Ticket Alert for Tomorrow

Jeff Skibiski —  October 1, 2010

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Reminder: there’s no sleeping in tomorrow for Lakers fans hoping to snatch up a few of the 1,000 or so tickets available for next season’s games during the Ticketmaster general on-sale, beginning at 10 a.m. Savvier ticket buyers already had their first go-around at trying to nab tickets to see Miami on Christmas Day (good luck on that one…) this afternoon as part of the Lakers e-newsletter pre-sale.

There’s been a few changes to the ticket process this year (unfortunately, eliminating that annoying word puzzle on Ticketmaster isn’t one of them)—some games cheaper, some games more expensive.

What are your must-see in-person games? Maybe a little closure to Game 7 on ring night vs. Houston, Oct. 26? How about L.A.’s first go-around with the new-look Bulls on Nov. 23? If you aren’t secretly hoping Santa brings you a little forum blue and gold-wrapped package containing a pair of prized tickets to see LeBron, Wade and Bosh on Christmas Day, you aren’t breathing. Or, maybe you fancy a rematch with Boston—no doubt in full Grinch mode—when they head back to the site of their epic Finals loss on Jan. 30?

Jeff Skibiski