Preview & Chat: The New Jersey Nets

Kurt —  November 29, 2009

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Due to some technical issues, this is the first ever preview from the phone in FB&G history. It also will be in bullet points for that reason. I am sorry about that.

* I think the biggest long-term thing out of the Lakers destruction of the Warriors is that Phil has tightned the rotation to 8: Odom, Farmar and Brown are the men, at least until garbage time.

* After the loss to Houston, that is 5 straight double-digit wins for the Lakers.

* Bill Bridges and I are on the same page: Ron Artest’s three-point and one in the Third quarter was what sparked the Lakers run to pull away. He is finding his place and role on this team more and more.

* Lawrence Frank was fired today, although put out of his misery may be the better phrase.

* Part of me is sad to see Frank get fired. Not that it isn’t warranted, at 0-16 somthing needs to be done. But Frank is not another former player given a chance to start as an assistant in a good place because a former coach liked him. Frank started basically shagging balls at coaches clinics. He woked hard and absorbed what he heard. There was no old boys network to help him out, he earned his way up the ladder, all the way to the NBA. Before the Nets stripped their roster for 2010, he had them in the playoffs four straight years. The NBA needs more guys like him.

* I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that Long Beach State was pretty good this year.

* Things are better off long-term in New Jersey than say with the Knicks from where I sit. Look at it as if you were a future first-ballot Hall of Famer looking for a place to spend your prime years. A new stadium in Brooklyn is on the way. There soon will be a new owner with very deep pockets who will not be scared off by some Luxury Tax. And the roster has some talent in need of a star: Devin Harris is a borderline All Star at PG; Brook Lopez can score as a center and is solid; I like Chrs Douglas-Roberts; and guys like Dooling/Alston/Najera can be solid role players. There is a future there.

* Harris is the kind of PG that gives the Lakers trouble, they need to pressure him and have good defensive rotations from the bigs (a bit of a challenge because Lopez can hit from 15 so he can pull a big away from the basket). However, Harris is not fully healthy and it shows in his shot, which is off. He was 6 of 22 against Sacramento.

* Game at 6:30 on Fox Sports and ESPN 710 radio.