NBA Finals: Game 2 Preview & Chat

Darius Soriano —  June 6, 2010

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In every series up to the this point in these playoffs, the Lakers have been an excellent home team, not yet losing a game at the Staples center.  This evening, the Lakers look to keep that streak going as this game 2 will be just as pivotal to the outcome of this series as the win they claimed in game 1.  If the Lakers are able to go up 2-0 over the Celtics, Boston will be in the difficult situation of needing to win 4 of the next 5 games with their only home games coming in sequence over the next week.  And while recent teams (2004 Pistons, 2006 Heat) have been able to sweep those middle home games on their own court, it’s a task that few teams are up to as winning 3 games in a row against a Finals opponent is difficult (especially when the teams are evenly matched as this year’s Lakers and Celtics are).  All this is said to stress the importance that both teams are placing on this game and to emphasize that this is a must win game for Boston and that they’re going to play accordingly.  If you’re the Celtics, losing this game is not an option.

And that means the Lakers will also need to bring their best effort.  There is no comfort level in the Finals.  A 1-0 lead is nothing to be too excited over and as Kobe said in yesterday’s press conference, “we’re not thinking about game 1” – with the message being a clear one:  the Lakers need to approach this game fresh and bring the intensity and focus that they had in game one but with an in-the-moment emphasis tilted towards the task at hand.

And while we’ve been talking adjustments, there are still a couple of things that have yet to be explored.  After re-watching the Lakers’ game 1 win, there were a couple of things that became abundantly clear.  First and foremost was how reliant the Lakers were on the P&R to get good looks at the basket – especially Kobe.  The Lakers really used this action to disrupt the Celtics half court defense as Kobe did an excellent job of forcing the hedge man (usually Perkins) into staying with him and then working him off the dribble to get favorable angles to the rim or create open passing lanes to an open Gasol flashing to the FT line.  If the Celtics are to win this game, they’ll need to find an answer for the Lakers P&R, and this will be something I’ll be watching intently over the course of the game (and will have more on in the upcoming days).

Because the Lakers P&R really creates a domino effect for how they can build success in this game (and ultimately the series).  As was mentioned in the recap to game 1, the Lakers owned the rebounding battle, dominated the Celtics in second chance points, and had a huge advantage in points in the paint.  All of this was based off the Lakers dribble penetration off both P&R sets and standard isolation sets.  If the Lakers can continue to get into the lane tonight, it will force the Celtics bigs to help and that creates the angles for offensive rebounds, put backs, and renewed possessions that force the C’s to defend for extended periods (something that legs of any age would prefer to avoid – but is even more key for these older Celtics).  If the Lakers can continue to get these looks at the basket, they will win the game.  If the Celtics are able to successfully “shrink the floor” they’ll have a much better chance of slowing this attack and making the Lakers go to plan B.

But these are all actions that will play out over the course of the game.  For now, they’re just X’s and O’s that are drawn up on a grease board or envisioned in the coach’s heads.  It really will be on the players to come out and execute them and put the ideas into action.

But if the Lakers are to take the 2-0 series lead that they seek, it won’t be just about the plays that are diagrammed, it will be about the effort and response to the increased intensity that Boston will bring.  Understand that since that game 1 defeat on Thursday, the Celtics have been bombarded with claims of being old, soft, and plain outworked.  They’ll surely be looking to respond to all the critics with a performance that will turn the tables on those perceptions and bring the series back to Boston even.  And if the Lakers are to avoid that scenario, they’ll have to not only match the Celtics, they’ll need to outwork them again.  They’ll need to be even tougher while still maintaining their smarts and focus.  The Lakers know what is in front of them.  The past two seasons have prepared them for this moment.  The time is now to claim what they think is theirs and go and get it.  Game 2 can’t come soon enough.

Darius Soriano

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397 responses to NBA Finals: Game 2 Preview & Chat

  1. Saw this posted at, and I thought it was fascinating:

    If anyone has any doubts as to whether the Lakers are “playing through it,” they should be dimissed after clicking the above link….

  2. One for Warren!

  3. I expect Boston to come out early and try to demonstrate their “toughness”. If the Lakers are prepared for this and can match the intensity its possible you may see the Celtics get frustrated (with possible techs out of wallace& perkins). It’s important for Gasol and Bynum to play good defense early.

    I’ll look at the 1st quarter and the 1st 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter as a indicator of where the Lakers are.

    Will be interested to see what Kobe does early score vs facilitate.

  4. I would be very surprised if this game wasn’t excruciatingly close. The refs will likely allow the “rugged” Cs to bang more than in game 1, but this should also be extended our way, too. So here’s hoping Artest can keep Pierce from getting into any kind of rhythm. I expect for Allen and KG to try to assert themselves early to atone for game 1, but the key on our end is to continue to find ways to get shots inside, either off PNRs or running the triangle quickly or even in transition. And one thing that we can’t overlook are turnovers. If we can have a 10-12 turnover game and limit offensive boards by the green meanies, we’ll have a shot to win, even if our shooting % is lower this game. All eyes will be on Pau and KG, but me thinks someone else on our team will need to be a strong 3rd wheel tonight (Fisher? Odom? Farmar?). Let’s get another “W” and head up to Boston. Go Lakers!

  5. No letdown please. Make Marc Jackson sing praises to the Lakers after this game.

  6. Burgundy, that stat sheet gives new meaning to the phrase “playing through it”. If I hadn’t seen any of these games and just saw the stat sheet I’d think the LAL were a bunch of hackers. While I really don’t think the NBA is “fixed”, I do think that human nature(help the underdog) gets to the ref’s and they do call the game differently depending on the score, If your up more than 12-15 don’t expect any calls, and if your up two games in a series… Don’t expect anything… period.

  7. I don’t know what to make of that stat from Burgundy. Maybe after the season Darius or someone eslse can break it down and explain it.

    However, what does jump out at me is that the Lakers are so often called a finesse team and yet they look to be the most physical team in the league.

    I will refrain from making any comments about the possiblity of the Lakers being on the wrong end of calls in order to ‘even things up.’

    See, I refrained… :-)

    In game 1 we learned what many of us suspected – the Lakers are the more talented team. This does not mean they are the better ‘team.’

    To win game 2 the Lakers are going to need to play smart and persevere through adversity. Everyone is going to need to step up to win this one.

    Sadly, I will be on the road during game time – aaarrrrrrgggghhh.

  8. Additionally will be very interested whether or not Bynum can be equally as productive on 2 days rest as he was after close to a week. I sure hope so but will also be counting on Lamar to have a better game.

  9. @3: I defintely agree there.

    There will be at least another moment like the Artest-Pierce tussle of the last game only slightly more serious with the bigs being involved instead this time.

    The attitude of this finals will get REAL serious today.

    If someone is going to get thrown out, at least have it be Sasha….he’s pesky and everyone outside of LA doesn’t like him. 😉


  10. I’ll be the first to say it… whoever wins tonight will win the championship!

  11. I think the strategy of having Pierce defend Kobe will cause the Celtics problems. Essentially, Pierce will be expending energy on defense trying to keep Kobe in front of him, and he will be beat up on offense with Artest hounding him.

    Add in a few screens (or double screens) for Pierce to fight through and I think it will take a big toll on his energy level and his sharpness throughout the series.

    I think the overall key to tonight’s game will be how well the Lakers can focus and persevere through Boston’s physical play, and the lopsided nature of the referees.

    I would be pleasantly surprised if the Lakers are within 10 free throw attempts of the Celtics tonight (home court or not) and would be shocked if they Lakers got more attempts.

  12. for all the chatter about game 2 being a must-win for Boston, if anything this is a must-win for the Lakers, I wouldn’t want to have 3 games in Boston with it being tied 1-1. if the Lakers bring the effort, I’ll take my chances with them no matter what Boston does.

  13. @1: That’s just amazing. Specially considering that the Lakers lead in points in the paint in almost every game.

  14. DJ-F.L.A.S.H. June 6, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    I know none of you guys wanna hear this, but I’ve been 4-0 in this postseason in predicting when our Lakers lose, and I’m getting that same gut feeling that the Lakers’ trademark “complacency” will kick in one game early……Game 1 just seemed too much Boston playing bad than us playing well, I mean, how often are we going to get good offensive contribution from Farmar, Brown, Fish, AND Ron all in one game? Rondo/Garnett/Ray/Perkins all struggling in one game too? You get my drift? I hope I’m wrong …..

  15. There is no complacency in the finals. Lakers will be sharp. the way Kobe sounded in his interview, i really think he hit a new level this post season.
    We are seeing the team we’ve been waiting for all season. i get chills thinking how good we can still become. Lakers will play everygame like its game 7.
    agree with #12 must win. either way must win for both teams.

  16. KG will get a T in this game for barking it up as he typically does, but he’ll be even more fired up and in everyone’s faces because he has something to prove. It won’t matter. No one on this Lakers team is afraid of the Celtics, and they only thrive when the other team is frightened by their ferocity. All of their barking won’t make a lick of difference tonight.

    Lakers by 9.

  17. Whether the Lakers play well or not will have less to do with any complacency as it will how Boston’s scheme’s affect them and/or how effective their schemes are against Boston. I can’t remember the last time I saw any Finals opponent not come out hard and ready to play. But I can remember many times where a team was overwhelmed by the effectiveness of their opponent. Here’s hoping that it’s the Lakers that are doing the overwhelming, whether that’s early, in the middle, or late (or all three). Jeez…2 more hours?

  18. Injuries will have a huge impact on the series starting with this game.

    Injuries to Steve Javie and Mark Wunderlich. It is common knowledge that there are two excellent officials. The rest are a various shade of mediocre.

    Because Javie and Wunderlich are out due to injuries, this finals has a chance to be the worst officiated one in the modern era.

    By the way, home teams only have a .3 point differential when Ken Mauer is the official – the lowest of all refs.

    Also, when the home team is favored by 5 – 9.5, their record (against the spread) is 8 – 16 when Mauer is involved. The Lakers are +6.

    The smart money is on Boston tonight.

  19. @14. This isn’t Orlando. Every player on the team hates Boston because of 2008. When was the last time a Laker team made news by getting possession on seemingly every loose ball? There will be no letdown. The Dude has spoken.


  20. 10) – I think that was the case for game one. It set the tone for this series. The Lakers drew first blood. And I don’t see any letdown coming. There are no later rounds to preserve yourself for. There are no other series to get sidetracked by. Plus, the Lakers know they won’t come back to Staples for quite a while.

    I think the Lakers come out the gate tonight.They know the importance of not letting Boston split.

  21. Hey everyone, I’ll be chatting pre-game over at the ESPN Daily Dime Live chat in a few minutes. Come by and say hello.

  22. I’m guessing Rivers has activated Marquis Daniels for one reason. He wants a full complement of guards and swingmen to double and trap Kobe whenever he has the ball.

  23. this Lakers team hasn’t peaked yet, and will get stronger in absolute and relative terms, as the series progresses. i think boston will be amped up at the start of the game, leading to them playing intense but undisciplined ball.

    they will burn out early, and the game will turn into a route at that point.

    bynum and artest and fish and kobe are punishing in their style of play, they are causing a lot of wear on the boston players. that is going to lead ultimately to a lopsided final game tally.

  24. It will be interesting if the C’s defense in Game 1 just wasn’t ready for enough PnR and was focused on shutting down the triangle. If the adjust, don’t expect another 100pts tonight, as it was already a surprise to see it in G1.

    If we get the effort we had, our talent should allow us to win 3 of the next 6 games. Tonight is a very large step in that direction.

    Let’s do it…

  25. I’m watching game 1 again, so it’s fresh. A lot is being made of the intensity level of the Celtics in the first game, but I think the glaring reality of this series is that the Lakers are playing a level of defense in these playoffs that matches the Celtics. The Celtics are offensively challenged, even with their obvious pace preferences. Couple that with the Lakers’ ability to defend their sequences, and the recipe is for Lakers success. The Lakers are shooting a better eFG% and allowing a lower eFG% than the Celtics, in these Playoffs.

    Unless the Celtics can find a way to beat the Lakers’ defense much more consistently and couple that with a significant dropoff in the Lakers’ efficiency, this series won’t even be competitive.

  26. >they will burn out early, and the game will turn into a route at that point.

    a route to Boston, I suppose. (sorry, just being Snidely about the typo for rout.)

  27. My prediction, the Lakers will win this game by 3 points.

  28. Hey fellow Laker fans. It’s been a while since I’ve been on here and my I’m very excited of the thought of 3 more wins until another championship. I’m predicting a close game, but I think the Lakers will pull it out. We can talk x’s and o’s all we want but this game and every other game this series is gonna come down to if Artest can contain Pierce or not. If Artest holds him well we will win. If Pierce goes off we probably lose.

  29. 94 to 92, lakers will win

  30. Odom is bringing the goods tonight

  31. I like the way Kobe strides onto the court during introductions.

    No bounce, no fist pumps, no restless energy. Just a simple stride, a calm demeanor, and an intensity just below the surface.

    It has been great to see his evolution as a player.

    Go Lakers!

  32. Need to give better help when Ray Allen is coming off screens, they cannot let him get hot

  33. he’s already getting hot…single handed taking on the lakers

  34. 33, seems like he was hot the moment he stepped on the floor. I can live with Ray Allen two pointers; it’s the threes that we need to chase him off.

  35. That’s $100 already on the Lakers. 😉

    And Allen came to play, which is good news as it is two-fold: If Allen gets the ball early in the first, it’s hard to start a rhythm for the others in the 2nd… or maybe the Celtics will shoot well.

  36. Reception is awful here…Makes for miserable viewing!

  37. Zephid you’re right, the Lakers did an excellent job of that in the first game.
    Right now it seems like the Lakers are just trading buckets instead of playing defense like they did the last game.

  38. Ray is keeping them in it. Have to really stick with him when the second unit gets in there because something tells me that Doc will not let him sit long, if at all in this one.

  39. The C’s are scoring on transition points; the Lakers are scoring in the half court. If it stays like this when the game slows down in the 4th, the Lakers will just slowly trot away with the game in a grind.

  40. Can we fast forward to the 2nd half ?


  41. Difference so far: Celtics making some three pointers.

    Same so far: Odom is in bonehead mode…

  42. Odom should be behind Powell in the rotations, this guy is useless 9 out of 10 games.

  43. good start, stagnation, then a very poor finish to close out the 1st quarter.

    needed to create more separation while the calls were going our way..

  44. Did odom get the memo yet that this is the finals?? He has yet to show up

  45. Is Odom distracted by his impending fatherhood with Khloe? 😛

  46. Bynum has been playing well, I hope that he can play big minustes again tonight. This is especially important seeing how Lamar seemingly wants to foul out by the half.

  47. very dissapointed with lamar, and kobe needs to get some easier shots

  48. Lakers aren’t getting the looks they got before. Wasting too much time on the shot clock holding the ball. Need to go back to Gasol and Bynum in the post.

    And yes, Odom has been horrible. -8 in 3 minutes. Getting baited into charges, giving up free throws, and missing defensive assignments.

  49. Lakers aren’t playing terrible defense, save that on Ray Allen. Sheed is having a terrible postseason, so he’s the guy you want chucking Js. Better rotation to the shooters will shore things up, but keep making them take contested jumpshots and the stats will sort themselves out.

    Lamar’s true nature is showing itself. He’s got a reputation with the referees in this league, and it shows.

  50. Odom has 3 personal fouls in 3 minutes.

    That is impressive in its own way…

    Bynum looking so good, can we please not waste that effort?

  51. Zephid is right about the transition baskets. The Lakers need to be disciplined in their transition D. On the C’s last run out, 2 Lakers stayed behind to pressure ‘Sheed on the rebound. On another play, Odom had his head turned and didn’t locate Pierce and it led to a foul. If the Lakers can clean that up, they’ll only have to worry about Ray and ‘Sheed’s shooting as nothing else has been too effective in the half court.

  52. Not a great first quarter.

  53. Have the lakers scored with Odom in the game. The lakers are going to need Bynum for 35-40 because the lakers are the lakers of 08 with Odom in. They instantly become a perimeter team that mirrors Cleveland. Boston has fits defending two big men in the paint. But when Odom is in, everyone is on the perimeter, which leads to longs shots, which leads to long rebounds, that end up in transition points for boston.

  54. If I were Phil, I would take the risk playing LO in this 2nd,.

  55. 51, agreed, Bynum is looking great. Playing good defense, moving his feet, and really challenging shots.

    Gasol and Bynum both 3/4

    Rest of Lakers combined: 2-11

  56. This doesnt look good, we are not getting any easy shots at all.

  57. Not finishing in the paint. That will be trouble.

  58. Slowly slipping away…step it up lakers! You can do this!

  59. Lakers need some stops to change the momentum/energy quick…before it gets out of hand

  60. fast break and then 3? C’mon farmar!

  61. Getting the stops now just need to finish shots around the rim.

    Why can’t people just run immediately to Ray Allen in transition, you know where he is going to run to meet him or beat him there.

  62. Forget about ray and he’ll burn you badly

  63. We have to figure out how to beat this Celtic defense

  64. The Celtics are really cleaning the defensive boards. This is really fueling their transition game. All the O-boards we had in Game 1 are now gone and being replaced by easy Celtic points.

  65. DJ-F.L.A.S.H. June 6, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    did anyone see scalabrine’s “snare” just now?! someone needs to put him in his place

  66. we are basically getting killed in transition. Yeah the open 3’s hurt, but the transition D is so bad…

    Other than that we are playing great. haha

  67. Farmar with his patented terrible transition decisions…

  68. Anyone else ever feel like whacking Mark Jackson’s hand with a sledgehammer and say ‘hand down, man down!’

    Also… Dear Lakers, stop taking bad shots that lead to long rebounds. Love, Forum Blue and =p

  69. 10-point Boston lead, it’s partly good for the Lakers, partly because they aren’t playing any Game 1 defense at all, must stay active on the ball and that corner/wing threes by Allen or whoever Rondo dishes to.
    Lakers must wake up and then we’re ok,

  70. The aggressiveness from the first game on the offense end has slowly evaporated

  71. Have to attack the rim and get the foul calls. It’s that simple. No more jumpshots from Shannon or Jordan.

    Rondo is carving us up right now. Dictating tempo, everything. And their 3-point shooters came to play today, which makes his penetration even more dangerous.

  72. I’m not liking this at all. The momentum of the game completely changed when gasol missed that finger role layup in transition (where he should’ve went up with force and tried to dunk it and draw a foul).

    Shannon is to undisciplined to be on ray allen. And Farmar can’t defend Rondo. They have to put kobe back on rondo, farmar on ray, and shannon on tony. Or just put they starters back it before this gets out of hand.

  73. totally agree Joel B about that momentum shifting play

    That Rondo is pretty damn good. somebody needs to start making buckets for us asap

    C’s have control of the game right now. will the Lakers be able to keep it close then step up or will they just fold if their shots keep going out?

    comon lakers!

  74. Love the energy from Wow, just need to lock it down on D. Come on now guys!

  75. Its the Lakers offense that is the concern, not the defense, if we make shots the Celtics cant get into transition

  76. Phil HAS to play Kobe right now, we need his offense

  77. too much dribbling for the lakers. pass the ball and move.

  78. Again, stop leaving ray allen open!!! sheesh

  79. This game is gonna be a blowout i think hahaha

  80. i have no clue what artest is doing on offense

  81. The question is Where’s Phil. The lakers need his expertise coaching, maybe a timeout, maybe a substitution. Because the lakers are terrible right now play very stupidly. Shannon is horrible

  82. please, someone stay with Ray Allen. PLEASE!

  83. ray allen has more than half the celts pts and is shooting 60%, probably a good idea to pay more attention to him or this will be a long game

  84. Allen is KILLING us.

  85. Phil waited 4 minutes too long to put Kobe back in the game

  86. And like i said shannon is way too undisciplined (with an extremely low iq) to play ray allen.

    I hope sasha gets the time in the second half, because if sasha would’ve played the defense that shannon played, we wouldn’t see sasha for 2 months.

  87. Shannon s brain seems unable to read a deffensive situation.
    I hate those players all-legs, no brain..

  88. never ever put brown on allen again

  89. Ugh… Ray Allen…

    I just watched Perkins set four different moving screens, 10 feet from a referee, and no calls.

    Got to wonder…

  90. I think kobe’s on allen, now…smart move, finally

  91. let’s hope kobe on allen doesn’t tire him out on the offensive end because right now, his shot is really flat, which is never a good sign.

  92. boy, kobe is off so far.
    his offense is not in rhythm.
    still finding his teammates though.

  93. I hate sounding like well… a Boston fan, but at this point I’d be fine with Phil sending in Josh Powell to clothesline Ray Allen into the third row.

  94. The Lakers are not moving the ball enough right now and nobody is attacking the rim, Kobe is settling too much for jumpers. The Celtics have double the assists that the Lakers have already, too much 1 on 1 Laker offense

  95. So far Doc has forced the lakers to change their entire game plan. The lakers need to put fisher, or sasha on ray.

  96. If Allen misses a shot I will shave my head, though doesnt look like that will happen tonight

  97. Let’s hope that someone knocks Ray Allen down. Disrupt him physically if you cannot do so mentally. 7 for 9 from 3PT attempts… I doubt that continues in the second half… But just in case: KNOCK SOMEONE DOWN!

    By the way: Down 12 with 4 minutes left in the 2nd Quarter is NOT the time to start jacking up “can we catch them?” three pointers.

  98. Kobe is killing himself to win this game; the rest of the team needs to bring it like him.

  99. Is Kobe the only one going to display the amount of aggressiveness we need to pull this game out? Everyone else is just going through the motions.

  100. Kobe-ster has awoke.

  101. Why don’t we give Kobe a shitload of screens too, just like Ray?

  102. thisisweaksauce June 6, 2010 at 6:09 pm

    Somehow, I’m not too worried. The Lakers aren’t panicking. They just need to play their game.

  103. Screen defender needs to chip Allen and give Allen’s defender a second to recover.

  104. Calls like that . . .

  105. This first half could not have gone any worse

  106. Horrible call

  107. what a horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible call.

  108. I would say the lakers just need to run the offence and not panic…but i just dont see an answer for ray

  109. that was a terrible call on kobe. what a HUGE SWING.

    what is ARTEST doing?!

    rebounding and free throw shooting keeping us in the game. this could easily be a 20 point lead

    what a move by gasol!

  110. how hard is it just ti stick to allen

  111. Ray’s shooting almost 70% now…damn stop him someone

  112. Ray is having a huge game, but did you need to give him the flop too? Geez

  113. I’ a sporstman in first place.
    And this is the finest 3p shooting performance i’ve seen in my 25 years watching NBA.
    My admiration for Ray Allen.

  114. Only good thing is maybe the other celtics are cold offensively so stop allen and we may comeback.

  115. Would be nice to get this lead under 10

  116. Got to get this score to 7 and below before half

  117. Haha its weird seeing Ray Allen miss now. I just assume the ball goes in whenever he throws it up.

  118. cant even begin to say how bad artest has been on offense

  119. as well as Ray is shooting, we are still in a very good spot all things consider. Let’s get this last shot in and stay in the game….

  120. Few things scare me as much as watching Lakers not named Kobe/Pau attempt a fast break

  121. I would like to commend Bynam; he is giving all that he has, now if everyone else would join him that would be great!

    Good job Gasol on that drive and dunk!

    Our bench is giving us nothing, by way of defense!

  122. Gasol and free throws are really keeping us in this game.

  123. Go for Pau again,damn¡
    Anybody can read a momentum there?Hello?

  124. I love how fish came back and was up in ray’s space on the play after his flop. I think that set the tone for the past 3 minutes or so.

    Somehow I’m not THAT worried either… down 9…

    I don’t see ray going 14-16 keeping pace from 3 for the night, so the second half should go a bit better…

  125. HUGE HUGE HUGE shot by Mamba!!

  126. Come on Lakers!

  127. My God, we’re only down 6. Kobe Bryant is a winner, that’s it.

  128. Wow. I cant believe the Lakers cut it down by that much. If Kobe made that shot with .2 left the Staples center roof would have collapsed.

  129. Get it to 6-8 points and that is pretty good, especially considering Allen’s historic barrage.

    With all Celtics big men at 3 fouls each we have a good shot in the second half, especially if we pound the ball inside.

  130. kobe!!! that was ridiculous

  131. KOBE!!!!


  133. Nice finish to end the half. Memo to Lamar Odom: Bynum has a ripped up knee and is giving quality minutes. What’s your excuse?

  134. wow

    Kobe Bryant is not human! seriously I don’t think he even touched the ground during the last 9 seconds

  135. @135: Agree…

    Our bench is playing like they’re on the road.

  136. Man that is the way to close out a qrt.! Let’s take this momentum right at them in the 3rd.

    Kobe… Man that was HUGE!

  137. that was almost a reggie miller-esqe 3 seconds by kob. i guess the last one was just a feel-good steal since you can’t do anything with .2… but damn. kobe plays to win. i hope he gets his stroke back in the second half.

  138. I told you he was awake. 😉
    Anyway, expect everything to turn for us in these second half. The first 5 minutes of the second half would be important and a decision on who will win. If we win those 5 minutes, we are well on our way to a win. And no, Ray Allen won’t even make 3 3-points this half.

  139. Here is the good news, even with Garnet being on the bench most of the half, the Celtics can not play any better. The key to winning this game is more consistent execution on offense.

  140. Big momentum swing at the end of the half illustrated by Kobe Bean Bryant.

    To withstand that godlike performance from Jesus and go into the 2nd half with good energy and the crowd behind you… methinks this Lakers team is stronger than the 08 version.

  141. DJ-F.L.A.S.H. June 6, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    jesus if kobe made that one motion 3 after the steal w/ 0.2, it’d be a 3 pt game, imagine that~

  142. Just looked at the box score…the celts are getting absolutely nothing from everyone except ray, sheed, and a little from rondo

    If the lakers can limit ray even a little, i think they can pull this out

  143. Ray Allen can’t continue that torrid shooting clip; Boston will eventually have to pull another arrow from its quiver.

    Offensively for the Lakers, it’s quite simple- QUIT TRYING TO DO THINGS YOU’RE NOT STRONG AT. So, Shannon, no more step back jumpers. Ron, no more trying to create one on one, and please, make a free throw.

    Andrew played heavy minutes in the first half; it’s unrealistic to expect more of that. Odom will have to join the series.

  144. Things are deceiving… with the exception of Ray and Rondo, the celtics are actually play as bad as game one or even worse.

  145. more Gasol more Gasol more Gasol

  146. If I’m Phil Jackson, I’m going with a Wooden quote to urge players for the 2nd half.

  147. Seriously, at home, game 2 Odom has to show up in the 2nd half. inexcusable if he does not.

  148. Mush Respect to ‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’ for that Phenomenal shooting display in the 1st half …. Like I said b4 the series began, he would be the 1 that we would have to MARK if we was to win this series …. With all that being said, we’re only down 6 pts & if not for the free throw shooting, this game would be tied …. We Obviously have to find some way to stop/contain ‘Jesus’ in the 2nd half & hopefully get some type of Performance from LO

  149. Now the problem is that we’ll concentrate on Allen and Pierce and Rondo and Garnett will get it going! This is a recipe for disaster!

  150. Somehow, I am not as worried as I was at the end of the first quarter. Aside from Ray Allen, Rondo is the only Celtic that has given them anything. Lakers have been playing abysmally bad (someone needs to let everyone in a white Lakers jersey know that Ray Allen is good at 3-pointers), Kobe has barely scored at all and DerekFisher is our leading rebounder, and we’re still only down by six points.

    Adding to the above, the Staples crowd is into it, and angry. The way they booed at some of those foul calls, they might even be able to wake up Lamar!

    Drinking game from Thursday still applies, by the way. :)

  151. i dont believe the celtics have yet to score any 2nd chance points this series.

    … and we have the LEAD!

  152. That’s more like it…


  153. Ladies and gentlemen, we have taken the lead!

  154. Because Ray Allen took all the momentum to himself. Everyone is cold.

  155. Wow, nice way to start the 2nd half. That kobe 3 is definitely carrying momo. Go lakers!

  156. Kobe and Gasol are on a mission! Let’s go Lakers!

  157. bigger than the lead is the Celtic big foul trouble, lakers are attacking and Celts have softened up inside

  158. I love the mettle of this team, plain and simple.

  159. “Drinking game from thursday”, you say?


    Strong start. Pau is a monster.

  160. Good patience by Bynum, drawing that foul on Perkins under the basket. We need to punish them inside.

  161. 16 ponts out of 7 shots from Gasol.
    Great eff¡¡

  162. Bynum is a BEAST! Love his game tonighit. Love it.

  163. Man…just imagine if Bynum was at 100% right now.

  164. I hope everyone recognizes the effort of Bynum.

  165. That was NOT a foul on Bryant.

  166. When Pau has a touch good things happens again and again.

  167. That’s two terrible calls against Kobe. So I guess they got theirs back for Ray in Game one. Now can we just call the fouls that actually happen?

  168. that’s 2 bad fouls on kobe….

    we are about +20 in FT attempts though… for the first time these playoffs!

    (bynum 11 free throw attempts!)

    standing ovation for andrew.. deservedly!

    c’mon LAMAR. show up!

    (that ray allen 3 is the celts first 2nd chance points of the series!)

  169. Brown is killing me! He isn’t giving us anything this game!

    Why can’t Sasha play, or is he in the dog house again?

    The officials have interjected themselves into these playoffs in a big way. The officials have been pretty consistent this game, though they’ve missed a call or two. But that’s expected overall they’ve whistled a consistent game, and that’s all a team can ask.

  170. Let’s do something Lamar

  171. TWO horrible calls on Kobe to sit him and the makeup charge that D-Fish got on Allen isn’t near compensation enough.

  172. Ray’s eyes must light up when he sees shannon guarding him

  173. That’s 1 more 3-point left for Ray-Ray. And he’s gone.

  174. Pau and Drew with 37 pts on 16 shots to go along with 10 blks. Now if LO decided to show up, this would be over.

  175. Lamar: -11 so far in +/-.

    Brown is hurt. Let’s hope it is not too bad.

  176. We just got to keep the game really close until we get Kobe back in, good time out by Phil.

  177. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. How many times does Shannon Brown have to get burned by leaving Allen to double SCRUBS before he learns he CAN’T DO THAT.

  178. Sasha is playing better than lamar

  179. Come on coach put Kobe back in the game!

    Well of course the Lakers are getting more free throws the Lakers are playing a low post game! All the three point shots by Allen are the reason they aren’t getting to the free throw line.

    Rondo has played the whole game, let’s put Farmar in to push the tempo! Or put Sasha in so he can play him full court.

    Again Brown is killing me!


  181. Ugliest quarter in the history of basketball

  182. I’m not one for hyperbole, but I don’t think Lamar Odom has done anything good this game. Nothing at all.

  183. 2nd chance opportunities killed us that qtr. We’re playing good D on the initial possession, but then we just stand around and let them grab the O-board. Sometimes even after the ball hits the floor! Need to clean that up in the 4th.

  184. Its a time out, but BROWN IS KILLING ME!

  185. We’ve lost like 5 4th quarters in a row in the playoffs, haven’t we? :(

  186. Kobe came out in the 4th last game shooting (and was cold) will be interesting to see what and how he does this game. it could be the difference

  187. Odom is repeatedly letting Rondo steal rebounds from him. That last time Fisher and Gasol looked at him like “what are you DOING?!?”

    72 all at the end of the third. Pretty intense game. If not for Allen’s ridiculous 3 pt shooting, this game wouldn’t be so close, though. Still, with Allen it’s not statistical anomaly. The dude is a ridiculous shooter.

  188. We’ll never shoot 40 FTs in another game this series. Need to cash in by winning this game.

  189. way too many offensive boards/second chance points given up in the 3rd.

    to join the chorus,
    dunno why Brown is in, and
    dunno what is up with Odom.


  190. Bynum needs to close out this game.

  191. Pau Gasol has played 36 mins out of 36 with 24pts out of 9 FGA with only 2 PF
    Garnet,Wallace,Perkins and Big Baby combined 21 points out of 20 FGA.16 Faults.

    Nuff said¡

  192. odom got bailed out on that one

  193. Put Pau in, for God’s sake Phil¡

  194. The bench has been awful tonight

  195. Have to get Farmar and Odom out of there, and ride Gasol and Fisher.

    Now is the time.

    Oh, and by the way, NEVER question Bynum’s toughness to me. He is a beast this game. If he can get past the injury bug he is going to be a MONSTER.

  196. sasha’s been the best player off the bench…that says something

  197. Awful call on the 5th foul on Kobe. Kobe was in the air forever and Davis is still moving.

  198. I agree keeping Kobe in, cause without Kobe we aint wnning this game, gotta take the risk.

  199. just need to get Pau back in there and keep pounding it inside. Let’s get in the bonus as soon as possible.

  200. This is a must win game for the Lakers! We can not go to Boston tied 1-1!

    Andrew is playing one heck of a game!

  201. urgh bench horrible tonight

  202. ugh this grown ups stuff is terrible

  203. That sequence is a microcosm for the difference in the game right now. Farmar turns the ball over and misses a flat three ball ( 7 shots in 7 minutes of play); while Robinson hits a 3 and finishes Farmar’s turnover.

  204. Thank god for sasha.

  205. They took Kobe out…..good lord

  206. Big board by Sasha there.

  207. That was a TRAVEL by Nate!!!

  208. those 2 bad calls on kobe might be a difference.

    lineup right now does not look good…


    where is the offense gonna come from and i question their poise….

    please weather this through.

    gasol needs to come out after this timeout. i hope he didn’t sit TOOO long.

  209. where is gasol?

  210. Did anybody think we would get this from Bynum at any point in the finals.

  211. dear lord please do not get into the chucking bad 3 phase this game – Bynum cannot be stopped

  212. Why without Pau???Come on Phil¡

  213. Stop! Kobe time!

  214. Give Sasha some credit in limited minutes he made 2 HUGE plays out there, and solid defense as well

  215. And Bynum has been huge. He deserves to finish this game. Do NOT sub Pau for Bynum- sub him for Odom.

  216. @217, RIGHT!

    40 freethrows and we will never get another game like this from Bynum!

  217. I agree, Bynum must finish this game, Odom has been a disaster tonight

  218. We again showed we are the better team. Even if we lose this we should be fine

  219. Andrew Bynum has carried us for large stretches of this game. He might even win the game for us.

    I never thought I’d type that. :)

    Someone asked about the drinking game? Remind me after this game and I’ll dig up the link.

  220. Block out Rondo PLEASE!!!

  221. Grab the f-ing ball!!!!

  222. please dont let artest touch the ball

  223. *breathing deeply*

    This has been a great, and horrible game.

    Time and time again the referees really hurt the NBA product.

    Maybe go with 5 referees, or none?

  224. Sasha was huge tonight as well as Bynum. Let’s not go away from getting it to Pau and Bynum down low.

    Let’s just finish as strong as possible!

  225. gaaaaaaah

    artest comon man.

    offense stagnating big time. comon lakers close out!

  226. We might be the better team but we lose this game we have 3 straight in Boston, thisis a huge game, we got to stay tough and pull it out

  227. 2 phantom fouls for Pierce were huge

  228. For the record, I do not think there is a vast refereeing conspiracy in the NBA, and I do not think the league is rigged. I do however think that the refs tonight are so incompetent they should not be allowed to work any playoff game at all, let alone the Finals.

    I also think that if we can win this game despite the refs, and if we win one out of three in Boston, we will win the series.

  229. GOnna have a coronary watching this…

  230. One of these games odom will finally show up i hope. his bench leadership or lack thereof is making it tough for our starters to carry the team

  231. That was a excessively long time in the bench for Gasol.
    I don’t know if he’s going to get hot again in so little time.
    That was a bad read Phil.I hate to say it.But it is how I feel it.

  232. Wow, what a crime

  233. ok

    with a replay how do you miss that frikken call?
    crystal clear the whole time and they still give the C’s the ball.

  234. Game over, 1-1

  235. how could they not overrule that!??!

  236. Game isn’t over but this could turn out to be a crucial loss

  237. This is a bad, bad situation.

  238. wow, that was a blatant non-overrule

  239. Worst officiating in the history of the nba.

  240. 2 points.

    How can the refs not reverse that call?

    Kobe’s 5 fouls has really changed his game.

  241. Again and again, the referees ruin the NBA product.

    Somewhere Burgundy is having palpitations…

  242. NBA wants this to go 7!

  243. These are supposed to be the best refs the NBA has?

  244. That does it.

  245. Those 8minutes with Odom and without Gasol are haunting me like a bad dream.
    I’ m sure there is an answer Phil but I really don t get it.
    I’m really frustrated right now.

  246. not the finish we were all envisioning, but the 4th qrt is not normally the one we win, it’s the 3rd.

  247. Ref’s took kobe out of his rhythm. He has to play careful all 4th quarter instead of aggressive. Thank you refs.

  248. again another bad call. wow….

  249. Artest’s hero mode has kicked in. he’s determined to win or lose this by artest and fouled out.

  250. what was artest doing?

  251. its over.

  252. More contact on that Rondo “steal” than on the Artest foul 6.

  253. Phil was outcoached tonight

  254. wow. between the non-review pau/kg call and the artest call?

    this officiating is a fking joke. two calls in the last 3 minutes each with a 4 pt swing in a 7 point game.

  255. Not gonna blame the refs on this, but they were really really really bad tonight.

  256. Ray was great in the 1st half, and Rondo was huge in the 2nd.

    Just sad to lose a game like this…

  257. If Kobe pretends to be in discussion with Jordan this is not the path certainly.

    By the way. Tacos?

  258. I believe I called it – NOBODY can guard RAJON RONDO. ONE ALL BABY!

  259. I am gonna blame the refs.

  260. When they get to Boston, I bet the Refs will swallow their whistles!

    Ron and Lamar have a tendency to become complacent. The bench gave nothing this game and our starting five were unable to distribute the contribution!

    The Lakers have to go to Boston and win game 3 they must take that game from them to win back the home court advantage! We need to use Sasha and Farmar to make the game harder for Rajon who plays major minutes in the games!

    Why all this energy NOW!

  261. Burgundy… Sorry dude.. But you cost us this game.. I don’t know if you’re a regular here, but it seems like you’re not aware of the tradition in this blog..

  262. gg, next.

  263. Phil just can’t manage minutes for shit. He had gasol come back in at the 6 minute mark. Why? He player 47 minutes last game. Odom has completely checked put of this series. And some one was talking abt not forcing the ball into artest and that person was right. They kept forcing the ball to him the second and they paid dearly.

  264. I never thought I would see us get a +10 FT disparity and still feel nut-punched by the refs

  265. man, i have lost all hope with the NBA. instant replay does nothing.

    and man, those 2 bull calls on kobe early in the game proved to get him out of rhythm offenisvely and defensively.

    i know we got a lot of FREE THROWS…. but the crucial calls went against our way.

  266. There’s no sense complaining about the officiating when the Lakers get an absurd FT advantage. This is squarely on the Lakers. Artest puts up 1-10? Brown leaves Allen over and over again to help on scrubs? This was a huge opportunity and the Lakers blew it.

  267. Not sure how often Jackson or SVG said, “That is not a foul” tonight… 8 times? 9? 10?


    Wasted an absolutely great performance by Bynum.

    Will Lamar Odom please, please, PLEASE show up? -9 on +/- in a game where EVERY Celtics big man was in foul trouble the entire game.

  268. Kehn – yeah the refs were bad – how many FTs did the Lakers shoot again?

  269. Learned their lesson from 04,08? I think not.

  270. Just gotta win game 3 and we’re back where we started

  271. The dynamic of this series has changed. Now the Lakers can’t afford to only win 1 of 3. They have to win 2 of 3. In Boston.

  272. The game plan was solid, just not enough adjustments on Ray early and no adjustmenst on Rondo at the end.

    So let’s see how we adjust for Tuesday.

  273. Celtic. Nation we pretty much shut down Rondo in two games, he got a lot of boards. Wouldn’t bank on that to win the series.

    Lets not blame the refs bad calls down the stretch but all game both ways

  274. Refs are terrible but it’s not their fault.
    In the last 4 minutes no shots for Bynum and Gasol.
    More important, no touches inside.
    Going to the small guys when the bigs are 45 pts out of 19 FGA combined.
    That’s outrageous coaching.
    I’m sorry but I’m really pissed right now.
    I feel like giving this one for free.
    Good night all. I’m going to try some sleep before going to work in 4 hours.

  275. Good point, hard to win a game when you get nothing offensively from your bench and 2 of your starters, fish and artest

  276. Celtics deserved to win and Lakers deserved to lose. Very disappointing. Lakers could not execute for 48 minutes and let Boston control the game and dictate tempo.

  277. Ray Ray wins this game. Hats off to the best shooting performance in Finals history.

    Even considering, we still had a legitimate shot to win. Despite the ref handicap.

  278. Frustrating night, to be sure. The Lakers didn’t do a lot of the little things they needed to do in order to win. They allowed Ray too many open looks in the first half and then Odom didn’t have any impact whatsoever when Pau absolutely needed a rest. If the Lakers could have made a bit of a push when LO was in the game, the Lakers would have had a bit of a cushion instead of being in a position to trade baskets and still be fine or take the lead on routine plays. But this is the series that we all thought it would be – close and competitive. Time to go to Boston and play like a champion needs to.

  279. That’s my point, the refs were bad on both sides. Your bigs got a ton of fouls called on them, but we had some pretty questionable calls as well at particularly critical times – 2 bogus calls on Kobe, giving Boston the ball when it clearly went off Garnett’s hand. That said, Ray Allen and Rondo were why we lost and we have to play through shitty officiating – and make no mistake, it was shitty all around.

  280. 271 Celtics Nations–We never said it was one sided. We just said it was horrible officiating.

  281. 1) Why did we go away from the Kobe-Gasol/Bynum pick-and-roll in the last few minutes?

    2) Officiating was terrible at both ends but that replay call took the cake.

    3) What in the world was Artest thinking?

    4) Will anyone knowing the whereabouts of Lamar Odom please contact the Los Angeles Lakers as soon as possible?

  282. I am not going to blame the refs for the loss. That would be going against my firm beliefe that the Lakers need no ones help to win a game.

    I will however question if those refs even know the rules of the game. The foul calls have been so consistently stupid and abysmally inconsistently bad throughout the game that I’m astonished the league actually considers these three competent enough to work a regular season game, let alone worthy of a pay check. Talk about making everyone involved look bad… particularly the person who cleared them to work tonight.

  283. We should have held our composure more with all the ridiculous calls. Can’t blame the refs but they didn’t help things tonight.

  284. @Celtics Nation – let me get this straight, good refs = the same amount of FT’s for each team, irrespective of, you know, how many fouls each commits? really?

  285. The thing that killed us this game was Kobe’s 5 fouls, we were getting so much momentum in the third, actually took the lead, and then Kobe had to come ouit for almost half the quarter, we could not keep scoring consistently and lost momentum. Then even when Kobe came in, he couldnt be as aggressive.

  286. No one thought that there would be a sweep, however this was a game where we weathered a historic shooting night and was winning in the 4th.

    Just unacceptable…

    Need to get it back and win game 3. Let’s Go!

  287. swedishmeatballs June 6, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    I’m blaming this one on the f***ing Refs. I’m also siding with JVG on every point he makes about the NBA’s silly foul rules (until Perkins get’s his 7th of course).

    I think Kobe’s indecisiveness on offense is something to put the blame on as well. Anyways, probably best for all of us if I just shut up for now.

  288. let’s be honest the game was lost because Lamar Odom didn’t show up and ron artest was an absolute idiot on offense. Everything else would have been overcome with bynum’s absolute monster game. such a waste

  289. I’ll cut the refs *some* slack because it was a very physically played game, but how do you not reverse the Gasol/KG out of bounds call. There were no fewer than three angles showing KG had his hand inside of Gasol.


  290. This lose was certainly on the Lakers.

    Why they refuse to play to their strengths when their strengths are working I will never understand.

    With 8 minutes remaining in the 3rd Quarter the Lakers had a 3 point lead, and Garnett, Perkins, Davis AND Wallace all had four fouls each.

    Gasol and Bynum were finishing very well, and (13-20 FG’s and 20-25 FT’s combined) and yet the Lakers stopped going inside and started to shoot three pointers.

    This team is incredibly hard to root for, because they are so STUPID at times.

  291. Another stinker from odom. i hope he realizes there’s a finals match going on and check into the game. pau and bynum were great. totally wasted a good 46 pts 14 rebs 3 ast, and 13 blocks. next game is a must win.

  292. Give credit to Boston. They executed down the stretch and got easy baskets, while the ball stopped on our end and 4 guys stood around watching. The C’s did the little things tonight- won the 50-50 balls, got big rebounds, big second chance points, and big stops.

    I anticipate the C’s taking this momentum to win big at home in game 3. Game 4 will be the pivotal game.

    This is starting to look like the Pistons series in 88 with us coming back to LA down 3-2.

  293. The NBA and its officials are conspiring against KOBE and the LAKERS.

  294. Bill Bridges was spot on. These referees are terrible, and it showed the entire game. Both ways. The fact that they were able to miss a call clearly on a replay is evidence of the incredible level of competence. Any game can turn on a single call, this one did.

  295. Lamar, Odom and Fisher were invisible this game!

    At least 3 three point shots by Allen were made against Brown, he does not play defense. We should play Sasha more because even if Sasha fouls he’ll get in somebody’s head, plus he plays better defense than Brown and Farmar!

    The film is killing me, how many moving screens are allowed?

  296. i’ll side with anyone who questions the 7 tech rule, even though that benefits boston this year.

    remember – we went through that with kobe in the last couple years.

    it’s kind of a joke that the tech count doesn’t reset each series, or at least is somehow pro-rated in relation to games played.

    strange in a league so micro-managed as the NBA that there would be such a simple oversight. There are lots of other rules that are up for debate, but that’s the low-hanging fruit. The league needs to fix the tech rule this offseason.

  297. swedishmeatballs June 6, 2010 at 8:06 pm


    I’m thinking that they never saw that last angle from behind where you clearly see Kevin’s hand closer to the baseline during the entire play. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for for their sakes. Cause if not.. then there’s just no hope for the NBA.