Live Chat: Opening Night

Darius Soriano —  October 26, 2010 — 14 Comments

Darius Soriano

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14 responses to Live Chat: Opening Night

  1. So Zephid gets to talk about whatever he likes but the rest of us don’t.

    Zephid: another requisite cutaway to Ray Allen’s mom after he hits a big shot

  2. Double standards, Darius.

  3. Zephid, my comments were hardly offensive (to ANYone) and almost always hoops related.

  4. Simonoid, best way to not get your comments approved are to continue whining about not getting your comments approved. And we get a lot of comments during a chat, so some fall through the cracks. We try to approve all that we can, but sometimes they get lost.

  5. I understand; it’s just frustrating when you take time to write them up and you or Darius just decide to delete them even though I didn’t violate any rules or anything. I was simply building on what you said.

  6. It’s interesting that Blake is getting the closing minutes over Fisher tonight. I wonder if that’ll be a trend or if it’s just the reward for Blake’s heady play at the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 4th that turned the game around.

  7. And… right on cue. That might’ve turned out to be the game winner.

  8. Glad we pulled out a W on this one, and the Rockets are looking good. We really need Bynum back to establish dominance… without him it seems that we’re not that much better than the rest of the conference.

  9. That was the epitome of a team win. I won’t say it was a good win, but a good one to have. Ring night, a lot of minutes for new players and no ‘Drew. I’ll take it. About the team though. Blake, two big threes to get us close at the end of the third, one at the end of the game. ShanWow, doing his best Kobe there for a while. LO and Ron, taking charge early. Kobe and Pau putting up decent numbers. And the effort from Mr. Barnes. That truly was great to see so many contribute at a high level tonight. Far from perfect, but good enough for today.

    And as I said back in August/September, and Darius has echoed, these Rockets are good. I still slate them as the potential #3 out West.

    Is it Game 2 yet? This is the best sport ever.

  10. Good way to start the season! Hard not to be pretty happy with the all around effort there in the last half.

    Be ready for a long season of the Lakers hanging around, playing at 75% for the first three quarters, and then blowing out teams in the fourth.

    These guys DO know how to turn it on, and I hope that they do sort of coast through the season.

    Blake and Barnes looked good. Ratliff not so much.

    Start chanting it now… “No injuries. No injuries. No injuries.”

  11. I only caught the “good part” (late 3rd qtr onwards) of the game and I’m glad I did! Shannon Brown will be the Laker version of ‘The Microwave’. Surprising not to see Artest and Fish close out the game. The Blake signing already paying huge dividends.

    Can you imagine Jordan Farmar making those plays and playing under control (let alone be allowed to close out games) in crunchtime?!?

    …Yeah… I don’t think so either

  12. Harold 8.

    We need Kobe back too. He played well but nothing like the black mamba usually plays

  13. And how about shanWOW he’s been shooting amazing did he do any special shooting work with Kobe or anything?

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