The Baller In Chief

Kurt —  January 25, 2010

The Lakers got to meet the President Monday, and the only thing that would have made it better is weather that would have allowed it outside on the basketball court President Obama had installed at the White House. And with the way the Lakers have been playing defense lately, no doubt Obama could have dropped 20 on them.



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  1. Fantastic imitation of Jordan’s right to left scoop shot from the ’91 Finals when ribbing Magic.

  2. Here’s to Barry!

  3. Now if only Obama could actually fix the economy, then we’d all be winners! JK 🙂 Seriously, a day to truly be proud of our team. Obama can mention Phil’s Bulls all he wants, but that was a once in a franchise run and we are a once in a league franchise. Go Lakers and let’s push to go 6-2 on this trip!

  4. Any guesses on who’s saying “Not for long” at about 0:24? I rewound it about 6 times and I don’t see anyone’s mouth moving. I assume it would be Fisher since he’s screened out by Obama and the camera angle.

  5. Sasha looks like a pallbearer with his black shirt / black suit / black tie combo. I guess money really can’t buy fashion sense…

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    1. a light, humorous play in which the plot depends upon a skillfully exploited situation rather than upon the development of character.

  7. Awesome.

  8. Magic averaged 22/13/8 in the 91′ playoffs and got them to the finals with a lackluster supporting cast. To playoffs to me was one of Magic’s most sublime peformances.

  9. I wonder if any Laker thought of pulling a James Harrison

  10. Next post. Please.

    Where was Artest? Was the Secret Service afraid to let him in the White House?

    And Powell should have let the ‘fro out like he did at the parade. That would have been awesome.

  11. does it strike anyone else as surprising that obama went for the new rather than the old farmar jersey?

  12. Wait, did he think Mitch was Phil in that video? He seems to be confused as to where Phil is standing, and talks to the only old white guy he sees.

  13. Hey, do the LA (Clippers) own Boston?

  14. Chris J, Artest was sick with the flu, throwing up in his hotel room. He is currently questionable for tomorrow night’s game.

  15. How about AMMO in that video? If I was the Chief of Secret Service I would have my eyes on him the whole way through! Not one smile, his facial hear reminds me of John Wilkes booth (see below), and the whole time he looks more uncofortable than anyone else. :BTW) Who won the big ear contest, Farmar or Obama?

  16. Anyone remember Mark Madsen demonstrating some of his dance moves for President Bush in 2002? That was pretty classic. I miss guys like Madsen and Rick Fox. You can’t have a championship team without guys like that.

  17. 16) – I think Farmar edged Obama out.

  18. Awesome vid. It’s got to be even more enjoyable considering who was in office during the Lakers’ last visit to the White House.

    Let it slide, Kurt! It was a mild one!

  19. The Secret Service wouldn’t let Kobe in because they were afraid he would shoot.

  20. DJ Mbenga was the smartest-dressed Laker in that room.

  21. Have to say though, Obama’s and Farmar’s ears look a lot alike – they’re almost Vulcan.

  22. The Dude Abides January 25, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    Ha! Nobody can match Jordan Farmar’s ears. Those are some pretty impressive satellite dishes on each side of his head. It gets old, but when I’m at my buddy’s house watching games on Sunday evenings and there’s a time out, I like to say stuff like “Now’s the time for Phil to send Jordy out to halfcourt so he can pick up what Popovich is saying.” Or when his phone rings, I’ll tell him “Jordan Farmar says your phone is ringing.”

    The funny thing is, my ears looked just like Jordan’s until I had two surgeries in elementary school to pin them back. My mom used to break out this dreaded “tap dancing outfit at age five” photograph to show to my junior high and high school friends at our parties. I had nightmares about that photo for years.

  23. @ 24 and 25:

    I was a little surprised Kurt did not put the “no politics” reminder from the site rules when he linked this.

    So, whether one likes Obama or doesn’t, we should respect Kurt’s rules here.

  24. We’re not going to go into a discussion of politics on this site. The Lakers visited the Whitehouse like every other champion from one of the major american sports leagues. It’s about celebrating the achievements of the team, not about anyones political viewpoints. I’ve deleted a couple of comments already. Please see the commenting guidelines if you have any questions about this.

  25. Kurt,

    I mentioned Artest’s absence to my wife earlier tonight and she raised an interesting point: he wasn’t a player who won a ring last season because he was a Rocket at the time. She theorized he may not have been in the photos for that reason, which seemed plausible but also pretty harsh.

    I can hear some team official now: “Hey, Ron, we’re all going to the White House but you stay at the hotel, OK?”

    Glad to hear it was for another reason (the flu) that he was absent, and not my wife’s theory.

  26. ok… i’ve watched this three times… does Farmar look unhappy?? Cuz he sure looks like it.

  27. – Yes, it was Fisher who said “Not for long, not for long.” Not sure why the positioned him directly behind Obama, or at least at the angle from where the camera would be.

    – Farmar doesn’t look unhappy. In fact, he’s smiling even after Obama’s jersey had #1 (which wouldn’t be something that upsets him, imo).

    – Secret service has snipers all trained on Ammo. Look at him. He’s staring down the entire time, not a change in facial expression (like back on Jimmy Kimmel Show). What’s wrong with him?

  28. I just don’t get how visiting some dude who was elected to head a branch of our government is a celebration of the championship. I actually think it reflects a distorted sense of government and citizenship. What does the Executive Office of the US Federal government have to do with our World Champion Los Angeles Lakers? Having given it much thought I say nothing. Someone argue otherwise.

    Now, I will perfectly understand if this comment is deleated. I would make the point that I am not interested in making a point about politics but rather a point about civics. If that distinction is too nuanced for the site, I will understand.

  29. Living in a country where I seriously despise the current president, and where championship teams don’t meet the president (at least, I don’t think it’s customary), I think this tradition is a very cool one. Wish we had the same thing going, but our professional sports started out as a means to deflect the people’s attention during dictatorship, so it won’t feel quite the same 😉

  30. Adam Morrison is still (unintentionally) hilarious.

  31. I was smiling and beaming with happyness the whole video.

  32. At #13.TracerBullet:

    I believe Obama is looking at Magic because he played in those finals against Jordan. There’s no way Obama is mistaking Phil with Kupchak. He witnessed 6 championships in Chicago!!!

  33. Funny, he mentioned “doing what it takes to get stronger”, he must have been watching Pau lately.

  34. #29: why does the president call the Superbowl winner? or pardon the turkey? I see no point in that either. But woe unto him who breaks these traditions.

    anyway, my guess is most of the Lakers were happy to see Obama, and I’m happy they had something to pick up their spirit in the middle of this rough trip. now, I want to see video of Obama beating Fish off the dribble.

  35. #33
    Given that he is talking to Magic, it’s very likely he’s the guy the President is looking at… 🙂

  36. I don’t want to start any rumors, but given that Obama has the #1 jersey and Farmar *does* look upset and Obama indeed looks at Mitch a lot, do you think maybe we’re looking at the solution to the our PG issues? Can someone who has access to trade machine please try the following: Farmar + Ammo = Obama + Rahm Emmanuel + Bill Bradley? I was thinking we would probably waive Bradley as he’s almost as old as Theo Ratliff, although certainly tougher in the post than AB.


  37. I second the Obama trade. Do you think Mitch can fool the White House into taking in Sasha as well?

  38. I don’t buy the whole Ron had the flu. He wasn’t a member of last year’s championship team and shouldn’t have attended. Well, maybe he should, he did help get our attention with his Rocket teammates by pushing us to 7 without Yao & she-mac.

  39. new post up, where you can talk trades.

  40. #35- All those “traditions” are silly and I get they present the President as some sort of figurehead with the first among equals myth pushed when in actuality it indicates that the nation expects this figurehead to be a problem solving benevolent king who basks in the glow of gladiatorial wagers and triumphal marches. He gets special planes and cars. Roads are opened and closed for him. He winds up being the symbol and head of a government when the intention was that a President is head only of 1/3 of the government. It also softly enforces the idea that the State is The People, rather then a representative of The People and so we rely on that same government to both take the blame and accept credit for all that goes well or poorly. All, even the glory of a privately owned and run team, is ceremoniously attached to the State and The People become a function of the State rather then the other way around. We have become so comfortable in those waters that, as you said, woe onto him that breaks the tradition. I see greater woe for The People comfortable with such traditions.

  41. Well, Artest wasn’t part of the team last year, but in terms of contributing, neither were Morrison nor Powell, yet they’re still in the video. Obama is congratulating the team, not individuals.
    M. Jordan’s move still haunts me to this day and I cringe every time I see it. Twas the twilight of Magic’s career.

  42. #35/P.Ami:

    You’re kidding, right? This is a satirical comment on people who take basically inconsequential events (and themselves) way too seriously?

  43. #42/P. Ami, sorry

  44. #44, Poison the well much?

    Notice that people are discussing whether Artest was really sick or if he didn’t come because blah, blah, blah- and thoughts on the civic meaning of the White House visit are what you condescend to? I might take myself too seriously but many inconsequential events indicate things of great significance and inconsequential people may make valuable observations. Obviously, you could care less and that’s fine.