Saturday Special: Fast Break Thoughts & The Final Four

Darius Soriano —  April 3, 2010

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Some random thoughts on this Saturday of college hoops…

*Last night’s win against the Jazz was more than just a single win.  Why?  Because the Spurs showed some of their classic resolve and beat the Magic (Manu torched Orlando for 43 and Duncan added another 23 to take down Orlando – wow).  That means that the chase for the second best record in the league and the claim to home court down the road – should there be a rematch of last years’ Finals – just got pushed one more step in the Lakers’ direction.  The one game cushion over the Magic going into last night is now two games with only 6 games left to play.  The Magic have an easier schedule down the stretch than the Lakers, but I’d rather be the team ahead with so few games left in the season and that’s where the Lakers are.

*Speaking of last night’s game, sure Odom was tremendous and Pau did his all-around thing, but what really caught my eye was Sasha’s beard.  Classic.  I joked on twitter that instead of saying sorry, Sasha grew a beard and that his beard would look like Deshawn Stevenson’s before he actually saw some game action.  It turns out that I was wrong as Sasha got some burn late in the game when the contest was already decided.  Why’d he finally get into the game?  John Ireland’s twitter feed says it all. Apparently the fans aren’t the only folks that want tacos.

*Enough about the Lakers and the pro game, though.  Tonight is where we get one step closer to crowning a college champion as Duke faces off against West Virginia and Michigan State plays Butler.  I have no idea who is going to win but I’ll take Duke and Butler to advance just for the slew of stories on the mid-major program vs classic juggernaut Final on Monday.  Which probably means that it will be WVU and Michigan St. in the Final.  But, who do you guys got?  However it plays out, these should be some good games and I’m anxious to watch tonight.

*And speaking of the tournament, the Final Four about to be played also means that we’re going to crown a winner in the FB&G tourney pool very soon.  It looks like the letshannondunk bracket will end up on top with How Do I Pick UC Riverside? bracket coming in 2nd place.  After everyone’s bracket got busted by the all the upsets (especially the Kansas loss) it figures that the brackets that had Duke and WVU going a long way would be at the top.  So, get ready for your T-shirt.  I’ll drop an email to the winner sometime after the final game.

Lastly, since I’ve still got a smile on my face after last night’s win, here are the highlights from the game versus the Jazz.  Enjoy:

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