Saturday Special: Let Shannon Shoot

Darius Soriano —  November 13, 2010

Early on this season I don’t think there’s been a bigger (and welcomed) surprise than the improved play of Shannon Brown.  The man who’s been best known for his high flying exploits has returned this season with a more well rounded game that’s been a major factor in the Lakers’ improved bench play this year.  This isn’t to say that he’s abandoned his above the rim play, because he’s still making plenty of plays using his extraordinary athleticism.  But he’s shown a much more balanced game where he’s more controlled in the open court and making more plays for his teammates than in season’s past.

But the biggest improvement has come in his shooting.  This season his shooting percentage is up to 49.3% after only knocking down 42.7% of his shots last year.  And much of that improvement is due to his shooting from distance where he’s hitting 45.2% of his threes through the first 9 games after only shooting 32.8% last season.  I remember thinking during the preseason that I’d need to wait to see if Shannon’s shot continued to fall during the regular season to really believe that he’s improved.  Well, it has and I am now a believer.  He may not stay at 45% from long range for the year, but if he keeps taking shots in rhythm and with his feet set, I do expect him to continue to bury the long ball with better consistency.

So, after saying all that, enjoy the video below of opening night where Shannon went off in the 4th quarter and helped the Lakers pull out the win over the Rockets on ring night.  Because it was when watching these shots go down that I really started to understand the hard work that Shannon had put in and how much confidence he now has in his jumper.

Darius Soriano

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to Saturday Special: Let Shannon Shoot

  1. I couldn’d agree more, let him shoot. Shannon Brown is perhaps the biggest and most pleasant surprise so far this season. 🙂


  2. ShanWOW is only going to improve more as the season progresses, and he will IMO be a valuable piece to our 3-peat. The incentive for him besides another ring, is also a big contract down the road, remember what Ariza as going to get from the Lakers, MLE level of money. I am glad that I picked him up on both my fantasy teams, he was left out in the pool of undrafted players, poor guy.

    Let Shannon dunk, let Shannon shoot.


  3. Off topic, not that I’d want to trade anyone or anything, but seeing the Jazz stick to their system while being down by double digits does make me jealous.

    It must be something to watch a team consistently stick to the system regardless, and wonder if our team will show similar confidence and poise…


  4. Let Shannon shoot – there’s your cyber bumper sticker right there.


  5. @3:

    Short memory much? I seem to recall a recent game seven where the Lakers came back from a double digit deficit.


  6. i really like his balance this year. His feet are set and he gets a nice lift to produce a good arc on his shot. Ariza had a natural lean but Brown has a straighter up and down action. As long as he continues to not rush his shot too much, he should be able to keep up the good shooti g percentage.


  7. Justin, point taken. The 20 some points the Lakers gave up couple years back is something I remember more vividly, as was the shellacking that came soon after.

    But yes, we do have proof that we can battle through it as well.


  8. I was going nuts after that last three on the fast break. D Fish pretty much had the same reaction.


  9. all good points from the FB&G community, and here’s a couple more –
    1) I think Shannon (if this continues) has a good shot at “Most Improved Player” for this season.

    2) there is a price to pay for giving Shannon more minutes, ie; whose place in the rotation gives up the minutes? in the loss to Denver, it was Lamar and I’m not so sure that trade off produced the desired results. It certainly has cost Sasha his minutes, and in that case, I don’t really care, I’ve been pretty much down on Sasha ever since he started caring more about his hair, (and his hairband, his new look is pretty silly) than the game.

    so my question to you is, at what price? do you see Shannon getting 4th quarter burn instead of LO?

    don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to see the Lakes having such an atheletic player, he’s super quick as well as strong, when he intercepts a lazy pass, lookout, he’s gone and it’s (for Chick) Slaaaaammmmm Dunk! he’s also great on D. We need a tough guy like this, (think D on Derron, etc)

    but I did miss seeing LO in the 4th against the Nuggs.


  10. I have to credit him. He doesn’t always take the best shot, but he’s worked enough on it, where it’s a good bet to go in. He’s become Kobe-lite in a sense.

    Best part is though, he hits them when he’s wide open. So, I’ve learned to complain less about his selection and just appreciate the fact that it goes in.


  11. Ahhhh! What fickle people we fans are.

    The Jazz may stick to their system with a fierce determination, but it does seem to me that the Lakers have – kind of – disposed of them in recent past playoffs. Just sayin…


  12. 3.

    I’d be more concerned about the fact that they keep getting themselves down by double digits in the first place, but that’s just me…


  13. Shannon is a streaky shooter…He will never be able to shoot on a consistent basis…he goes on spurts and that is what we need from him off the bench..transition points..points off turnovers..etc..


  14. I agree with #6, Brown has improved his shot quite a bit. From the first game it was clear that he’s had much better balance, having his legs under him and going straight up almost every time. He’s cut down the numbers of wild fade-aways that very few players can hit at a high clip at this level and especially NBA defenders.

    As far as 4th quarter minutes, there might be times where Brown could be in there over Artest too, with Kobe sliding over to SF. Theoretically Shannon at the 1 might also be an option, but my guess is that Jackson will have either Fisher or Blake in to finish games and not sit both of them.


  15. Im kinda torn on this whole Shannon thing. Me wanting to see a player with his talent improve over the years through hard work and determination makes me want to root for him even more. But the other side tells me to be guarded to the fact that he might leave at the end of the year, it’s his choice. Look I hope he plays out if this world and gets to taste that 3peat, but it might come at a price. Teams will be throwing cash at Shannon’s feet if he continues to play this way all season.