Happy Birthday Magic

Phillip Barnett —  August 14, 2010


Today marks the 51st anniversary of Ervin “Magic” Johnson’s birth, so to celebrate, we’ve found a highlight reel set to Tupac’s “California Love.” If you’re planning on joining a pick up game at anytime today, be sure to make the extra pass in Magic’s honor. In fact, let’s dub August 14th “National Extra Pass Day!” Eh, maybe not. Just enjoy this highlight reel.

Phillip Barnett


to Happy Birthday Magic

  1. Happy Birthday Magic


  2. I will never get tired of watching that pass at 0:32


  3. That man had unbelievable game. Has there ever been anyone who possessed both such high skill and flare? And exhibited such a passion and fire? His style looks almost slow motion which kind of gives you extra time to appreciate every move.. happy birthday Magic, you are truly the greatest Laker ever.


  4. My all time favorite Laker. He embodied so many things I love about sports, teamwork and competition.


  5. happy birthday magic your the MAN….lakers 4 life….


  6. I still remember how Chick Hearn almost cried the day Magic announced that he is HIV positive. All the lakers fans were just stunned. It is not so much about losing the greatest player on your team setting out to revenge on the Bulls, but the sentiment felt like losing a friend or something you really cherish.

    Good to know #32 is still doing “magic” in his business. A true winner finds a way to excel in whatever endeavors or pursuit.

    Imagine how entertaining NBA would have become if he had just played 5 more years…


  7. The one at 0:55 is my all time favorite. What’s amazing is that Magic was making these passes at going full speed on fast break often with two defenders in front of him.

    He was equally effective going all the way for the layup or making the perfect pass at the perfect time for an easy dunk for his teammates. He would have made ShanWow an All-Star if they played together.

    Wow, I really miss watching him play.


  8. Earvin. E-A-R-V-I-N.

    Thank you.

    Happy Birthday, EARVIN.


  9. I didn’t think it was possible to congratulate his birthday in 2010 when I first heard he was HIV positive.

    But then again, if you are a positive person before, during and after being diagnosed HIV positive, good things happen.

    Happy Birthday Magic!


  10. Happy Birthday Magic Earvin Johnson! You are the best PG of all time.


  11. why does no one (except flea) mention magic in terms of best player in the history of the league? happy birthday, magic– you have brought me so much joy.


  12. I grew up on Magic. He is my favorite athlete to this very day. I can’t express how much I miss watching him play.

    Happy Birthday, Magic! You will ALWAYS be the greatest in my mind. Jordan, and anyone else can step aside.


  13. Here’s a cool article by Jack McCallum about the ’92 Dream Teamers reminiscing about their time in Barcelona. Charles Barkley has at least 5 money quotes on the 2nd page.



  14. Magic is the greatest player the league has ever seen. his passing ability is second to none. there will never be another magic.


  15. This day Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson is my all time favorite basketball player, hands down! I still have his basketball t-shirt that had a magician’s top hat and cane on the basketball with the words ‘Magic’.

    Has there ever been such an effervescent, ebullient and competitive basketball player to ever play the game? Magic got hyped over quotidian baskets in the game.

    God had greatness in mind when He gave Magic life. Not merely on a basketball court, but in life and it is evident with every business deal that he pens.

    On behalf of Chick Hearn and myself, “Happy Birthday, Magic!”

    Props to this site and its writers for writing such interesting and entertaining articles during this championship off season!