Preseaon Game 1: Lakers/Warriors

Kurt —  October 7, 2009

Finally! An actual game rather than just speculation. Action, not just talk.

But remember, it is preseason so don’t read too much into anything. That starts with wins and losses — very good teams have had off preseasons and visa-versa. Also, because Gafney plays 22 minutes and looks good does not mean Buss will spend $1 mil to keep him for the season. Just because Sasha is/isn’t hot shooting tonight doesn’t matter, let’s see him in 10 regular seaon games before we say much about that.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Enjoy finally seeing Lakers basketball again, but see it for what it is.



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  1. I don’t see it on the League Pass Schedule. Any way to watch this when out of the LA market?

  2. Things I expect to learn from tonight’s game:

    -was the ariza/artest move the right one
    -who the best point guard is
    -how will bynum’s knees hold up through the season
    -is kobe still hungry
    -does gasol have enough in his tank for a deep post season run
    -what can we expect from morrison this season
    -is odom’s marriage going to be a distraction
    -can the lakers win 75 games
    -is our defense better than last year
    -is phil still on top of his game
    -will we win the chamionship

  3. VoR- you’re being too conservative! I’m looking at concession sales tonight as THE sign whether we’re looking at a double dip recession or looking at Dow 36000 by June.

  4. Looking forward to tonight’s game. Does anyone on here know a good place in orange county to catch the game tonight? I’m in the lake forest/irvine area. Any ideas would be appreciated. I’m just stoked to see some basketball I don’t care if it’s pointless.

  5. Guys, I’m a student and recently left LA for St. Louis…while I am repping the Dodgers, nothing is more important than Laker basketball. Even in the preseason.

    Where can I get a feed???

  6. Any links to game?

  7. LAKER BALL AT LAST!!! seriously.

  8. Basketball at last! I love football but basketball is my passion. I’m not looking to read anything into tonights game but can’t wait to see Artest in a Lakers uniform. Hopefully we can see some glimpses of Bynum post injuries. Go Lakers!!!

    • I’m in the sticks, no Lakers broadcast amd no wifi, so it’s just me and the Dodgers.

      Love the start! Kemp is the man.

  9. I’m most excited to see:

    –Bynum’s explosiveness.

    –Artest intimidating with a wild look in his eye.

    –Morrison gun to prove he deserves playing time.

    –Farmar play really well because nothing is on the line and then talk about starting.

    –Khloe embarrass herself attempting to be our Eva.

  10. Feed?

  11. Anyone got a link besides So tired of it freezing and asking me to purchase a premium account!

    Super stoked for basketball to be back… and I’m picking up a copy of NBA 2k10 today to celebrate!

  12. Not a good start for the Warriors with Ellis hobbling off the court, bynum and gasol also looking good.

  13. i never really noticed this before but artest shoots basiccally a set shot

  14. This looks exactly like a preseason opener.

  15. Was that a hint of an Hakeem fake and fade from Kobe?

  16. Are the Lakers still using last season’s defensive scheme?

  17. Beautiful board by LO and quick dish to AB fir the dunk, AB is looking real active in the paint in my opinion.

  18. Stephen Curry’s jumper is a joy to watch.

  19. Machine is looking good, is it the hair? lol and S. Curry’s shot is beautiful.

  20. On Sasha: “Two in a row! That’s more than he made all of last season!”

    Gotta love Stu.

  21. The Machine is certainly shooting a lot better than we saw last season (although this is admittedly a miniscule sample size!). Just good to see him confident with his shot, and knocking it down.

    Interesting to see Sasha, Farmar & LO raffling who’ll bring the ball up in some situations with the 2nd unit.

  22. Excited to see AMMO play, this guy was nasty albeit in college. Perfect for the triangle, he’s pretty smart should be well acclimated to the triangle by now.

  23. its a bit embarrising with ammo out there, it looks like they dont even want to pass it to him

  24. That was a sweet pass by Artest.

  25. Good grief Shannon.

  26. Brown with the monster dunk on Moore!!!

  27. That was a great pass by Artest and a GREAT dunk by ShanWow.

  28. wow, shannon must have the biggest vertical leap in the nba

  29. ShanWOW. Sheesh – seeing that just made the night worth it.

  30. isent curry gonna get targeted every night by physical guards, he has the body of a 12 year old

  31. Nice oop from Artest to AB, got to love the activity of Bynum tonight.

  32. Step might have a body like a 12 year old, but his jump shot is wet. Dude can release it from anywhere and it looks like its going in.

  33. AB must have seen earlier comments about him being better suited for the bench. Shame on you.

  34. I must be dreaming, because the Lakers are playing basketball on TV…

    Hurrah for the start of the basketball season!!!

  35. Lakers are looking pretty damn good, granted this is preseason but got to like the passing and this D.

  36. This is the most excited I’ve been watching a preseason game

  37. wow artest is a much better passer then i gave him credit for

  38. @39 – I got to agree this is a great game to open up the new season.

  39. I HEART Gaffney.

  40. I didn’t see the game but it’s pretty impressive to see Ammo record 0 stats other than a single FGA in 8 minutes. Has anyone ever recorded an 8 trillion before?

  41. While I love Andrew’s ability to score, I hope when the games start counting he can find the energy to pull more than 2 defensive boards and 0 blocks in 30 minutes.

  42. -was the ariza/artest move the right one


    -who the best point guard is


    -how will bynum’s knees hold up through the season


    -is kobe still hungry


    -does gasol have enough in his tank for a deep post season run


    -what can we expect from morrison this season


    -is odom’s marriage going to be a distraction


    -can the lakers win 75 games


    -is our defense better than last year


    -is phil still on top of his game


    -will we win the chamionship


  43. Let my Derek Fisher bashing begin…. he, Morrison and Powell were the only active roster players to not play well. It is very hard for me to see him play with not one… but TWO guys better than him on the bench.

    Ariza Watch: 1-11 FGs and 3 pts. Ouch!

  44. FINALLY.
    finally laker ball is back! shanwow continues to entertain me.

    is it too soon to start pining for the real season to begin?

  45. geez aaron, not already…I’m going to have to start skipping over your comments or it’s going to ruin my day.

  46. the other Stephen October 8, 2009 at 5:42 am

    can we leave the excessive praise and bashing until at least a couple weeks into the season, please?

    the only things i enjoyed about this game were seeing bynum and farmar do well, seeing tony gaffney get some run, and watching brown drop a MAMMAJAMMA on mikki.

  47. I agree with the other Stephen here, let’s not get too excited over a preseason destruction over Golden State, still a lot of ball to be played to see if what we saw tonight will be representative of the way the Lakers will perform. That being said, we look like one hell of a team. If Ron Artest can get 7 assists every night we will be ridiculous. This is evidence that the defense can’t just camp on Kobe/Pau. They must take Artest seriously because he’ll bury the 3 in their eye. That by itself will make the Lakers better than last year (especially when we want to give Kobe some rest in the regular season to save him for the playoffs). Overall, I liked what I saw.

  48. Didn’t watch the game, but its preseason so no big deal. I will probably catch the last couple preseason games that are nationally televised. Would have liked to see Bynum a little more active on the boards hopefully that will pick up when the season starts.

    I would like to make some season predictions.

    Cleveland will win the east with the second best record in the league but will lose to Orlando in the ECFs again, getting burned repeatedly with Nelson (or Carter)/Howard PNR.

    Boston will finish third but lose to Orlando in 7 games once again because KG will not be 100% come playoff time (though he will play).

    Lakers will finish with the best record in the league (63-9) and beast SAS in the WCF in 7 games.

    SAS will finish third behind Portland but will beat them in the second round.

    The Clippers will make the 8th spot in the WC playoffs beating out the Suns.

    Rematch of the finals, but this time going 6 or 7 games with the Lakers winning once again.

    • Just a thing to remember people: Veteran teams that have been together can look good in preseason because they are stepping into comfortable roles. Golden State, on the other hand, is incorporating some changes in key players.

  49. ShanWOW may help us get over the loss of Trevor this season.

    Great to see Derek Fisher once again starting and providing his behind the scenes magic.

    Hard to recognise Sasha.

    Easy to recognise Andrew.

    Can’t miss Artest.

    Wonder if Kloe brought Lamar a snickers bar at halftime?

    Lakers just want to have fun.

  50. @43 – To answer your question about trillions, as far as I know the record was an almost 12 trillion (11:56 of PT with no other stats) by Damon Jones in Game 1 of the 2007 Finals.

    While it was the first preseason game and you don’t want to get too carried away with anything, I think you can definitely take two things away from this game: Bynum looks healthy and Artest’s inclusion looked seamless. Bynum’s timing isn’t top notch yet (you could say that about most players right now), but he hasn’t looked that confident and healthy since January. And before people get down on him for not getting more boards, consider that the Lakers grabbed a ton anyway and held a huge edge in that area. The best thing about watching Bynum for me was just that he drew a TON of defensive attention out there.

    Artest looked far better than I could have hoped for last night. There were maybe two times where I got worried that he was dominating the ball too much, dribbling in from the perimeter, but on both occasions rather than take an ill advised shot he instead set up teammates with fantastic passes. If that’s the kind of ball domination we can expect from him, then I hope he has the ball in his hands a lot. Other than that he did a great job of just finding a spot on the perimeter to set up and be open for kickouts, once he got in a groove his stroke looked great on his shots, and he even looked to take advantage of being guarded by a smaller player by going into the post a time or two. And you could tell on TV that he was talking a lot on defense, making sure everyone got back in time. The Good Artest is a great addition. Let’s just hope The Bad Artest is dead and buried 🙂

  51. @45
    “-can the lakers win 75 games


    O man i seriously felled to the floor laughing. talk about a roflmao. if people had your sense of humor, we would not have wars 🙁