Pau Gasol: Joga Bonito

Kurt —  December 17, 2009

First, before anyone says it: I know I used the Portuguese in the post title. I also am well aware that Portugal and Spain are different countries (Spain is the one with a chance to win the World Cup). But I thought the phrase applies.

Sometimes, we don’t appreciate what a beautiful game Pau Gasol plays. How he makes the offense flow. How he does what is needed — lately that has been rebounding, so for the last four games he has averaged 19.5 rebounds a night.

The video above is Gasol’s points gainst the Bucks — he had 26 points, 22 rebounds, four assists and four blocks. On a night when the rest of the team looked lethargic, Gasol looked like he had downed a case of Red Bull. He was everywhere.

And if he had not been everywhere, Kobe Bryant would not have had the chance to hit the dramatic game winner.

Watch, and enjoy Joga Bonito