Really, Can You See This Enough?

Kurt —  November 19, 2009

Just a little something to start out the day.



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  1. pause the video 4s in.

    2 shooters open outside.. bynum open under the rim. cool.

  2. it was really a lucky shot.
    the thing is MJ is very lucky (he had more of those? i think)

  3. One of the more incredible things about this shot is that it completely overshadowed an earlier Kobe shot in the 2nd qtr where he altered his shot twice, while in midair, tossed it practically straight up (sound familiar) and it went in. That shot would have dominated the highlights, except for this shot. Two of these in one game. Well the people in the courtside seats got what they paid for in this game.

  4. Re: luck. For a while, I thought Magic Johnson was lucky with his end of the quarter/half/game buzzer beaters, often from impossible distances and angles, until I saw him make those shots over and over again, year after year.

    That’s how it is with Kobe and these ridiculous shots.

  5. yesterday I got to spend some time in a nearby park, and took my basketball. I was showing my wife what kobe’s shot looked like, and lo! and behold! I actually made it! haha, so naturally, I had to try it again, right? the second time, the ball hit the bottom of the backboard and bounced back hitting me squarely on the nose, OUCH! several people who had been walking around the park just happened to be near by and saw that, and I noticed a lot of people holding back snickers…
    I didn’t try it again.

  6. No, I cannot see this enough!

  7. Kurt,

    What is the probability that Phil will keep the current 5 and bring Pau into shape slowly off the bench?

  8. Somehow I doubt that the reason Kobe keeps making these shots is because he’s the luckiest shooter in the game. What is that line from “Rounders” again…? Something about how if it is a game of luck, why do you see the same crowd making it to the final tables of tournament after tournament?

    Shots like that one is why I need a DVR.

  9. I don’t want Kobe taking these shots, but these shots, just like dunks, have a way of sucking air out of opponents, especially if Kobe makes them, since Kobe is so non-chalant about it afterwards and since it is Kobe making these shots.

  10. ANON: Yes, Bynum was wide open, so was Fish and Artest… Problem is, that if you pay attention to how the defense collapsed around Kobe you will notice that it would have been more difficult for Kobe to pass the ball to any of these “open” men than than to make the shot he took. However, you are technically right, there was at least one man “wide open” – even if there was no way to pass to them.

  11. my take on it was that he felt the (obvious) contact, threw it up trying to get the continuation call, and didn’t end up getting the foul called. That’s how most of these circus shots happen anyways

  12. i think kobe wanted to draw a foul, that’s why he wasn’t looking to pass.
    and like sometimes, he didn’t get a call

  13. It looks as though he was going to slam it down hard …and as he is leaving the floor he notices a shot blocker coming… you can see how he changes his mind in mid air..turns his back to the shot blocker and protects the ball with his body.