A Decision Will Finally Be Made

Darius Soriano —  July 8, 2010

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Sources tell me there’s an announcement special airing tonight and in this program a famous basketball player is going to decide where he wants to play basketball for the foreseeable future.  This was confirmed by me checking my cable box and actually seeing that it will be on tv. 

Honestly, I’ve avoided writing about Lebron because I really don’t have much to say on the matter.  I think he’s a fantastic player who happens to be a highly sought after free agent.  In this regard, he’s no different than Shaq in ’96.  And just like Shaq, his decision is newsworthy as I think Lebron’s decision will have a big impact on the league (hence a post at this site about him).  Again, he’s one of the best players in the world (and arguably the best player if evaluating solely on physical ability and statistical dominance) and whatever team he joins will be vastly improved if only because he’s now on that roster.  He’s one of the few players that instantly makes a team a contender.  You can talk about his playoff flameouts or the limitations in his game, but in the end this is a player that took the Cleveland Cavs from the cellar to a championship level team.  And while James has not reached the peak of the sport, he’s done very well in working his way up the mountain.

So, tonight I’ll be watching where he goes and doing so with interest.  Because whether he joins Wade and Bosh in Miami, Amar’e and D’Antoni in New York, or stays home in Cleveland, some team is getting (or keeping) a fantastic player tonight.  A player that the Lakers may actually see in an NBA Finals in the next year or two.  A player that I like to watch, even if I may not enjoy the circus or the spectacle surrounding his persona. 

And I have a feeling that a lot of you will be watching too.  This should be interesting if only because this has been the biggest NBA story this entire season – outside of the Lakers winning their second consecutive NBA championship (it never gets old typing that) – and tonight it comes to a head with a decision.  On a related note, there have been some very good pieces on Lebron today, but few are better than what David Thorpe told TrueHoop about the potential success of a Heat team with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh or the piece that Andy Kamenetzky wrote at Land O’ Lakers on the focus, after tonight, now shifting from Lebron’s free agency to his success in winning titles.  Give them both a read as they’re both worth your time.  And let me know if you’ll be watching in the comments.

Darius Soriano

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