Pau Gasol Is Going Nowhere

Kurt —  December 18, 2009

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Pau Gasol has agreed to a three year extension to his deal with the Lakers, keeping him with the team through 2014. Pen should hit ink in the next few days.

The exact terms of the deal will not be known for two years, because it will depend somewhat on the next CBA to begin in 2011. But it likely will be in the low $60 million dollar range for the three years.

That the Lakers would re-sign Gasol is not a shock, but the timing shows how badly they wanted to keep him in the fold. Lakers brass realizes that Gasol and Kobe — who is working an extension, or who may opt out this summer and re-sign with the team — are the keys to titles down the line. They have been together two years, and have been to the Finals twice. You need other good players to do that, but Kobe and Pau are the stars at the heart of the success.

to Pau Gasol Is Going Nowhere

  1. Awesome… I take it that this post confirms that it’s not just a rumor now, right?



  2. and there goes this great Gasol trade idea I had….

    If the team stays healthy I think they have about a four year window.


  3. Credit to Eric Pincus for getting the talks first and nailing it.


  4. It’s really sad the perverse joy I receive watching the Celtics lose.


  5. And my joy will only increase if the Nuggets lose as well.


  6. 4. yes, indeed. my second favorite team is whoever is playing the celtics. haha…

    looks like the nuggets are gonna lose.

    we’re number 1 in the league again!


  7. Yes, that was a wonderful loss that Philly just put on the Leps in Boston. Nice to see the winning basket made by Elton Brand, who had a phenomenal game. Also, two pretty gruesome injuries in that Nowitzki-Landry collision.

    Kurt, you meant “re-sign” Pau, not “resign” Pau, right? Opposite definitions.


  8. LOL, Dude I hate that.

    It’s the worst when they put the name in front and use it as a verb.

    “Phil Jackson resigns as Lakers coach.”


  9. Are the Rockets sponsored by McDonald’s? Their uniforms sure look like it.


  10. From his first game as a Laker, Pau has demonstrated his value to the Laker organization. I think all of us are only now beginning to fully appreciate his value to the team.

    For example, when he first came to the Lakers a knock on him was that he was a scorer, but not a good rebounder. I don’t think that anyone would say that anymore.

    Another was that he was a loser in playoff games. He has now proven himself both in the NBA and in world competition.

    I hope that no one considers Pau to be soft anymore.

    We now know that Pau can do virtually anything that the Laker’s want him to do. If the Lakers wanted him to, he could probably become the best 3 point shooter on the team.

    It’s an honor to have him agree to 3 more years as a Laker.


  11. Perverse joy felt here as well. Celtics losing is always a breath of fresh air esp that we are neck to neck with them in the standings.

    I put money on NOH winning tonight… but was greatly dismayed looking right before the half down by 15. Guess who made the biggest plays… 30 points, 9 rebounds 19 dimes. That’s no longer human.


  12. I can’t believe the 2 times a trade speculation post is being allowed and I could not post a single one 😀

    Since this is the ongoing topic but I believe there isn’t much to talk about here and the previous one was waaaaay better, Kurt, please allow my indulgence of bringing back some topics from the previous posts’ comments.

    First of all, the PG system is flawed. Because what we need is actually a Triangle PG ala Ron Harper (emphasis on defense and willingness to be the 5th option) we ACTUALLY DO NOT NEED A PG but we need someone who would fit the bill (shooting, defense, 5th option) who has handles.

    Shannon Brown IS NOT A PG. By all accounts, Phil has removed him from being the team’s lead PG because he isn’t. He keeps playing beside Farmar and not as the PG but as the spark plug. Meaning, once Jordan and Shanwow play and Kobe is on the floor, JFarm is the PG, Shanwow is SG and Kobe slides to the 3.

    I heard people mentioning Anthony Morrow from the previous thread… dude is a sucker coz he is a career 46% shooter from three. But the thing is, the guy needs a contract and I am not sure he values rings more than his next big contract. At best he will be a 1 year rental, assuming we afford him at all considering he has to accept being 5th fiddle.

    FYI on Morrow: Chicago is very high on the kid. With projected cap space for 2010, he is one of the alternative targets to teams needing Joe Johnson or Dwyane Wade but strike out. Therefore, the next best thing is to force GSW’s hand on the 2nd rounder and pressure them to match a decently-sized contract. My thinking is they don’t match since the team has 500 guards. This will be Chicago’s best chance to acquire a player the sorely need and will willingly give playing time, shots and most of all, a contract. So my suggestion, forget Morrow.

    Jordan Farmar is a knucklehead. I am one of the very few remaining fans of the kid but even the hope that springs eternal in fanhood is fading. The kid just doesn’t fit and I see him moving this year. Before you ask to where and for who, allow me to finish up on the premise.

    Sasha Vujacic at PG? Has anyone every thought about making the most out of his situation? We have 10M reasons to give him a shot… so far he is flunking his test but remember that he is still under contract next year. I’d like for guys to comment on this matter if it interests you because he is who I see starting for us next year. Rogue as that sounds.

    Adam Morrison during the deadline, packaged with 3M cash and perhaps the Grizzlies 2nd rounder (I hope not) will be sent to OKC for a TPE. Plain and simple Chris Mihm-ish deal.

    Derek Fisher, in all his glory, signs back for the veteran’s minimum. Perhaps fill in some sort of assistant coaching capacity training while he’s at it. A true class act leader.

    Kirk Hinrich is what I would call the PROTOTYPE TRIANGLE PG. He is a good buy because his value is very low and Chicago wants its 2nd max free agent (I don’t see it happening). However, like Kurt said, I don’t believe he is worth paying 18M a year for, even though his salary is in decreasing mode.


  13. Best holiday news ever. Pau is just a plain joy and honor to watch. It’s sad so much of his game was wasted in Memphis. I hope someone rescues Marc.

    Also, GS and WA are putting on quite an offensive display right now. WA on pace for just under 40 if they keep this up.

    Stephen Curry’s shot is sinfully beautiful.


  14. Continuing about my trade spec essay, the Lakers need to be very creative and crafty in finding the long-term solution. Like I mentioned in post 13 (if approved) Sasha is who I see handling the ball and we still do PG-by-committee for 1 more season.

    For what its worth, we make lemonade out of our abundant lemons. Thinking outside the box is not unwarranted since there is a dire need, but I’d like to keep my stance about the Slovenian being our defacto starting PG (backed up by Fish) for 2010. I wonder why Phil hasn’t started this experiment yet… I guess maybe sometime January we shall see some of this.

    Jordan Farmar will be traded. This the most valuable asset we have (well atleast the one we are most willing to part with) and he should command a high 2nd rounder or late 1st rounder for the 2010 draft. I am not familiar with who is available for the upcoming draft and I have no access to College play but my best bet is that he will be shipped to NY simply because that is the team which he has the best fit for. Add in the good relations we have with NY, we might be able to trade him for a TPE at the deadline or some form of sign-and-trade in exchange for pure cash. We use the money to pay for our luxuries and I think our long term PG still has no solution until next year, or atleast until its proven that our current squad is incapable of repeating without the said PG.


  15. Still related to the previous post, the Lakers need to look at the 11th and 12th men of other teams. But most of all, we need to entertain the idea of the best-fit PG who we can afford with our MLE.

    CJ Watson of GSW comes to mind, as does Chris Duhon. Alot of us wanted Duhon for our system 2 years back before he signed with NY and I believe he has secured his own finances (unlike Morrow) and he is an aging vet who we can give a go at our PG spot. He has defense and he has 3-pt shooting and he is ok with being the 8th option on offense. CJ Watson is an unproven commodity which is more of an experiment. But I believe the Lakers have to see something ultra-special on the guy before deciding to break the bank since basically anything we add at this point is counted as double.


  16. Ugh…Tim Thomas hit a double-clutch three for Dallas to send their game against Houston into overtime. Brings back ugly memories.

    I second all the comments about Pau. Remember how the knock on him a couple years ago was how he could never grab rebounds in traffic? That knock had a lot of truth to it back then. Not anymore. The guy has become a beast.


  17. Breathe deep, Dude. There are much better times in LA now. And the headline of this post shows that those days aren’t coming back soon.

    On a side note, Kobe Bryant has finally proven his worth to Bill Plaschke. Through all the championships, All-Star games, MVP award, this will be the defining moment of his basketball legacy. You may now retire, Mr. Bryant.,0,4496582.column


  18. I refuse to read that Plaschke column, just on general principles. I’m going to go out on a limb and make an educated guess that there is a significant number of one-line paragraphs in that column. We all know why Adande and Plaschke have been so negative on the Lakers for so many years (Adande still is). For those new to Laker fandom, the player these two sided with all those years ago currently plays center for the Cavaliers.

    All anyone needs to know about Bill Plaschke can be summed up in this video:


  19. 17 – lol nailed it. I felt dirty posting the link to that.

    This should be purifying. A must read from the best beat reporter in basketball:

    Sorry for the multiple posts, but I also thought this was an interesting read (credit to wondah at SSNR). I posted a month ago that Tyreke Evans reminded me a lot of Wade, although his power is more reminiscent of another player. But either way, the guy’s going to be a stud.

    That defensive play against Arenas was big time. This guy, in talent and attitude, has star written all over him.


  20. I mentioned this in the last thread but I think its worth bringing up where people will see it:

    The Lakers have their own D-League team. Have they ever called anyone up who wasn’t relegated from the roster to start with?

    The D-League has been a valuable tool to some teams. The Warriors found Azubuike, CJ Watson, I think Morrow and now this Hunter kid, who’s doing alright. Ramon Sessions is from the D League.

    Instead of talking themselves into Chris Duhon, why not look at the younger, hungrier and possibly more talented kids in the d league. Those on the d-fenders even have experience in the triangle.

    I dunno, just wondering. I guess a lot of teams don’t want to seem desperate by grabbing d-leaguers unless they have injuries.


  21. Can anybody give me the link to one of the best blog posts of all time, the post written about Kobe and the public’s love/hate relationship and fascination towards him? It was written on Forum Blue and Gold a while back (I think 2008 season?) and I have been dying to re-read it.
    Kurt maybe you know where I could find it?


  22. Now I can sleep better…


  23. kurt, you missed a great title for the previous (or this article): Waiting For Gasol


  24. I know this is off topic, but we all agree the sixers beating the celtics in Boston, without williams and Iverson, there two starting guards, has to be the biggest shocking defeat not only of the year, but probably in the last few years. It even snapped the Celtics 11 game win streak. Hey, we will take it lol


  25. Ok maybe not in the last two years. the sixers arent as bad as their record shows, but certainly the biggest shock of the year.


  26. 21 I was thinking the same thinking watching the Warriors game, especially with Watson and Hunter getting a lot of burn. Those second round/undrafted guys we get always choose the overseas route, but it’d be nice to see them develop someone in the d league.


  27. here’s an interesting question for lakers fans: what do you enjoy more, the lakers winning or boston losing?

    of course the lakers beating the celtics’ asses red is the ultimate.


  28. You never know what you will run into here at FB&G, huh? I just finished some 100 comments in the last thread and find out Kurt has a second post today about Gasol. While working my way down this thread, Warren decides to write a trade essay, just loved it bye the way (highly recommended reading), and that Plaschke video at the Olympics was a just hilarious indeed. Well, I guess I am going to go buy my Gasol #16 jersey now, I had been contemplating getting one, and now that he is not going anywhere, I feel safe that it is a good investment for my sports gear this year. Smart move by the Laker organization, letting everyone in the world know that Pau Gasol is a vital part of the team along with Kobe.


  29. Warren, have you been watching Farmar this season?


  30. 29 sT – Better buy that Gasol jersey – one day it will hang in the rafters next to Wilt and Kareem’s.


  31. I know this is way off topic, and way outside the box, but if Kobe’s fingers are fully healed and Kobe gets a bit older (and can no longer take guys off the dribble), what about him as our starting PG?

    He’ll be very familiar with the triangle, will still be deadly as a shooter, is a good passer, can read defense, could still post up, and won’t be afraid to shoot.

    Defense will always be a problem under the current rules, but his length will be quite a problem for smaller PGs…

    That would solve a lot of our problems down the line 😉


  32. Omg Warren, have you not seen my

    Start Sasha! Start Sasha!

    chants? I’m a little hurt, honestly.


  33. LOL Zephid, I honestly didn’t read the comments that far. So if your idea was that to start him, props to you coz its about the best option we have.

    Don, like I said, I have always been his biggest fan. I have witnessed about 80% of the Laker games (considered a convenience considering I am in the Philippines) and yes I still cringe at his three-point shot and/or free throws.

    Thing with him is, he doesn’t quite get it. I would love for him to go to NY and strut his style and be a star… but the thing is, in here, to be a TRI PG is to be the 5th option. I don’t believe he is the PG for us but like Ariza, I will root for him wherever he may go.


  34. #28: the Lakers win a lot whereas the Celtics seldom lose, so in a way, Celtics losing is a bigger treat — except when we get a Kobe miracle.

    #32: I think Sasha starting is a great idea. why not? the guy is a clear head case; starting may do wonders for him. let’s see what he can do along side the starters. what have we got to lose except a few possessions? the Nets game would be an ideal time for the Machine Recalibration Project.

    who wants to create ? hmm, you think Maria read FB&G?


  35. Snoopy2006,

    Thanks for the shout.

    Here are more Lakers Links for those interested:


  36. If Maria reads FBG, she would’ve dumped the guy already. LOL.

    But on a serious note, why not? He has handles, he is only allowed to shoot once really open (and we have seen what he was capable of during 2008) and he plays defense.

    Except this time, he has to be a PG. No longer the gunslinger he was supposed to be.


  37. @22. Aqzi:

    Maybe it is this one? This was written after the 2009 championship though, but it might suit you.


  38. warren, what part of the philippines are you from? i was born and raised, lived there for 25 years although im stateside now. 80 percent of the games back home is not bad at all. there’s the internet but considering the time zone… that’s tough. no dvr’s to work with either. i remember in the late 80s, early 90s with no regular season games shown and no internet obviously, the only way i would find out if the lakers won was thru the newspaper. and with l.a. playing anywhere between 7 am and 1030 am, it would come out in the paper the next morning, a full whole day in anticipation!


  39. Anyone else tired of the “LOL LAKERS STOLE GASOL FROM MEMPHIS (not in exact words)” comments, from both fans and “professional” journalists?

    Marc Gasol is no slouch and he is a double-double guy (9.8 rebounds, but whatever). Memphis got cap space through Kwame’s expiring contracts and some picks, which is what Memphis wanted. The reason Marc doesn’t score as much as Pau is because he is the 4th option behind Gay, Mayo, and Randolph, and because Memphis isn’t a inside-out team.

    It’s just annoying to keep hearing it over and over again, especially now after almost two years. Do they think calling it a “heist” is still funny?

    Glad to know that Gasol will be with us for a few more years.