Saturday Special: Prepping for Denver

Darius Soriano —  February 27, 2010

The game preview will be up later, but in the meantime this video from LD2k (who is simply the best – check him out) got me excited.  Sure it’s an intro to last years WCF.  So what?  It got me in the mood anyway.  Enjoy.  And let’s get ready for a big game tomorrow.

Darius Soriano

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23 responses to Saturday Special: Prepping for Denver

  1. 1- sweet satisfaction in the sure suspicion there won’t be a trophy hoisted in Boston this June!

  2. It’s hard to get too upset with our guys when I am celebrating so hard about the Celtics definitive loss to the Nets. Yeah Nets! Yeah Celtics!

  3. Great news today. The Celtics are now officially over. And they to wait again for another decade until they get Stephen Curry and D-12 for the next version of The Big Three.
    Ha ha ha.

  4. I think it would be a mistake to dismiss the Celtics so readily, after one embarrassing loss. No, they did not look good. But I don’t think it is realistic to assume that this loss will spell permanent doom on their season record, and on them as a team.

  5. Talked to James Wothy today at Hi Times in Costa Mesa. He was not to worried about Lakers but did admit with my probing that Fisher at 36 is not a good match up anymore. Also was worried about Bynam saying he would do it again when asked about his $25,000 ref comment. He needs someone to keep him streight.

  6. First Starbury, now Nate. Without McHale’s gift, Ainge might be the worst GM in history.

  7. don’t forget Blacers could have Durant right now and Memphis picked 2nd last year for a guy who is now in the D-league.

  8. Mimsy, I’m not basing my glee entirely on the Celtic’s loss to NJ, as fine as that is.

    The men in green have been showing signs of decline for some time now.

  9. Honestly, I am not surprised with the Celts. When they put that team together every realistic person knew they only 3 years of contending. They were fortunate to get a title the first year out. KG’s knee injury effectively ended their contention.

    I don’t like seeing players get injured. I would much rather see the Celts lose simply because they suck. But it is what it is. No player can defeat father time. He is undefeated.

    I would love to see Mitch infuse the Lakers with a little more youth after this season. He could start by holding on to Shannon and Jordan, if that’s possible.

  10. I have not been concerned about the Celtics all season. So the loss today really means very little. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but right now I am not very confident that the Lakers can take a series from either Denver or Cleveland.

  11. It’s always great when the Celtics lose, but I think any team is vulnerable to a loss like this when their best player has a DNP next to his name. Let’s enjoy it for what it is, a rival’s loss at a time when they’re struggling to regain their collective health. Come playoff time, and they will be there, I expect their veteran savy to be worth more.

    Also, after all of the criticism that Doc got for coaching regular season games as if it were the playoffs, maybe he’s realized that after all of the injuries, it’s best to play a bit more conservatively…especially when it’s clear that the Cavs are running away with HCA.

  12. well that devin harris is some good speedy skilled player…

    hats off to nj. they sucked the life out of that already sparkless (save for garnett) boston team today.

    their pick and roll play is the ultimate nightmare i hope we do not see come to life in a playoff series. imagine those open shooters and those big men flashing to the beat of their pg we can not contain.


  13. In response to Joel from the Last thread: I was really dreaming today about us aquiring Ray Felton! Yeah, Ray Felton! I guess our pg situation is so bad that even my dreams know that CP3 and Deron Williams are out of the picture and that Ray would be a serious upgrade to what we got.
    -pretty unfortunate

  14. Sorry for the double post but I think you’d like to see the outlandish statistics that they’re posting on ESPN right now. So basically they’re saying Tony Parker, Jason Terry, and even Carmelo are better last second options than Kobe. Right?

  15. 15,
    They are just posting the stats… take from that what you will. Are stats now anti Lakers? Lets not be so sensitive Lakers fans. We are the big dogs on the block… lets not yap away like some rat Paris Hilton stuffs in her purse.

  16. Jeremy, mine includes Randy Foye. Contrary to yours, I actually think someone like Foye for the MLE will be jackpot.

  17. Ouch. That stat that the Lakers are 4 and 7 aganist division leaders and denver is 7 an 1 is scary! Wonder how you posters who claim not to worry can react to that. If you can’t beat the good teams how do you expect to flip a switch in the playoffs?

  18. I had to look like 5 times to believe that the Nets beat the Celtics today, did it really happen or is this just a joke out here.

  19. 16, Aaron

    The Stats usually just put a smug smile on my face in petty disbelief. Of course in the stat we can all see Kobe had the most attempts by a wide margin which of course gives him the widest margin to fail. I think his stat is still more impressive than anyone else’s despite the way they portray it. To give Anthony credit, if he keeps his 45-50% clutch shot stat in 5 years (averaging 4 attempts a year) I’ll review the ranking more seriously.

    Warren17: Even during all the crazy trade talk going on about a week ago Felton didn’t even cross my mind. Without getting into trade talk I’ll simply say Randy Foye would be nice but my preference from the Wiz’ is Nick Young.

    I’d also like to add that I agree with whoever said we should add youth in the off-season. Manu would be nice but too old and risky on an all ready veteran/ injury proned team.

  20. in all honesty, those stats don’t see the whole picture. An article in ESPN I think said that as important as having a clutch player to close the game is having good number 2 and 3 options. Also, if you watch early carmelo, he defered to someone else if he didn’t have a good look, meaning too many times andre miller wound up with the ball with no time to drive it in so he threw a 3pt attempt. Adding those two factors up, the only one who impresses me as much as Kobe is Chris Paul