Radio Is A Sound Salvation

Kurt —  December 10, 2009

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Tonight I’m going to do the same thing I do every night: Try To Take Over The World.

That starts with being part of the ESPN Radio NBA Game Night pregame show. Tune in around 7:00 Pacific, 10:o0 East Coast time, and you can catch about 30 seconds of me talking Lakers defense. Also, the clip should be part of the post game show (and the site will get a few national radio plug). Here in Los Angeles that is on 710 ESPN, everywhere else check out your local ESPN affiliate.

Of course, I have a long way to go to take over the world. Or even catch up with Jerry Buss, who now owns the NBA franchise worth more than any other.



21 responses to Radio Is A Sound Salvation

  1. Well we already have a Pinky on this site, I guess that makes Kurt the Brain. The short one with the ginormous head who always plots to take over the world.

    When you do take over, please outlaw Paris Hilton.

    For those looking for a bball fix: great reading on the T’Wolves use of the triangle this year, via TH:

    Oh, I almost forgot – this one’s for Warren! No game luck, but a good luck charm for Kurt on his quest for radio domination. Have fun!

  2. Congratulations Kurt!

  3. think kurt was always the brain here at FB&G..

    pistons nuggs going down to the wire.. 2pt game w/6 to go.

    the corpse of ben wallace has come back to life…

  4. Great win by Detroit. They look frisky. And their announcers talk about Kwame like ours used to- as though he’s still 18 and when he does something moderately competent they play it up as though maybe he’ll live up to his potential yet if he can just remember such things as “Don’t bring the ball down and take a dribble before going up for the dunk” THey’ll be doing that when he’s 37 and still inexplicably in the league.

    Celtics and Washington is tied with under 2:30 left to play. I know better than to expect the Celtics to choke it up though.

  5. Oh, Gilbert misses 2 free throws down 2 with 24 left. Reminds me of the series against Lebron (2007?)

  6. But then Pierce misses 1 of 2. Reminds me of the Miami game- except the wizards don’t have Fisher and Kobe.

  7. Yyyyep. That’s that.

  8. Dang.. Ls for denver boston and orlando would have made the perfect night..!

  9. Congrats Kurt!

    Can I be a cook in your world domination staff? I prefer to stay out of the frontlines, besides they say an army marches on it’s stomach.

  10. Congrats Kurt! And props on the Animaniacs reference–you don’t see enough of those these days.

  11. Man, why didn’t Washington go to Hack-a-Rondo down the stretch. Seriously, the dude is shooting sub-Shaq from the stripe.

  12. Awesome Pinky and the Brain reference. Btw, Snoopy mentioned someone being Pinky… who is he?

  13. Ghetro – There’s actually a poster here named Pinky who comes on once in a while. Haven’t seen him in a while though.

  14. Thought I would follow up from my post the other night about K-Mart vs. Luke dislocated pinky battle. It seems like the pinky got the best of him tonight as he sat out with a “hand injury.” It was either worse than I thought…or…eh, I’m sure he’s tough, right?

    I was hoping for 3 big L’s tonight, but if the Jazz end up pulling this off, I believe they won’t be as hungry come Saturday. I’m sure they want another chance at us regardless, I’d just rather have them coming off a W than 2 L’s (plus, 1 less 4-loss team would be nice.)

    Great work Kurt! FB&G for world domination…are you thinking what I’m thinking???

  15. By the way…two words for ya brotha “Black Mamba”

    LeBron: “I got two words for you …King..of..the…Jungle”

    Glad Nike brought the puppets back ; )

  16. Hey that’s me! Kobe’s right pinky! I’d like to get some work done, I’m starting to look ragged.

  17. EC says you better do what you are told…you better listen to the radio!

  18. the knicks are worth 586M? The clips should move to NY. They’d double their worth!

    of course it’d deprive us of 2 extra home games and a convenient punching bag. so never mind, sterling, stay right where you are.

  19. Thanks Kurt! Thank you for putting my site on Forum Blue & Gold! I appreciate that.

  20. Congrats Kurt!