Happy New Year

Kurt —  December 31, 2009

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2010 is going to be a great year to be a Lakers fan. We want you to be there for all of it, so have fun but be careful out there. Don’t do anything crazy, like try to jump a car a couple hundred feet.

Thanks for making this site one of your homes on the Web. Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. Happy New Year to all followers of my favorite site. Here’s to another title!


  2. Happy New Year…and please be healthy!


  3. Happy New Year to all the regulars, moderators, contributors, and to Kurt. I hope this is a healthy and happy year for you all, and for our World Champion Los Angeles Lakers. Here is a toast to a great year that has passed and to #16 coming home in 2010.


  4. Happy New Year to everybody all the way from Germany!


  5. Happy New Year’s to all! Here’s to a healthy Andrew Bynum, no more Artest intrigue (at least in 2009), another year of Shannon dunks, and to raising yet another banner when all is said and done.

    Be safe… and don’t let Kwame around your cakes or Smush around your cars. When the calendar switches over, we’ll still have Kobe and the hairy Spaniard– the recipe for a happy year.

    Thanks again for this wonderful site and best wishes to Laker fans everywhere.


  6. this one’s for Warren!

    and the Dude, nice marmot.

    and all the other colorful personalities around here!



  7. Happy new years

    Let’s get Tmac and The Question into all star game!

    For the laughs!


  8. Thanks to all who participate. This site is an enjoyable distraction thanks to the many knowledgeable fans who share their insight here.

    Here’s hoping to a Sweet Sixteen in 2010.


  9. Not Charlie Rosen December 31, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    Thanks for having us, Kurt, and welcoming us into your basketball home.


  10. In 2010 I’m wishing for:

    More “good Kobe”

    Fewer Oh! No! dumb 3 point attempts

    More Pau touches

    Fewer blocked Fisher layups

    More Luke

    Fewer unforced turnovers

    More Sasha threes

    Fewer Bynum fouls

    More ShanWOW dunks

    Fewer needed PJ timeouts

    More Taco fourth quarters

    Fewer starter minutes

    Keeping Ron Ron away from the stairs

    and games enjoyed one at a time by all

    Thanks, Kurt!


  11. Happy New Year!!! This is the year someone tells Phil Jackson that Derek Fisher retired 10 months ago…


  12. Happy New Years everyone. It will be my pleasure to experience championhsip run with FB&G and all of you guys. Wish you all health, luck and confidence in yourself no matter what you do


  13. From deep in the heart of Spurs country, here’s to a great new decade and hopefully more titles to come. Go lakers!!


  14. Happy new year to every regular here at FB&G! Here’s to more health wealth and happiness in the upcoming year, which hopefully will include another Lakers title.


  15. 27 minutes until 2010 begins in my time zone. Happy new year to all the FB&G people! You are all great, and the people here are the main reason this blog is now a daily read for me.

    Here’s to another play-off run, a healthy Bynum, a calm Artest, and to Kobe and Pau… well… just being Kobe and Pau.

    Happy New Year! 🙂


  16. Here’s to a happy new year for the whole laker family across the world. (including you kaifa in germany!) This will be my first year deploying for the air force, hopefully I don’t have to miss the post season during my deployment slot… lol


  17. Another year over, a new one just begun

    Here’s to lasting health and genuine peace


  18. Happy Happy New Year fellow FB&Gers, I wish the best for everyone in 2010, and hopefully we will be hoisting up another trophy in June.

    New Years resolution: To enjoy this Laker season as never before!


  19. Happy New Years everyone !

    Always a mixed bag for me today is. Hate having everyone count down to my birthday 😉


  20. Happy New Year to everyone here. To our esteemed moderators and site founder. Also, thanks chris h for the link to the book review. That pretty much tied my New Year’s Eve together 😀


  21. to all my brothers in the name of the Lakers,
    Happy New Year. this will be a very interesting year.


  22. Happy New Year to everyone at this great site. One more title and one more title run this year is all that I wish the Lakers in 2010.


  23. Happy new year, thanks for a great site, keep it coming!


  24. Happy new year everyone. Long live FB&G and the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers!


  25. Happy New Years!

    Here’s to…

    Andrew playing smarter and learning to box out

    No Fish on the fast break

    The Return of the Machine

    Shannon learning to pass as well as he dunks

    Ron Ron learning to finish

    Lamar driving more, shooting jumpers less

    Remembering the Triangle


  26. Happy new year everyone. Long live FB&G and the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers!

    ^^ Could not come up with my own wellwish. So…


  27. jeremyLA24,
    ” This will be my first year deploying for the air force,”

    Thanks for your service!!


  28. Happy new year! PJ is indeed thinking of starting a smaller line-up tonight:


    I toyed with the idea the other night, but am interested to see if PJ goes through with it (2nd comment): http://www.forumblueandgold.com/2009/12/30/fast-break-thoughts-57/


  29. 27exhelodrvr, Thanks for taking the time to write your appreciation for my service. I wasn’t looking for any praise when I wrote it but it helps give me pride in what I do so, thank you.

    I wish for a healthy, well bonded laker team in 2010! (and possibly a better team 3pt%)


  30. JLA24,

    Thanks for your service and protecting our freedoms.


  31. Lakers&DodgersFan January 1, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Happy New Year, everyone! God Bless You!
    Here is my 2010 L.A. sports wish list.
    • Kobe hits a buzzer-beater in the playoffs
    • Sasha finds his stroke again
    • Shannon Brown wins the dunk contest
    • Kobe wins the MVP award
    • Andrew Bynum proves his worth
    • Jordie starts hitting open threes again
    • Kobe haters finally accept Kobe’s greatness
    • Pau Gasol stuffs a Boston Celtics’ shot
    • Kobe ferociously blocks a potential LeBron dunk
    • Ron Artest starts playing well again and behaves
    • Derek Fisher starts making layups
    • Lamar Odom starts making layups
    • Lamar starts playing consistently well
    • The Lakers make it to the Finals, where they face either the LeBrons or the Celtics
    • Lakers win the Finals in a four-game sweep!

    Dodgers: (I know none of you care, but I’m making this short list anyway)
    • Manny Ramirez becomes the Manny of old
    • Dodgers win the World Series (preferably against Boston)!

    Happy New Year! Best wishes to all Laker fans in 2010!


  32. Happy New Year to everyone, Keep up the excellent work being done at FB&G. Here is looking to enjoying the ride rest of the season to another title run


  33. Thanks for the support 81 Witness.

    Just read the story about Agent Zero and our old team member J. Crittenton having a firearm showdown in the locker room! It’s a wild story if you haven’t seen it yet take a look.


  34. Best wishes and hope everyone and all their loved ones have a happy and esp healthy 2010.

    I jammed my right thumb the day before Christmas and I still feel pain when I try to exert pressure w/it. A little personal reminder of just how mentally tough Kobe is to play at such a high level thru all his injuries. I hope Kobe can have a summer of healing.


  35. happy new years everyone!

    was about to link what jeremyla24 linked. former laker in the spotlight with arenas.

    one of the comments made me laugh
    “they should change the team name back to the bullets”