NBA Finals: Game 2 Preview & Chat

Darius Soriano —  June 6, 2010

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In every series up to the this point in these playoffs, the Lakers have been an excellent home team, not yet losing a game at the Staples center.  This evening, the Lakers look to keep that streak going as this game 2 will be just as pivotal to the outcome of this series as the win they claimed in game 1.  If the Lakers are able to go up 2-0 over the Celtics, Boston will be in the difficult situation of needing to win 4 of the next 5 games with their only home games coming in sequence over the next week.  And while recent teams (2004 Pistons, 2006 Heat) have been able to sweep those middle home games on their own court, it’s a task that few teams are up to as winning 3 games in a row against a Finals opponent is difficult (especially when the teams are evenly matched as this year’s Lakers and Celtics are).  All this is said to stress the importance that both teams are placing on this game and to emphasize that this is a must win game for Boston and that they’re going to play accordingly.  If you’re the Celtics, losing this game is not an option.

And that means the Lakers will also need to bring their best effort.  There is no comfort level in the Finals.  A 1-0 lead is nothing to be too excited over and as Kobe said in yesterday’s press conference, “we’re not thinking about game 1” – with the message being a clear one:  the Lakers need to approach this game fresh and bring the intensity and focus that they had in game one but with an in-the-moment emphasis tilted towards the task at hand.

And while we’ve been talking adjustments, there are still a couple of things that have yet to be explored.  After re-watching the Lakers’ game 1 win, there were a couple of things that became abundantly clear.  First and foremost was how reliant the Lakers were on the P&R to get good looks at the basket – especially Kobe.  The Lakers really used this action to disrupt the Celtics half court defense as Kobe did an excellent job of forcing the hedge man (usually Perkins) into staying with him and then working him off the dribble to get favorable angles to the rim or create open passing lanes to an open Gasol flashing to the FT line.  If the Celtics are to win this game, they’ll need to find an answer for the Lakers P&R, and this will be something I’ll be watching intently over the course of the game (and will have more on in the upcoming days).

Because the Lakers P&R really creates a domino effect for how they can build success in this game (and ultimately the series).  As was mentioned in the recap to game 1, the Lakers owned the rebounding battle, dominated the Celtics in second chance points, and had a huge advantage in points in the paint.  All of this was based off the Lakers dribble penetration off both P&R sets and standard isolation sets.  If the Lakers can continue to get into the lane tonight, it will force the Celtics bigs to help and that creates the angles for offensive rebounds, put backs, and renewed possessions that force the C’s to defend for extended periods (something that legs of any age would prefer to avoid – but is even more key for these older Celtics).  If the Lakers can continue to get these looks at the basket, they will win the game.  If the Celtics are able to successfully “shrink the floor” they’ll have a much better chance of slowing this attack and making the Lakers go to plan B.

But these are all actions that will play out over the course of the game.  For now, they’re just X’s and O’s that are drawn up on a grease board or envisioned in the coach’s heads.  It really will be on the players to come out and execute them and put the ideas into action.

But if the Lakers are to take the 2-0 series lead that they seek, it won’t be just about the plays that are diagrammed, it will be about the effort and response to the increased intensity that Boston will bring.  Understand that since that game 1 defeat on Thursday, the Celtics have been bombarded with claims of being old, soft, and plain outworked.  They’ll surely be looking to respond to all the critics with a performance that will turn the tables on those perceptions and bring the series back to Boston even.  And if the Lakers are to avoid that scenario, they’ll have to not only match the Celtics, they’ll need to outwork them again.  They’ll need to be even tougher while still maintaining their smarts and focus.  The Lakers know what is in front of them.  The past two seasons have prepared them for this moment.  The time is now to claim what they think is theirs and go and get it.  Game 2 can’t come soon enough.

Darius Soriano

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  1. Very Happy for Bynum. He was a big bright spot and will most certianly be able to grow from this.

    Now if Lamar wants to actually contribute to this championship push that will take us to a whole other level.

  2. what could’ve been a 1 point lead turned into a 5 point lead with a call that i find more offensive than robbing galaragga the perfect game. that umpire had no use of instant replay. these clowns did…. that is unacceptable. i dont understand why some fans don’t demand good officiating just like they demand good play from the players.

    and yes, those 2 fouls of kobe (once when rondo slipped out of bounds and the other offensive foul on ray allen) killed his rhythm offensively and defensively.

  3. Simmons himself alluded on his gamecast to the fact that the officiating crew was perfect for the Celtics to get one on the road…

    having said that, what the heck is going on with Odom???

    Rondo was pretty amazing down the stretch, i have to say. KG… not so much.

  4. There are two stories of this game.

    1. Ray Allen went insane in the first half.
    2. The refs were insane throughout the entire game.

  5. swedishmeatballs June 6, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    Oh and yeah, Odom really Stunk it up tonight. No excuse what so ever.

  6. Yea it will be really hard to win 2 of 3 at Boston, Im assuming were gonna have to win games 6 and 7 at Staples to win this series

  7. @swedishmeatballs
    If I, at home, through my satellite feed, have a better view of what happens on the court than the refs have when they look at the replay feed, then that is an even bigger problem than anything else in the league, including illegal drugs, rape charges, gun problems, and refs getting involved with mobsters.

    It would also explain a lot about the past few games.

  8. FIsher and Lamar brought nothing tonight.

    Shannon and Artest brought only total crap.

    I’d also like to know why the NBA has a conspiracy to make these games as unfun to watch as possible. If the Lakers weren’t in the finals, the officiating would have made me change the channel and never look back for the rest of the series.

  9. seriously. I love odom, he’s so amazingly versatile and inspiring when he’s on – and such a chill guy off the court, but wtf. Dude is infuriating on nights like tonight.

  10. thisisweaksauce June 6, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Need to act as if Ray Allen is the first option on offense.

  11. It’s a shame for the NBA that who officiates a game can be such a large determinant of who wins or loses a game. The Lakers clearly didn’t play as well as the first game, and the Celtics improved, but with 3 minutes left in a 3 pt game, you have to get that call correct. The awful announcing trio must’ve gotten the word from the truck to stop talking about it, because they shut up quick about it.

  12. Even w/ odom’s disappearance, artest boneheadedness and bench inadequacies, we were still in this game in the 4th. The ref’s out of bounds call and laying the 5th foul on kobe making him look like a mouse instead of the mamba we’re so used to clearly Influenced the game. HE’s the goto guy and the leader down the stretch…anyways, frustrating. Hopefully we can take the next one

  13. let’s not make odom the scapegoat. the reason the lakers lost had more to do with lack of execution than an individual performance.

  14. Not just tonight- Odom was terrible in game 1 too. Dude has mentally not checked in for this series and it’s going to cost us big if he doesn’t figure it out in Boston.

    And Artest….1-10 is unacceptable.

  15. The Lakers had the FT advantage no doubt, I saw a celtics blog where they were talking conspiracy as well. But I think the amount of free throws Bynum and Gasol shot made sense. Refs were favorable to the Lakers for large stretches (accurate as I’d like to think) but really it seems like in the 4th a lot of very crucial calls went to the Celtics tonight. Kobe had 3 BS fouls called on him which took him out of it and undoubtedly limited his ability to be aggressive in the 4th. That they didn’t overrule the out of bounds on Gasol after looking at the replay was… well completely ridiculous. Lakers have to win games where they actually shoot more free throws though, it’s such a rarity and probably won’t happen in Boston.

    However, they were up 90-87 with 5 minutes to go but stagnated on offense after that. They could have done a lot better, but Gasol and Bynum didn’t get the looks they needed to make the offense click. Some bad ISO, some boneheaded plays and then Rondo and Boston took advantage of the situation. The seeds of defeat were planted when the Lakers started giving boston second chances in the 3rd quarter… I really think that although his stat line isn’t great, Big Baby really kept Boston in there and his offensive rebounding spread to others. Rondo really made the plays that counted though on defense and offense…

    too bad it ended so poorly… but for
    Next game, keep going into the post, hopefully Sasha will play more than Brown, Artest will shoot better than 10%, and maybe Odom will even appear.

  16. Agree with chibi, Odom is not a one on one player. He can’t just “show up” if he wants to. Of course he wants to play well. Yes he took a couple bad shots, but it’s on our initiators to create for him and run the offense the right way.

  17. Summary of the game: when the Lakers are a jump shooting team they are very beatable.

  18. i propose that the thousand plus FB & G faithful not watch the NBA ever again. letters to the NBA aren’t going to work. we need to stop watching games, live and on TV, stop buying merchandise, anything that will hurt their pocket. its the only way we can make a stand. i’m doing it! i’m following the score off of my i-phone for these finals, and after this season, no more games and merchandise ever!

  19. All te lakers need from there role players is not to be terrible. And that’s exactly what they were. Ron 1-10 and 3-8 ft 3 to. And he played even worse then his stat line. He wouldn pass and tries to do stuff on his. let’s hope The real artest hasnt finally shown up. Lamar is really a waste. I just don’t understand how he can only play well twice every 8 games. I think the lakers can count Lamar out for the rest of the series. but tuesday is the ninth game so we may see do something. Phil needs to play Sasha because brown can’t defend and offensively he’s liablity because he dribbles to much and doesn’t spread the floor. The only thing Phil is good at is adjustments in between games so we’ll see. I’m sorry I’m just frustrated so I may be overexaggerating. But damn why can’t odom do anything.

  20. I’m apoplectic.

    Lakers had a huge ft advantage, but Kobe had 5 fouls, and refs missed a game-altering out of bounds call on KG (even with instant replay!).

    This game was lost because Kobe could never get in rhythm because of fouls, Odom hasn’t shown up for the series, and Artest decided to go into hero mode.

    This is a game the Lakers should have won, and ultimately, they have only themselves to blame.

  21. have fun with that 318

  22. Odom’s disappearance in the playoffs is nothing new…we’ve had this conversation many times before. Frustrating player to watch at times

  23. impact of 1 bad call from ref:
    1. -2 points for kobe
    2. kills momentum for lakers
    3. took kobe out most of the game

    Game Over.

  24. Tough loss. What I really don’t understand is how Gasol – who was shredding the Celtics – just disappeared from the offense in the 4th quarter. Also, honestly, how do you keep Ron Artest in the game? He’s clearly having a very, very off night.

  25. Isn’t Callaghan supposed to be a good ref? Tonight was a disgrace.

    I don’t even think it affected the outcome of the game (the Celts got a couple ticky tack fouls called on them as well), but today’s reffing crew should not be allowed to call anymore Finals games. Stern promised accountability after the Donaghy scandal, but so far he’s swept everything under the rug and proceeded with business as usual.

    What a disgrace.

  26. I disagree that odom can’t “just show up” because he’s not a one on one player. Actually he kind of his. He can create plays for himself and others but he just doesn’t bring the right focus and energy every game. Sometimes his body is on the floor but his mind is on the bench.

    But the lakers don’t execute well in 4th quarters. I just don’t know why. Yes Boston is a great team, but the lakers are better. This series is wide open with the edge going to Boston right now. They only way lakers take game 3 is if they get something from fish, odom, and artest

  27. I’m a Celtics fan and was forced to listen to this game on the radio due to some weird power outages in the area and the commentators noted that KG did touch the ball last, but said that the call was compromised because Gasol had fouled KG on the play. In essence: KG only touched the ball because Gasol fouled him and because the refs could not call a foul on Gasol on the play, they gave the Celtics the ball. Also note that this analysis was prior to the actual call being made (they didn’t just try to justify the call after it was made) and these commentators did not indicate any bias (i.e. complaining about any calls that went against the Celtics) throughout the game. While I still have not seen the game or the replay of said foul, in this situation it would seem the refs made the right call.

    Finally, for those who remain convinced the refs cost the Lakers this game, look at the free throw disparity (one which would be even larger if not for a series of Lakers fouls at the end of the game), look at the lack of touches for Gasol and Bynum in the last 5 minutes, look at Ron Artest, and look at the fact that the game ended with at least a 3 possession disparity. The refs did not cost the Lakers this game.

    Edit: One final note, addressing the complaints that Kobe was “taken out of this game” by bad ref calls which in turn affected the Lakers to a larger extent than the free throw disparity affected the Celtics. Look at the fouls on the Celtics bigs (Shelden Williams had to play it got so bad), who are integral in slowing the Lakers bigs and providing an interior rebounding presence, and look at the amount of points scored by Kobe versus the difference in free throws. Unless you expected Kobe to go off for an absurdly efficient 40-50 points, it’s clear the refs had a marginal impact in deciding this game.

  28. I was totally wrong about Shannon Brown (thought he actually had some long-term potential on this team)…don’t know what he’s thinking letting Ray Allen open all the time to double players for no reason. Shannon may be exercising that player option of his now. I’d actually find more ways to put Sasha and his 6’7″ frame on Allen. Shannon seems to think his superior jumping abilities compensate for terrible defensive positioning.

    I really hate blaming the refs, but man, some of those fouls on Kobe were majorly suspect. I hate to see such a good game from Bynum go to waste, but maybe Bynum’s “emergence” tonight put Odom back into la la land…because he sure seemed out of it.

  29. First of all, I’ll get this out of the way: (edited) the referees. Two horrible calls in crucial situations. Calling the foul on Artest, I might be able to understand – that was in real time. But how the hell do you go to a video replay and not see that Garnett touched that ball last? How is that humanly possible? Gasol’s hand was behind Garnett’s. They weren’t holding hands. Their fingers weren’t clasped. If you understand basic physics, how do you watch that video and believe Pau touched that ball last?

    Ray Allen’s 4th foul in Game 1 was a phantom call, but two of Kobe’s tonight were phantom calls as well. The referees continue to insert themselves into games in negative ways.

    But we lost the game in so many other ways.

    -Shannon did not earn playing time over Sasha tonight. Phil should have pulled shannon after the first few brain farts. As athletic and electrifying as he can be, Shannon is not a high-IQ player. Tonight, that was on full display. I’d rather have the low-IQ but feisty Sasha sticking to Allen.

    Leaving Ray Allen to help on Kendrick Perkins? Oh wait – I went back and watched the replay. Shannon wasn’t even doubling Perkins! He took a few steps towards Perkins and then stood there and watched – not close enough to bother Perkins, but too far away to recover to Allen. How many times do we catch Shannon just ball-watching on defense without an opponent in arm’s reach? This is Space Cadet level stuff.

    -We cannot win if Lamar Odom plays like this.

    -I said before the series that if there’s 1 stat that will reveal more than any others, it will be rebounding.

    -I cannot say enough about the way Andrew Bynum played tonight. All over the court. Beautiful rotations, getting out to perimeter players and recovering, just being all around active in a way that (because of the knee) we haven’t seen for some time. Just heart and grit and intelligence. I don’t want to jinx it, but tonight, Drew played like a champion.

    -Rondo had a big game, but Andrew Bynum is the reason that game wasn’t bigger. Forget the blocks; I counted several plays where just the block attempt changed Rondo’s shot so much that it missed.

    -Although there are still some lapses, I have to tip my hat to Jordan Farmar. His contributions have been largely positive these entire playoffs, and he’s making things happen in these Finals.

    -It’s highly unlikely Allen is this hot again, but Pierce is unlikely to play this bad.

    Angry and disappointed right now. Hours ago, I thought the winner of this game would most likely go on to win the series. But we are the defending champions, and though it’ll be an uphill climb, I still believe we can pull out 2 of 3 in Boston.

    Let’s all have faith. In a Steve Javie recovery.

  30. GetItTogetherLakers June 6, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    I hate to say it, but I hope all of us Lakers fans are ready to be owned by the Celtics yet again. We just got owned on our own court, and now have to go to Boston for three straight games. Say goodbye to home court advantage. If we even make it back to L.A., I’m betting they’ll have a commanding 3-2 advantage and win one of the final two and finish us off. For the most part, they’ve had our number for years, and this year will probably be no different. Our failure to hold home court will cost us this series. I just wish that this team as a whole would get pissed off enough at losing to the Celtics to come out and absolutely crush them in Boston. I guess that is probably just wishful thinking. If “No Show” Lamar doesn’t produce in a major way for the rest of this series, he needs to be sent packing. I’d also like to know what true positive that Artest is steadily adding to merit the kind of minutes that he’s getting. Sure, this game feaatured some absolutely pathetic officiating. They even used replay on the one call and still screwed it up. That doesn’t change the fact that a great team needs to be able to overcome bad refs and bad calls, and we failed to do that. I hope we dominate in Boston, but something tells me that we won’t. I just hope that they wake up and strengthen their supporting cast when it’s over. They can start by dumping “No Show” Lamar. Money spent on him could be much better utilized on getting guys who at least consistently come to really play and try to win.

  31. 326 Joel, I think Odom’s great off of second and third passes when the ball is swinging and the defense is reacting. He’s also great in transition. He didn’t have these opportunities because we didn’t move the ball and weren’t able to get rebounds – and when we did Celtics were back.

    I don’t think you can just give him the ball when the defense is set and he can make a play. Not against the Celtic’s team defense.

    I do think Odom gets some blame for not playing well but the whole team does for not executing and helping him get opportunities.

    328 As a Laker fan, I actually felt great after this game. We showed we are the better team with more talent and just as much competitiveness.

  32. Glad to see it wasn’t just Lakers fans seeing some horrible officiating. This excerpt is from the guys over at Celticshub.

    “Quick addendum: The Lakers got a raw deal from the officials tonight. While they took more free throws than the Celtics by a wide margin, it seems as though they lost every 50-50 call and I noted a lot of phantom fouls. Oh and Garnett was the last one to touch that ball by a mile…”

  33. don’t tell me nba games are not rigged

  34. Ok. Let’s not over react. We certainly let one get away with our lack of execution in the 4th.

    Kobe’s foul situation was a big issue as well as (and because of) some suspect officating.

    However, the same could have been said by the Celts after game 1 with Ray. However, they adjusted and played a great Game 2.

    So now it’s on us to do the same. Fish will most certainly play better as he normally is one of our most reliable contributors on the road. Odom has to know that he has been MIA so I can only hope, pray, beg that he shows up pissed for Game 3.

    Kobe and Pau will be there and we just need to play to our strengths. We did that to get back into the game tonight and used it (inside play that is) to even take the lead in the 4th.

    Just execute and we win.

  35. I’m pissed off. Coming into the game I was kind of nervous that the Lakers would lack energy and smarts in the first half. They did. At halftime I was confident we were going to make a run, but we allowed too many second chances (and third chances) that kept the Celtics in the game and allowed them to rest Rondo. That dude was gassed, but those 6 minutes rejuvenated him.
    Kobe and Ron weren’t allowed to play tonight – plain and simple. While I concede that Garnett and Perkins and Sheed were in foul trouble the whole game (with 1 or 2 bad calls), the refs single handedly gave Artest the wrong call two plays in a row, and stunted our momentum in the 3rd with Kobe’s fifth. I sensed a 10 point lead before that foul, after that our shots were not as efficient.

    I am pissed. We are going to win the next game. Ray ray aint hitting 8 3’s, and the Refs are going to let Kobe and Artest play. Hit our free throws and push it down their throats. Lets go boys…

  36. impact of 1 bad call from ref:
    1. -2 points for kobe
    2. kills momentum for lakers
    3. less defensive pressure from kobe
    4. benched kobe for most of the game

    Game Over.

  37. Okay a couple of posters are going over the top. Now Boston is about to own the Lakers? GTFOH! The Lakers lost a game they should have won. Okay. The series is split. If they are a championship caliber team (and I think they are) they will have to win on the road. Boston hasn’t been exactly stellar at home this season. Their worst playoff loss came at home. The Celtics are not chumps. What did some of you think? The Lakers were going to bowl over and the C’s would cower in fear? They are proud and they won’t submit. They have to be beaten into submission.

    This series is NOT over. It is just getting started. Initially, I picked LA in six. I’m sticking with that. It could go seven. A six or seven game series means the Lakers lose some games. Suck it up!

    Orlando won in Boston. Cleveland won (big) in Boston. Do you some of you think the defending champs can’t? Come on! It is a frustrating loss. But the C’s are not just going to roll over.

    I get the feeling some of you started heading down to Figueroa for the parade after the first game.

  38. The one game I miss, we lose.

    But wow, if we can get this kind of production from Pau and Bynum again, I’m feeling good about our chances.

    No way the C’s are winning 3 straight on their home court, so we’ll get one there, bring it back where we want it.

  39. Boston started packing in the paint tonight big time. Especially when Kobe looked like he was planning to drive on Allen, there were help defenders on both sides a la 2008. This left Kobe driving into a wall of defenders, and the refs let Ray and co. play physically.

    I think this, with the foul trouble, really frustrated Kobe. I too agree the refereeing was just abysmal, especially in the fourth when KG clearly held Pau illegally to let Rondo get passed for an easy layup. Then on the following play, Bynum (i think) is called for an illegal pick. And we don’t even need to talk about the replay gaffe.

    In the end though, we really just didn’t execute down the stretch. At the end of the game, Artest was stuck with the ball and I think everyone has established this as when Artest was an idiot and went into hero mode (somewhere under 2 mins left). But if you look again, all you will see are four Lakers teammates just standing around on the perimeter. No cutting, no off ball screening, just standing around waiting to catch and shoot. Or just waiting to watch somebody else make the play. We need five guys out there always ready and anticipating opportunities to make plays, bottom line.

  40. I’m not sure I can follow the NBA anymore. I mean, unless the league office issues an official apology to everyone who watched that game, what is the point? They’re obviously incapable of getting the most obvious calls right, even with he benefit of insant replay. Or of even calling the semblance of a fair game. It’s a waste of time. I’m out for good this time.

  41. Some comments are missing the biggest point of the phantom foul calls on Bryant that led to his 5th (one that was questionable, at best).

    Because of those fouls, he could not drive to the basket any more, fearing the Cs could draw a charge on him.

    And once he became basically a jump shooter, Boston stopped doubling on him, and that led to fewer passes to Gasol and Bynum and disrupted our entire offense.

    After the 5th foul we went mostly for isolation sets, that is all the Celtics want us to, because those possessions frequently end in a bad jump shot.

    Same effect that happened in Game 1 with Ray Allen and Boston offense.

    Let’s just hope the refs stay out of the game in Boston.

  42. Dan-
    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because you were listening to the game on radio, but your radio play-by-play crew seemed to have less of a clue what was going on than the officials. Gasol had inside position on KG and KG kinda sorta went over Gasol’s back. The TV play-by-play chastised KG for putting himself in a position to pick a a cheap 6th foul. There was no foul called and there should not have been, but the crew just flat blew the possession call. KG clearly, clearly, got a hand in and knocked the ball out of bounds. Lemme take a guess… the guys you were listening to put theah ahs in the wroang plaches?

  43. Seriously. T. Rogers has the correct perspecitive.

    It was never going to be easy, so let’s go!

  44. I said in the preview before this series that the two huge keys for the Lakers were limiting the following:

    1. Ray Allen threes.
    2. Rondo Offensive rebounding.

    The Lakers (with some help from the officials in Game 1) effectively eliminated those two plays, and today they failed to do so and were beaten. Ray’s threes won the first half and Rondo’s offensive rebounds won the 2nd half. The Celtics played harder, but they did not overwhelm us with their physicality. I thought we answered the bell in that regard. It was mental breakdown after mental breakdown that decimated the Lakers tonight.

    The player who, imo, had a subtly bad game tonight was Kobe. At least one of those fouls was a temper tantrum foul after Rondo made a great reach around to take the ball from him in the post. Then there was a foul on Allen 38 feet from the bucket!!! He takes it personally against Allen, and tonight it didn’t work out.On too many possessions, I thought he held the ball a click too long, overdribbled without any ball advancement, or limiting our offensive options because of shot clock issues derived from the ball staying in one spot for most of the possession. Defensively, I thought he stayed way too far off Rondo, especially where on the one drive and layup by Rondo, he was so far from Rondo that he allowed Garnett to screen him AND Gasol so Rondo could get to the hoop. He took a stab at keeping up with Ray Allen but was obliterated within two possessions.

    On offense, the Lakers have all but abandoned the triangle, making themselves way too easy to defend and leading to bad shots.

    Defensively, Ray Allen was so devastating that the Lakers had to resort to sending 2-3 players after him to chase him off his shot. This led to bigs switching off of down screens (a move I begrudgingly advocated), but unfortunately it led to easy mismatch buckets for the Celtics and offensive rebounds. I just don’t know what the answer is for Ray Allen, but I do know that Kobe needs to get a bit more aggressive early in the shot clock. This was a brutal loss, and Boston has a huge advantage because they got two extra days of adjustments after their loss (two practices and no travel) and now the Lakers have one travel day and then a game Tuesday. I’m pretty rattled after this game, so I’ll be leaning on Darius and some of the more level headed folks around here until Tuesday, where I’m really hoping the Lakers come ready to play.

  45. I agree with you T. Rogers. Game 3 is going to be an adversity game, with a crazy Boston crowd. Lakers have gotta come in and fight it. 1st and 4th quarters killed us this game. The Celtics are front runners at home and their fans get scared fast when they are down. Gotta throw the first few punches and make sure they know we wont roll over like Cle or Orl.

  46. Montross’Dad June 6, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Kind of shocked at the regressive ‘blame the officiating’ talk on here. In the past i’ve read this blog and thought it and it’s commenters almost high-brow compared to many others.

  47. Before the series, I posted one of those “Five Reasons each team could win” deals. #1 on the list of five reasons favoring Boston was how much trouble Lamar Odom has playing against this team. I realize there are many factors involved in winning or losing, but if Odom scores 3 points in 14:38, the Lakers are going to beat this team maybe one time out of four. Game 1 was that one time. Odom needs to be getting a 10/10 against Boston.

    Also, while he did not play well, I think people are being a little too hard on Shannon Brown. Yes, he made some mistakes, but Ray Allen is Ray Allen for a reason. He is capable of going off like that.

    Boston was 1/10 on 3s in Game 1. Tonight they were 11/16. Game 3 will be somewhere in the middle.

    Are the Lakers “in trouble?” Not deep trouble, but they are the underdogs now. If they win once in Boston, beating this team two times in a row, even at Staples, will be hard. It seems unlikely to me that they can win twice in Boston, but it it is not impossible. Artest is containing Pierce, and Allen is not going to go 8/11 on 3s every time.

    Also, I have been fan since Showtime, and this was the first time since the GM 1 in 1985 that a Laker loss has made me feel sick to my stomach. ’08 was tough to take, but you live with it because the Celtics were better. I want the Lakers to win this series very, very badly, on a visceral level. Not news to anyone, of course, but seeing the Lakers LOSE to the 2010 Celtics drove that point home.

  48. 331 You’re that odom is best as a finisher. But odom is the type of guy that makes own luck. Odom doesn’t really have games where good shots are rimming or he’s playing really great defense but guys are just make really touch shots. It’s all about odoms effort and focus. When he plays well, he’s active he’s slashing in the lane, he’s getting put backs. He isolates against defenders to put them on their heels. He rotating on defense like he should and helping like game one and two vs PHX. but when he has these games he does none of that. He floats around the 3 pt line all night offensively and looks absolutely lost defensively. So no he’s not the one on one guy like Kobe, but he can isolate on the perimeter or post up when the second units needs a basket. But odom can just show up because he creates opportunities for himself and others when he plays with energy, effort and focus. But Lamar just doesn’t play that way most the time.

    Although the officials were terrible. The lakers beat themselves. Too many guys played like this game didn’t matter. And I rather live with sashas ticky tack fouls, then Brown completely disrupting the offense by refusing to pass the ball with out dribbling for 7 seconds and trying to go one on one first and making the same mistake defensivlely over and over and over.

    When the lakers lose it normally because they don’t play smart. The lakers can afford to mentally take games off and expect kobe and gasol to play hero, or expect to win by trying to be the hero, artest. The lakers were look for a knock out punch when the game got close in the 3rd instead executing offensively and defensively.

    While I believe the lakers can play much better I’m not so sure about brown, artest and odom.

  49. I love this. Go back and look at a lakers win and not one complaint about refs. Look at a loss and all the bandwagon jumpers are ready to “give up on the NBA” because the lakers got outplayed and outcoached. The refs made equal bad calls both ways. Blaming things on the officiating is an excuse and champions don’t make excuses. In general you guys are an embarrassment to the game of basketball so please stop with the idle threats of boycotting the NBA and go find a better team to be a fair weather fan of.

  50. #346. I wish I could say that Lakers fans would be better about this, but they’re obviously not. IMO, there were so many bigger issues than the referees gaffe on the out of bounds play, but fans often want to point at the “big” play rather than look at all the little ones that create the actual outcome in a game. The Lakers shot poorly, didn’t run their offense effectively, didn’t guard Ray Allen for long stretches (allowing him to break a Finals record for made threes) – but the refs are to blame. That’s the cop out excuse for fans that would rather have things given to them than having to earn it. I’m tired of it. I’m just going to start deleting the comments that talk BS about games being rigged or officials agendas. I’ll be happy to have “fans” no longer watch the games if it means less bitching about the refs. One of the mottos of this site has always been that if you allow the game to be close enough where the refs can have an impact than that result is on you (the team/players). Tonight that happened. The Lakers didn’t execute and they lost. The refs missed some calls. Okay. The refs didn’t stop the Lakers from covering Ray Allen. They didn’t force the Lakers to stop throwing the ball inside to their big men. Please. These complaints are tired.

  51. WE can complain about the refs all we want, but it still won’t help. We can’t control that. Here’s what we can control.

    Pau Gasol was 7/10 from the field and 11/13 from FT. That is even better when you realize one of Pau’s shots was a 3 pointer with 17 seconds left in the game. Pau’s shots in the 4th quarter? that ONE 3 POINTER.

    Bynum was 6/10 9/12 and ONLY SHOT ONCE in the fourth quarter.

    They cannot handle our bigs. We need to get them the ball more in places where they can do things.

    Kobe shot 3/8 in that fourth quarter… and they payed him perfectly. 21 points on 20 shots is exactly how you want Kobe to play.

    Let’s go. Game 3.

  52. Oh I just let them play through it. The Phil Jackson way of coaching.

    So when Brown is running around like a dumb blonde and standing in the key in the 2nd quarter I guess he just let them play thorugh it.

    5 3 pointers in 7 minutes with Brown looking like a silly child and Phil just let them play through it.

    That lost the game for you Phil.

    Here’s a thought Phil. Call time out, get the guy out of the game and try Sasha or B.Shaw. 5 3’s in 7 minutes and you sat there and stared into space.

    Of course Odom didn’t show up in Boston 2 years ago and again a no show. This guy shows up once a week his entire career and is stealing money from the Lakers.

  53. Players not named Kobe, Pau, Drew shot a combined 8 of 31 for a whopping 25.8% that is the stat of the night.

  54. I think most of us are very upset about this game, the natural instinct is to blame the refs.

    I blame Shannon Brown for leaving ray allen wide open… so dumb..

  55. 261.Celtics Nation wrote on June 6, 2010 at 7:53 pm
    I believe I called it – NOBODY can guard RAJON RONDO. ONE ALL BABY!

    Really glad this guy found this site. Of course, some Laker fans do this stuff as well.

  56. @345, the referees did not cost the Lakers this game, the Lakers cost the Lakers this game! More specifically, Lamar and Brown added NOTHING to the game.

    Ron-Ron played excellent defense on Pierce, but took his own self out of the game by trying to dribble drive and taking ill adviced 3pt shots.

    Fisher was worn out from chasing Allen all over the floor and going under the screens instead of over the top of the screens, so this took him out of his offensive flow.

    Cudos to Sasha, I though he played well in the time that he was given. He should get more time in Boston as the Lakers are going to need some hard-nosed play from off the bench.

  57. Totally agree with Darius (and many others who have said it before) in that the refs have been nothing but consistantly bad. However…. the Lakers had a 3 point lead late and just failed to execute over and over again.

    Plus the Rondo rebounding was just a killer.

    I still like what I saw from a lot of people not named Kobe, so it’s same to assume that if they play well again and Kobe plays a better game 3 then we should prevail.

    All is not lost…

  58. @355

    He’s part of the Truehoop network, I believe. I’ve got no problem with him, since he keeps everything basketball-related.

    The ones who are personally attacking Laker fans are the ones who need to get out, IMO.

  59. Darius,
    You are a wise man, delete the comments about people stop watching the nba, and the official conspiracy, and all that. I agree and just don’t believe it to be true. I do, however, believe that certain calls are momentum calls, and BOS got a lot of em tonight. A lot. And that takes the gas out of our guys even though the fought to the very last possession.
    I am a firm believer that we can win in Boston – I know our guys have the toughness and grit to do it, not we gotta go do it. The series is like Denver last year, it is going to be hotly contested in every game, and we need our guys to step up.
    1/10 from Artest doesn’t really explain how bad he was offensively tonight. He posted up Ray a lot, which is what Laker fans called for, and I think that was a mistake. One, Ray didn’t ever foul him, and two, it resulted in bad spacing and bad transition D in the 1st half.
    The counter to Ray Allen’s fire is keeping a body on him. In the 2nd half fisher did a relatively solid job on that, and that is what got us back in the game. Contested two pointers can’t beat us guys. Wide open 3 pointers can. Are bigs are back and ready to contest the 2’s (and if they go in so be it), but our guards have gotta be ready to chase them off the line. 11/16 from 3’s was not good from the Lakers, as most of them were open, and even Rondo hit an uncontested one.
    Their will be a strategy change in the next game, and it will be interesting to see. I forsee a pretty big game from Lamar actually.

    Also, anyone find it strange that the refs saved Perkins from the 7th tech. If they are always gonna call that tussle play a tech (agree with it or not), then they cannot refrain from calling it when a possible suspension looms. That shows either 1. favoritism or 2. a belief that they way you normally do things is wrong, neither of which is right.
    That said, Big Baby has been killing us in both games, and I actually think we are much better off with Perkins in the game – it literally makes them 4 on 5 on offense.

  60. A tough loss, but one that should galvanize us for a better game 3. It’s bunker mentality now. And expect for Fish to be the 4th scoring option. LA 97-Bos-95 in game 3. Go Lakers!

  61. I agree with Ken they blame needs to go on Jackson. Yes he has 10 rings. But the guy does make mistakes, but never get called out for them.

    I think jacksons play through it philosphy is what may cost the lakers this series. This isn’t the 3 pt bulls or lakers. Those teams had abolute veterans with high bball Iqs b shaw who is coaching now, Kurr, horry kukoc etc. Those guys may not have been the best, most skilled or altheltic. But they new what to do, where to be and when to be their. That cannot be said about odom, brown, farmar or even artest. These guys “can’t play through it”. Phil should know that when these guys play through it they will keep playing poorly more times then not, and the lakers can’t afford that.

  62. 1st & 4most, have to give credit where credit is due. Boston EARNED this victory 2nite. As I previously stated, 1. This series will be decided in the PAINT & 2. We have to find a way to contain ‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’. Tonight, we did NEITHER. We were Out-Rebounded and Boston had more points in the Paint. They were also able to get out in Transition for easy buckets. And even though we shut ‘Jesus’ down in the 2nd half, if it wasn’t for his incredible shooting in the 1st, they wouldn’t have been in the game. Rondo played an Excellent all ’round game & took over in the 4th. Whether it was through his scoring, boards or passing (even that critical block on Captain Fisher), he just controlled everything. To the Naked Eye, it also looks as if they won the 50/50 Battle. Their Defense was better also. They took away our lanes to the hole. We could not dribble drive as we did in game 1. Respect Given.

    As for us, it’s a shame that Excellent games by our ‘Twin Towers’ had to go to Waste. Not only did Young Drew give us 21 pts & 7 blks., he also played 39 EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE Mins. As for Pau, for the 2nd game in row, he was our BEST player with 25 pts & 6 blks. We can’t BLAME the Refs either, considering the fact that we shot 15 more Free Throws and were + 11 from the Stripe. Still waiting for LO to come and join us for The Finals and as I predicted, Captain Fisher’s offense would be stymied because of the challenges of Shadowing ‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’. Granted, Ron Ron shot Terrible, but he wasn’t brought here for that aspect of his game. He was brought aboard to Lock Up individuals such as P. Square. Which he Definitely did (limiting Pierce to only 10 pts on 2 for 11 shooting). So if you look @ it, his Defensive Effort went to Waste also. When it comes to Kobe, he just looked indecisive 2nite. Looked passive @ certain points of the game. I understand that his foul situation played a major part in how aggressive he could be, but once again, he shot under 50% from the field. So far, (considerin’ he shot Terrible from the Field in the ’08 Series) it looks as if he still hasn’t figured out how to Attack this Boston defense.

    At the End of the Day, it’s just 1 game, so Hopefully, come game 3, we’ll make the necessary Adjustments which will allow us to take back home court advantage. But in order for us to do that, Kobe will have to shoot better than 40% (which he shot 2nite) from the Field & we’ll need a more consertive defensive effort on ‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’.

    On to Bean-Town. Gut Check Time. Now We’ll See Where Cats Hearts Are At.

    Laker 4 Life …. Go Hard Or Go Home

  63. We did do some very good things in this game that, even with the loss, can be taken forward.
    For one, KG and Rasheed were not playing well the whole game, and you have to give our bigs credit for that. 2, when Tony allen came in, we were smart enough to recognize that and dared him to shoot a 3, which of course he missed, because he and Lamar are probably equal in 3 point shooting. 3, I though Farmar and Vujacic actually played a very energetic and strong game – and Vujacic was yanked a little too quick than I’d like in the 1st half.
    Yes Allen can blow by him, but that plays into our hands because the Celtics have to have the 3 pointer to beat us.

    Biggest need for improvement – closing the gap on screen faster (stop jumping to block a 3 point shot, get in his face and make him put it on the ground and out of rythym. I actually think the Lakers did a bad job of selling the moving screens that Pierce was setting all night, and it cost them. The Celtics (even though the claim to play physical) are a very proficient flopping team and it allows them to get bail out calls. Our guys never fall down off that moving screen, which bails out the official from making a Judgement call.
    In the 4th quarter you also can’t let anything go into the basket from the lane uncontested – not acceptable. A Rondo uncontested layup is not something that should happen, and KG should not be able to pick both Bryant and Gasol from the same pick – that was bad D by Kobe.
    Little things guys, little things.

  64. Stop with the LO will show up fantasy. Boston has smart coaches. They figured out 2 years ago that after 10 years in the league Odom is a one handed player. Shut off his left, force him into offensive fouls and let him take the 20% 3 point shot and he becomes nothing.

    LO will not show up aganist Boston. He is his own reality series and its called overated and overpaid is me.

  65. This, to me, is the real danger of the 2-3-2. In 2008, I actually preferred to be the road team, because I thought we could grab one of the first two.

    Champions are forged through fire, and the heat just turned up a little bit tonight.

    I found this interesting: a reporter asked Kobe to comment on Bynum’s 21 points and great play, and Kobe flatly said that points don’t matter, only defense does. Now, although I would have loved to see more boards from Drew, I actually thought Drew played a great game defensively. I don’t know if Kobe just doesn’t want to give players too much credit so they don’t get complacent, or if he actually wasn’t happy with Drew’s defense. But I was suprised he didn’t compliment Drew’s D at all. Maybe I watched the game the wrong way.

    Our poor defense flowed from our bad offense today, since it’s obvious the C’s lead was built on transition points. But late, when the game slowed to a grind, and many predicted we’d win the game in such a situation, we moved away from the post. After Kobe hit his 2 hero shots, all the Lakers stopped looking for the post and started a perimeter chuckfest. The ball movement stopped for so many stretches in this game. Although I agree that our defense could have been better (much better in the case of Allen), I thought offensive execution was the greater sin tonight.

  66. Thank you Ray! This team lacks smart basketball players and that is when a coach has to call timeout and make changes.

    Stop with the ref thing. Lakers shot way more foul shots. 41 to 26!!!! If they didn’t miss 10 they win. Nice clunkers by Ron from the line. Blame your team for stinking up on defense and the foul line.

  67. You could always say that the Lakers should have played well enough to “play through” the terrible calls, but it’s hard to refute that a 4 point swing with 1:59 left in the game due to that blown call isn’t devastating to the Lakers.
    It seemed to me that the entire game was a series of “makeup” calls, usually initiated by a phantom non-shooting foul on the Lakers, then immediately made-up on the other end of the court (a few of Garnett’s 5 fouls). I appreciate the Donaghys’ gestures, but 5 fouls on Kobe is crippling no matter what.
    Even with Ron playing like he was drunk and our PGs sharing the same defunct brain (although props to Sasha-who I agree, should get more playing time), the Lakers could have had a shot to win the game if not for the 1:59 missed REVIEWED call (!).
    And, uh, Lamar with 3 fouls in 3 minutes? Whaaaa…

    AND AGAIN- Just because the Lakers shot more foul shots doesn’t mean the game was officiated properly!

  68. 338: Harold wrote: “But wow, if we can get this kind of production from Pau and Bynum again, I’m feeling good about our chances.”

    And that sums up perfectly EXACTLY why this Lakers team is so frustrating to fans and students of the game. They CAN get that production from Gasol and Bynum EVERY game. EVERY SINGLE GAME.

    They simply don’t try to.

    I will never understand it.

  69. i’m not worried at all. i think it’s more accurate to say the lakers lost this game than the celtics won it.

    if the lakers execute on offense, they win.

  70. Joel I think PJ gets called out for his “mistakes” more often than deserved. To say that on this site made me laugh.

  71. Sadly, that’s what happens when you abandon what works for you…having Jeffrey Osborne sing the anthem.

    Honestly. Why would you give anyone else the mic in a Finals game?

  72. 363 is pretty much on the money with l.o. He was the one concern I truly had about this series. If no bynum the lakers absolutely lose in 5 or 6 games. Odom is the model of inconsistency. In 08 his best game in the finals, he actually played his best half then his worst half of that entire playoffs. In game 4 I belive he went 7/8 with 16 first half points, the lakers where up double digits and he finish the game with like 18 points and 8/11. The guy just mentally checks in and out.
    We just have to hope me makes some jumpers
    and get some offensive rebounds.

    The biggest adjustmet phil can make is turnin ron back into a spot 3 point shooter, spreading the floor with a real spot up 3 point shooter, and not trust odom and the bench.

  73. One number that I love: 39 huge minutes for Bynum tonight.

    I also wonder what the fallout of that will be. He hasn’t played close to that many minutes in a long time. With only a 1-day break, how will his body hold up?

  74. ok I did some work and took a shower and now have the right perspective. Let’s look at a couple of things

    1. This is a team that overcame adversity against Houston & Denver last year and OKC & Phoenix this year. The one constant about this team has been that when their back is up against the wall they respond by playing great basketball. This team has also shown it can win on the road consistently.

    2. If the Lakers go into Boston and win game 3 then once again the momentum will shift right back and everyone on the green side will be saying the sky is falling.

    3. Lost in the this defeat has been that for 2 consecutive games our big men have completely dominated Boston’s to the point where KG is either on a terrible streak, injured or washed up. Either bods well for us.

    4. To lose game 2 we had to play terrible perimeter defense have 3 key guys either not help or actually hurt us (fisher, odom & artest) and have Kobe sit with foul trouble.

    5. After all of the above Boston’s offense outside of Allen and Rondo looked pretty bad again.

    6. We still have an amazing playoff home record. Does anyone doubt that we can win games 6 & & if needed? I don’t.

    7. Boston still has the Perkins & Wallace tech issues to worry about which could be a big factor in games 4 – 7. Think about what it would mean to their interior D if one of both has to miss a game

    I’m disappointed but still very confident Lakers will win the championship.

  75. I thought that Phil should have utilized more of his bench while at home in order to win this game. Bynum played what 38 minutes this game? Bynum has not logged that many minutes since 2009, so he was gassed at the end, incapable of getting those rebounds that Big Baby came up with in the fourth quarter. That was a coaching error. He could have bought Bynum some rest by playing Powell, Mbenga or Luke at home.

    Now, what did logging that many minutes on the floor do to Bynum’s knee. Will he be able to contribute anything with his regular 20 minutes in game 3? These are questions that Phil must make preparations to answer in game 3.

    Boston knows how to play Kobe, and I thought that Kobe pumped faked too many times trying to draw fouls on Allen rather than to just shoot over him.

    The Lakers are going to be hard pressed to win in Boston where the referees may not make any calls against Boston for fear of drawing the wrath of the fans.

    I’m afraid that this series, unlike the Phoenix series, Lamar and Artest did not spend anytime in the gym shooting. Now, there will be no time to practice shooting jumpers and the double team will continue to come from the guy defending Artest.

  76. My buddy and I spent the entire fourth quarter yelling at the TV because the Lakers – Kobe especially – refused to throw the ball inside. Kobe went into hero mode instead of remembering how he beat the Magic last year. Gasol was destroying the Celtics and we didn’t get him the rock.

  77. Everyone needs to get over their anger for the loss. The refs weren’t the reason that R. Allen made those 3s. Refs didn’t let Rondo get the O Board. Refs weren’t the ones NOT passing to our bigs.

    Our turn to make adjustments. To come back and hit them in the mouth at their home court. To dictate the pace. To be the aggressors.

    If we can’t do that, then we don’t deserve to be the champs. I think the Lakers want that this year. They will have to prove it.

    Is it Tuesday yet!!!???

  78. Other way to look at it Jeremy is Boston won while getting nothing from two of their best players Pierce and Garnet.

    Kobe on Rondo did not work, he almost fouled out.

    Allowing Allen to set a all time 3 point record on your home court is something that would NEVER happen to a Riley/Magic team. Never!

  79. From Adande’s Twitter:

    @jadande Didn’t keep his word vs ORL RT @SPORTSbyBROOKS: Paul Pierce on video to Lakers fans: “We ain’t coming back to L.A.”

  80. Ken,

    I’ll give you Pierce (however Rick Bucher had an interesting observation that Pierce and Rondo never seem to play well in same game) but Garnett has not played well since the Clev series. To Boston’s credit that have found ways to continue to win but the question is can they win 3 more games against the Lakers with similar lack of production or effect on games.

    I think the answer is closer to no than yes.

    Two ways to look at game 3 in terms of KG, does being a home remedy is problems or does flying cross country and then playing a day later exasperate them.

  81. Kobe got one of his fouls on a stupid open court play against Allen at the start of the 3rd. But if Kobe doesn’t guard Rondo, who will? Kobe can not chase Allen all over the court through those screens (remember, he is injured).

    Lakers have to stick with the game plan and Kobe has to box Rondo out, there’s no reason that he should get that many rebounds on the second best rebounding team in the league.

    One option for the Lakers is to give Artest a few minutes in the 1st and 3rd quarters on Allen, just enough time that Allen has to arm wrestle with Artest to get free to make a cut to get a screen to get a shot. That should wear him out just as it is obviously wearing Pierce out to fight with Artest in order to get a shot.

    Phil is going to have to coach, too, I thought he should have called timeout in the first quarter when Allen hit his 2nd three pointer. Allen and Pierce are just as dangerous as Kobe when they get on a roll hitting shots, so their shots need to be curtailed as swiftly as possible.

  82. The Celtics went 11/16 on 3s and the Lakers went 5/22. That probably won’t happen again.

    As to Pierce and Garnett, I think they have some matchup problems in this series. They may do better, but I don’t see huge games coming from them–maybe one from Pierce.

    On the other hand, we have heard a lot about role players playing better ball at home, and the Lakers bench has had some rough road outings.

    I also agree with 373: Bynum now has to fly across the country and play on the knee again on Tuesday, and then again on Thursday. This is why the team has to get more from Odom, and, obviously, they have to do a better job following Allen off the picks. When I have seen Allen, he misses a lot more often if you can make him make the catch on the move to the ball, or if you can get there in time to stop him from squaring up his body. But his release is so quick and his stroke is so good, that is easier said than done.

  83. Darius said in game 1 wrap up that it’s only 1 game and the lakers have to win 3 more. Well it’s the same thing for Boston.

    If the lakers win this series, it will be because they are more talented.

    If Boston wins it’ll be because they are the smarter team.

    The lakers just can’t take plays off. They can’t decided they will do by themselves offensively and forget about team work. The lakers resorted to this type of basketball in the First,second and late in the 4th quarters. This actually spilled over from the 4 th quarter of game 1.

    I just home the lakers not just go in game 3 expecting to win becuase the celtics won’t probably won’t shoot 68% from 3 and not willing
    to put in the effort to make sure that the celtics won’t duplicate this performance.

    The lakers are capable. Kobe can play much, rom can play much better and fish can as well. Odom will give at least one good game. So although it seems the Series is over, it not yet. They have to come out with a mentality they will not lose becuase they will not be outrebounded, outhustled, outworked etc.

  84. 376 (ken)-
    Kobe got two offensive fouls – charge drawn by Davis, “head butt” drawn by Allen (?) – and two silly defensive fouls (blocking Allen @ 37′ and blocking Rondo @ 75′). I don’t recall what the other one was, but having him guard Rondo wasn’t really the cause of his foul trouble.

  85. It’s interesting that Ron’s mis-adventure with a minute to go only cost the Lakers time as the possession ended with that cold blooded Kobe 3. It just felt like a less productive moment than it was in retrospect.

    The refs were troubling, there’s no doubt. I don’t blame them for the rondo getting pushed out call. The camera caught the perfect angle, but I don’t believe that any ref had a view from an area of the sideline where that would be visible (would listen if someone have video proving that someone had a good sight-line). Remember, these calls happen in real time and often the cameras and slow motion replay show much more than a person can take in as it happens. (the replay gaf was still a big one, unless they saw Gasol slapping KG’s paw as some sort of foul). On the other hand, Kobe could have easily been called when he prevented Ray from hitting that fast break layup (it wasn’t a foul, it’s never a foul, bu that one always gets called and always looks innocent in replay). That gets called in any other spot, but no one is going to foul Kobe out of a close finals game.

    As for the conspiracy theories, LA is the bigger market, has the biggest star, makes the most money and sells the most jerseys. If anything Laker titles are good for the league. And if a 39-16 FT advantage before intentional fouling begins is the refs short changing a team, than I think every team wants the refs against them. LA basically was 23 free throws better, did they deserve more than that?

    (Not to mention the odd set of complaints that resonate after different losses. In earlier series a FT disparity was proof enough of being wronged. Inside-outside disparities didn’t matter then. After a phoenix loss the argument was that early calls took LA out of it’s game. I’m guessing four fouls on every PF/C impacted Boston’s game, they adjusted)

    Lastly, this whole, five fouls stripped Kobe of his rhythm is such a cop out. We are talking about a man many claim is the best in the league. Role players need that rhythm and feel. The greats see the moment and get into rhythm, and if they don’t, they take the heat and unleash hell the next game. I’m guessing he will. I still believe LA takes this, the series just might be a bit more interesting.

  86. Wow Paul pierce has to be the cockiest player in the NBA, but a lot people don’t notice. But thank you pierce for pissing Kobe and the lakers off even more. Now I’m absolutely confiden the lakers take game 3.

  87. Yeah that Paul Pierce is a real class act…

  88. @380, I thought the Lakers game plan was to mitigate their three point shots. In game one I thought the Lakers only took 10 3’s which led to a relatively easy victory.

    The Lakers are not a good 3 pt shooting team, certainly not as good as Orlando and look what happened to them for shooting so many 3’s. 3 point shots by their opponents plays into Boston’s game plan.

    One must also be prepared for Boston’s bench to be much more aggressive at home. Robinson is a starter sitting on Boston’s bench. Big Baby is much more animated at home. And Paul Pierce said that Boston is going to win all three games at home.

    Now, we’ll see what this whole Boston-Laker rivalry is about!

    I maintain the Lakers in 5!

    Don’t make me a liar Lakers, let ‘s GO!

  89. 308 -“I’d also like to know why the NBA has a conspiracy to make these games as unfun to watch as possible.”

    Now THAT’S the one conspiracy theory that makes sense!

    It always seems to take 45 minutes real time to watch the last 3 minutes elapsed time of a close NBA game.

  90. with Phil Jackson teams it comes down to basketball IQ.
    Pippin, Jordan, Kerr, Grant, Harper all very high IQ’s
    Shaw,Harper, Fox, Fisher, Kobe, Horry all very high IQ’s

    Odom, Artest, Brown, Farmer, Sasha
    all single degit basketball IQ’s.

    You can’t allow them to work through it Phil. They are not members of the mensa hall of fame. Its called coaching Phil not watching,

    Chearn sorry but do you really believe Boston will lose 3 in Boston. I will give you 10 to 1 odds on that anyday.

  91. I maintain the Lakers in 5!


    Well, that would mean the Celtics aren’t coming back to LA. 😉

  92. @387, HAHA robinred, good point, that makes Pierce a psychic!

  93. I can’t stand Princess’s arrogance, the lakers are going to be pissed coming out of the gate, the same anger that fueled them in game 1, and we will see where the cards lie. This is a series guys, get ready for the grit.

  94. It’s my prerogative to choose what I do with my life and what I say here. Delete it if you want but just like I choose to abstain from parts of the food industry and health industry, I’m doing what I want with my money and time and it is not going to a corrupt industry. I love mcdonalds and bacon but I don’t eat it anymore. I love the lakers and have watched since 1991 but a) I don’t believe the NBA does it right and b) it’s personally an unhealthy hobby. I’ve tried to quit a couple of times but have always come back. I will try again.

  95. Mike Penberthy June 6, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    “Now, we’ll see what this whole Boston-Laker rivalry is about!”

    Unfortunately this rivalry has historically been about celtics beating the lakers.

  96. ken,

    can u pretend that the Lakers won today. What would u type on this page?