Tough Man To Catch Up To

Darius Soriano —  February 25, 2010

After last night’s loss to the Mavs, I think most Lakers fans could use a small pick me up. And nothing does that for me better than a good laugh. Two of the guys that always do that for me (while also providing some excellent hoops knowledge) are the dynamic duo of Tas Melas and JE Skeets of the Basketball Jones. Tas and Skeets are two of my favorites (how could you not love stuff like this), so I was happy when they sent along this video.  Enjoy this quick look – from this year’s ASG in Dallas – at how Tas and Skeets both find out what chasing Kobe is like.  They too now know that locking down Kobe one on one is pretty tough. (Just like a bunch of NBA defenders.)

Darius Soriano

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  1. I think Tas was just a bit nervous. No?

    They score this incredibly tough interview. Then get one question. Now what to you ask?


  2. First, thanks to Darius for posting this. Second, I was definitely a little nervous. Third, we actually got a few questions, you can see it here:


  3. @Wondahbap Well, he asks a couple more questions than that. The full interview is in their All-Star special. Since he’s a Raptors fan, he gets Kobe to apologize for what he did to Toronto.


  4. Haha. Okay. I need to watch the whole thing then…..


    TBJ is always good. I always link them in the Credits Audio / Video section.


  5. Interesting that two of the four players Kobe named were European. That was a great question, btw.


  6. This is from a couple threads back where Ken wrote this:
    2.ken wrote on February 24, 2010 at 10:47 pm
    How can any team continue to start and play Fisher. Another 3 for 13 while Terry 30 points and Kidd 14 or for that matter anyone who is on the court with Fisher has a free rein..

    He is so slow he couldn’t even foul a guy at the end of the game.

    He is the worst starting point guard in the NBA yet he actually thinks he can shoot and takes more shots then Gasol and Bynam. 13 shots!

    How can Phil set there and not stop this?

    And for those who complain stop with the Fish bashing. Not as long as he continues to hurt this team and make a mockery of the point guard position.

    Are you freakin serious man? You are so wrong that it’s not even funny! So wrong. Fisher is DEFINITELY not the worst starting point guard in the NBA! Well, i should really say: Fisher is DEFINITELY not [only] the worst starting point guard in the NBA! Fisher is the worst PLAYER in the NBA. I used to say starter, or player that gets over 20 minutes, etc. But now i truly believe that he is actually the worst player in the entire league.

    Well you say, isn’t Ammo on our own team worse? Maybe he is worse but he doesn’t negatively impact the team as much as Fisher. Ammo is bad and understands that he is bad. Fisher is horrible and believes that he is good. This is the problem. When a dumb individual thinks they are intelligent, then they put their idiocy on display. At least when a dumb guy understands he is stupid, he shuts up. Fisher doesn’t understand and that’s why he shoots 13 shots in one game like he did last night.


  7. im always amazed at how many layups varejao gets in a game


  8. lakers should seriously pursue Larry Hughes once he clears waivers


  9. Should I feel guilty for cheering for Boston today? Man if was a fan, I’d be so frustrated with all these illegal picks. They have got to, by far, lead the league in illegal screens.


  10. celtics suck on offense without pierce


  11. @ #9.

    Andre, don’t feel bad about cheering for Boston today. I am too… but I am getting disgusted at what I am seeing online for the score of the game as I am at work and don’t have TV and the won’t link up for me today… haha
    oh well, hopefully someone gives the Cavs a run in the playoffs instead of them beating down everyone.

    Darius, great job with the site BTW.


  12. A few observations from the Cavs and Celts.

    -Mike Brown always has this look on his face like he is only one in the room that doesn’t get a joke, or else it’s a permanent case of indigestion

    -BBD’s vertical leap is four inches, max.

    -Does Perkins file down the horns on his head or what? Prime candidate for a separated at birth photo with Ol’ Scratch.

    -Do we know if LeBron even practices? Seriously, has he ever hit a shot that wasn’t a layup or that deep jumper? A Youtube clip of his other made shots would run about 15 seconds, I am guessing.

    -Varajao – obnoxious, but surprisingly good.

    -Rondo’s shooting range is about the same as Shaq’s.

    -How does James only foul one time a game? Is that part of his contract with the league?

    -Simmons keeps writing that all his teammates love playing with James. How does he know this? Am I somehow missing the lovesigns out there?

    -It is much easier for me to watch a Celtics game with Wheelchair man in street clothes.

    -Sheed may become the first active player invited to particpate in the oldtimers game.


  13. 6,
    I hate to defend Fisher but when you are left wide open you have to shoot. Of course sometimes he forces shots but the main reason you will see him with elevated shot totals is because the other team is doubling to help on someone else and Fisher is the guy they want to shoot.

    And is he the worst player in the NBA? Its hard to say. Its always hard to compare players at different positions and even harder to compare scrubs at different positions. We can compare him to other PG’s in the league and one can make an argument that he is in fact the worst PG in the entire league. You might be right. But other bad PG’s don’t get to play with great talent around them.


  14. … and usually don’t get to play at all. So you really can’t compare him to a guy who plays 3 minutes a game because we cant see player x on the floor to judge him accurately.


  15. Sooo the apocalypse is here… Aaron defending fisher?


  16. Yusuf,
    Wherever there is misguided basketball hoopology I will be there. Defending the truth. Even if it means sticking up for Fish. Because I don’t hate the guy I just hate the (his) game.


  17. Shucks… that was supposed to read “I don’t hate the player I just hate the (his) game.” Oh well… now its definatley not funny. Wait… this made it even less funny. Son of a bi#@. God D@%&!!!


  18. I wish my name was Tas Melas. That’s badass. Not as badass as “The Wolf” in pulp fiction or Wolf Blitzer on CNN, but pretty close for a non-canine name.


  19. Can we have the official Fisher hater list recorded here somewhere, please?

    Aaron, Kaveh, ken, etc…

    I want to make sure that if (or when) Fisher plays well in the playoffs (which is highly unlikely but very possible), I want to make sure who needs to eat their words.

    I’m not a big Fisher fan by any means, but he’s still our starting PG…give him some respect.


  20. I can live with the fisher/farmar combo but I still believe we need help off the bench on the wing.

    I don’t understand why we cannot grab a guy to a 10 day contract outta the dleague. I mean von wafer was out there and he was a laker killer.


  21. #18. I’m with you nomuskles. Tas Melas. Just rolls off the tongue. Plus he’s Canadian. Gotta love Canada. They have the best bacon.


  22. #22. They have the best bacon if what you really want is thinly sliced ham.


  23. To: PB
    I pray for the day in the Playoffs that Fisher makes be eat my words. I will even stand on the Newport Pier and have someone man the camera while I eat those words.

    Perhaps this Sunday will be a preview of my word eating since Fish did such an outstanding job on Phillips the last time the Lakers played Denver. That was a career high for Phillips and a minus 17 for Fish if I remember right.

    We live in a world of performance today not what we might have done in the past. That is unless you work for the government.


  24. @pb/20 – Plus, the list could double as a spam filter, so you don’t have to keep reading the same comments again and again.



    a great read on how terry opened up for 31 points. (NOTE: it’s not Fisher’s fault alone that he got 31 points)


  26. WhiteLightnin’ February 26, 2010 at 5:06 am

    I’m surprised at the fans cheering for the Cavs. I went to the game thinking I would stay neutral and just enjoy some good basketball, but after about a quarter, I found myself cheering for Lebron and Co; I just hate the lepers too much to allow record and my brain to have a say in the decision. Exciting game to watch up until the last quarter…
    Some observations:

    -Moving picks on most Celtic offensive possesions

    -Rondo cannot shoot but is lightning quick (obvious, I know, but I was struck in person)

    -Varejao is very underrated

    -The Celtics pregame and introductions is terribly dramatic and overhyped and I’m glad the Lakers don’t do it, but it was kinda fun and entertaining

    -For fans who call themselves the loudest in the league I was quite unimpressed with the fans’ vigor.

    -I wore Lakers gear and started to openly cheer for the Cavs and didn’t get any nasty comments in the arena or on the light rail back; thats embarrassing for Celtic fans

    -TD Garden will not sell alcohol to someone with an out-of-state i.d. if they are under 25, even a month under 25 and willing to argue about it. Think of the lost profits.

    -Security staff patted everyone down for the Lakers game, but let everyone waltz in for the Cavs game.

    -Is the CHARRRGE! cheer a west coast thing? No one seemed to know how to respond to the bugle call.

    And, I’m spent.


  27. i cant belive so many people hate on fisher after he saved the lakers for so many times. its like you guys havent even watched the last nba finals. worst player in the entire league? are you kidding me? there are a handful of players who can hit the shots that fish can when the pressure is on, ask jameer nelson. so what if the takes 13 shots? he is a shooter, he is supposed to shoot when he is free. at some point he will break out of the shooting slump and then you guys will love him again for a couple of days and then return to hating. its like celitcs fans with ray allen this year… disgusting


  28. Fisher is a shooter? LMAO I believe you forgot an adjective there…i.e TERRIBLE!

    Lakers wouldn’t have needed Fisher’s 3’s last year in Game 4 if he wasn’t so terrible in the first 47 minutes. I agree I think he’s in the bottom 5 of all players in the league, not just starters.


  29. Lesha,
    Did someone just compare Ray Allen to Derek Fisher? OMG… that is classic. Nobody I don’t think hates Derek… they hate that he still plays. Derek in his prime was a poor NBA starting PG (only ever starting a few years on the Lakers). Now he is 35 years old. Iverson couldn’t even find a gig at 35 years old and he was one of the greatest of all time. You can’t beat father time. And when Fish has one good game he will still be a bad player. Just like when Kobe has one bad game game he will still be a good player. This isn’t a shooting slump. Its called a shooter losing his legs. Even since the 2nd half of last season Derek hasn’t been able to shoot. Thats not a slump… its the norm. And its not just his shooting that kills us. I wish that were the case.


  30. i didnt compare fish to ray allen, i just said that people are overreacting a little bit too much, just like boston fans with ray allen. where did i compare fish to ray allen?

    so basically phil and kobe believe he
    can play, but you guys know better? there must be a reason why he is still on the court… maybe because he is drawing charges, setting hard screens, or just because he brings leadership?!? please tell me why one of the greatest coaches of all time still plays fish so many minutes, if he is so terrible? there must be a reason, unless farmar and brown belong to the worst 5 players in the league squad aswell. i guess the lakers are really lucky to have that many bad players on their team and still win ballgames…