Back To Back!

Darius Soriano —  June 17, 2010

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We’ll recap the game a bit later, but for now celebrations are in order. This wasn’t the prettiest game, but the outcome couldn’t be sweeter. The Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA’s 2010 Champions and have claimed their 2nd title in as many seasons.

Through all the adversity and all the ups and downs, they did it. Congratulations to Dr. Buss, Mitch Kupchak, Phil Jackson, Kobe, Pau, Fish, Ron, Bynum, LO, Farmar, Shannon, Sasha, Luke, Powell, Ammo, and DJ. You are champions. Again. Savor this. Simply Amazing. Whoo!

So use this thread to share your joy with all us Lakers fans. Our guys came out on top and right now there is no greater feeling than that.

Darius Soriano

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  1. Josh(Austin TX) June 17, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    Somehow this win is sweeter than the last, savor it. The Lakeshow have triumphed!

  2. This one’s for everyone and everything. Our heart, poise, composure, unity, confidence, and desire.

  3. Remember, Phil wins championships in threes…time for his fourth one next year, with Shaq coming off the bench (just kidding!).

    Awesome…such a great ride this year.


  5. It is a good night to be a Laker fan.

  6. Tonight so totally affirms the axiom of no rebounds, no rings. The Lakers were just amazing on the offensive boards, and that was the difference.

    So happy for Artest and Pau, who came up big, especially given how sketchy Pau was earlier in the game.

  7. hahaha, DY, calm down and enjoy this one first! By the time we win the next one you’ll be saying we need to go for the 4-peet!

    Enjoy it, savior it, love it…what a day!

  8. Can I just say I’m glad to admit I was wrong about Artest. He never did get completely comfortable with the offense, but he did try to stick to his role for the most part and his defense was generally as good as advertised. Hopefully next year he can really find his niche.

    Phil, you know you only win championships in threes. You have no choice but to stay.

  9. Ugly game, beautiful outcome. Revenge is so sweet.

    Congrats to the Lakers.

  10. Hannah Storm: Kobe, Shaq said earlier today that you’re the greatest laker ever. What do you say to that?

    Kobe: I’m just glad I got one more than him now (lol) I’m just kidding…no I’m not

    Classic, just second to Ron for his first thank you going to his hood and then thanking his psychiatrist. I love this TEAM !!!

  11. Ugly game. I’m loving that this championship win is putting a lot of demons to rest for everyone on the team. Kobe (legacy). Pau (soft). Artest (nutcase who ruins teams chances). Fish (too old worst pg in league according to aaron). Lamar (came through when it counted). Bench (stepping up). Phil (returning next year). Lakers defeating their hated enemy, the Celtics.

  12. The Laker defense was incredible. Absolutely, positively, incredible. This team is light years away from the 08 team. This was by far the sweetest championship victory ever. Congrats everyone.

  13. “Kobe what does this mean for you individually”

    “Got one more than Shaq”

  14. Kobe: “I got one more than Shaq.”

    OMFGGGGGGG best quote of the year!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. sportsguy33: I no longer want to be here. Is this what hell is like?

  16. Champagne baths for everyone! Ron earned his ring and beating the Cs in game 7. Sweet 16 oh yeah!! Enjoying this even more than last year. Lakers!!!!!!

  17. Lebron, have you seen my 5 championship rings?

  18. Yes it is a great night to be a Lakers fan. One of the best Championships by the Lakers because they beat the Boston Celtics.

  19. wtf, kobe won a championship with a hand that couldn’t grip the ball?

  20. I want to congratulate the Celtics on their moral victory. You can come here and look at the trophy any time you like. Seriously, what a team they are. They spot us a starting center and it’s still like a war. They’re like one of those weapons they wouldn’t let the Germans manufacture anymore after World War I.

  21. Signing off FB&Gers enjoy your dreams tonight and the ongoing celebrations!

    Congratulations to all. Thank you everyone on this site.

    Cheers to the hated Celtics.

  22. Also, while we’re continuing the lovefest, this Laker fan in Ohio wants to shout-out to each and every one of you. I don’t post that much and don’t know nearly about basketball to provide any kind of meaningful analysis, but this is the best sports blog on the Web, bar none. Only fitting b/c it’s the blog for the best team.

    ONE FOR THE THUMB, y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. As I said before you can’t leave a win on the floor. Celtics tell me how my a** tastes!!!!

  24. Uh oh. I can already see another diss song from Shaq.

    This is the sweetest championship by the Lakers in the Kobe-Phil era. Against the Boston Celtics in a Game 7 that was practically neck-to-neck? Wow!

  25. Thank you to everyone here, especially Darius for all of his hard work.

    This is the single greatest Laker site on the Internet. FB&G is a special, special place. Thank you all for letting me be a part of your journey with the Lakers. This is truly special.

  26. The regular season doesn’t matter! Except when it does…

  27. yes!!!!!! thank you lakers and everyone!!!

    BTW, Artest on NBA TV right now is epic

  28. Just wanted to pop my head back in…I’m sure this is lost in all the celebrations!!!!!!!!!

    We did it!

    W e d i d i t !

    Tears of joy.

    There is nothing left to be crossed off the mirror boys and girls…16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and now…..1!!!! It is beautiful, I am rambling…it is over!!!!!!!!

    Congrats FB&G! Congrats Lakers!


    Drink it up! Love it all. Love you all.

  29. Ron Artest coming up next on the post game. people!!!

  30. Also, you know what no one will talk about but was HUGE?

    Artest’s 5 steals.

  31. True Kehn, those always seemed to happen at big moments

  32. I hated that game, and loved the fourth quarter.

    Artest comes into the press room shouting, “I got a Wheaties box!” (I don’t think he is crazy, so much as he has very few filters, and is almost fearlessly honest. All right, a little crazy… OK.. A lot.)


  33. @ no. 11 magic days: “I 2nd that emotion!”

    I’d like to add to that FB&G for maintaining a wonderful site. I found this site 3 years ago, thanks to my son!

    Looking forward to a great summer of FB&G talk about trades, drafts and building a team for a 3peat!

    Now lets not destroy property!

    Once again, Lakers 2010 NBA Champions!

  34. Seriously, how can you not love Ron Artest. Listen to how bad he feels for the melee, and for bailing on the pacers.

    He just thanked about 50 people, apologized to 100 others… and completely forgot the question in the process.

    This guy is genuine, and he’s at peace now. I love this guy.

  35. Did you all hear Doc after the game? He said the Celtics starting lineup still never lost. But Perkins being out cant be an excuse because Bynum was never even close to a 100 percent the whole series and had to leave early a few games. Bynum’s condition is why I thought the Celtics would win, because we would not be able to diminate the paint. But Perkins being out was huge.

    I know I know. I picked the Celtics, BUT, I picked the Lakers to win game 7 when I saw Perkins would not play, so I redeemed myself.

  36. Today, redemption is spelled R-O-N.

  37. My favorite play of the whole game was Kobe flying into Sheed and giving him his 6th foul as he lay on the ground writhing in pain!!!! Adding insult to injury!!! Hurry up and get up so you can get off the floor Sheed!!!

  38. ron artest’s conference is just awesome

    im really happy for the guy

  39. Finally, we can all relax now…

    The LA Lakers are the 2009-2010 NBA Champs!!!

  40. omg Ron Artest’s postgame interview was more epic than the game itself. The dude is legitimately crazy.

  41. Congrats guys, huge game! Great game, even with Kobe having a hard time, I am so proud of this team. Ron Artest deserves a huge congratulations for his first ring. NBA CHAMPIONS BACK TO BACK !!!!!!!!!

  42. Congratulations Lakers!!!

  43. That was the greatest set of end of the game interviews, maybe ever…

    Pau regarding Fisher and Artest’s 3 pointers in the fourth quarter: “You have to have big…um…guts. Is that right? Yeah, guts, to take those shots.”

    Kobe on what the fifth ring means: “Means I got one more than Shaq.”

    Derek on how he got here: “I dreamed of playing big time college ball when I was growing up in Oklahoma. Playing in the NBA Finals, in seven NBA Finals, never occurred to me.”

    Artest on his three point shot: “Kobe passed me the ball. He passed me the ball. He never passes me the ball! And I hit a three pointer!”

    That was awesome.

  44. wooooooooow! that was a hell of a game. it is 7:30 am here in germany and I am far from going to sleep!
    so fantastic!

  45. woooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I may not be able to sleep for a while, but when I do, I shall sleep in peace. And have dreams of marrying Sasha, just for those free throws. Funny how #18 was the one at the end to deny #18 to the Celtics. Always hearted him even during his shooting slumps, hoping he’d get his shooting stroke back, and to get it all back in the Finals was great to know.

    An unimportant but funny tidbit: my gameday music today was Motorhead, which has really worked in past Laker wins, especially when they play against Boston. Somehow I didn’t play them this Finals until today. It worked. Death metal rules!

    Revenge IS beautiful.

    There IS a God.

    I’m going to that parade!

  46. @ exhelodrvr:
    please don’t say that, man, we still all dearly miss Trevor and u know it, but big ups to Ron for playing the best game of his life on the biggest game of his life.

    Hey guys, thanks for another special season. Being a Laker fan on the east coast gets kinda lonely sometimes, FB&G helps me keep my head up after all those tough losses, let’s re-sign Fish and Phil, and get ’em again next year!


  47. Haha I actually live a few streets down from Trevor Ariza down here in Sugar Land, Houston, TX.

    I have a strange urge to walk over to his house to see how he’s feeling.

  48. Ron’s post-game interview was epic. So happy for him. He had his whole family out there and he was nearly delirious.

  49. But to fair to Ron Artest every loss or bad play that he was involved in, someone brought up Trevor Ariza. Now I loved Ariza just as everyone did, but Ariza could not have played in this game against Boston! Ron Artest fit the bill for the physicality of this game, it was the defense of Ron that wore Pierce out so that he could not get going offensively!

    Ron’s stat line: 20 pts (none bigger than that 3pt when he blew kisses to the crowd) 5rbds and 5 steals!

  50. On a side note: we need to have Christina Aguilera sing the anthem at home more often! She’s our good luck charm, like that little girl for the Magic. Christina rocks.

  51. Congrats to Ron Artest, who fulfilled his promise to Kobe 2 years ago to come to LA and help win a championship.

    And congrats to Kobe Bryant, who, despite a poor shooting night, made some key plays in the 4th and grabbed more rebounds than anyone except Pau Gasol.

    And congrats to the Lakers as a whole, who showed that they have the heart of a champion.

    Finally I can get a good night’s sleep.

    How sweet it is.

  52. Bynum showed amazing heart and will. Looking like the contract he signed is going to pay serious dividends for the Lakers.

    Artest, who knew he was so filled with love? Beaming at his post-game interview, looking like a kid in the candy store.

  53. Great quote from a great movie #39!

    This is a lovely night to be a Laker fan. Kudos to FB and G for all their insight throughtout the season. It’s the basketball fan’s site with the perfect mix of analysis and passion it brings. Well done!

    p.s. I’m convinced: Christina Aguilera has to sing the national anthem at every Laker playoff game from now on. She’s our Kate Smith! (Google Philadelphia Flyers for those not in the know . . .)

  54. I don’t know how the hell we won this game. I’m so exhausted watching this team. It seemed like we were trying everything we can to choke the game away. Wow just a unbelievable game.

    Kobe needs to write Ron Artest a thank you card.

  55. Adam Morrison has 2 rings.

  56. Celtic fans whinging about the refs = almost as much fun as watching our team celebrate.

  57. Ron and Drew both have dealt with intense media scrutiny and played through injury. And these are two guys that sacrificed touches, accepted a reduced role, and played within themselves to help our team win another championship.

    I’m proud of the Lakers, but those two are my heroes and I’m very proud of them, especially.

  58. I dont know if this has been said on here tonight but it just hit me . . . In the 4th quarter of game 5 Phil Jackson said the Celtics know how to lose in the 4th quarter, we ended up losing that game. But he sure as hell was right about them losing in the 4th quarter tonight.


  59. the other Stephen June 17, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    My NBA Finals experience this year consisted of standing in a major intersection in China while patiently staring up at a huge LED screen, coughing on car fumes and cigarette smoke, and sweating profusely. Marooned here by work, and the time zones being flipped, I would have to slip out of the office in the middle of the day and dash into the sweltering heat to watch the games. The screen would typically attract a casual crowd of watchers, but as the buzzer ran out today, the crowd behind me turned to leave. But as I stayed and raised my hands in victory, I felt more connected with family, friends, and my hometown Los Angeles than ever.

  60. So proud of this squad–what a gutsy win.

    One very happy night.

  61. yahoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! superb performance babyyyy!!!!! go 3 peat!!! sasha the machine – nice free throw, he saves the day!!! congrats and c u all next season!!!!! go lakers!!!!

  62. I know if they could the following would come up to each of these Lakers and say, “Thank you for avenging so many defeats at the hands of this team.”

    Rudy LaRusso
    LeRoy Ellis
    Gene Wiley
    Jim Krebs
    Darrell Imhof
    Gail Goodrich
    Walt Hazzard
    Johnny Egan
    Jimmy King
    Bob Boozer
    Frank Selvy
    Rod Hundley
    Jerry West
    Elgin Baylor
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Fred Schaus
    Bill VanBredakoff
    and all the members of the 1984 Lakers:

    Thanks guys for doing what needed to be done, beating the hated Celtics in a seventh game!

  63. This certainly is the sweetest one. I was too young to remember the championship years of the 80’s, so this is my 80’s.

  64. 58, that’s two more than Lebron James. ZING!

    Btw, thanks to all the nay-sayers who said the Lakers weren’t good enough to win the championship this season. ‘Twas an excellent reverse jinx.

  65. I would just like to say that this morning I was surprised by my girlfriend with tickets to this game. Just got home, and I have never felt better – ever – in my entire life. The crowd saved the Lakers today – especially section 303, where we never gave up and knew we had a run in us.

    Words can’t describe the happiness I am feeling right now. This is the exact up that I needed after games 4 and 5.

    Huge Huge Huge Credit to Artest, Vujacic, and Odom tonight – with Fish having some big moments as well – when Kobe and Pau both play bad offensively for the first 3 quarters (rebounds not counting), and letting our guys come through in the CLUTCH.



  66. wow mom wow.

  67. I am sooooooo happy, I can’t believe it.

    I inherited the Lakers from my Mom, who inherited them from my Grandpa, and I got to speak to both tonight, and it was amazing.

    The combination of the THE WAY in which they won, AND THE OPPONENT they defeated, makes this maybe the sweetest victory out of a ridiculously long list of sweet victories we’ve all been able to enjoy as fans of this team.

    the Lakers MANNED their way to the title. Period. they outmanned a man’s team in Boston. it wasn’t about skill, or flash, or speed, or anything else. the Lakers had to TAKE the game, the way Ron Ron TOOK the ball from Celtics’ hands all night long. he was, without question, the best Laker on the court for ALL 4 quarters.

    Man it feels great!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. We got to blow them out in one game… Kobe Bryant achieved another amazing post season performance to add to his legacy… Ron Artest put his stamp on his first Laker championship run… Gasol burried his soft label once and for all… we got contributions from players we doubted all year long (Shannon, Farmar, Sasha, and even DFish)… But most of all… We got our 16th Championship with a hefty side of revenge to go with it!!

    I Can’t be happier as a Laker fan to truley type every sentence above. I will pass this legacy down to my son and the rest of the generation of my family to proceed me; as my father instilled what Magic, Kareem, West and Wilt meant to him. This was history in the making my friends. I’m glad while I’m away from L.A, I still have this wonderful site to share every moment with. There will come a day where the Laker nation will be back in “05′ condition…” Bad coach, bad roster, and a questionable management. So don’t forget, this is not for ever. Enjoy the legacy now because Kobe Bryant’s are not drafted every year. Twin Tower front courts with a talented player like LO as a 6th man does not happen all the time. This team is unique in every way. So bask my brotheren… This is the Laker’s time to rejoyce!

    BTW: Ron Artest is the Frickin MAN!

  69. I am emotionally exhausted. The highs and lows of this journey culminating in this championship has been amazing.

    What is also gratifying is how this team won with grit. When everything was failing for them they dug deep and showed heart. Al those ugly comments about how Boston would be tougher than the Lakers in the past, this series can be another answer.

    Thank you to this team, to Darius and Phillip for this site, to all the great posters here. Thank you all for such an amazing ride.

  70. Ron’s postgame interview really tied that Game 7 together.

  71. cdog,

    i love your girlfriend.

  72. PS-Hi fellow FB&Gers. I’m completely exhausted right now, and I was only watching. 😀

  73. It’s a great day to be a fan. I just wanted to say its been great going through the ups and downs with everyone here.

    To the admins/mods of FB&G. Thanks for all the hard work!

  74. This is fantastic!!! FANTASTIC!!!

    I’m happy for Ron, Kobe’s got 2 Finals MVPs, following the 2010 Lakers was an incredible ride. The Lakers are the first sports team I’ve ever followed and loved, and tonight’s victory was immensely rewarding; you catch all the games you can, and read all the boxscores you can, and get all the best analysis from the best basketball blog ever (FB&G), and argue vehemently with all the Lebron bandwagoners, and for what?

    For nights like tonight.

  75. I can hear Rudy T’s words in the back of my mind:

    “Never underestimate the heart of a champion!”

    It wasn’t pretty. However, the Lakers made it back to the top of the mountain. Ron showed so much heart tonight. Andrew showed heart, grit and determination all through these playoffs. Kobe and Pau are simply magnificent.

    We got it good Laker fans. VERY Good!

  76. As crazy as Ron’s post-game interviews were, his emotion was so completely real. It’s like the look on Gollum’s face when he finally gets HIS ring. It’s pure, tangible happiness from top to bottom. If Ron Artest is crazy, then I don’t want to be sane. Seeing him just completely consumed by joy like that. It has to be an incredible feeling.

  77. Darius, Phillip, Zephid and Co:

    Thank you for doing such a great job this season. You guys have a much better understanding of the mechanics of the game than I do. And I have been watching the game for over two decades. Thank you for running a classy site. Thank you for proving that knowledgable Lakers fans do in fact exist. Keep up the good work!

  78. the other Stephen June 17, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    to everyone on FB&G–Darius, Phillip, and all the commenters–thank you for an amazing season! this blog continues to grow and to surprise me with new insights each and every day.

    a sidenote amidst the celebrations: since it’s the end of another great year, would it be an appropriate time to field some new designs for the FB&G t-shirts?

  79. Beating the Celtics in Game 7 for the championship? It’s a cliche, but this really is as good as it gets – Btw, great dodge by Jack 😉

    Oh and John Matrix, you either know what you’re doing or you’re the luckiest man alive right now. Haha.

  80. Oh hell yea LA! I am a Lakers fan living on the East Coast (live in Connecticut but went to school in Boston for 4 years…2003-2006). I went to Games 3 and 4, and let’s just say I had a bad experience in Game 4. They were chanting “Ugly sister” at Odom, “No means no” at Kobe, even before the game, the cardboard cutouts of Odom’s wife, and just even some classless fans being obnoxious. Like I wasn’t allowed to cheer just because I was wearing a Kobe or Odom jersey.

    Anyhow, I was concerned after how we played Game 5, but damn did the boys come to play on the defensive end these last two games. They say defense wins championships and damn did LA play defense these last two games. Kobe shot terrible, so did Pau, hell everyone shot bad in Game 7. But LA took that game by the throat halfway through the 4th quarter and they never let go. I loved the Artest addition from the jump, but he really played a great series (aside from Game 5). And Kobe, even tho he shot like crap, was everywhere defensively. He grabbed 15 boards tonight and really set a tone that started with his 11 boards in Game 6.

    So, yea, I am a little drunk right now…the champagne is almost done, and I have work in 6 hours or so, but I don’t care. Back to back and (hopefully) another one next year. Let’s go LA! CHAMPIONS baby!!

  81. Artest continues to show us why he’s crazy. His podium conference is goddamn insane.

  82. @cdog

    Game 7 tickets?!? Marry that girl!

  83. Agreed. Gotta lock that down!!!!

  84. 40 Years as a Laker fan and this win to me was the best. Beating the ugly green after 2008 and all those years I suffered as a Laker fan means more to me then anyone can imagine.

    The joy of Ron’s interview and the pride and class of Fish is just the best.

    Not sure how we won shooting 29% and the crazy bad shooting of kobe but in some ways it makes it even better.

    Thanks Darius and all for putting up with my madness this year. Sometimes when you care to much you can go off the dep end but right now all is peace and harmony as Celts have been pushed back to Boston and beaten like that bus the Celt fans beat up in 2008.

  85. Ron Artest – best post-game press conference ever

  86. Plan to!
    Best gift ever – though at the half felt like a stomach punch. I am literally on cloud 9 right now.

    Thank you Darius, Phillip, and Zephid for this season. You make my Laker watching more enjoyable – even though I think clicking on the gamecast page before the game is 100% bad luck.

  87. the other Stephen June 17, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    tucked away in some obscure part of this season is phil’s commentary on ron’s cinder block shoes. 😀

  88. Sorry folks, from now on:

    1) Tell everyone who was on the Ron Ron bandwagon from day one, yes you were right! (thank you, i know i was right!)

    2) We will refer to Sasha as the machine from now on and never, and i mean never, make fun of his name. We will further abstain from complaining about his contract.

    3) Don’t you dare complain about Kobe. Without Kobe, this team is out of the first round and you can take that to the bank.

  89. thanks to all the LA LAKERS FOR A GREAT YEAR. proud to be a fan.

  90. Congrats Lakers from Sweden. (In tears writing this after too much champagne).
    Will remember this for the rest of my life 🙂


  92. Congrats Oskar!!!

  93. Wow, after all the yelling, screaming, crying, all the missed times with friends and family, all the doubts, sad nights, joys, reading post game stuff for hours the next day, pundits, haters, after everything, THIS is why I am a Los Angeles Lakers fan. I regret none of the embarrassing times I’ve endured because of these Lakers, none. I love them because of THIS. They WILL find a way to win no matter what.

    After reading all the stats, all the rebounding rates, shooting percentages, assist to turnover ratios, after all of that, it means absolutely nothing except that I am now a better student of the game. To these Lakers, they are a morphing bunch. Whatever you need, they have it. You want a run and gun against the Thunder? Even a creaky, injured team will persevere. Want a heavy pick and roll offensive juggernaut that loves the half court? Lakers got that right back at you. Like open threes in transition, not to mention the most perfected point guard over the last 10 years? We got that right back. Finally, like hard nosed defense that can shut teams down for quarters at a time? Lakers got it tougher even more down the stretch. We got you. And that’s why I am a Los Angeles Lakers fan.

    I love this team LOVE THIS TEAM forever.

  94. MAN this was SWEET!

  95. I’m gonna be up all night soaking this in. I can’t describe how much it means to beat the Celtics in the finals, but I think you all know.

    And ^^ about Ron Artest. You can say a lot of things about him, but you cannot knock his heart and will. Darius, I believe, said that in Game 7s, scheme and coaching takes a back seat to grit and just who wants it more. And that, my friends, is why Artest had the game he did. Ron-ron wears his heart on his sleeve and his heart is as big as all of Queensbridge.

  96. @94 kehn: I agree to a certain extent. But saying that means a guy like Kobe, who we all know wants it more than anyone, just didn’t come to play. I don’t see it as that way as I think Kobe’s presence of defense and rebounding was huge.

    Regarding Artest though, I agree he was huge. In 3 of our wins, Games 1/6/7, he was huge. And really, aside from Game 5, he was awesome defensively. I think LA made the right choice last year as Artest > Ariza.

  97. Big Fat Crybaby June 17, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    My daughter told Ron he was gonna get a ring last summer. Promise made, promise kept:

  98. @91 kaveh: I co-sign all of these. Those FTs by Sasha were huge. Phil is great. I mean, the guy played 5 min all night and with 15 seconds left he puts Sasha in? That gave them 3 85+ percemt FT shooters in Kobe, Fish, and Sasha. One of them had to get the ball. And Sasha knocked em down…

  99. Thanks needle 🙂 Gonna go grab a cheeseburger then sleep for bachelorparty tomorrow, So happy…! 🙂

  100. #16! My favorite season as a fan! 37 years ago, I was a 4 year old wondering why Congress was considering impeaching Norm Nixon, only for my parents to have to explain that more than one person could have the same last name.

    37 years later, losing my voice screaming for my beloved ‘friends’ in purple and gold.

    thanks to all here for making this year even sweeter.

    over and out, y’all!

  101. 100. That video was awesome! High five!

    I think I’m going to tie this night together and grab a 3×3 animal style at In-N-Out.

  102. Man I wish I lived in L.A. If there’s any championship parade I would like to see…it’s this one.

    My goal for next year is to see a game at Staples.

  103. Whenever the ball went into Pau, he scored, got fouled, assisted a score or drew defenders for someone else to get a rebound and putback. Why didn’t they try to get him the ball more in the 2nd and 3rd Quarters? He touched the ball only three times in the 3rd. The Lakers were lucky the Celtics ran out of gas and that they made some big shots at the end because they were playing like shit, especially Kobe. Even Phil said the ball movement sucked. Pau was the key and it was painfull to see them not initiating the offence through him. When they did, they scored.

  104. 100. One of the best days of my life; one of the best posts of my life.

    congrats to sadie!

  105. We love you, Chick.


  107. What’s up with these LA people starting riots after the win? It’s like as if a championship win gives them the right to break stuff and sets cars on fire. Something about it is kind of amusing, but it’s also asinine, not to mention unsafe.

  108. Thanks FB&G for a great season, and this was the best game I have watched and enjoyed in a long time, this was better than last year for sure. Thanks Darius for taking over when Kurt went on to bigger things.

  109. I was on a plane during the game, but was recording it. I asked the flight attendant to remind the pilot not to announce the score, but between me and the guy and the guy he asked it to relay it on and the pilot, they got it yhe other way round. So as the plane lands, the pilot announces “Celtics 56, Lakers 49, third quarter, and I seriously lost hope! But then I came back, watched the games starting at 49-56 and what a great surprise!

  110. I actually have to disagree about the offense through Pau – unless we ran him off a high pick with Kobe (the old 2/4 pick and roll), Pau was pretty much getting destroyed in the post by Sheed tonight. He wasn’t confident in his jumpshot and was ALL OVER the PLACE in the 1st half. Credit the big man for stepping up in the fourth – and btw Kobe did as well, with huge freethrows and even a jumper to put us up 4 – but both of them played subpar offensively until about the end of the 3rd Quarter.

    I also thought that with Pau in slight foul trouble he was real tentative with the ball – and its not like until the 4th Q the Lakers were hitting any outside shots.

    We won guys. Stop complaining about not running a certain way or not doing certain things. We won. Enjoy it.

  111. Let Doc hang his hat on his asterisk. We’ll hang ours on a championship.

  112. This couldn’t have been scripted better.

    Think about it. Ron coming to Kobe in the shower to promise him a ring against the Celtics, and him delivering in the 7th game of the finals.

    Not to mention his defense against Durant, his offensive board and putback against the Suns, and his redemption from the brawl.


    Add to that the Kobe quest for GOAT, Pau’s quest to shed the soft label…

    … and the fact that AMMO has more rings than KG, Allen and Pierce…

    … and the coach who split up with Kobe after the first threepeat, makes amends, goes for the second (fourth) threepeat, who also runs into Pierce in the offseason…


    And it’s all real.

  113. I special thanks to “Warren” this season could’ve not been without you.

    GO LAKERS!!!!! 2010 NBA CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!

  114. winferd smiley June 18, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Wow!!! What a game. Here in the Philippines 90 % are Lakers fans. I must admit I am a diehard Lakers fan. When the Lakers have a game, I don’t want to be disturbed. I ignore my wife even if she is fully naked infront of me. Nobody disturbs me when I am watching the game. Anyway, Congrats to the Lakers for beating the bullies. How sweet it is!!!

  115. Been a Laker fan since the pre-Chamberlain days, 45+ years.

    I passionately hate the Celtics. This win makes up for 1969.

  116. After watching a very rough 1st half and being a bit sour, my oldest son and I decided that we would root our hearts out and come what may. Sitting in my living room in San Antonio, TX with him clapping and yelling “Defense” whenever the green meanies had the ball was incredible. To hear an eight year old believe the way he did was simply awe inspiring. He kept telling me, “We’re going to win, Dad. You have to keep believing.” Every time we got closer, he would say, “See, things are different now.” I don’t know who had more fun, me watching him get caught up in the moment or him jumping around with the enthusiasm that reminds us all why rooting for Lakers basketball is all worth it.

    When it was all over, I broke down and cried a few happy tears. I don’t think he’ll realize how special this is for a while, but I love that I’ve passed along a love for our Lakers to him. Spraying champagne and hollering at the top of our lungs was great – but just being in the moment and cheering on our team was a gift from the basketball gods.

    Enjoy this time, Laker fans. We are fortunate to have so many spoils of success. Like life and loved ones – don’t take this for granted.

    Go Lakers!

    PS – Darius, Zephid, Bill Bridges and all who post or comment – thank you. I love coming to this site every single day, win or lose.

    I say next year we pick a home game at Staples and all of the FB&G folks who can buy a ticket or travel out of state do so.

  117. A huge thanks to Kurt for starting this fabulous site so many years ago, and to Darius for taking up the challenge of following in Kurt’s shoes, and ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING that task.

    Well done to all of the contributors, and I cannot wait for next season to begin.

    Although, the off season speculation, draft, trades, surgeries, and so on are going to be fun too.

    Go FANS!

  118. Best feeling since ’85.

    Last 2 weeks, I haven’t allowed myself, wife, or baby to wear anything green. I’ve refused to drink green tea.

    I just loved the Lakers winning this game the way they did…basically beating Boston at their own game, gritting one out, getting key contributions from everyone in the 4th quarter.

    Don’t think we’ll be hearing anyone call Pau “soft” much in the seasons to come.

  119. I’ve been lurking on this website for 3 full seasons now and this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to post.
    A: this game was the most difficult for me to watch, ever. The offense was ugly, the defense was brutal, and I never felt at ease with the game until the final seconds of the game.

    B: I watched as a little kid the 80’s Lakers play against the Celtics. Those games are hazy and magical to me, as are the players. However, the past two Lakers/Celtics meetings will be the ones that I will remember most clearly and define the rivalry for me. Big thanks to the Lakers for giving me a most memorable series and helping me get over our last loss to Boston.

    C: D-Fish Last year you overtook all other Lakers and became my favorite player. Thank you for rewarding me with yet another great season!

    D: I’d write some more but I think sleep is finally beginning to overtake me, so I’ll close with thanking everyone for the great seasons past on this forums and see ya’ll next season!

  120. Loving the day, and loving the love on the site.

    I’ll be honest – I’ve actually avoided the game day threads here with the tension of the series, and the way that we fans tend to ride the rollercoaster during games (let alone series!). But FB&G and all the regulars, the lurkers and the rest have helped make this season even better (if that’s possible).

    Back in December, Kurt helped me secure tickets to a game at Staples while I was visiting the US, and it turned out to be the game against the Wolves where Kobe broke his finger. And 7 months later, here we are with another title, and a chance at another 3-peat.

    Can’t beat that!

  121. still can’t sleep. just watched the replay. euphoria.

  122. BACK-TO-BACK!!! Phil, please come back for one more run!!! Season after next, Brian Shaw can take over or Fisher king can be the head coach!

  123. Feels good to finally shut up the Boston fans who screamed, “SWEEP!” and then, “BOSTON IN 5!” then in 6 and then in 7. Especially Pierce who said he wasn’t coming back to L.A. My favorite part was how loudly Celtic fans screamed about how physical and tough their team was – especially compared to the Lakers – but then when the games became chippy, everyone from Boston started screaming about the officiating. You can’t have it both ways, and the better team won.

    And don’t give me anything about Perkins being out: You Boston fans conveniently cast aside the fact that OUR starting center was gone for all of the 2008 series (not just one game), and Bynum played on one leg this whole time.

    You’ve run out excuses, and you’ve run out of time. Goodbye, Celtics. Try to buy another team.

  124. Least we forget…….

    Thanks Warren, this one was for you!!!

  125. I’ve been a lurker here for so long. Just wanna thank you guys for believing to our beloved team and sending out positive vibes (Rule of Attraction, you know?).

    Have a great NBA Off-season, guys!

  126. Renato Afonso June 18, 2010 at 5:07 am

    Here, in my country, most of the people around are either Bulls fans or Celtics fans… Today I feel good and I’ll make sure the Celtics fans won’t 🙂 Can’t say much more. Need to watch the game objectively again before going any further…

  127. So great we WON!!!

    I love it Go Kobe you be holding up 5 fingers now!

    Ima be rock this TShirt below

  128. I’ve waited 2 years to the day for this to happen. Thank you to the Lakers for an amazing season of championship basketball; the city is proud.

    Now enjoy the moment, get some rest, and get ready to do it all over again next season.