We’re Back Up & Running

Darius Soriano —  July 15, 2010

Yesterday afternoon and through this morning FB&G had some server issues that disrupted the site, leaving the site down for that time period.  My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused to all of you looking to talk Lakers with us.

This issue is now resolved and we will continue putting up posts this afternoon, starting with some thoughts on Summer League in preparation for today’s game between the Lakers and the Spurs.  Over the next couple of days, we’ll catch up with all the latest news including Raja Bell spurning the Lakers for the Jazz and the likely return of Shannon Brown.  We’ll also continue with our player evals and may even throw in another mailbag.

I was having serious FB&G withdrawls, so I’m happy things are back in order and we’ll update the site soon with some new thoughts.

Darius Soriano

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25 responses to We’re Back Up & Running

  1. Yaaay! I figured it was server issues!

  2. Oh thank god! I did not know what to do with myself for the past 18hrs 43mins and 21seconds.

    I even asked the Clippers truehoop blog if they knew what was going on… They didn’t answer :( (I think they’re jealous)

    In other news… No Raja, BUT T- Mac is going to be in town to work out with the Clippers. So, we all know how the Laker FO likes to work in secrecy. Maybe he’ll work out for us also but just hasn’t made it public. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. I would definitely take T-Mac off the bench for limited minutes until he gets his legs under him and understands the triangle, say about the end of December. He would accentuate the bench and even in a desire to be a part of a winning organization, he might dig in and start playing defense. Its not inconceivable!

    However, I wouldn’t be upset if T-Mac went to the Clippers he could start for them and get paid to boot!

  4. phew. I was getting the shakes.

  5. I don’t know if it aided in resolution or merely added to the pressure, but I informed Henry at TrueHoop of the problem this morning – at that point, it was news to him.

  6. I’m about to walk into Cox Pavilion for the game. Anything to look for in this game beyond what’s been covered so far? Wil Caracter continue to pick up fouls? Is Ebanks jumper for real?

  7. thank goodness FB&G is back up

    i wanted to discuss raja bell going to the jazz yesterday, but the site was down

    i was really hoping lakers would get raja, but now im turning my attention to kurt thomas. he would be a solid 4th big guy and i dont want another contender (especially miami) snatching him up.

    as for another backup guard, it looks like brown is the most likely choice. barnes is most likely out of our price range and i really dont trust tmac’s health.

  8. Guys, is T-Mac actually a possibility, I keep reading rumors, please dont mess with my emotions! LOL

  9. you have to be a wrestling fan to truly appreciate this, but Simmons linked to a very funny (and actually quite accurate!) video of a Hulk Hogan joins the NWO version of Lebron’s The Decision


    here’s the original video for context:


  10. The Lakers need to unload, the broken machine, Walton and the Kardashian to free up some money… but which team wants these guys… Clippers didn’t want Lamar and then Riley traded Lamar for Shaq and then a title came to Miami…. Has Lamar even played in the All Star Game ???

  11. Have any of you who want T-Mac watched him play last year? He is done. He shot 39%. The Knicks don’t want him back — the Knicks. They suck and they aren’t signing him. Should tell you something. He is not the guy you know, he is not the shell of the guy you know, but he still jacks up shots like he thinks he is. Bad fit in the triangle. Can’t defend anymore.

    You want those minutes to go to Shannon Brown. Trust me.

  12. chownoir, and everyone else for that matter, I have a new post up on the Derrick Character and Devin Ebanks. This will give you a few things to pay attention to.


    StephenG, it looks like the Lakers may bring back Shannon Brown. McGrady coming to the Lakers at this point is highly unlikely.

  13. StephenG- I think the closest Thing I’ve heard to a relevant rumor of Lakers and T-Mac is that Artest got in contact with him (back in late June) saying something to the affect of [take less money like me and have a chance to win a champ with the lakers.] Also, during the last trade deadline T-Mac said he’d want to play for a contender next year (the Lakers being one of the teams he name dropped.) Nothing was followed up on that so the only thing we really know is that T-Mac is older and is most likely title hungry and that he is not going to get a whole lot more than what he’ll get here. (unless the clippers do something really stupid and treat him like Orlando T-Mac.)

    I don’t think anyone will dispute there’s a chance but at the same time the media has not provided any information saying that the Lakers have recently been on his radar.

  14. Thank gawd FB&G is back. I was starting to lose it not being able to read the blog for the last 18+hrs. I was contemplating email Kurt through PBT. All is back to normal. Thanks.

  15. Just post an address for us to send money so this site never goes down again! Can’t go without my hourly fix.

    On another note, I would rather the Lakers sign no one else than T-Mac or AI.

  16. No Shaun Livingston, signed with the Bobcats.

  17. Good for Shaun. He’s worked hard. Also, he goes to a team that gives the Lakers fits. Fortunately, there’s little chance they’ll be in the finals because getting through the West will be hard enough.

  18. Now Mat Barnes is only considering Miami or Boston… Lakers can’t afford him.

  19. LOL All non-contenders give the Lakers fits!

  20. Lakers big moves this summer

    signed steve blacke

    signed d. fisher

    Heat big moves this summer

    signed d wade

    signed james

    signed bosh

    signed miller

    signed hasslem

    signed ilguaskas

    Riley is making it happen once again

  21. I was having withdrawal symptoms.

  22. Back online! Nice!!!

  23. sofad- Miami had to make moves because they didn’t have a contending roster (not to mention only 3 people that were signed to the team.) The Lakers on the other hand, have a contending lineup and I believe 7 people signed to contract before our two pg additions. Plus, we have two very promising draft picks we aquired late in the second round.

    Don’t get me wrong, Riley’s doing a great job this off season but he has yet to get a title with this core (obviously) while we do have a core that are title winners. We don’t need huge moves, we just need to keep our core in tact and add complentary role players to surround them.

  24. Whew! Good to have FBG back!

  25. Cool, really cool, a Kurt sighting!