The (other) Season Begins Tonight

Phillip Barnett —  September 9, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - AUGUST 27: Drew Brees  of the New Orleans Saints throws a pass against the San Diego Chargers at the Louisiana Superdome on August 27, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Tonight marks the beginning of the NFL season. I know all of us are huge hoops fans, but I like to delve into the other sports as well and I’ve been waiting for the football season to begin for an awfully long time. The Saints joined the Lakers in the immortal champion fraternity after beating the Colts in last season’s Super Bowl and kick off the season tonight against the Vikings.

Are there any teams you guys are excited about? Any early predictions about how this season might end. Just excited for some football. Let us know how you guys will be spending the NFL kick off.

Earlier today, Team USA took a step closer to the FIBA World Championships Title Game with a win over the Russians. Kevin Durant paced everyone with a very efficient 33 points while Lamar Odom helped out by chipping in six points and 12 rebounds. They will play Lithuania next.

Phillip Barnett


14 responses to The (other) Season Begins Tonight

  1. Football is my 2nd favorite sport after basketball and unfortunately my favorite team is the Raiders (sad right?). They actually looked pretty good in the preseason so I’m hoping in some way that translates to the regular season as I made a bet with my friend that the Raiders would take the Wildcard and make the playoffs this year…maybe not a good bet.

    At least now I have something to watch while I wait for basketball to start up again…I’m at work all day so I can’t watch the FIBA games.

  2. Personally, I too am excited for some football. It will always be second to the NBA for me, but it’s a nice diversion until basketball is back full time.

  3. I became a Packer fan because of Favre. Thankfully they drafted my boy A-Rod..

  4. I’m a Browns fan from when I was a child, but they’re the Clippers of the NFL, so… yeah. Rooting for a team like that you also have to have secondary teams to follow for your own sanity, so I also like watching teams with a lot of Michigan guys. I’d like to see the Miami Dolphins do well and I think they’re going to be very good soon – they’re still a year or so away. I’m definitely going to watch New Orleans/Minnesota b/c those teams are both fun to watch. I’m skeptical of New Orlean’s chances to repeat because Reggie Bush is no longer with Kim Kardashian and if the last year and a half has taught us anything it’s that the team that has a Karsdashian amongst its WAGs is destined to win it all.

  5. #4 was me. 😛

  6. Truthfully I’m pretty excited about the Jets, because of Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan. I like their confidence and brashness, and especially Hard Knocks. For me its only something to watch until the Laker season starts again.

  7. As weird as this might sound, I had a dream last night that we traded Sasha for Morris Peterson who plays for the OKC. Very weird stuff… thought I would share it with you guys. At this point I believe Sasha is a better player than Mo-Pete so I do not even think that is a good trade for the Lakers.

  8. Mamula I would take that trade for two reasons. 1) I’m a Michigan St. basketball fan 2) I’m sick of looking at Sasha.


  9. @7. Mamula:

    As weird as that sounds, I had a dream a few weeks ago that we traded Sasha for LeBron and cash.

  10. What’s goin on guys. Just wanted to send greetings here from my undisclosed location in southwest asia. For those who don’t know, I’m on a 4-6 month deployment that will unfortunately run into the beginning-middle of the regular season. I haven’t been able to follow sports news that much but it seems that the Lakers are staying with what they got instead of getting in the trade race. I also see that Artest is unexpectadly trying to sell his ring for a fundraising/ pulblic awareness cause. (crazy but cool) Lastly, Barnes seem to be making news for the wrong reason by be suspected for abusing his fiance. Hopefully this team is able to keep it together until the season starts.

    On another note… Does anyone know if kobe has tried to fix his finger this off season yet? That would be awesome if he did. If not, I just hope he knows what he’s doin.

    Alright, I’ll catch up with you guys later, take care.

  11. @9 CalLadLal

    What did you first think when you woke up?

  12. #10. Good to hear from you, Jeremy. As far as I know, Kobe did not have any procedures performed on his finger. Maybe it’s for the best as there was no guarantee that surgery would have fixed the issue. Hopefully, he finds a way to make it work next season (which, based off how he closed the season/playoffs, he will).

  13. @11 Mamula:

    “Well, the Heat would want to spread the floor… oh, nevermind.”