Saturday Special: Happy Birthday Lamar Odom

Darius Soriano —  November 6, 2010

Over the years there are few players that I’ve grown to appreciate more than Lamar Odom.  His all around game and ability to stand on equal footing with both the starters and reserves while serving as the bridge between both units has been invaluable the Lakers’ recent success.  Through all the ups and downs he’s shown toughness, versatility, and best of all the determination of a champion.  This season he’s seemingly took another step forward in his evolution as a player by being a leader for a Team USA squad that brought home gold at the World Championships and now (again) filling in for an injured Andrew Bynum by playing some of the best basketball he ever has.

So, with that said, join me in wishing LO a happy birthday and enjoy the highlight package below.  I shudder to think where this Lakers team would be without him the last few seasons, but can assure you that it wouldn’t be in the position to be called back to back defending NBA champions.

Darius Soriano

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