The Technical

Bill Bridges —  November 22, 2010

Bill Bridges


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  1. HAHA! This is nice Bill! He’s a lawyer, lol!

  2. This is a thing of genius.

  3. I enjoyed the los angeles technicals. thanks bb

  4. so…could have been better and more funny…

  5. Did the Bill Bridges make me spit coffee all over my keyboard. YES!

    Is the Bill Bridges a naughty person for doing such a thing? NO!

    Should I be checking out the Forum the Blue and the Gold while at work? NO.
    But I was at lunch. So we are unclear as to the rules around this.

    Do you wish to thank the Bill Bridges for his brilliance? YES!

  6. Well done Bill!

  7. The Kadashian bit had me loling. Nicely played, Bill

  8. Just wanted to thank Bill Bridges for making my Monday a lot more fun.

    Also, #4 is entitled to his opinion. Although I’m always impressed by those that say they think something can be better without ever offering why or actually, you know, doing it better themselves.

  9. Lamar “Autumn”?

    I can’t figure out how to do phoenetical spellings here but that’s the best I can come up with.

    FANTASTIC job on that video.

  10. Great job on the video Bill, it had me laughing

  11. blocked in Canada…

  12. I love the excess use of “the’s” ie The Lamar Adom, and The David Stern.

  13. Also blocked in Spain :(((
    ¿Could you upload it somewhere else?
    Thanks 🙂

  14. blocked in s. korea too 🙁

  15. Yikes. I’ll speak to Bill about this. Not sure what can be done, but I’ll ask him.

  16. Hi Bill!
    That last link worked for me here in Spain.

    Haha, that was funny, some Pythonesque sound 😛

  17. Haha, that’s awesome! Where do you go to make these kinds of videos? I tried googling make your own puppet video but that failed..

    edit: nvm found it – for anyone who’s interested

  18. FB&G: Where Amazing Happens.

  19. For anyone interested, here’s a small piece on Kobe’s history with Thibodeau aka The Ex-Evil Defensive Genius of the Celtics:

  20. Is The Bill Bridges video about The David Stern and The Lamar Odom epic?


  21. Speaking of which, does anyone know if Kobe’s tech and Lamar’s flagrant (I think against Detroit) were rescinded yet?

  22. The Bill Bridges is awesome!

  23. “You don’t want anything easy, especially as a professional athlete; nothing is easy. This wasn’t something I thought was easy. … I would rather it not be easy because you have to go through growing pains to be great at the end when you face those challenges you had early in the year. The easy button is not for us.”

    I found it hilarious and extremely ironic that this quote came from Lebron James.

  24. Zephid, I think you meant the Lebron James

  25. “He is a lawyer.”

    Bill Bridges, tip of my hat, a salute, and a bow to an outstanding and hilarious video. My inner geek is happy. 🙂


    This is all I keep thinking of watching the video. 🙂


  27. More fun than the Heat’s struggles are the comments from the EPSN writers as their pre-written story falls apart.

    More importantly, the Spurs look pretty good. I think best record in the West is going to come down to the wire this year (as always, barring key injuries).

  28. James, Bosh and Wade were very smart to have that early termination option at year 4 or something 😉

    I know they’ll gel and they’ll be scary, but for now, I’m enjoying their growing pains.

  29. Will the Spurs beat the Lakers with the Lamar Adom.?

    Experience. Yes.

    Clutch. No.

    Health. No.


  30. The Heat can still go 72-10. They are just getting all the losing out of the way first.

  31. R: ROFL.

    Kaifa, thanks for the link. How about the Clippers upstaging the Hornets tonight? 10-2 run to end the game, actually finishing for once.

  32. thanks for the alternate link, it worked.

    sounds a lot like my Kindle when they speak; did you type the text into Kindle? 😉

    anyway, it would be incredibly funny if you could make NBA players go stand behind the basket with their hands up for a minute or so if they make a naughty play.


  33. R, very nice. I’ll try to remember to mention here that once the Heat have ten loss all it takes is a 55-60 game win streak to match the Bulls’ record.

  34. Just for curiosity, how long until the Heat play the Cavaliers in Cleveland?

  35. I am sure it will make the morning links, but this was an interesting article by Woj on Kobe.;_ylt=AlgWcwkBlw0t7xS8CEnfDZK8vLYF?slug=aw-kobebryantchat112310

  36. 37) VoR,
    That is an excellent article. Thanks for posting the link.

  37. #36. drrayeye,
    Miami visits Cleveland on Thursday, December 2nd. It’s a TNT game so we’ll all get to see the spectacle.

  38. 39: At this rate, Cleveland might have a great shot of winning that game! 😛