Preview and Chat: The San Antonio Spurs

Darius Soriano —  March 24, 2010

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Records: Lakers 52-18 (1st in West), Spurs 42-27 (7th in West, 7.5 games behind Lakers)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 106.4 (11th in NBA), Spurs 107.3 (9th in NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 100.2 (4th in NBA), Spurs 102.3 (9th in NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol
Spurs: George Hill, Manu Ginobili, Richard Jefferson, Tim Duncan, Antonio McDyess

The Lakers Coming in:  Can the winning streak continue against good teams?  That is the question as the Lakers start their road trip tonight in San Antonio.  It won’t be easy with Bynum out, but the Lakers need to rally together and start to round into form for the playoffs.  After the Wizards game, Phil mentioned that he’d like to see a 5-0 road trip in order to build that momentum, but to also keep Denver and Dallas at bay.  However, since that time he’s backed off of those statements as both the Mavs and the Nuggs have had some missteps in their recent games that have created a bit more of a cushion for the Lakers in the standings.  Will the Lakers relax now that their coach has put the whip away or will they keep their focus?  That is the other question.  We’ll see tonight.

The Spurs Coming in:  The Spurs have won 9 of 12 games in March and seem to be finding their stride as the post season approaches.  However, if you look a bit closer at that record, you’ll see that the Spurs are beating bad teams and losing to good ones.  Their nine wins come against the likes of the Knicks, Clippers, T’Wolves, Hornets, and Warriors and their three losses were against the Cavs, Magic, and Hawks.  So, it’s tough to know how good this Spurs team is right now.  To their credit they did outlast the Thunder in OKC on Monday night, which is a quality win. (On a side note, yes, this is similar to what the Lakers have done lately.  So, this is a big game for both teams as both want to prove that their winning ways are not only the product of the schedule makers.)

Normally, when you talk about the Spurs the first names that come up are Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili.  Well, as we enter tonight’s contest, Parker is out injured with a broken finger on his shooting hand and Duncan, while playing solid ball, may finally be wearing down after carrying this team on his back all season.  That said, count Timmy out at your own peril.  That leaves Manu.  And he’s doing just fine, thank you, putting up great numbers of late and controlling games like the Manu of old.  Over his last five games, Ginobili has averaged 24 points and 5 assists with a TS% of 64%.  This includes a 38 point and 6 assist explosion against the Hawks where he buried 5 three pointers.  And speaking of the long ball, he’s shooting 45% from three for in March and 88% from the line.  To quote Kobe, that’s a bad man.

Spurs Blogs:  They have couple of quality sites: 48 Minutes of Hell and Pounding the Rock (which has been a very strong site for ages). You should check out both. 

Keys to game:  While missing Bynum will somewhat restrict the Lakers game plan, playing against the Spurs is nothing new for Phil Jackson’s Lakers.  These teams, directed by these coaches, have faced each other 3-4 times a year for almost a decade and there are no secrets between the teams.  That means that execution on the little things will be the difference in the game.   Can the Lakers protect the ball?  Will the Spurs be able to effectively slow the ball in transition?  Executing the game within the game will be key for both teams tonight.

One thing I’m interested in seeing tonight is who matches up with the red hot Ginobili.  Recently, Artest has covered the other team’s best wing player regardless of position.  He guarded Wade and Tyreke Evans even though they play shooting and point guard, respectively.  If that trend continues tonight, Ron will match up with Manu leaving Kobe on Jefferson.  So, if this is the case expect a slug fest between Ron and Manu where both players use their expertise in using angles to their advantage while also fighting to establish the position that they want to attack their opponent.  Both Manu and Ron love to use space to their advantage – Ron by crowding offensive players and Manu by using his step back moves and side step dribbles to cross up defenders – to rule over their opponent.  So whoever wins this battle within the match up will have the upper hand.  But Ron (or any other defender) won’t be going at Ginobili alone.  In the absence of Parker, Manu has taken up the mantle as the primary creator in P&R situations so our bigs will need to hedge on Manu while not over extending in a way that lets the Argentinian split the double team and get into the teeth of the defense.  Surround, corral, and then recover needs to be the theme when defending the P&R tonight.  Also, I mentioned above Manu’s accuracy from behind the arc.  Marking him behind the three point line will be a key tonight and the Lakers should be extra aware of his want to drive hard to his right and and then step back for the long jumper.

On offense, aggressive Kobe may be in the house tonight.  In the past, Kobe has relished facing the Spurs and has found a comfort zone in attacking San Antonio’s help schemes.  The Spurs are a defense that will give up the mid-range jumper as they prefer to chase teams off the three point line and then funnel penetration to Duncan who is an expert at contesting without fouling.  However, it just so happens that Kobe is king of mid-range and has hurt the Spurs game after game, year after year by using his one dribble pull up jumper as a key weapon against them.  Kobe’s making 45.5% of his two point jumpers from 10-23 feet and he’ll get plenty of chances at that exact shot tonight.  Also expect Kobe to go down to the low post on the weakside and try to punish whatever member of the Manu, Jefferson, Mason, Bogans quartet that is guarding him tonight. 

The other key to this game will be the performance of our third and fourth offensive threats against their’s.  If Kobe and Manu play close to a draw and Pau/Duncan do the same, the key will lie in who wins the offensive matcups of Artest/Odom vs. Hill/Jefferson.  Traditionally, the Spurs don’t really have a player that can guard LO as McDyess and Blair don’t have the size (Blair) or the foot speed (Dyess) to deal with our versatile lefty.  If Odom can secure defensive rebounds and push the ball against a transitioning Spurs defense, it will go a long way in not letting San Antonio’s defense get set and execute their half court D.  We also need Ron to continue to make his jumper and to use his strength advantage to earn trips to the foul line.  I’ve given up hope that Ron will show any improvement in his ability to finish efficiently in the paint, but if he’s not finishing nor getting to the FT line, it’s almost a waste of a possession.   As for Hill/Jefferson, we need Kobe (or Ron) to mark him well (especially on his penetration) and for our guards to slow down the ever improving second year player.  In Parker’s absence, Hill has really stepped up as a vialbe scoring option and is using some of Parker’s pattened moves by getting out in transition and finishing well in the lane.  At the end of the night, look at the plus/minus numbers for Odom and Hill and I bet they’ll tell a big part of the story of who won this game.

Where you can watch:  6:30pm start on KCAL and nationally on ESPN.  Also on ESPN Radio 710am

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103 responses to Preview and Chat: The San Antonio Spurs

  1. In the last thread, Gr8 Scott had a good take about this game:

    The spurs are starting to get their act together, but I believe this is an instance of too little, too late. Expect Ginobili to go for 25-7-7 tonight – he’s been that good lately (oddly in a contract year, hmmm…). Jefferson has been the local media and fans whipping boy, but he’s suddenly become a viable 3rd option. Not having Drew for this game hurts, if only because he has held his own and made Duncan work for his shot in their most recent matchups. Don’t think that just because Parker is out that the spurs won’t look to push the tempo, as George Hill has stepped in adequately and is a great athlete in his own right.

    The focus for our team has to remain on working inside-out and use Kobe to set up other players. Other than Duncan, no one else on the spurs can handle our big men, although DeJuan Blair is solid in all respects. There is no more Bruce “Scissorhands” Bown to make Kobe work, so I expect him to thrive.

    And then there is the last game in SA. We lost by 20 with Kobe leaving early in the second half with back spasms. While the score seemed one-sided, we were within 6 points twice with 7 minutes left. I fully expect a strong start and a win.

  2. I don’t think ‘Drew will be starting tonight. Unless you know something you haven’t told us. ; )

    I’d say look for a big game from LO; a lot of ball in his hands, driving from the top, left as always, to the hole.

  3. Any idea where this game can be seen online?

  4. OK.. I want my Home town silenced tonight… Watching the game with buddies (Laker Haters) So it should be a great time. Gr8 Scott… yell for me …and wear that Kobe Jersey proud! Take the little one!! It’s never to early to be a Laker fan!

  5. It’s time for the second unit to earn their paychecks. They’re play has been inconsistent at best and simply awful at its worst. Farmar, Brown and Sasha need to become the threats they all once were. And if it ain’t there, find the open man. With the amount of quickness and speed we have out there, someone’s bound to be open by cutting to the basket. Whenever we rely on the long-ball, we play right into the opposition’s hands and let them back in the game.

  6. It will be nice to see Manu play one last time against LA before he signs for the MLE with the Lakers in the offseason

  7. #2. Taylor,
    I think that was wishful thinking on my part. I’ve made the change. Thanks.

  8. @ Aaron
    one can dream right? an off season acquisition of Manu would take care a lot of the problems with outside shooting and bench production…

    I hope LO take advantage the mismatches tonight. Nobody on the Spurs can’t guard him off the dribble. Go for a career high Lamar!

  9. Two bad omens: no first post by or for Warren, and this is an ESPN game. The Lakers almost always play poorly in regular season ESPN games.

  10. Since LA and the Spurs have been feasting on the catfish of the league, tonight should be a good game. I was kind of getting a little bored with the competition of the previous weeks, thank goodness for NCAA first round drama. Glad to see the last part of the schedule has some uphill climbs to test the mental state of the squad before the playoffs.

  11. I’m a big fan of Arron Afflalo since his UCLA days. Man if we can get him to back up Kobe. A man can wish, right?

  12. OK. Finally, games of relevance. We’re talking my language now. I’ll use a quote that the great Magic Johnson use to say @ this time of the year, “It’s Winning Time.” I understand that Big Drew will b out of the lineup for the foreseeable future (2-3 weeks), but it’s not as if we shouldn’t b used to playing without him @ this point of the season. Being that this is the 3rd year in a row that we’ve had to come down the home-stretch with him as a spectator. In other words, NO EXCUSES.

    The key to this game (and for the entire trip), in my opinion, is L.O. San An has no one in their frontcourt that can match up with him. Duncan’s main focus will b containing Pau, McDyess doesn’t have the agility (especially @ this point of his career) & Blair doesn’t have the length, athleticism or experience. The question with L.O. (as always) is whether he’ll b aggressive @ the offensive end of the floor. What I would like to see is Lamar controling the defensive glass & initiating the fast break from there. Also some iso’s on the wing because (as stated earlier) they just can’t match up. Pls, no settling for jumpers. I know that he’s not 100% (bum shoulder), but like he said himself, he’s not using that as an excuse.

    Interested to see which Kobe comes out. Will he b a facilitator or the aggressor. Earlier this season, when Pau was out of the rotation due 2 injury, Kobe made it his business 2 make up for the missing offense. Let’s see how often he sets up shop in the post & facilitates the offense from there.

  13. 6, if by MLE with the Lakers, you mean $13M with Real Madrid, then yes.

  14. 13.

    Ginobili would be outrageous. Ginobili+ Kobe= the coldest guard combo in the NBA. It would be completely frightening for everyone else. Then again pure speculation.

    Here is to hoping JP43 and Sasha blow up tonight. I am hoping Sasha solidifies himself as the backup guard behind Kobe over the coming weeks. I think he can have a significant impact off the bench for the Lakers in the playoffs.

  15. When Denver looses tonight to boston they will be tied for 3 with utah and if they finish 4th we could have to face denver and dallas in the playoffs that would blow

  16. odom should be the man tonight, no one to guard him

  17. Nice start. If we pretend Fisher plays for Spurs. How can he continue to shoot so bad?

  18. This is pretty much the Lamar that we all wanted to see so far.

  19. bench play will probably decide the outcome

  20. LO is active early – finding creases in the defense for layups and also seeking out the ball on the offensive glass.

  21. Bynum going down is quite the double edged sword – Odom actually plays to his potential.

  22. My god Fisher defense is killing us. Penatration and easy open 3’s.

  23. I know that Hill has been playing well since Parker went down, but we’re making him look like an all-star here.

  24. our legendry point guard defense lives on

  25. Here’s hoping George Hill cools off. 14 pts on 5-6 shooting with time to go in the 1st.

  26. Ken,
    Fisher had a bad run with the foul and the layup inside, but it was also the cross matching that has hurt the Lakers. Because Hill has been on Kobe, when the Lakers transition back on D their match ups are then off. On that last three, Artest got lost by doubling on Duncan and left Hill wide open in the corner. The Lakers are giving up too many open jumpers right now – as a team – and the Spurs are capitalizing. That said, this is the same Spurs team that goes on offensive droughts almost every game. They will give the Lakers the chance to get back into this one.

  27. The booth had the most obvious quote earlier that Popovich wanted George Hill to “not defer”. Well you don’t say!

    Hill is a stud, and he’s gonna play extremely well against Fisher. Farmar should fair better, hope to see him get his minutes tonight.

  28. Spurs doing a good job of collapsing the paint, especially when Kobe was attacking. They crowded the ball and we haven’t been able to get it out of there, leading to risky passes or tough shots.

  29. Get this man some Candy!

  30. All i know is Hill had 14 points on Fisher and 0 since. Fish coming off games of 2 points and 2 points and bricked his 2 shots tonight.

    Sorry I just can’t ignore the obvious.

    I won’t bring it up again.

  31. part of lamars deal to come to the lakers was a unlimited supply of candy which the heat refused

  32. LAMAR!
    takes the ball from jefferson under the spurs basket and goes the other way for the layup to close the quarter. beautiful.

    Fish and Ron haven’t started so well on the defensive end, here’s to hoping they can pick it up. Go Lakers!

  33. Of San Antonio’s 15 3s, at least 10 have been wide open.

  34. kobe has to be agressive

  35. #31. That’s the point, though. Hill didn’t have 14 on Fisher. His first basket was a runner on Kobe. He hit a three with Artest leaving him to double Duncan when trying for a steal. He hit a 10 foot jumper on Farmar. All in the first quarter. That’s half his 14 right there. I’m not defending Fisher, mind you, I’m just saying that just because Hill started at PG it doesn’t mean that Hill had all his points on Fisher. I’ll leave it at that.

  36. Mike Penberthy March 24, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    Nothing to see here. Lakers against a playoff team on the road is an automatic loss right now. With Bynum or without Bynum.

  37. Wow have I been terrible thus far. I’m getting destroyed by Blair, turning it over, and I got blocked by that intimidating shotblocker Matt Bonner. Sorry guys I’ll miss a couple jumpers too to make up for it.

  38. ok powell and dj, set screens and crash the glass do nothing else

  39. Hey Josh i agree.Take yourself out and put Ron in!

  40. tim duncan keeping us in the game who would have thought

  41. I really liked what Farmar did on Gasol’s last hook shot. Hill went to double Pau and as soon as he did Farmar cut to the basket forcing hill to cover him and giving Gasol a clear path for the hook.

    Finally some smart offense from Farmar within the triangle.

  42. And it’s back to a three point game. So far:

    *Hill’s getting into the teeth of the defense too easily. He’s very good at really rubbing defenders off screens and getting that step on his man. It led to that beauty of an interior pass to Duncan a second ago.

    *This game has settled down after SA’s early outside shooting binge. If Kobe can start making some shots, I think the Lakers can make a push into the lead.

    *Odom continues his assault into the paint. He can get those shots all game.

  43. we should put sasha on hill

  44. Man is Darius last paragraph ever prophetic? Kobe/Manu playing each other to a standstill, same with Pau/Duncan. Hill vs LO decides the game it seems=)

  45. This is a game that really points out our guard issues. I agree, Sasha should get some more run in the 2nd half.

    Also, this game points out why we need Andrew. Both Lamar and Pau are prone to get the ball knocked away from them down low against swarming a defense – I think this is a big reason for calling them soft – and Andrew & Ron get the ball and you don’t get it away from them.

  46. Pop isn’t a Hall of Fame coach by accident. He knows the Lakers weakness is at PG and he said before the game he wanted Hill to be extra aggressive. Even most teams back up PG’s are better than our starter. But we know other teams PG’s are gonna destroy us. Our offense is the reason we are down 7. This game is far from over though.

  47. Look at the brite side. We want spurs to finish 7th and battle denver. I am happy to play Portland instead.

    Not saying we are not coming back but I am just saying////

  48. Finished the half weak ….. Have to find a way to contain Hill ….. LO doing his thing ….. Kobe playing within the offense ….. Pau needs to attack the rim. B more aggressive ….. No need to comment on J. Powell. Self explanatory ….. With all that being said & our defense playing pathetically, still only down by 7 ….. I expect much more from Pau in the 2nd half offensively ….. And pls, better defense on their guards

  49. I hope the Lakers come out more aggressive defending the P&R in the second half. They could throw out some double teams and traps on the ball handlers and then recover back to the paint. When Hill and Ginobili are the only players that have been effective on offense, you have to make the other guys (including Timmy) beat you.

  50. Gasoline sai he thought the Lakers should “move the ball” around within the triangle. So why dies he choose to go mono so often and come up empty. And by the way Yes he is playing Soft- but I expect that from him. But I don’t expect the turnovers nor the ball stickin in his hands!

  51. I’d like to think Josh Powell and Mike Penberthy really do post on here.

    That Powell pass off the backboard from the sidelines inbound play was a lowlight for sure.

    Lamar should start driving to the bucket again. Either Pau or Duncan has to heat up this half, Lakers gotta move the ball, get in rhythm on the offensive end.

  52. Bobji – I’d especially like Mike Penberthy to be a regular. Hopefully Josh is actually at the game, paying attention!

    But I’d love those Penberthy posts to be from the man himself.

  53. offensive rebounds killing us, already been two 4 point plays

  54. Manu is guarding Kobe? Not a chance! They need to run the offense thru Kobe. If they double, swing it and find the open man.

  55. I can’t watch fisher

  56. need to find an answer for the double

  57. Dead on, James. Kobe is moving the ball when the double comes, but the shots aren’t falling. That three by Fisher is the one that needs to go down.

  58. SHANNON!!!

  59. Gotta be the worst team in the league at closing out on 3s

  60. Boy, Roger Mason knows how to sell those “fouls” on 3s.

  61. im sorry. where was the foul?

  62. CRAPPY foul call on Odom! 3 free throws…pssh

    well you get some good calls, you get some bad calls.

    follow up
    Odom answers by draining a 3 on the other end.

  63. Just keep the ball in LO’s hands.

    I know I usually don’t follow the thread. But this is a big game. LO needs the ball. Good things happen.

  64. best quarter weve played for a long time, gasol has shut duncan down, keep it up guys!

  65. John Sutcliffe just did the worst court side interview ever.

  66. gasol has to be more agressive with Duncan out

  67. it might be tough for him to be more aggressive if he’s sitting out.

    but im going to assume u mean bynum. Aggressiveness isn’t the issue that I’m seeing. It’s about the outside shots. Spurs are clogging the middle, we need to hit the outside jumpers.

  68. Brown can’t stand success! Please tell him to play Within the offense!

  69. Pau practicing his shooting stroke during the time out. I hope it helps. He can’t buy a bucket tonight. I think Pau and Timmy got infected by the same bug tonight.

  70. Ouch – into the penalty with over 7 & a half minutes remaining…

  71. Dear ESPN Crew,

    It’s Noche Latino, so instead of using this night as a way to inform us about how little you know about Spanish culture, and how ignorant you are, how about you do a little homework to learn something (anything!) and actually add some value instead of just making poor jokes.

  72. defense is going to win our championship. and the way they are locking down is amazing.

    For all who think pau is soft, he isn’t soft defensively.

  73. Normally I can’t stand ESPN play by play, in particular Mark Jackson’s commentary, but this whole Noche Latina (latina because it is la noche) is adding an extra dose of silliness that is making their coverage more entertaining, in a stupid kind of way.


    GASOL !

    ARTEST !

  74. Now this is the defense we’ve been wanting to see! Loving it.

  75. wow. leaving Kobe open Jefferson? Really? To go guard Artest?

  76. Mamba with the huge 3’s and pau and ron ron stepping up on D! That’s the way to play every game!

  77. brilliant defense brilliant

  78. You go RonRon! Great defense like this will win a championship.

  79. Artest is BALLING tonight with his D.

    And Memo: Don’t leave Kobe wide open.

    Did they just “turn it on?” I hope this doesn’t stall.

  80. Games like this are why Kobe is in the GOAT discussion

  81. Not sure i’ve seen a better defensive game by the lakers. Ron’s aggression is wearing the spurs out, and has left kobe fresh to be the closer. Great game so far.

  82. Kobe is playing a fantastic all around game tonight. You got the feeling he could’ve gone for 50 tonight if he wanted to, but he picked his spots and gave others the chance to step up. And for the most part, they did!

  83. Ok….it’s to the point where some opposing players don’t even want to dribble against Ron!

  84. Artest is trying to stick it to Plaschke today.

  85. He’s such a ballhawk!

  86. Bill Plaschke needs to write more anti-Ron articles. I’m sure Ron appreciated the bulletin board material.

  87. That’s a slightly earlier white flag from Pop than I expected.

    But that’s definitely a great win. Slow-ish start, but great adjustments and fantastic defense won the day. No complaints, except maybe Pau’s offense, but he made up for it with the D on Duncan. Phil even pulled Fish for a long stretch before making him Kobe’s garbage time replacement.

    All in all, a nice start to the road trip.

  88. Take that Plaschke!

  89. ill be very comfortable with our chances if we get that locked in defensively during the playoffs. Artest had the reach around timed perfectly tonight.

  90. lolz @ (37)

    Mike Penberthy wrote on March 24, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    Nothing to see here. Lakers against a playoff team on the road is an automatic loss right now. With Bynum or without Bynum.

  91. Best game as a Laker for Ron. I guess he answered the Ariza question.

    Giant win Lakers.

    More minutes for Farmer is a good thing

  92. Wow.

    Ron Wow.

    Shan Wow.

    Pau Wow with the Tenacious D on 21.

    Lamar Wow…..

    Also, that shooting guard, #24, he seems really good.

    Most impressive defensive stretch I’ve seen in a long time. 33 second half points? On the road? Stunning.

    Keep writing ’em Plaschke. You’ve really got your fingers on the pulse.

  93. Awesome stretch of play to take the game. It was like they flipped the switch. Everybody contributed. Will Ron Ron get the game ball for that big time defense in the second half? His celebratory antics continue to impress me as well.

    side note:
    Lakers shot 50% from behind the arc again!
    only a few percentage points under their FT% tonight

  94. still cant believe how old and slow duncan looked against gasol, good stuff by farmar tonight as well, lets hope the 3 point shooting tonight wasn’t an aberation

  95. Yes our D was nice. But they missed about 20 wide open looks. And I mean wide open.

  96. The defensive display that we put on in the 2nd half was probably the best I’ve seen all year from us. Pau played excellent man 2 man defense on Timmy. Trapped on their high screen & rolls, which effectively took Hill out of the game. Can’t put into words the defense that Ron Ron showcased (hello Plaschke). Probably the best/quickest hands on defense that I’ve seen since Michael “Sugar” Ray Richardson. Only difference being that Ron’s are stronger. It’s this type of defensive effort (in the 2nd half) that’ll allow us to keep/retain the belts come June. Kobe played an excellent all ’round game. Facilitated the offense early & then took over when called upon. What more needs to b said regarding L.O. Everyone knows that when he’s engaged & maximizes his ability on the floor, there is no way that anyone. Once again, ANYONE, can defeat us in a 7 game series. Perfect way to start off the road trip. Now on to the next 1 (OKC Thunder).

    Laker 4 Life ….. Go Hard Or Go Home

  97. cant wait to see how artest handles durant

  98. Agree with Aaron they are not going to miss that many open shots. Defense is about intensity but consistency too. Hard to watch Duncan play. Although credit gasol for d. Kobe looking like himself more each day. Come on Sasha do something!

  99. (see comment #2) ; )

    Just finished watching the game. That may have been the best second half we have played all year. We competed when we needed to, and (finally!) turned it up into what looked like championship-caliber effort when it was called for. Great team defense, solid all-around play. Role players knocked down the shots when they were needed (though it could have been more). Good win, and it showed how much it meant to the team to play well. I saw PJ actually get up to clap after a 24sec violation and Kobe and Ron’s emotion was great. Pau didn’t have a tremendous offensive game, but he was the reason Timmy was nowhere in sight.

    Sidenote: George Hill is very very impressive. I give him a pass for disappearing in the second half due to being so young.

  100. Just got back. My 8 year old and I were 15 rows from the court and right next to the Lakers tunnel. Fantastic energy – Staples East if you will. The Kobe 3s and the two viscious Pau rejections were worth the highpriced tickets. Plus, this was another game that helps pass along the Laker fandom torch to the next generation (for me at least). Watching my oldest give Ron, Pau and LO high 5s before the game was gr8! We missed you Texas Rob, but we cheered our rears off. The crowd was easily 30% Forum B&G tonight. I’ll catch the game in Houston too. Gr8 win. And Darius – thanks for using my brief overview. That made my evening (other than the win, of course). Go Lakers.

  101. Watched everything but the second quarter. Did Sasha get any run time? I agree it was a good over all performance, couldn’t have done it with out the boys from Queens Burrow.