Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Gatinho —  June 21, 2010

A history of celebrations…

1972: I don’t yell much, and I’m not much of a drinker,” West said. “Really, I can’t figure out much that I’ll be able to do except maybe smile a lot.” When they did win, the Lakers were subdued. They drank their victory champagne out of wine glasses, while West smiled as predicted and delivered what were in effect a couple of toasts.

How things have evolved…

1980: Magic was too young for champagne… Trophy presentation 3:30

1982: Trophy presentation 3:40.

1985: “LA’s the Place!”

“Ain’t nothing but a party, y’all.”

1987: “I’m guaranteeing everyone here. Next year were going to win it again.”

Complete with footage from their visit with then president Reagan.

1988: “With 20 seconds to go, we were celebrating like we were champs. I said, ‘Hey don’t celebrate.’ I’m always scared. I’m scared until the final buzzer goes off.” -Magic

Kareem stuffs his towel in Riley’s mouth after Brent Musburger tempts Riley to guarantee another title. 7:50

“We gonna get another one next year. Caaaan yoooooou dig it?”

2001: a hint of things to come…

2002: “It takes Two”

2009: 1-2-3 Ring!



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  1. Fantastic video from all of these celebrations. This post really just reminds me of how lucky we are to be fans of this fantastic team. Thanks for this post, Gatinho.


  2. That 1972 season was special. Swiping my dad’s transistor radio when I got home from elementary school. Getting sent to bed every night at 8:30PM. Turning on the radio after I turn off the light. Chick Hearn saying at the start of the 4th quarter, “117-78. This game was over before it even started.” Getting up early the next morning after every game and returning the radio to my dad’s work bench in the garage. He never missed it. That was the first Los Angeles championship of my pro sports fandom, so that team, the 1985 team, and this year’s championship team are the three most special Laker champions for me.


  3. Does Pau have a kid brother? There’s some kid standing right behind him who looks 14 or 15 and close to about 6-9.


  4. You mean besides Mark?


  5. Pau’s youngest brother, Adria, is 16, I think, and is 6’8″.


  6. Gasol does have a younger brother besides Marc. I believe he attends high school in Memphis where he lives with his parents. Apparently he’s developing as a basketball player, but I’m not sure how good he is in comparison to Pau and Marc at that same age.


  7. That had to be him, then. Gawky-looking kid wearing glasses who towered over the Laker guards. BTW, FSN HD sound FAIL.


  8. No rally with the guys talking to the fans? Mistake. I know the Buss family was looking to cut costs since the team paid for it, but what people remember is the guys acting goofy at the mic. Riley’s guarantee, Madsen’s dance. Last year, with the Coliseum packed, was phenomenal.


  9. >>>>one fan hoisted a foam tombstone reading “RIP Boston.”

    I love it!


  10. not as good as last year’s. well, it’s only icing. we still got the cake.
    i thought the highlight of the parade was the “Sasha, Let’s Bone!” sign.


  11. FSN website live streaming: massive fail. Spent an hour hitting “refresh” only to be told that the item wasn’t available. 🙁


  12. @ 11,

    Hmmm. Mine worked, but like I said in #8, with no rally or speeches, you didn’t really miss all that much. The FOX feed had Spero asking the guys questions on the trailer beds, but that isn’t the same.

    It ended @ 1220. I am not sure how much was the city and how much was the Lakers, and like chibi says, this was just icing. But still, I think it was a mistake and seems to be part of the ‘cost-cutting’ we have heard about. As Kurt and Darius have reminded us, the Lakers are an old-school, family-owned business, not a toy for a billionaire. Given that and the situation with govt. budgets throughout CA, I get it but don’t like it. Last year, with the guys coming into the Coliseum down the steps, was the best one ever. Even if that was not doable again, they should have had a rally.

    In the other thread, I noted that I have read rumors that ownership is not going to let Kupchak use the MLE. That, of course, is a real issue and something to watch.


  13. There was another sign saying “Sasha, Marry US!” I am not sure if they wanted to share him or have him serve as minister at the ceremony.


  14. The Lakers are hugely over the Luxury Cap – never mind the Salary Cap – so the pressure is to not use the MLE, as the cost is double the quoted figure.

    I suggest we bloggers just eliminate all those people who might want $5M+ from our lists of desirable signings. Perhaps there could be something done with trades, but I don’t think the Lakers are going to do much trading this summer. They currently have 6 people who could be on the free-agent market.


  15. I suggest we bloggers just eliminate all those people who might want $5M+ from our lists of desirable signings.


    As I said in the other thread, names I’ve read are the obvious ones:

    Steve Blake
    Luke Ridnour
    Earl Watson
    CJ Watson

    And we now have the Tracy McGrady rumor–supposedly Artest contacted him and McGrady told his handlers he wants to be a Laker.


  16. 13, 15, 16. That’s why I keep talking up Dorell Wright as our new triangle point to relieve some of Fish’s burden. Most of the names I see mentioned are either too short without being lightning quick (Ridnour, Watson), too slow (Blake), couldn’t hit the broad sign of a barn with their jumper (Duhon, also too slow on D), have a dubious injury history (Livingston), or will be asking for too much money (Felton). Wright is none of these. The team could get him for half the MLE.


  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHt4HtaEGqQ

    Haha take a listen to this. Ron artests new “hit” single. Its actually not that bad.


  18. Also, CJ Watson is a restricted FA, and Golden State has said they’ll match. A 24-year old, 6-9 guy like Wright, who played some PG at Miami and shot 39% from three and 88% from the line could very well be capable of being the traditional big PG in Phil’s triangle offense. After all, 6-6 Ron Harper was the starting PG for five of Phil’s championship teams, and he did it at ages 32 to 37 with a rehabbed knee. Harper had to guard quick PGs on Phil’s teams, and Wright is certainly quicker and his wingspan is greater than seven feet.


  19. I don’t buy that that Kupchak will be forbidden from using the FML exception. If Dr. Buss thinks it’s worth it, then he’ll use it.

    l think Dr. Buss will maximize the amount of talent he can add to this team in order to pass Boston.

    I think he’ll restrict the use of the exception to contracts 4 years in length or less. It would be best if it expired at the same time as the contracts of Kobe, Pau, and Artest.

    Big thumbs down to Ridnour and Blake.

    I want somebody strong enough to fight through picks and physical enough to bother Chris Paul.


  20. How about Raja Bell? Defense and three-pointers are always nice.


  21. 22. Bell has a lot of mileage and surgeries under his belt, he’s never been a good enough ballhandler to be even a triangle PG, and he’ll be 34 when the season starts.


  22. Just watched 2009 again. That one was the best–full Coliseum.