Brian Shaw Speaks, Lakers Don’t Come Off Well

Darius Soriano —  July 16, 2011

First it was the news that Kobe Bryant was not consulted or given a heads up that the Lakers were going to hire Mike Brown. Then, it was the interview that former assistant GM Ronnie Lester gave, detailing how the Lakers dealt with him and many other staffers when their contracts expired.

And now it’s Brian Shaw, in an interview with the Kamenetzky Brothers for ESPN Radio 710, explaining how he wasn’t told that he wouldn’t be getting the Lakers’ head coaching job, what his relationship was like with Jim and Jerry Buss, and some of his views on the Lakers as a whole as he moves on to be the associate head (aka the lead assistant) coach with the Pacers. Go listen to the entire interview to get his full perspective.

Shaw’s interview is simply another negative p.r. hit for the Lakers and, ultimately, Jim Buss. Fair or not, the younger Buss has not built up the good will that his father has and these types of reports only hurt his perception with those that support the team. And while he did a good job of opening up and pulling back the curtain on what type of executive he is in an interview with the LA Times, Jim Buss still has a ways to go to overcome some of the negative connotations associated with his stewardship.

Darius Soriano

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