When Garbage Time is Garbage Time

Kurt —  November 25, 2009

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The Lakers are 11-3. They are fairly healthy in all key positions and are playing arguably their best ball of this early season. On top of all that, Andrew Bynum is developing into an elite Center. All of that is grand, but last night, in the 4th quarter, we saw some seriously bad basketball played by the Lakers. Some of it was with Kobe, LO and Drew on the court all at once, other reasons included our suddenly uber-selfish bench and a serious of weird mental errors that led to turnovers. The following is some of the hi….excuse me, low-lights of last night’s 4th quarter:

Turnover, LO-bad pass (11:07)
Turnover, ShanWOW-bad pass (10:08)
Turnover, Sasha (9:48)
Turnover, Shannon-traveling (8:59)
Missed Hook, Bynum (gotta agree with those in the comments, he is kinda becoming a black hole…(8:23)
Brick, Sasha (7:56)
Turnover, Bynum (he tried to pass!) (7:41)
Missed Hook, Bynum (back to black hole) (7:18)
Turnover, Bynum-bad pass (he tried passing again) (6:58)
Turnover, Odom-traveling (6:33)
Patented Sasha Brick save 2008 season (6:01)
Missed Shot, Morrison (5:20)
Another Patented Sasha Brick (5:16)
Turnover, Bynum-traveling (3:00)
Missed 3ball, Jordan (2:20)
Offensive Goaltending, Bynum (he stole Kobe’s bucket, ha) (1:08)

Sandwiched in between that was an and-1 for Drew, a pair of FT’s by Drew, an LO 3 ball, a couple more FT’s by Drew, a FT by Ron-Ron, a pair of layups for Ron-Ron and Kobe, and a FT by Kobe. Needless to say it was a tough watch. Aside from the mental errors which led to turnovers, our problems in the 4th quarter was the inability to reverse the ball on offense. The ball stuck, it stuck to players hands, it stuck to one side of the court and it led to some awful offense.

17 pts, 4 baskets, 9 turnovers, lots of fodder for 3 days of practice.

— Kwame A.