Sunday Special: Let’s Talk Super Bowl

Darius Soriano —  February 7, 2010

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It’s an off day for the Lakers and I’m sure like many other sports fans around the country a lot of our guys are watching the big game with their family and friends. And I’m sure they’ll enjoy the game a bit more after last night’s win. So before we move on to the Jazz, wondering about when Kobe will return, if Andrew will miss any additional time, and what this team will play like down the stretch of the season. Let’s talk some pigskin.

Kobe’s already said who he likes when the Colts face the Saints. Personally, I don’t have a horse in this race so my rooting interests are in seeing a good game that isn’t outdone by the commercials. If I had to make a prediction, I’d say the Colts win. Peyton Manning is just one of those guys that impresses me with the way he can control a game. You throw in the experience factor and I think they’re favored for a reason. But, I never count out the Saints as they’ve had a great season and have a pretty good QB themselves. Should be a fun game. In a bit of a tribute to ‘Nawlins, I’ve got the gumbo on the stove and am getting ready for this game. Comment away on anything and everything Super Bowl and we’ll get back to hoops a bit later. I hope everyone enjoys the game (if that’s what you’re doing this afternoon).


Darius Soriano

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28 responses to Sunday Special: Let’s Talk Super Bowl

  1. Is this one for Warren? Enjoy the game, everyone.

  2. dang Sedale, you beat me to it.
    go ‘Nawlins, underdog, the city needs this one too.

  3. The ultimate battle between good and evil (other than Lakers vs. Celtics).

    Drew Breesus vs. Satan Manning.

    I got saints 34 colts 21.

    Don’t bet against Breesus.

  4. 4 harris- LOL that’s really funny. I guess I’m a satanist than?

  5. I like the player that Manning is, but New Orleans deserves some good luck in recent history, that is who I will be rooting for, the underdog…

  6. darius you’re doing a great job taking over for kurt buddy

  7. Thank katie couric for drew breesus.

  8. Go Colts!! Peyton needs to add on to his legacy.. 1 superbowl is not enough!!

  9. I hope Bush has a career game, hey, he is from the local school of USC.

  10. Who dat hurricane headed for Miami!

    Geaux Saints!

  11. Why do they insist on always having old artists at half time… ugh. I guess they figure if the who or prince have a wordrobe malfunction than the country won’t flip out; we’ll just be really, really disgusted. There’s playing it safe and than there’s just rediculousness.

  12. 12. Though I like The Who I agree, Prince was awesome though

  13. The play old artists because the Super Bowl is portrayed as a family event – remember those family events where everyone tried to bash each other in the face – and more middle-aged Americans watch the game more intently than younger generations. Plus, the old Who and Rolling Stones stuff is universal – if they try to go Country or Rap or with New Rock Bands I bet there would be less viewership. That said, I normally like the Who, but they weren’t very good and the crowd was just not into it. Oh well, thats why if you don’t there always something else on at halftime – like the puppy bowl, haha.

  14. Well, the Saints come marching home, with a Super Bowl… Springsteen was cool last year in my book, but then I am over 40 also.

  15. You know what this means…Lamar Odom’s sister-in-law gets to visit the White House too…

  16. 16. OH GAWD

    Is it the apocalypse already!?!?!

  17. Manning getting picked off! I’m still waiting for someone to pin the Colts loss on Gasol’s softness.

    Fun game if you were just looking for some exciting football.

    Why are the Kardashians famous again? Do they have a talent?

  18. Snoopy2006,
    It’s that old ‘right place, right time’ thing.

  19. Right place, right time, with an unnaturally large rear end, in Kim’s case.

  20. Snoopy,

    Clearly, the Colts’ defeat can be directly attributed to Derek Fisher.

  21. No, I think the Saints won because Kobe took the night off.

  22. Well, considering the way the Colts receivers were dropping easy passes, I have a hunch the Saints stashed Kwame Brown in the Colts’ locker room.

  23. The Colts were favored going in, so really, this one is on Phil.

  24. First and foremost, congrats to a team and city that has had its major downs in the past decade (sucks I didn’t get to witness a more historical superbowl if Peyton got his 2nd). Good responses reguarding my halftime post. As a 20yr old raised on M.J and Prince (I got you James), I can understand the short safe thought process of having artists so many decades out of their prime but I don’t think this is a logical idea. For the past three years I have been hearing negative comments on their half time picks.
    As Cdog pointed out, middle aged america is the most likely to watch the superbowl and a modern music genre is just not practical for the whole country. So, if older guys and old souls such as myself are guaranteed to be glued to the t.v; wouldn’t they want to draw the kids, teens, and young adults not raised on sports by a young music sensation? The music awards have been having artists such as Lil wayne and Kidrock, Nelly and Tim Mcgraw, and a whole bunch of other cross genre performers mix it up on stage. Why can’t the biggest stage of all be more creative than The Who or Prince (who I have multiple songs on my Iphone, the who not so much). Everything else about the event was up to par, just not the performance.

  25. The Saints won because they ran the triangle and hustled for every board.

  26. If I’m not mistaken…
    Didn’t Colson drop a pass that hit him in the chest?? Not all the drops were on the Colt receivers. The Saints were just more aggressive — and this time it didn’t cost them.

  27. so can we infer from the saints winning that the key to the lakers winning a championship is Lamar staying with khloe?