Kobe Knows The Way To Sesame Street

Kurt —  January 20, 2010

Kobe Bryant again leads the league in jersey sales. He has hit game winning shots, played through pain and led the Lakers to the best record to the NBA. And that’s just this season.

But (as I have kids about the same age), I guarantee you this is what made Kobe a hero in his own house:

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  1. I held it in the whole time but by the end of that I couldn’t help laughing with my head rolled back.

    Cavs tomorrow… I know it’s just a regular season game… but I can come up with more than a couple reasons for the guys to get up for this one. Get fired up!!!

  2. Applause.

  3. keepon_keepinon18 January 20, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    Haha thats awesome!

  4. Sesame Street + Kobe=Gold!!!

    BTW, have people read the ESPN article about potential interest in Devin Harris?

  5. Devin Harris? Sounds like a dream more than a reality. Then again, so did Pau.

  6. if I’m a Nets fan, I’d be all over this:

    John Wall, PG
    Courtney Lee, SG
    LeBron James, SF
    Yi Jianlian, PF
    Brook Lopez,C

    Jordan Farmar, G
    CDR, SF
    Serviceable big man (from Adam Morrison’s Expiring Contract)

    That has Finals written all over it.

  7. keepon_keepinon18 January 20, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    Farmar and Morrison for Harris w/ probably a 1st round pick is what I am hearing. Its not that far-fetched either, Nets want to reel in a top free agent and Harris is on the book for 3 or so more years.

  8. I’m so sick of puppets I can’t describe it.

    But Harris for Farmar and Ammo? Yes, sir, so long as Uncle Jerry’s buying.

  9. We need to throw in fish and pull one of those 30 day things man lets make it happen

  10. Nice Sesame Street short. Was the LeBron puppet sulking at home because people were giving him crap for refusing to shake hands with Cookie Monster?

  11. What do people think if it had to be Shannon and Ammo?

  12. Then no. I think we saw the passing of the torch last game…

  13. the other Stephen January 20, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    haha omg, applause.

  14. Shannon going nowhere!

  15. 11 lil’ pau, If it is Shannon instead of Farmar, we will lose our backup for Kobe and our best athletic boost off the bench. Although Farmar runs the pg better, (not by a great margin) he doesn’t fill in sg as well as Shannon and since D Harris will eventually start he wouldn’t be able to backup Kobe. Unless you think that Farmar is valuable enough to make Sasha our go to guy when Kobe needs a rest, then I think it’s worth losing Farmar over Shannon. (If they want Shannon rather than Farmar I would do it anyways but I can say we will be missing him.)

    • The D-Harris speculation is coming to an end now. Until we start a trade thread. And with Ric Bucher’s Lakers track record, I am certainly not starting a thread for what he hears.

  16. It was a trade speculation party until it lasted…. Anyway, how bout that game tomorrow night?

  17. You know, this really shows Kobe’s growth as a personality. He actually seems warm.

    Maybe connecting with children is something that he is good at since his children are so important to him and it is a connection to his personal life that he normally would keep so private.

    Whatever the reason, I love kobe in this clip, he is still growing in more ways than one -the most true sign of greatness.

  18. Hi Everyone, I read this site regularly and have been a Laker fan since i started watching basketball which was around when Kobe came into the league and i will be going to my first Laker game this sunday in Toronto.

    I want to try and meet them and get my jersey signed possibly at their hotel or at shoot around does anyone have any pointers for getting this done at a game or know anything about where they stay when they go on the road.

  19. The D Harris speculation is absolutely ridiculous. Dell Harris is absolutely not the solution at point guard.

    In other news, I just bought a package deal to see Oklahoma, Detroit, Dallas and, of course, the Lakers v. Golden State in February and March this season. For under 200$ for not the worst seats. They have a 99$ deal for 4 tickets and free drinks and hot dogs… the Nets game in a couple days. That would have to be courtside seats to be worth it.

  20. Miniature Kobe >>>>> MVPuppets Kobe

    Although puppet kobe’s commercial celebrating #4 was amazing

  21. compared to all the hysteria that emerges when the Lakers lose, I submit that not even Lakers fans are as loony as the goofballs who support the Celtics. Check out the very enjoyable hand-wringing surrounding tonight’s loss:


    trade allen, trade pierce, trade rondo, get nate…. trade ‘sheed…

    century blvd… we love it!

  22. sie, I saw a short special on Kobe once where he was helping the Make-A-Wish foundation. Some boy with leukemia, had just lost his parents and of course the foundation was all over that. The two seemed like they were having a lot of fun together just hanging out, and Kobe seemed like he was really enjoying himself.

    You might be right. Maybe he just likes kids?

  23. The perception of Kobe is distorted by his past (Colorado, Shaq) and his demeanor on the court (cold-blooded killer). This isn’t surprising. You guys are aware that this is probably the second stint he had with Sesame Street, right? He was doing one of those skits last year, and perhaps more than once since.

    Also, did you guys know that Kobe once heard about a family in trouble (kid had cancer, or was killed, I forgot) and he supported them financially and bought them a minivan? That’s not surprising. The surprising part was that, apparently, he did not tell ANYONE. LO was interviewed and he was apparently oblivious of Kobe’s deeds, as well as the rest of the Lakers’ coaching staff and players. Now, seriously, how many superstars these days would have spread the word to let the world know that they contributed to something, for the purpose of PR?

    Just thought I’d throw it out there if it wasn’t known already. That opened my eyes up to Kobe as a person, during a time when his genuineness was in question (isn’t it still?). This is one of the reasons why I vehemently support and defend Kobe as a person, since his basketball talents have never been in question (oh, yeah, also because he helps us win championships).

    Oh, and remember when Kobe surprised his teammates with personally-engraved, $7,500 Jaeger LeCoultre watches in 2008? You know what two things stuck out to me? Kobe did it at a players dinner, in private. LeBron gave his teammates cameras when he received his MVP award, on camera. I guess LeBron was so busy that the only opportunity for him to do that was on stage, in front of cameras. Oh, well. The second thing that stuck out to me was that Ira Newble also got a watch from Kobe. 😛 That guy was with us for, what, four months? Played a total of six games (garbage minutes, no less) and the NBA has already deleted his Info page. That stuck out because I thought it was hilarious.