The Playoffs Are Here – What I’d Like To See

Darius Soriano —  April 15, 2010

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The regular season is no more.  And sure, fans, media, even the players and coaches aren’t thrilled with how the season transpired (and especially with how it ended).  But, with where we stand now that doesn’t really matter.  I believe there is an old saying about water under bridges and another about spilled milk that apply right now.  So, with the second season only days away, I’d like to see a few things…

*A healthy Andrew Bynum.

*A revived Kobe Bryant.

*Strong defense buoyed by our twin seven footers and Artest leaning on wing players to the point that they make catches 30 feet from the basket.

*A frustrated Russ Westbrook not being able to crack the code of a playoff defense.

*Long playoff series between the Celts/Heat and ‘Blazers/Suns. 

*More twitter wars between the players.  You know, stuff like this.  That Nuggets/Jazz series is going to be a war.

*Some made three pointers.  Any Laker or two will do, I’m not that picky.

*Good ball movement from smart passes.  Hard screens that lead to off the ball player movement.  You know, Triangle execution.

*George Karl pacing the sidelines for the Nuggets.

*Our favorite foes in ‘Gone Fishin’ pictures with EJ, Chuck, and Kenny.

*Joakim Noah and Lebron James face to face

*The Spurs.  As long as the red-hot version of Manu doesn’t show up.  If he’s there, umm…forget I said anything at all.

*One last hurrah from our man D-Fish.  I think he’s got one more post season of big shots in him.

*The media forced to slowly change it’s tune on the vulnerability of the Lakers.

*A bunch of promos for ‘Saving Grace’ and ‘The Closer’.  Oh sorry, wrong list.

*Smart analysis from the TV guys.  (A guy can dream right?)

*Pau’s jumper remaining as silky as it has for the past few weeks.

*An Eastern Conference Finals between the Cavs and Magic.  Those guys have unsettled business.

*An entertaining Finals that features the Lakers.

*A parade down Figueroa and a shiny new Larry O’Brien Trophy for everyone to spill champagne on.

Darius Soriano

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