Sunday Morning Reading

Darius Soriano —  March 20, 2011

While we all wait for the Portland game this evening and whether or not Andrew Bynum will be available to play or if he’ll be suspended by the league for his foul on Michael Beasley, below are a few links to help you pass the time. Enjoy.

*Mitch Kupchak is nothing but a straight shooter and he lives up to that rep in this very insightful sit down with Mike Trudell from He talks all things Lakers including how he and Phil communicate during a season, his evaluation of Blake and Barnes in their first season with the team, and how he wouldn’t trade Andrew Bynum for anybody. Definitely worth your time.

*In this look at 6th Man of the Year candidates, John Schuhmann goes beyond scoring numbers to make his case for who should win. It should be no surprise that Lamar Odom does well when examining the players in this way.

*A quick look at some of the top teams’ records since the all-star break. No wonder the Lakers are gaining ground on some teams.

*Learn a thing or two about the Lakers weak side “solo” series and how they get good shots out of it.

*Lastly, no reading here, and we instead take you back to one of my favorite shots by a Laker ever. Just so happens it was against the Blazers. Watching this shot never gets old.

Darius Soriano

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