Lakers Chat Replay

Kurt —  October 14, 2009

Here is the Lakers chat from ESPN today that featured J.A. Adande and myself. Enjoy.

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  1. I used to like JA Adande. Now he just seems typical.

    • I think compared to a lot of general columnists, JA does know basketball. And I think he was smart jumping to a .com from the Times.

  2. Especially when said .com owns half of the World.

  3. thisisweaksauce October 14, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    I want to reference Kobe’s status among the top players and his numbers of championships. I know that this is a long shot, but if Kobe surpasses Jordan, let’s say with 7 rings by the time Kobe retires, where does that put him in the conversation? What if he matches MJ with 6?

  4. That’s funny cause I think he’s gotten a lot better since leaving the Times.

  5. 1) I don’t blame JA for sounding like a lot a typical NBA analyst working for a big network. It’s hard for these guys to know the teams with the amount of detail that adamant fans and bloggers do. But if we look in the mirror, we sound like pretty typical Lakers fans/bloggers, so why hate on JA? He knows the NBA as a whole as well as anybody at ESPN.

    4) IF Kobe wins 2 or 3 more rings, that changes the conversation drastically, but that’s a big if. I agree with JA that he’s top 10 right now, no questions asked. I think more rings warrant a change of status, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The man has 4 rings right now and thats all he has.

  6. Going off-topic for a bit, but I find it hilarious how Yahoo! named a video of Mutombo giving his opinion on the addition of Artest to the Lakers as “I pray for Kobe and Artest”, with the link to it having a tagline of “Dikembe Mutombo knows Ron Artest. That’s why he’s praying for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers”, leaving me to think that the video was some sort of a subtle knock on Ron-Ron.

    When I got around to watching the video however, Mutombo had nothing but praise for Artest in it.
    Seriously… they should really rethink the way they name their videos/ articles. I know they intentionally do it to create more readers, but it’s getting a tad bit annoying with how it misleads people.

  7. If I had to start a team and my choice was either Larry Bird or Kobe Bryant….that is a no brainer for me (Kobe).

    Bird was great, but he’s not better than Kobe. In my opinion, Kobe is already in the Top 7 right now. Here’s my list in order of greatest:

    1. Kareem
    2, Jordan
    3, Magic
    4. Russell
    5. Wilt
    6. Big O
    7. Kobe

  8. just read in the Times this morning that Pau won’t play tonight (or Walton-back) due to a hamstring…
    any news on if this is serious?
    on the positive side, it’s nice to know we’ve got an LO on the bench to step in when needed, eh?

    • Chris H., I was going to have this in the game post later, but the injuries to Pau and Luke are minor. Pau said he would play if this were the regular season. Luke is about the same. But for preseason, why risk anything?

  9. Arguments about who belongs where on the ranking of all timers is one of those arguments without a determinable answer. It’s fun, but ultimately will nobody will ever prove anybody else wrong.

    I did find this a while ago, and while it provides a lot of room for more debate, I find it to be as good a system as any other. Plus it doesn’t have as systemic a laker bias as any list we’re likely to come up with.

    People here may not want to consider Kobe as “only” the 15th best of all time, but it offers a good starting point for the endless debate, and is at least good for listing players we might otherwise forget, like the 2 Malones (Or even Timmy). Keeping in mind, also that Kobe will continue to rise with more years under his belt.