Talking Lakers Bigs

Jeff Skibiski —  August 8, 2010

Deciding which Lakers big man reigns supreme in the team’s history books is like trying to fill your plate up at a a really nice buffet; first you eye the carved turkey and mashed potatoes, then your attention shifts to the double molten chocolate cake. When it’s all said and done though, you want a little of everything on your plate. Start your Sunday off with a little nostalgia with this video featuring arguably the crème de la crème of Lakers big men—Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Then, check out this insightful article from Yahoo! Sports’ Kelly Dwyer about Shaquille O’Neal’s untapped potential as the greatest big man of all-time. Here’s an excerpt:

And Shaq’s gifts were never fully realized as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s were in his time with Oscar Robertson (who, left without Paul Silas setting screens for him, dumped it into the skilled young center), or Abdul-Jabbar’s time before Magic Johnson (when it was Kareem, all alone, taking the lumps but getting to put up the numbers). Shaq’s best years were spent in an offense that asked the center to think pass-first, and yet he dominated first, second, and last. If anything – and this isn’t some caveat put down to make myself feel better about ripping on the guy – his time spent with the Lakers under Phil Jackson has been underrated.

Jeff Skibiski