Fast Break Thoughts

Phillip Barnett —  July 14, 2011

(h/t LA Times)

The NBA’s Offseason is usually a drag for those of us who just want to watch hoops. This offseason has been doubly tough on us with the collective bargaining agreement hanging over our heads. However, if you’ve been missing game play, Inquirer Sports has a couple highlights of Kobe playing in the Philippines (footwork alert!).

Lake Show Life details why Kobe is spending some time in the Philippines: “The Philippines is among the many hoops crazed nations currently on the rise. In recent years Kobe has taken a moment out of his summer to help spread the gospel of basketball in the Philippines. Last summer KB24 did a web series in the Philippines and currently he’s in the midst of a five city tour conducting basketball clinics.”

Gary Lee of Lakers Nation provides evidence that coming to Los Angeles has been very good for Ron Metta World Peace Artest: Coming to Los Angeles has probably been one of the best career moves by Metta World Peace. Consider the amount of hardware he’s been able to pick up since his arrival – the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award, an NBA championship ring and now another plaque to honor World Peace’s efforts in raising awareness for mental health issues.

Eddie Maisonet of SLAMOnline argues that Kobe, Kevin Garnett and Dwyane Wade should be fighting to end the lockout like a few NFL superstars: Look, Kobe is on the brink of cementing a top-five of all time legacy. If the man were able to bring home a sixth ring to his trophy case, the Kobe Stans are going to scream to the heavens that he’s the best of all time. The prognosticators will begin to question should he be placed into the pantheon of elite players that since Jordan retired, has been unquestioned. So Kobe wants to consider going to Europe? For what? There’s nothing for him to prove there. Isn’t this your quest, in your journey, to be the greatest of all time? You can’t lose a year now, you’ve got to at least give the ‘Mike Brown era’ a chance first. And, as the face of the of “The Association” your voice should be respected and appreciated at the negotiating table and if that doesn’t work then do that crazy overbite you do in the fourth quarter all the time. That’ll put some fear in their hearts to end this.

During this offseason, the Lakers added some new faces to the organization with a new coaching staff and with a couple draft picks. Mike Trudell has an interesting interview with new Assistant Coach John Kuester and The Laker Nation invited incoming rookie Andrew Goudelock to their Voice of the Nation Podcast.

Phillip Barnett