Hot Rod

Gatinho —  December 11, 2009


For the next two weeks, while Stu Lantz deals with a family situation, the Lakers will have a new guy beside Joel Meyer helping out calling the action.

“Barhopping, fast-talking, wisecracking West Virginia basketball cult figure of the 1950s.”

“Hot Rod” Hundley played for the Minneapolis and Los Angeles Lakers. Known for his flashy play, Red Kerr called Hot Rod, “Pete Maravich before Pete Maravich”

A two-time All Star, he would play with West and Baylor in the nascent stages of their careers and witness the birth of professional basketball in Los Angeles. From 3,000 in the Sports Arena, to seeing Doris Day and Jack Nicholson sit court side for the Finals.

Hot Rod found the ball in his hands in the 1962 Finals with a chance to dethrone The Bostonians. With Baylor and West covered, he passed to sharp shooting Frank Selvy for a baseline mid-ranger.

I still call Frank long distance, and when he answers the phone, I say, ‘Nice Shot, Frank!” and hang up on him. I will never let him forget he missed that shot.”

“The cowhide globe hits home!”

Hot Rod would apprentice under “Old Golden Throat” as a color man until he would become the “Voice of The Jazz”. He would hold that title for 31 seasons and would call over three thousand games. He retired last year, his last game being the Lakers knocking the Jazz out of the playoffs.

It’s great to see the Hot Rod has come home.




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  1. Wow. What a great choice. Classy, Lakers.


  2. Joey Jo-Jo Shabadoo December 11, 2009 at 9:17 am

    All the best to Stu. I’ve come to enjoy the hypothetical conversations between players that Stu improvs so well.


  3. It was Chick and Hot Rod who called the games during that great 1971-72 Laker season. Great guy. And on a different, hilarious note, get a load of Craig Sager in this photo with Deron Williams after last night’s victory by the Jazz:

    Why has that hairpiece never been mentioned before?


  4. The Dude,
    Wasn’t that Lynn Shackelford?


  5. says Hundley was alongside Hearn from ’67-’69. Then with the Suns for 4 years before moving on to the Jazz in ’74.

    Please click on the “Old Golden Throat” link, it’s Chick interviewing Kobe before his first start.


  6. 4,5. Yes, that’s right. Argghhhh! Now I remember that must have been the reason my dad would tell me all about Shackleford’s high-arching jump shots when he played for UCLA.


  7. How is Luke doing on the Radio?


  8. is there a link to the chick kobe interview someone can post



    Look at the links listed in the initial post.


  10. Wow. For everything else, Kobe has changed very little rhetorically in these last intervening 13 years.


  11. I wish that it was under better circumstances, but it will be nice to have a break from Stu for a while. Unfortunately, he adds nothing to the game aside from negative comments about the Lakers, saying what they should’ve done on each and every play, but only afterwards. It’s also a shame that he has never improved his speaking style.


  12. #3 Speaking of hairpieces, Deron kinda sports one, too. He’s pretty creative with his hairstyle but it’s a matter of time before he has to ask for Craig’s advice.