympics final. A single one. I want more of them, actually I’d wish every single team played at that level. I enjoyed Eurobasket final till half 3rd quarter, when it was all said and done.
    I want 4 quarters 40 minutes basketball games (48 minutes NBA wise).
    I want to cheer every play ’cause the oponent won’t give my team a second chance to shine.
    I want every competitor to give their best while playing against the best.

    Now tell me, is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t enjoy watching that Spain-USA rematch?

  25. P. Ami: The one thing Spain has working for them is the best inside player in international basketball (perhaps even the best player). Pau’s game is amazing in the NBA, but it’s even better internationally.

    I still hold the US as favorites, but Spain is not too far behind. The rest of the pack are not even in the same league. I was amazed last summer when many people (especially in the US) thought that Argentina was the second best team in the world – a team that Spain has beat more or less 9 out of 10 times in recent times (including in Athens when Argentina won gold).

  26. The Lakers and Spain are champs. Things are as they should be and all is right with the world.


    can you imagine if we haven’t seen the best that Pau can bring yet???
    imagine Pau coming in about 10% better across the board???
    friggin’ unbelievable, nice to dream this could happen.

  28. 2, 6, 7: Somehow my reply never got in…but I think I read that bit about Chick too quickly.

    My sarcasm detector was off today or something. Sorry.


  29. After watching that highlight reel, I wonder if anyone else feels like me.

    We may miss Trevor more than we think.

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