Wins are not made in 48 minutes…

nomuskles —  January 19, 2010

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…they are made in all of the preparation leading up to those decisive moments you remember.

Ansel Adams is considered one of the best photographers of all time. He has produced such wonders as Moonrise Hernandez, and this, and this.

Ansel always made it clear that photography was not about a lucky moment or just taking a bunch of photos until you were happy with one (the shotgun approach) or about having the best equipment. He was meticulous in both his composition and developing. He mastered the technical aspects of his cameras and his equipment. The key to his photographs, was his ability to know what he wanted from a photo and execute it using all of his prior experience and wealth of knowledge.

Sound like anyone else we know?

In countless other media, Kobe has been described similarly in terms of his preparation. His shoes? Analyzed and made as light and responsive as possible. He watches game film obsessively. He is constantly adding new moves to his game. He hired Tim Grover to be his assistant full-time last season. Whatever Kobe can think of to get better, he does it. His singular purpose is winning but he does not show up to a game without first making sure he is the most prepared person in the arena. The same can be said for Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, and Tiger Woods. Before the game has started, these men have already beat you.

Ansel advocated that photographers go through a process of visualization before ever touching their camera. To him, photography as an art was not about walking around and shooting what you came across, it was about creating an image using the tools available. Creating an image meant planning the place, the time, and the elements in a frame. It meant visualizing how the three-dimensional scene would transfer to the two-dimensional format of film. Knowing how to shoot a camera or a basketball does not make one great. It’s everything that leads up to the moment the shutter is released or the ball flicks off the fingertips. A player and a team must create a championship, it does not fall into their lap.

If the Lakers hope to repeat as champion, they must master all of the technical details but they must also make sure that they are as prepared as possible. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Once San Antonio goes on their Rodeo trip at the beginning of February, everyone will know it is time to buckle down. The Lakers must start to become a finely tuned unit that will peak in June. It begins with these tough games but doesn’t end there. The Lakers must have the tenacity that the greats always display. They must visualize what it takes to reach the promised land and if they fail to prepare adequately they will surely come up short. Defensive rebounding, three-point shooting, and defensive intensity need to be tightened up. Does this team have what it takes? Can they survive the close calls and snuff out the pretenders? Can Ron Artest jump over a roll of quarters? OK, maybe that is just my own curiosity. Will the bench improve and provide consistent minutes? Can everyone stay healthy? FB&G faithful, the moments of judgement are now upon us. Let the team who has best visualized what it takes to be a champion wear triumph as their cologne and victory as their cape. (Except the Celtics. They can suck it.)




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  1. Well written. I like getting educated about non-basketball culture from time to time, and tying photography into basketball simply takes supreme visualization. A tip of the hat, sir.


  2. I heard Phil Jackson banging the drum as I read this.


  3. Well said nomuskles, well said.

    This is not just a basketball write up, its a life lesson.


  4. Yeah, but could Adams take pictures with either hand?


  5. Fantastic read.

    Exhelodrvr, and with a bad back and torn pinky?


  6. Well done, nomuskles.
    The best line was the last….(except the Keltics…they can suck it)



  7. Having studied Ansel Adams for as long as I have been a Laker fan, thanks nomuskles! You tied two of my major interests together.


  8. My two other interests being digital photography and x-fit training, this post was very refreshing 😉 Didn’t think somebody would connect basketball and photography.


  9. This blog reminded me of my favorite quotes of all time. The guy who wrote it is also one of my favorite legendary/mythical characters of all time, and every time I see Kobe prepare for battle, I can’t help thinking that these two men would have gotten along very well and actually have been able to understand each other….

    In the practice of every way of life and every kind of work, there is a state of mind called that of the deviant. Even if you strive diligently on your chosen path day after day, if your heart is not in accord with it, then even if you think you are on a good path, from the point of view of the straight and true, this is not a genuine path. If you do not pursue a genuine path to its consummation, then a little bit of crookedness in the mind will later turn into a major warp.

    Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.

    In battle, if you you make your opponent flinch, you have already won.

    From Miyamoto Musashi. He wrote a sword fighting manual called “The Book of Five Rings”, you might have heard of him. 🙂

    Interesting tidbit, one of Musashi’s contemporaries one remarked that despite his many victories in duels, he wasn’t the most talented swordsman of his time. He was the most dedicated and brilliant thinker among them, and the most hard working one though. That’s why his opponents feared him.

    That also sounds like someone we know…


  10. Mimsy- THIS GUY is the most talented swordsman of his time:


  11. Mullet. Beer belly. Tight tights with far too little left to the imagination.


    I may not recover in time for the Cavs game! I will need to watch at least Ninja Assassin and The Last Samurai a few times. Maybe a few Jet Li movies as well…

    Wait. Why am I complaining? Never mind! 🙂


  12. Wow, Ansel adams and then Miyamoto Musashi?

    Musashi, from what I’ve read, was somebody who placed victory over everything, and there wasn’t a tactic he was too ‘proud’ to use. In the duel against one of the best swordsmen of the time, whose name I forget (a guy who used a loooong sword), Musashi intentionally came way late to the duel in order to agitate the opponent.


  13. Harold, that would be Sasaki Kojiro. He used a very long straight sword, that gave him a great advantage against anyone weilding a regular curved blade.

    Kojiro was considered a prodigy, a genius, the most talented man ever to wield a katana. However, he was arrogant, and unwilling to take advice from those he considered “inferior”. (You know, that also sounds like someone I know of. He currently resides in Cleveland. 🙂 )

    Musashi not only showed up late for the duel with him, but instead of a real sword he used a wooden sword he had carved from an oar (the duel was on an island… the boat ride must have been boring), and he thoroughly destroyed Kojiro on that day.

    Musashi was the type of guy who would do anything to win, and he’d tailor his tactics to his opponents weaknesses with an insight and mastery that only genius can ever achieve.

    Eijo Yoshikawa wrote a great novel about his life called “Musashi, The Samurai”. A very good read, if you can find it at a good price. I would suggest starting with Amazon and go from there.


  14. Ah well. Once my posts stuck in moderation ever go through, you’ll all finally know the name of that guy with the long sword that got his ego and pride shattered by Musashi on that island that summer day… 🙂


  15. Mimsy, if they ever translate Japanese comic books, look for Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue. His version is somewhat different but fun nonetheless.

    The guy also drew a cartoon called Slam Dunk, which was a mega blockbuster in Asia and was HUGE in getting people interested in basketball, myself included. Not sure if either is translated into English.


  16. harold — except that kobe wouldn’t want arriving late for his own showdown…

    by being two hours early, he has agitated what remains of his opponent not yet undone by his reputation.

    great post nomuskles, hope to see more of this sort…so many things are so interrelated.

    as far as farmar/brown, am basking in the moment and when we peak…my my my. we can make pronouncements about farmar when we are past the playoffs and re-signing people or should a tempting trade offer (unlikely) comes. GO LAKERS!


  17. Stand by, as I’m composing my essay comparing Sasha to the sensitive soul responsible for the clown with a tear paintings and also Ammo to the guy who paints dogs playing poker. Regrettably, my Bynum/art school drop out treatise will have to wait for another day…


  18. hanamichi sakuragi January 20, 2010 at 12:41 am

    harold – at risk of veering off-topic, here is the japanese delinquent basketball you seek:


  19. Great post nomuskles, mixing basketball and photography together, and the best of the best in both fields.


  20. Several hours before tip-off Quicken Loans arena Kobe sits in Seiza position. In the dark, it is easy to miss that Gary Vitti has wrapped Kobe’s right index finger with long strips of Oak to create a bokken.

    Closer to game time, the lights turn on, Lebron walks onto the court to warm up and notices a dark figure with what looks like a wooden sword.

    The figure slowly rises, faces Lebron and assumes the Chudan no Kamae position of guard and utters. ” Unmei shinjiru?” – “Do you believe in destiny?”


  21. Continuing the off-topic manga discussion, Vagabond is also available on the site hanamichi sakuragi linked to. Looks like Eiji Yoshikawa was involved in writing that one as well.

    Great, now I have something to read this weekend. 🙂

    Somehow, the notion of Kobe as a samurai makes perfect sense, though I can’t see him take on and destroy Lebron during a warm-up. He would wait for the crowd to arrive first.


  22. Great post. In addition to preparation, both basketball and photography are artforms – they cannot be measured or dissected while staying true to the essence of the game’s ebbs and flows or art’s creationism. They are both subject to the vagaries of emotion that make them as powerful as mysterious, as illuminating as frustrating. This element of the affect breeds in the subconscious, nurtured by preparation, and the best’s preparation and experience is required to summon it effectively.

    Just as we cannot denote the price of a piece of artwork to its effects on a viewer, we cannot measure the impact of Farmar and Brown with stats or textbook basketball alone. Seeing them gain that experience, that confidence will make them far more ready to perform works of art when it matters.


  23. If the Lakers are going to make a move to solidify the bench, as Mannix has reported they’re trying to do, they’re likely to do it while the troops are out in the field. The last two seasons they’ve made moves while the team was on a long mid-season road trip.

    Trevor was acquired in the midst of a 12-of-13-games-on-the-road stretch in Feb ’08.
    Ditto for Pau, but earlier in that same stretch of Feb ’08 games.
    Last season, they were just finishing up the long trip when Ammo and Shannon were acquired.

    It stands to reason that if a move is made, it will be made in the next two weeks.

    The game is afoot on the road.


  24. You know, I have wondered that same exact thing about Ron. I never knew until this year how deficient his leaping ability is. It really hampers his ability to finish on the break, because he doesn’t translate enough of his forward momentum into elevation before the shot. This distinguishes him from Fisher, who actually can jump over a roll of quarters but manages to miss the layup anyway.

    All that being said, I have never questioned Fisher’s PT. It just seems to be one of those forces of nature that comes in handy when you least expect it.


  25. Great post nomuskles, that’s some fine insight 🙂 Kobe evokes that meticulousness so much, but the efficiency of his moves look so spontaneous and “for the moment” that I forget.

    “Kobe the Samurai” has to be an artist’s render or a photoshop out there somewhere!

    Thanks for book suggestions harold and Mimsy 😀 I’ve read The Book of the Five Rings, but haven’t followed up on Musashi reading like I’d like to.


  26. Best basketball blog on the planet. Seriously. Basketball samurais and hoops as photography? You cannot find that anywhere else.

    Also, I’d like to posit that it’s no coincidence that we’re discussing The Book of the Five Rings as Kobe/Musashi is in the midst of his quest for a fifth ring. Destiny!


  27. I echo Ryan O., this is the best blog period.

    I usually just lurk around here but since we’re discussing parallels with Kobe, Adams and Musashi, and since I am an avid swordsman–which Bill Bridges you seem to be as well, so cool– I looked up Musashi on Wikipedia (I know, I know) and noticed that Musashi was born in Bushu aka Harima which is part of Hyogo Prefecture.

    Oh and the capital of Hyogo Prefecture? Kobe.

    Coincidence? I think not.


  28. Bill Simmons, ESPN, and the never-ending drooling over LeBron.

    “Know this: The Kobe-LeBron argument is dead. It’s over. LeBron James is the best basketball player alive.”


  29. I don’t care what Bill Simmons says. It’s just an opinion – and opinions don’t win titles.


  30. Simmons’ article makes the batting cage argument… Essentially, “Man, does that player look awesome in X” with X meaning games that do not matter. Practice, shoot-a-rounds, January games, etc.

    Lebron is a marvelously talented player. One of the most physically gifted I have seen in my lifetime on the NBA court.

    But, he has yet to win the ring. He has yet to combine all of that talent with desire and hard work.

    At the moment Lebron is in the discussion for “Best player to never win a ring” honors, and that is a fairly serious list. (Malone, Stockton, Wilkins, Barkley, etc.)

    If Lebron had his career end tomorrow, would we consider him to be better than Malone or Barkley? Really?

    I think that barring a big time trade to get him on a team with big time help (Bosh, Wade, Rose, Melo, Kobe, etc…) Lebron will not get a ring. Too many teams with too much depth. You have to be truly amazing at two or more positions to win a championship in this era (see: Garnet, Allen, Pierce. Or Kobe and Gasol. Or Duncan, Parker and Ginobli. Or Shaq and Wade.) Old Shaq and Lebron are not on that list of greatness.


  31. Lebron is truly the best basketball player on the planet in aspects of size, strength, speed, and athleticism. But Kobe has the determination, the will, and the fortitude of an oak tree that makes what you see on the court with the naked eye unmeasurable. The talk will always be who is the king of the jungle, but if the king has never been dethroned than it is just merly that. TALK.


  32. just though it was worth noting that ric bucher says the lakers enquired about devin harris, hmm


  33. When Kobe was younger and Jordan was enjoying his swan song with the Wizards any reporter alive would and should have said that “Kobe Bryant was the best player alive today”. The keyword being “today” as in a vacuum, devoid of the past. This doesn’t mention peaks. (So far) Michael Jordan’s peak as an all time great is still better than Kobe’s, but at that moment in time, Kobe would have eaten MJ up and spit him out without losing an eyelash. That’s more due to MJs decline due to age (and especially on defense) than anything else. MJ as a rookie would have done the same to an aging Dr. J.
    I think the same situation is being applied today. If you look at his entire body of work, Kobe will trump LBJ in a heartbeat. Kobe has been far more successful in his first 6 seasons than LBJ. That’s something LBJ can’t change, ever. But, if you take this season as a snapshot in time and disregard the past, then I will agree that LBJ is better, but not by much. LBJs numbers are better across the board, his team is equally as successful, and Kobe is fighting off lingering injuries that would shift the argument more in his favor.
    The 26 year old Kobe vs the 26 year old LBJ of today would be a dream to watch though. So would the 26 year old KB vs MJ or LBJ vs MJ. We’re not that fortunate though, so “writers” like Bill Simmons have to generate these articles with titles that force fans to click on links (that’s what they want, right?)
    If Chicken-Little were to write an article about the sky falling, his eponym would be Bill-Simmons
    Ronaldo would eat Pele alive too (today).


  34. 3ThreeIII,
    I can actually imagine some arguing that Lebron is greater than Barkley or Malone… I know. Craziness!

    Also, Bill’s samurai duel is still in the lead, by a very large margin, for the Best Comment Today award 🙂


  35. I think of Kobe as 99% sweat and 1% inspiration, whereas LeBron is more in the 70% sweat 30% inspiration range.

    I know this is unfair to LeBron, but that’s what happens if you are being compared to a 13 year veteran with a vast body of work.

    Once LeBron shows Kobe-like preparation and effort, I don’t think there will be an argument as to who the best is (yes, not better of the two, but the best), but as of now, he’s not there.


  36. Lebron does things that neither Kobe nor Jordan can do because he is so physically gifted. He is also a more likeable teammate because his personality and passing game is more like Magic than Kobe or Jordan. LBJ has the potential to be the greatest player of all time, if he chooses to be. However, he is not there, yet. His talent may get him there eventually, but his game is not as refined as Kobe’s or Jordan’s. If Kobe or Jordan had Lebron’s body, they could have averaged 40 pt 12 reb 8 ast 5 st 4 blks. Seriously.

    LBJ could be even more dominant if he had the killer instinct and developed midrange/post up game like Kobe or Jordan. But he hasn’t, which Simmons also pointed out. Until LBJ wins multiple championships and displays that Kobe/Jordan like determination, he will only be the greatest talent the NBA has ever seen, not the greatest player.

    He is a scary player…kinda like Magic’s game in Karl Malone’s body with Jordan’s athleticism.


  37. I’ve stopped considering praise for Lebron to be bashing of Kobe. Yes they use Kobe in saying “Lebron tops Kobe as the best,” but kobe is in the conversation. And as the argument always goes it depends how you define the question. Whatever. I love kobe. He has been the most rewarding aspect of my adult basketball watching life.

    But just remove him from any consideration as you evaluate Lebron. Lebron IS something unique and special. We are lucky to get a chance to see him (and Durant, Chris Paul, and these other 1 of a kind freaks). And if you are betting against Lebron winning a title, you have to consider that a long shot. And if he doesn’t win any then he’ll go down as one of the biggest disapointments in the history of the league.

    If the Lakers face Cleveland in the finals, then we’ll have reason to bitterly oppose Lebron, but until then I’m going to be a big fan of both Kobe and Lebron.

    Though I reserve the right to take the occasional cheap shot because its funny.


  38. What I didn’t like about that article is Bill Simmons compared LeBron to a cross between Jordan and Magic which would basically make him the basketball equivlent of Dr. Manhattan from The Watchman.

    To me Lebron if like a enhanced version of Magic athletically, but you took away Magic’s post up game and about 20 percent of his court vision (no knock on Lebron, that still puts him in the 99 percentile of NBA players).

    That’s a great, great, great player but let’s not get carried away…


  39. Until Lebron wins a title, the standoff will always be this:

    Lebron: better physical athlete than Kobe ever was, better passer and rebounder, more charismatic teammate, better defender

    Kobe: more skilled player, better killer instinct, better shot maker, better post player, mentally tougher than Lebron will ever be

    better player right now? we’ll never know. better player historically, that depends on how many rings each guy gets. if they tie, give it to the guy with the most finals MVP’s.

    If both their careers ended today, Kobe is Bill Russel and Lebron is Wilt Chamberlain. Titles versus Stats. Oh and to echo on the previous post, I’ve always thought Kobe and Jordan are a better comparison while Lebron and Magic fit better.


  40. Without volunteering my own opinion on the debate itself, I don’t think LeBron winning or not winning a title should matter in terms of who is the better player between him and Kobe. Greater player, in terms of legacy and historical impact? Sure. But not better player. I’ve never been a fan of that type of reasoning. As far as I’m concerned, all that should be relevant is what LeBron can do on the court (skill set, athletic ability, productivity, etc) compared to Kobe right at this moment.


  41. Real Laker fans are also basketball fans. And as a basketball fan you have to love watching Lebron play. Kobe isn’t 25 anymore… and has slown down some. It isn’t fair to compare Kobe right now to a 25 year old Lebron James.

    On a side note… ESPN is reporting the Lakers have contacted the Nets about Devon Harris. How amazing would that be? He would be a sensational backup to Derek Fisher. Im only half joking. Its hard to see Phil ever benching Fisher (even for an all star PG) after Derek played his best half of the season against the Magic and still was outplayed by Brown and Farmar that game. It was the most telling game of the season regarding our PG situation. 80% of me before that game thought Fisher was our 3rd best PG and now 99% of me feels that way.


  42. Aaron (41),
    You sure know how to beat a dead horse… We get it: you hate Fisher.


  43. Kurt, can you shed any light on what ESPN has posted about the Lakers wanting Devin Harris? It’s in their rumor section but I dont want to dare pay for that crap so I was wondering if you had any inside details?


  44. Eric, Ric said it in a podcast, so there’s little more than the rumor yet. He (Ric Bucher) sees it as a sign that the Lakers are worried about their perimeter defense, and are looking for something solid in that department.

    The only substantial fact as of yet though, is that the Lakers have contacted the Nets about Harris, that seems to be all we know for right now.

    My husband has an insider subscription. 🙂


  45. Teams often send out feelers, especially close to the deadline. In any case, Harris is tradeable, but the Nets aren’t giving him up for ECs. They would want a valuable asset. Unless they’re deliriously high on Farmar, I can’t see anything on our roster they’d take that we’d offer.

    Harris would be a huge upgrade defense-wise, but he strikes me as the type of guard whose game doesn’t mesh with the triangle at all. But if he played with the 2nd unit, he could be that great spark that we wished Farmar would grow into. Realistically, though, it’s a pipe dream.


  46. I remember Phil Jackson said some very good things about Harris when he was in Dallas. he sure would be the best thing since the Pau trade.


  47. Thanks Mimsy, I found the podcast and I’m listening to it now


  48. That podcast everyone is talking about is pretty interesting, Ric Bucher says that while the Bosh Bynum trade hasnt been discussed in detail, he said he can see why parties on both sides would be interested and he even said the Raptors would definitely do it if the Lakers wanted to. Very interesting . . . .


  49. I just don’t see the merit in a Bosh-Bynum trade, unless we are fairly certain that Bynum will never really be a consistant force but instead be a bigger version of Odom who’s just inconsistent.

    Maybe to throw a wrench into everyone’s plans to team Bosh and LeBron? That would be interesting 😉

    As for Devin Harris, not sure how he’d fit in our triangle, and very unsure as to what we can offer in return… and he is a 20% 3pt shooter this season, btw.


  50. To get Devin without giving up any of our starters or LO would be an even bigger steal than the Pau trade. And I don’t see Jersey going for that.


  51. What players were LA giving up in return for Harris, I didnt listen to the podcast.


    • Wow, you know I’ve been busy with other stuff when I let this much trade speculation live on the site for a day…..

      First, this is Ric “Kobe will never play in a Lakers uniform again” Bucher we are talking about, his Lakers sources have had a terrible track record over the years. Second, Harris is locked up with three years after this on at $8.5 to $9.3 million a year, so that is a long-term, big cash deal for a Lakers team with a lot of money already on the books. The Lakers are not likely to take on all that salary. Finally, he got it but notice the team writers have said nothing, meaning this likely is not coming from someone within the Lakers inner circle. Maybe Harris’ agent. Maybe the Nets trying to drive up the price on him. Maybe a lot of things that have nothing to do with the Lakers interest. All of this is to say, I’m skeptical.

      What he has heard about Bynum/Bosh is what I heard: There have been no talks. But fans and people in the media room love to bat that one around. Really, Toronto needs to get a feel for if they have any shot of keeping Bosh. If the answer is no they have to consider trades, but the team that takes him has to do a KG-like trade and extend, so Bosh has some veto power. I think the questions here are 1) Would LA really take on $5+ million more a year over what Bynum costs for Bosh? 2) Does Bosh really want to come here and be option #3? I don’t know that either of those are true, and it is less likely both are.


  52. Educate me, folks. I have not really kept up with Devin since he left Dallas. I know he is quick. HIs handle is pretty good. He can get to the rim. Knowing this I too wonder if he fits the Triangle. I also wonder if he is a drastic improvement over Farmar considering the Lakers offense does not seem to play to Devin’s strengths (or Farmar’s).

    Would having him keep guys like Aaron Brooks from eating the Lakers defense up?


  53. 39 – Travis:




  54. #15,

    I believe you can watch all the episodes of Slam Dunk (anime) on Hulu for free. Or mayby it is netflix, in which case you must be a member.


  55. 52,

    His shooting is suspect, which is the primary issue concerning him, although you have to take his New Jersey numbers with a grain of salt because he was basically hoisting up three-pointers off the dribble. Even his best Dallas numbers (35.7%) aren’t anything to write home about, so he’s a middling-at-best shooter.

    As far as Harris versus Farmar, he’s basically a faster, bigger version of Farmar who finishes well and draws fouls by the bucketload. He’s also a superb backcourt defender, or at least he was in Dallas, as he’s not put the effort in at New Jersey, which is understandable given that he’s the primary offensive option.


  56. I kind of tend to think the Nets would be willing to give Devin up for some expiring contracts in order to create cap space for John Wall, who would be the point guard of the future if they landed him. But the Nets have gone on record saying everyone is on the trading block (although I highly doubt they’d trade Lopez since he is such a prospect). I agree though I dont see how he would work in the triangle, but he is athletic enough to play solid defense and being a component of a better team would make ANY player better, especially him. Instead of him having to go 1 on 5 he would actually get to utilize his skills better by being the 3rd or 4th option, and if Trevor can improve his shooting so drastically I’m sure he could as well. Let’s be honest being the Lakers PG you get ALOT of open looks since everyone else gets doubled, so maybe he would have more success shooting the ball.


  57. With our kind of payroll, I think the best thing we probably have going is letting contracts expire and look for somebody like Sundiata Gaines 😉

    Coby Karl?


  58. Kurt,
    Aren’t we allowed to speculate on how a rumored trade would benefit the team? I guess not. The Bosh rumors were a little silly because it seems obvious that if the Lakers were going to make a big trade it would be for that position that is last in the NBA right now… the Lakers PG spot. If anything I would be surprised if the Lakers didn’t make a trade for a PG this year. They have a team that can win a championship for the next 3 years and they currently have the worst starting PG in the NBA… wouldn’t it be strange if they didn’t upgrade the point?


    • Aaron, do you know how many Laker-involved trade rumors there will be in the next three weeks? 99-100% of them totally bogus? Again, my concern is simply what started to happen: A guy with a long track record of being wrong about the Lakers throws out a line about a trade nobody else seems to have heard of and it becomes the topic of the day around here. That can easily happen every day. Hence the harsh standard.


  59. Excellent read! Loved the comparisons.

    And yes the Celtics can suck it….hard.


  60. Ohh great! Mo Williams is not available, so, if the Lakers win, here come the excuses:


  61. Darnit I wanted the Lakers to beat the Cavs at full strength, ur right now all the Cavs fans will give excuses if we win.


  62. I think the Harris rumors are more ridiculous than the Bosh rumors. At least the Bosh deal made sense – Bynum would be a great return. We’re not giving up any of our big 4 for Harris. NJ wants to clear space, but they’re not giving up their most tradeable asset (after Lopez) for a pu-pu platter. They’d want at least 1 solid asset in return, and I don’t see anything we’re willing to give up. Also, I didn’t realize his salary was as large as Kurt said.

    Love the note BCR made. Harris is a much, much better version of Farmar. But the concerns about fitting into the triangle are the same. Would he be great with the 2nd unit? He could instantly transform it into the best bench in the NBA. But realistically I don’t see what NJ would take that we’d give up.