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Darius Soriano —  June 29, 2011

  • Yesterday, the Lakers draft picks were introduced to the media after playing some scrimmages as part of the team’s free agent mini-camp. From that media access, we learned some interesting tidbits. Like how Darius Morris is already used to playing in front of Denzel Washington and that Andrew Goudelock doesn’t want to be called “goldilocks”.
  • What we also learned is that both players are humble yet confident. They understand that they’ll need to work hard to earn a spot but also see opportunity to compete and contribute with this team. I’m not sure I see either playing any kind of major role with this team next season, but it’s good to hear that they believe they can and that they’re willing to work to make it happen.
  • Yesterday we took a look at some free agents that could potentially be had for minimum dollars. In response to that, commenter DY mentioned former Warrior and Knick Kelenna Azubuike as another potential wing to bring in who could compete for a roster spot as a back up SG. I bring this up now because he’s an excellent name to keep tabs on as the summer progresses. He’s had a myriad of injury issues and who knows if he’ll be able to play next year. But, if healthy, he’s a good shooter, plays hard on both ends, and is the type of solid role player that you win with.
  • Not to be hard on Kevin Durant (I have the utmost respect for him and his game), but if this report is true I’m not sure what to think besides he needs to know these things. Especially as his team’s player rep.
  • What better way to celebrate the lockout than with the official Champagne of the NBA?
  • Here’s an interesting read touching on JJ Barrea and Shannon Brown and how, despite his faults, the Lakers may miss Shannon Brown should he depart in free agency.
  • Any analysis of Brown is interesting because he does bring traits to the Lakers (namely athleticism, durability, ability to create his own shot) that are positive ingredients to this team. However, his penchant for making little mistakes on both sides of the ball (like over-dribbling on O or going under screens on shooters on D) drove me crazier in each successive game. So, it’s a bit of a catch-22 with Shannon. I like what he brings to the team but want him to cut out those parts of his game that frustrate me so much. In the end, I wouldn’t mind having him back, but I’d also love a viable alternative should he deserve a trip to the dog house. Ultimately, he’s the type of player that makes enough plays where you feel you’ll miss him if he’s gone while also being average enough that you can’t believe relying on him is a good idea. Sigh.
  • Suffice to say, with no summer league and the potential for a prolonged lockout, we’re all going to have some time on our hands. So, does anyone have any good books they could recommend? Fiction or non-fiction, sports or non-sports related, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m easily entertained.

Darius Soriano

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