Saturday Special: Let Shannon Dunk!

Darius Soriano —  February 13, 2010

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A couple of thougts about last night’s Rookie/Sophmore game:

*The only thing worse than some of the defense was the shot selection. I truly think that when some young players think “All-Star Game” they figure it’s a way for them to show off and they end forcing the spectacular play rather than just letting it come to them.

*DeJuan Blair is a beast.  So is Tyreke Evans.

*Yesterday, I said that I thought the Sophs would win this game because of their inside presence.  I truly believed that Lopez and Gasol would be too much for an undersized Rookie front line.  Uh, forgive me for forgetting that these types of games are dominated by guards and the big men are the players that end up shaking their heads a lot as they have to turn around and run back up court after another forced shot.

But, enough about the rookie game.  Tonight is the night we get to see our first performance from a Laker.  The NBA listened and they let Shannon dunk.  Enjoy the video below as a warmup to tonight’s Dunk Contest (hat tip to ProBasketballTalk).  I know we’ll all be rooting for WOW as he looks to bring the trophy back to to LA for the only time since Kobe did it back in 1997.

Darius Soriano

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